About Second Life Gor

So, you want to role play as a panther girl?



Now about that avatar. Pick out whatever you like, don’t worry about it. You can buy (or get freebies for) the avatar that will allow you to look like anyone you like, you can think of these avatars as very rough drafts for the character you’ll end up creating.

You can have as many as eight avatars with a freebie account, so don’t sweat that, either. Almost nothing in SL (Second Life) is irrevocable. But there is one irrevocable thing you should know about…. Your gorean role.

Message from one of my readers:

Hello! i just recently was introduced to Gor, and I just spent a good hour or so reading your blog and trying to figure things out. Everything is so interesting, and I’ve started on reading some of the books to try and learn more about the world. Sorry if you get a lot of these messages but your blog completely drew me in and now I can’t wait to be able to join in some of the RP.
I was wondering if you help me find a Panther Girl sim. Of course I probably won’t be able to join with enough knowledge for a few weeks, but I wanted to have a look around the tribes and differences while I learn more. The welcome centers and hubs on your blog are mostly dead, I know about Forest Moon and Jalina, Sha’Kar Arani, Sa’Di’Sani and of course Luna Jerag. Unfortunately, I can’t tell most of the differences between the two and was hoping you cold help me out.
Again, I would like to apologize if you see a lot of these messages and get annoyed, but I was looking for help and you just seemed so knowledgeable.

 Getting started:

Deciding on your role:

When deciding what role you will play in Gor, consider several factors before making a final decision.

  • Knowledge of Gor – If you haven’t read any of the books or spent time learning and watching, you are probably not equipped to take on just any role as a Gorean.   Even a slave has some basic knowledge when they start out in their role-play.

  • The specifics of your Caste – If you play a Free person you will need to choose a Caste, as therefore learn the in’s and out’s of that caste.  If you pick a high Caste like physician, you may have a hard time making your character believable without doing some research into the Caste and profession you chose first.

  • Know what is expected of slaves – If you choose to be a slave, understand the basics of slavery in Gor.  If you are a free, know what slaves will expect from you.

  • Being a Warrior or panther is not as easy as it seems – If you choose to pick a warrior type character, learn how to fight with the rules used for combat on the site you are role-playing on.

  • Be sure you are ready! – Don’t engage in role-play unless you are sure youre ready for all that the role-play entails.

Deciding on your avatar:

New Second Life users select their avatars from generic male and female templates (residents and their avatars don’t necessarily share the same gender). Although a resident could use an unmodified template, everyone else would know that he or she was a newb — a new user who doesn’t know how things work. Most residents customize their avatars a little before leaving Orientation Island. One important factor in avatar customization is the inventory. The inventory holds hair, skin, objects, animations and body parts and has an infinite capacity. A user can open his or her inventory and choose to put on or remove items, like clothing or hairstyles. Residents can add to an avatar’s inventory at any time, creating a practically limitless number of avatar customization options.They can change their avatars’ appearance as often as they like.

All of the following links are slurls (Second Life URLs). To use them, copy them from this page, then paste them into local chat on your browser and hit return. They’ll show up in the chat window. Click on the url in the chat window and they’ll teleport you to the sim.)

Here are a few places to visit to get you started. Caveats: Many Gorean SL sims are classified as “Adult” by Linden Labs. You will have to be age-verified to visit them. By all means do so. If you are not old enough to play Second Life, don’t play Second Life. It’ll still be there when you turn 16, and there are plenty of other games to play. In fact, what are you doing reading this blog?


Where to shop:

Also, you may want to buy things in Second Life. You buy Lindens in order to do that. They run roughly 250 Lindens to the Euro. There are lot of brilliant designers, weapon makers, scripters and builders in Second Life, and the virtual goods are often quite reasonably priced. As I’ve noticed elsewhere, Second Life is FULL of sexy clothing for panther girls to wear. Have fun! But just so you can get kitted out for free, before you develop your taste for SL gear, I’m including SLURLs for a lot of freebie shops.

  • Gorean Welcome Center:

    click here

  • This sim is designed to welcome new players to Gor. It has some excellent resources to help you learn how to roleplay, freebie kits for various kinds of Gorean roles, including clothes, and a large map of Gor with links to let you teleport to various Gorean lands.

  • Gorean Recruiting Center:
    click here
  • This is a great place to find Gorean sims to visit. Just click on the posters which will give you landmarks, or notecards with landmarks on them. (They look like pushpins). Click on the pins and they will pull up a graphic which will have a button called “Teleport” on it. Click that rascal and there you are! Also has plenty of freebies scattered about.
  • The Gor Hub:
    click here
  • This is a place where Gorean congregate to meet and greet and find new places to visit. It’s a good place to hang about and listen. There’s also a giant map of Gor with many Gorean sims represented it on it. Good place to look around for lands to visit.
  • Port Haifa Freebie Market:
    click here
  • There is a section of regular freebies to the right of the docks as you come off the ship. (Nothing metaphorical here, in most Gorean sims you materialize either on a ship or on docks, to make the the teleportation a little more plausible.) Also freebies hidden in barrels scattered throughout the market. And plenty of goodies to buy in the market. Have fun.
  • Freebie Temple:
    click here
    Excellent source of freebie weapons and other Gorean RP items.
  •  Sexy Freebies Paradise:
    click here
    This is a non-Gor freebie shop. YOu can get hair, avatars, skins, and a lot of other personal adornments.

Many Gorean sims have freebie costumes available in their markets or in their docks as well.

More to come!

© Lunacaleengpanthers/politicallysexy.blogspot.nl/Syleena Sheridan

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