About a Panther Lair

The Lair


Words from the Chieftess as she addresses new pledges:

*Almond-shaped eyes coolly assess the group of new pledges who stand before me, a motley crew who will either prove themselves as Panther Girls or… fail. With precise tones, I deliver the wisdom of a Lair Leader and Chieftess.*

Tal, Panther Girls. Each of you has chosen a life outside the norms of Gorean society. From now until the day you die or are enslaved, you will forever be considered an Outlaw Woman. Perhaps you fled a life of slavery or an undesirable Companionship; perhaps you are simply a criminal. Whatever your reason for escaping to the Northern Forests, you have chosen a hard life. Not all of you will survive. Not all of you will remain free.

The Forests are a dangerous place.

We must hunt the panther, the forest sleen, and the tabuk to survive – and we are not alone. Male Outlaws also roam these forests – traitors, criminals, and out-Castes who have been banished from their cities. You might think male and female Outlaws could help one another… perhaps mate… but they see us only as slaves, and profit! Remember, too, that we have chosen to live away from the control of men.

This is not to say that Outlaw Men are not useful. After all, they can be sold for arrowheads, bags of candy, and whatever else is of worth to women such as we!

Beware, also, the rival bands of Panther Girls and the lone women who inhabit these forests. Never forget that they might also seek to capture and sell you. The only true safety is within the Lair.

Our Lair is hidden deep within the Forests containing a dance pit, hidden caves and a dungeon. The dance pit is  encircled with a small group of huts. Great pains are taken to conceal this camp and to keep its location a secret! Lookouts and guard watches maintain the safety and secrecy of our home base. Captives are led blindfolded within our Forests, and trade takes place at the safe zone known as the Exchange Points at the entrance of the Forest. To reveal our location to the enemy is to ensure slavery or death for us all!

As for Lair politics… The Lair Leader is respected in much the same way a Ubar would be. She is the difference between life and death for her band. She is assisted by a Second and a Third in Command and a council of High Girls, and she leads a dozen or so girls who hold no rank. Regardless of rank, all Panther Girls pull equal weight in the Lair, and each will do her fair share of work!

If you wish to join this Lair, you will look and act in the manner befitting a Panther Girl. The silks of the slave or the robes of the free woman are not practical here. You must be able to move freely as you hunt, and so you will wrap yourselves in the skins of forest panthers. You might bind your breasts in a halter and drape your hips with hide; you might perhaps fashion a short, thigh-baring dress. Forget the customs of men, customs that have long since told you that the baring of legs and arms and cleavage is the behavior of slaves! You will proudly adorn your revealed beauty with necklaces of shells and animal teeth, with gold bracelets, anklets, necklaces, bangles, and armlets!

*Depthless almond orbs again scan the rag-tag group of women, giving ample opportunity for the more light of heart to leave now, if they so wish. After a long pause, I continue*

And now, a few words on the hunt.

We do not carry the swords and the shields, nor the lances and the crossbows of men. Rather, we carry the weapons of the hunt — knives strapped to our thighs or thrust into our belts, a bow and a quiver of arrows, a spear. Though ours is not the stronger sex, we are deadly with our arrows as a first line of attack or defense.

Remember – just as we would not take on the panther or the sleen in a head-to-head combat, unless there was no other choice, we hunt the human male with stealth, using the element of surprise.

Now we come to the part most of you have been waiting to hear: the domination of males.

We Panther Girls are not the Lesbians that some might assume. We do, in fact, find sexual gratification in the use of males, since that use is on our own terms! Once a staked-out captive has been sufficiently beaten, degraded, and starved into submission, he will find himself the object of our Spear Dance. As our sexual needs grow upon us, we will strip ourselves naked in a frenzy of dancing in the moonlight, stomping and whirling while jabbing our spears at the helpless captives, never quite touching their vulnerable bodies. Then, when we can stand the suspense no longer, we will rape the males who passions we have aroused, making clear our dominance over them!

A final note: The tables can be turned on us at any time. The woman standing beside you today may fall prey to slavery tomorrow. And if she does… it is because she was lacking as a Panther Girl!

*My chin lifts proudly, my almond-shaped eyes fierce. Decisively, I stamp my spear butt on the loam of the forest floor, who has the heart to be a Panther Girl?*

© Lunacaleengpanthers


  1. Tal, Huntress. You are magnificent. I would, if You only gave the command, crawl to You. I would serve You as Your most loyal slave, cleaning Your hut, serving Your food and drinks, washing Your skins, soothing Your tired muscles, kissing Your feet.

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