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Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting this blog. You may be a bit puzzled at first not understanding what this is all about. It may seem to be a bit bizarre – and that is possibly an understatement. Therefore here are a  couple of words about this blog.

This blog is created to give you an insight about life on Gor in Second Life. Red hair the panther girl, is a fictive character created for role play in a virtual world called Second Life. In Second life there are numerous regions which are based on John Normans books about the fictive planet Gor.

The life of Red hair as a panther girl and her travels throughout Gor will give you an idea about how Goreans live. It will show you their culture, history and way of life. I recommend to read the gorean basics , which will give you an idea of what Gor is.

Warning: This blog will contain sexually explicit language, pictures of nude goreans, harsh and brutal violence including role play of rape, torture, slavery and assassination. If you are easily offended or if you disapprove such content for whatever reason, I want you to leave this blog and never come back, as opposed to start endless and useless discussions about standards of moral and ethics.

Gor is not fair, Gor is Gor


The blog posts and images in here are free to share. Please ensure that the name of the source material is kept in the copies and is being mentioned as creator. The blog posts and images are not to be altered when used.

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Images and book quotes are believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.)

Disclaimer: disclosing Second Life conversations and/or images of residents (or sims) in a blog are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service.

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