Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide

City Reference Guide


This document summarizes the rules and attitudes of BtB villages and towns that we believe will interact with BBP rules. This is our data and only as good as the last update,SO PLEASE ADD TO IT when you interact information that will be useful by leaving a message in the blog below that can be included.

If/how a Panther could enter the village, i.e., did she have to be disguised as a FW ?  Also, if a member of the tribe is captured and taken to the town, what would be the avenues for rescuing the unfortunate panther.  Would the tribe be limited to trades or a regular raid by panthers, or if not an attempt to release by disguised as per BBP, If panthers as individuals are allowed in the town boundaries without a disguise.  Also, what sort of escort would a FW visitor to the town need, if any.

It can be taken for granted that no BtB village or city allows outlaw groups with female outlaws, or “femlaws” as they call them.

Most (non Torvaldsland) BTB SIM’s extremely receptive to the idea of rp with panthers if they play to the rules, but check their rules.  Several indicated they would bend over backwards to not recognize any disguise or subterfuge used by a panther to gain access to the towns.  This includes any sort of FW disguise, and a slave disguised as a FM (Free Male) escort.  I am sure your friendly tribe thrall is always more than willing to disguise himself as a FM companion for any adventurous panther sister.

Included a detailed description of my interactions with people of the town.


Ubar Bohica Bing

Panthers are allowed to trade point, in Sais would need disguise. Rescue raids by panthers would definitely be allowed. Sais has an extensive Gorean library. Aiden spoke with Erez Enyo, who was most anxious for rp with a panther group to take place.

Bohica Bing: ill  gladly  look over rules and  pot to the admins, our biggest  gripe though is  panther girls  get  caught  and  don’t  play  right, they  suicide  or   escape invalidly  and  the  like, as im sure  us  rpers  are  also  in the  wrong on occasion, i guess  we  sais  guys  anyway tire of  wasting  time  rping  them  when we  get nothing  actually  back, and  indeed i recall the  old days, i will also allow  you to know  Sais  is  safe place as an exchange  point, trade for your  kind  and  outlaws  allowable at  such – (So sisters lets show them we can play right!)

Lizz Dawes: please read the proposals I feel it should address these very issues

Bohica Bing: nods  many thanks  for  your  time

The only specific mention to panthers I can find in the rules is this – Panthers, Taluna, ferals, she-urts did not enter cities. Sais is a Village. Any show of aggression will be grounds for attack and collaring if capped.


Panthers and Panther raids are not allowed, panthers will need disguises for individual visits.  Will  trade with us.

Isle of Tarns Thornazaereus meridian (azaereus) Commander

azaereus meridian (azaereus): i find this personally, to be a breath of fresh air

azaereus meridian (azaereus): will give us scarlets something to do as we are not often an attack target

azaereus meridian (azaereus): Isle of Tarns will raid panther camps, though we do not allow panthers to raid isle of tarns as this never happened. We do allow panthers to trade for their captives.


Ubar – DrGabe Hermit: hey, and thank you.  Yes, we are interested.

Panthers must enter in disguise.  Panthers cannot raid or rescue the city proper. He said there was a forest land set aside for either a panther village, or for panther rp, where panther caps could be traded for or rescued.  The panther forest had not ever been used.  If a panther were captive in the city the trade of disguise. Do not assume any raid for rescue in the city must be disguise or trade. The note card chat above with Ubar is very good to read.


From their rules Panthers were free women who have discarded the rule of men and left to see solace as outsiders or runaway slaves who have banded together to form groups which live outside the rules of Gor. Panthers, due to the fact that they wished to avoid Men, avoid capture, and avoid possible death DID NOT actively RAID a city. Panthers DID dress as free women and seek entrance to cities to trade for goods (Or steal them if they were lucky).

Panthers ARE allowed to Raid the city,

HOWEVER, it must only be a rescue or under the most dire circumstances, for they were adamant in avoiding men, the laws of men, and capture/slavery. Panthers must wield acceptable weapons to panther women: Small pears, bows, hunting knives and poison darts. No heavy bucklers or anything else which would be considered a MANS weapon, which would be to heavy to carry.


BTB PANTHER GIRLS:  Panther girls did not raid walled cities, or walled Villages full of armed men. Panthers girls are welcomed and encouraged to interact with the Trading Post and the Farmers as well as the Fisherman. Panther girls are most welcome in disguise, of course, for role play purposes. Come steal food and drink and clothing or something from the Trading post or Farms. Or of course roam the woods freely.

You are an outlaw (Panther, Mamba, member of an outlaw band). You have no rights whatever. No discussions about that, no use calling for a magistrate, your fate is slavery or death if uncovered and caught.


Raid and is allowed. Panthers are permitted to find a way into the city, and steal goods perhaps silencing those encountered, Use roleplay to facilitate being here, not a bow.  (Panthers are encouraged to play BTB and infiltrate with disguise and cunning.)

Di’Jan Slave Aiden went into the town IC, and presented his mission to the most prominent merchant in town.  He was enthusiastic about the prospect of rp with panthers, and didn’t think the inevitable culture conflicts should get in the way of business. In fact, he was looking forward to act as a mediator.

The qualification he made was the same that all the BtB villages made:  panthers must adhere to the rules of the sim, both in dress and in weapons and raid behavior (or lack of raid behavior).  Having said that, they not only set aside a special area outside the city for open panther trade, but didn’t object to panthers entering in disguise.  All in all, it seemed like a fun city to harass.

IC Conversation with Aiden :-

Lysias Turmis (djculinaryherosct) shakes his head “Perhaps with that tribe. . . but I small rescue parties are not uncommon and present each scenario’s certain circumstances.. . It really depends on what the situations entail.”

BlaqRaven Vultee: we could continue to do business I hunt the lands of the Gimli forests with the permission of the tribe for payment and i agree to stay out of any political or buisness not my own in other words one thing has nothing to do with another we have had captured warriors yet i still do business with the tribes

BlaqRaven Vultee: in fact it leave me open to serve as a mediator should it come up

Aiden (aidenmoonfire) nods, smiling….”Wonderful, Masters. Can I quote you on that?”

Lysias Turmis (djculinaryherosct) nods “Indeed you can on my behalf. I’ll let Blaq speak for himself though I do agree wit hhim.”

BlaqRaven Vultee: yes i am The head of Merchants caste and Lysias the head of the High Council and the Scribes

BlaqRaven Vultee: but be it remembered if in the city they are discovered as Panthers acting in a manor that brings attention to them selves The Laws Of Gor take effect

BlaqRaven Vultee: and they can and will be in a cell

BlaqRaven Vultee: but BBT i trust they know and expect That

Lysias Turmis (djculinaryherosct) adds “Blaq and I and the Commander here along with some others attended the council meeting of Panther Ens and expressed our interests there as well.” nods to what Blaq says “And yes. . the laws of Gor do stand.”

BlaqRaven Vultee: I can show you the location of the Trade deck if you would like boy

Aiden (aidenmoonfire) nods…”The tribe fully understands that, Master. They know they live in Gor and do not expect any exceptions to be made for themselves. But, they feel it might be to your mutual interest to engage in trade, in spite of any possible problems.

BlaqRaven Vultee: and i would agree


They will allow panthers to enter, and would reluctantly allow raiding.  However, a rescue raid to retrieve captured panthers would definitely be allowed. The Ubar did not see that BPP would impact as their rules already supported interacting with Panthers – READ THE RULES THERE! Commander of Rorus was Relius Himura


Discussed with Admin as longs as we obey rules all is fine -THE VILLAGE IS A TRADE PORT UNDER MERCHANT LAW.  No escorts required. NO RAIDS COLLARING OR CAPTURE IN THE VILLAGE

There is a small panther camp to the side of the port that has an area that can be attacked – we need reports on the tribe there and raid/trade status


Ubar  Don Callope This is different from all other SIM’s and intends to not play externeally with other SIM’s but invites people to come there and play a new role but within Gor genre. The City of Fina and its adjoining sim(s) are not your average Gorean sims.  Fina functions completely independently from the rest of the Gorean world within second life.  You may be familiar with “By the Book” and “Gorean Evolved”, Fina is neither.

The City of Fina is taking a bold new approach to Gorean role play, choosing to function as not only a stand alone entity but a RPG within secondlife.  The people role playing within Fina are completely separate characters from the rest of the Gorean worlds.  What this means is while you may have a separate home stone in Treve or Sais for example:  Your character here has no affiliation with those sims as they do not exist other than imaginary places.  You may play a trader from Sais upon entering Fina’s sims but that Sais in the world of second life does not exist.  This also means that raids and interactions from other organized Gorean sims are not allowed.  Fina has unique places for distinct “good and bad” characters, the citizens of Fina are as a whole on the good side, while the outlaws, panthers, bandits and other traditionally bad characters have the run of the forests and city undergrounds.

Fina will be using the “Honor Meter” please remove any other meters from your person as they will not be compatible with our role play style.


Agrhi is from their rules which look extremely sensible, full version attached summarized as follows.

Agrhi is a village on the southern border of the Northern Forests, so has Torvasland influences but its ways are of the south.  Read rules on panthers below;  Panthers are moderately accepted. They are allowed in the city to trade as long as they are lightly armed, in proper free woman attire, and in small numbers. Panthers entering the city are subject to search, detainment, and capture if so deemed by the Guard. They enter the upper city at their own risk.

The only female fighters acknowledged in the Agrhi sim are panther girls (and their variants). Female outlaws/mercenaries are not welcome. Bringing such with you on your raid automatically invalidates your raid roleplay.

Panthers are unable to raid Agrhi, simply for the fact that in the books, panthers did not raid cities. Roleplay with panthers however, is encouraged.


Ubar Johncoy Denver: .as long as you guys stay btb ..I’m for it ..yes – So read SIM rules above

Vigo is primarily a role play sim.  You are required to have a legitimate role play reason for attacking our city and back it up with note card if requested.  They will not validate an attack that disrupts our role play simply because you are looking for of a way to get your jollies.

Panthers, Taluna, ferals, she-urts did not enter cities.  Any show of aggression (drawing a weapon) will be grounds for attack and collaring if captured.   Baring provocation and signs of aggression, we welcome RP, and a trade point has been set at the bridge to the city.


Onli Admin Lucy Bronet The BBP rules have been passed to Olni Admin they reflect closely their own SIM rules so stay within Olni SIM rules appended above and it should be fine. Detail below is from their rules. Summarized below :-

Any free who can’t claim a Home Stone is by definition an outlaw. Free were proud of their Home Stones and would not lie, or deny being part of city without serious reason for it.

It is up to the judgment of the Guards and Magistrates regarding the arms and cloaks you wear. Expect to be challenged for loitering or exploring. You may expect to be told if you enter places that might be off-limits.

Panther Girls are moderately accepted. They are allowed in the city to trade as long as they are lightly armed, in proper free woman attire, and in small numbers. Panther Girls entering the city are subject to search, detainment, and capture if so deemed by the Guard. They enter the upper city at their own risk.

The only female fighters acknowledged in the Olni sim are panther girls (and their variants). Female outlaws/mercenaries are not welcome. Bringing such with you on your raid automatically invalidates your raid roleplay.

The Magistrate’s office maintains a list of all criminals known. Crimes against the city are recorded and noted. These criminals most likely will be marked as “Kill on Sight” to the warriors of the city. The only way off this list is capture, or to pay the fines with the Magistrate.

The use of disguises is allowed, but subject to role-play. Claiming you are in disguise takes more then a mask and a title over your head. Use common sense and don’t assume the city is full of half-blind drunks. Gorean Warriors for the most part were pretty sharp and noticed details. You must use a titler to put “in disguise” on your avatar.


PANTHERS: The panther groups described in Hunters of Gor lived quite a distance from Thentis in the Northern Forests Some realistic role play reason for their arrival in the Thentis mountains will be expected. PANTHER GIRLS DID NOR RAID CITIES. The Free Men of Gor did, however, raid the forests for panther girls. This opens the possibility of irate panthers coming to City of Thentis to retrieve their captured tribe members. Having tribe members captured and brought here is not a validation for an armed raid of panther tribes to rescue them.

So if you capped there then is trade or disguise rescue as per BBP rules (max of 3 panthers infiltrating in FW disguise).


Ubar Maloverra Whitesong Maloverra Whitesong: you are welcome to come with bows outside the walls as well, good hiding places 😉

These guys seem fairly straightforward we can raid rescue trade disguise etc; please see rules above

True Goreans BTB SIM’s Group

The BBP rules have been passed to all members of this group I was told and they are ok with it if we stay within their SIM rules – PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE ENTERING THE SIM!!!

Members of the Group:

  • City of olni

  • Village of Nyuki

  • City of vigo

  • City of Thentis

  • Hochburg

  • Mira sa tor Panther Dock City of Verdenne

  • The Soaring Herlit

  • Nykotos

© Lizz Dawes


  1. my experience in windsong is contrary, as was my experience in sais. Windsong fits the “snob rule” in my book, while sais simply expects that once you are captured, you must slip away un noticed and pick EVERY SINGLE DOOR IN THEIR EXTENSIVE TUNNEL SYSTEM to escape. And nc it all.
    Piedmont, however is true to what i just read, though, if you see one male out and about, be SURE he has at least a few friends in shouting range, ready to help him…

  2. by the way, on sais again, it was the drunken city elder that did the only killing I’ve seen in sais, and my time there i was stuck there for over a week and it took me 4 tries to escape. (which I NC’d and sent back to mab ((the slave who owns the sim- yeah, i know- upon my return to wm)

  3. Genesean port is a nogo. Period. Any attempt at rescue there is called invalid by sim mods. And if you don’t want to take my word, ask angela.saphir ( kat ) Ndeye.pookes ( Ndeye ) < aka the rescuer and the rescued, OR tholgar.firethorn (aka the douchebag who took alana.czervik and hid there because panthers AREN'T ALLOWED THERE) or alana.czervik who was taken, collared and kept (Still, to my knowledge)— if Genesean Port is panther friendly– that is, if you're too thick to have already figured out That It Isn't…

  4. ** at sais, it was bohica bing, in fact, who downed and collared me. (his “1st girl”, mab chau ((sim owner)) and jazzy were the ones who spent a week watching me so closely that I got caught and dragged back 3 times before finally managing to escape.

  5. verr fjord: went to look, see about a panther camp, as per the request in the entry on the above page.
    when i am done with my trial, i’ll nc it all and hand it over. Opinion? Right now, panthers Not welcome there.

  6. most if not all of the problems in verr fjord were fixed while i was there, never saw a panther camp, but i did see red savages, on the boat, and in their camp. mers and red caste may carry weapons in the village.

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