About the role play character Red Hair ❤

This is MY Gor!

How you are likely to meet Red hair:

She slips through the shadows with ease, steely gaze flickering through the darkness to settle upon Your form, the soft sweet high pitch of the jard call echoes in Your ears, then silence, the forest is preternaturally quiet, it is an eerie, creepy feeling. You start a bit as the call is answered to Your right and another to Your left, suddenly behind You, the shrill call comes louder. Which way do You go? How do You move without calling attention to Yourself? You have wandered too far Stranger.

Her footfalls are light, near silent as She navigates through the majestic Forest that She knows so well, Her movements are slow and subtle, You can not see Her, You can not hear Her, You can’t even smell Her. But You sure as hell can feel Her and Her icy gaze.

You move cautiously, keeping to the known path, realizing that that could be Your downfall, You step from it, weaving among the massive  trees, trying to figure out when You went from being the Hunter to being the Prey.

She turns Her face to the breeze, keeping upwind of Her game, the Predator sniffs the wind gently and a slow cruel grin creeps along Her face and She murmers to Herself lightly …. “Prey” ….She slides deeper to the shadows cast by the large tree trunks, Her slender form molded to the bark, making it harder to spot Her, She listens intently, gaze flickering high to the canopies, watching as the birds take flight, She whistles quietly to Her girls, through the call of the jard, the Panthers move around the Invader of their Home.

It really matters not what way You turn, what way You go, what direction You run. You have wandered too far Stranger.

This is NOT Your Gor anymore

This is MY Gor

The arrow strikes the ground between Your feet and as You look down, You feel the sharp point of the spear at Your back, the archer steps from the shadows, another arrow trained straight for Your heart, one wrong move and You will be dead, it is that simple. Suddenly, She steps from the shadows, in Your moment of awe, the back of Your knees are struck, buckling Your legs, forcing You to kneel, the Panther Girl hisses coldly “kneel in the presence of a true Panther, boy” Anger flickers through You at Her insolent words but Your attention is drawn away as the Wild Woman approaches You. You gaze up upon a long and lean young woman, steel greys flicker down to You, they are intense and wild, even deadly, dark honeyed hair pulled back from Her tanned face in a loose braid that runs the length of Her back, slung to Her hips are Her sleen knives, on a toned thigh is a ruby hilted dagger, She leans casually on Her spear and grins wickedly, clad in the form fitting skins and leathers of the Panther Girls, they reveal the strength and agility in Her slender body, She is one You realize that You should perhaps fear, rather than mock or laugh at.
“Tal,” She says to You boldly, “Dangerous place to be wandering alone, Stranger.” Her grin is wicked, You manage to choke out,
“Who are You?” Her piercing eyes look down upon You, She does not even give a moment of hesitation, “I am Red hair, panther here in this Lair  and Your new Mistress.” You’re wide-eyed. Her gaze pierces You in that moment of silence.

Story of Marlies:

01- A young red head

Her name is Marlies, her nickname is “Red hair” and she was born in the month of Se Var (the second resting), in the year 1029 (Rune Priest) , her mother’s name was Shy, a mighty and skilled huntress. The red head  was born in the cold north of Torvaldsland when the tribe was heading north to hunt. Despite not being a true Torvie , she does share some characteristics with those rugged women of the north, for one she is quite bold. She knew nothing of her father. He had been captured during a raid and was used for sexual pleasure by her mother before he was sold into slavery. Of her mother, she remembers little. she knows that she was very beautiful. She held a high rank among the panther women and was highly respected , she was deadly with her spear and bow.

02 – Her earliest memories of Luna

Her earliest memories is of her mother and her hunting near the outer forest when she was around the age of twelve. To this day she does not understand why her mother would leave the safety of the swamps with only her daughter to accompany her. All panther women know to never leave the interior of the forest without the tribe at your side. Otherwise you run the risk of death or, worse enslavement. There were Askari men living outside the forest.
As they were walking, they heard something move. Before she could react, her mother had thrust her to one side. The red haired girl cried out in pain as she hit the ground. she heard a fierce growl and her mother screaming. Turning, she saw a huge black larl on top of her mother, its claws tearing into her flesh. She looked at her and screamed at her daughter to run. The young girl will never forget the sound of her mother and the larl as she ran away as fast as she could. She had continued running home until she reached the swamps. The trade post where the tribe traded bonta fruits is where she finally stumbled and fell down. Tears rolled from her eyes, she was so tired and fell asleep on the hard wooden beams.
The red haired girl awoke in the arms of Mars, their En. The young girl thought for a moment that it was her mother, but when she opened my eyes and heard her voice, she knew that she was mistaken.

03 – Trained in the healing arts in Sa’ng Suri

The young pretty untrained girl was placed under the care of an elder by the name of Sophie , a healer from a neighbouring tribe the Sa’ng Suri. Sophie had been born and raised a free woman , but was one day captured , branded, and sold as a slave. The man who bought her had been Red caste and warrior. She was the only slave he had ever owned. After she served him for a few years, he freed her and she agreed to become his companion in life. She became a physician in the city. They had two daughters, the youngest died from the bazi plague. Their eldest survived , her name was Lynn. One day on a patrol near the outer forest their wagon had been attacked by a band of panther girls. Somehow Sophie and her daughter had survived and found their way to the swamps. Proving herself worthy she was allowed to stay, her daughter was given a new name….. Scar , due to an unfortunate cut to her face on that fateful day. Scar and Marlies became like a sisters. By the time the red head was sixteen summers old, she had learned all she could from the panther women. Sophie had began to teach her the ways of the green. She taught her of all the different herbs and poisons within Gor. Anytime the young red head would ask a question Sophie didn’t know, she would fetch one of the books from her hut.
At first Marlies struggled at first with reading and writing. Often using the feather quill as a dart rather than a pen , much to the dismay of Sophie. Through Sophie was very patient and helpfull, the red head learned the basics of writing and could write simple healing notes. To this day she accepts that the writing skills of a physician are beyond her. When Marlies was about the age of eighteen summers, she noticed men looking at her in ways that sent chills down her spine whenever she was trading tanned skins with them. Without asking, the red head knew what these looks meant. It was times like this when she was very happy to be wearing the weapons of a panther girl. Before, she had worn clothing that left her midriff, arms, and most of her legs bare so that she would not get too hot. Then, after she noticed the looks, she started wearing more modest outfits when she knew she was to be near men. When amongst the tribe though, she wore minimal clothing, as it pleased her. Shes made braids that she wore to keep her hair out of her face. She kept her hair long, it fell to her lower back, so that she may braid in hair ribbons. When she bathed in the shallow waters of the swamps she would see her reflection and liked what she saw.

04 – Raped !

The red head has been raped once by a man, one good thing came of it , her sweet daughter…. her name is Feathers. Often her daughter asks her about her father. All Marlies remembers is that she was lured away foolishly by his good looks and charm, when she resisted he simply took her as any Gorean man would.
Marlies was barely nineteen summers old when she conceived her daughter. She did not discover she was pregnant until she was eleven lunar cycles and the only way she did find out was when she went to try on one of her older leather skirts and could not get into it. Ever since her first birth she never had a regular period. She had secretly always wanted to be a mother , but she never dreamed it would be so soon and the birth in such a brutal manner. But, despite this, she felt so blessed she couldn’t ask for anything more than the smile on her daughters face, letting her know that even though it was a struggle sometimes it was all worth it in the end. She was a firm believer that the Goddess makes everything happen for a reason. She thanked the Goddess every night for putting her daughter in her life. In the tradition of the panther healers in the tribe she placed an ornate shell necklace around her daughters neck. She cared for her daughter only for a few years, Marlies was out hunting with her sisters when Askari men invaded the swamps taking with them her daughter and the female slave that was taking care of Feathers. Marlies was devastated and heartbroken. Swearing to her Goddess that she would do all she could to find her daughter. The tribe discovered that a Priest King orb that had been hidden in their caves had also been taken.
Rumour quickly spread to the swamps that one of the Askari men whilst holding the red head’s young daughter had touched the orb and in a blinding flash both had disappeared. Many years later she heard a tale of a kajira that had been to Earth , that she had aged miraculously to maturity when she had returned to counter Earth. Marlies sought out this kajira in the city of Ko-Ro-Ba , when she first met her in the presence of her Master, the red head had intense feelings of recognition, these were confirmed when she saw the shell necklace around her daughter’s neck. She had to free her daughter and return her to her rightful side as elder in their tribe. Dressed in the robes of concealment and in a daring escape from the city they headed into the forests and found their way back to the swamps. Marlies was so grateful to her Goddess for hearing her prayers, though at times she is concerned about her daughters Earthly ways.

05 – The Sa Sa’ng Hrimgrar and Mo
By the age of twenty summers , Marlies was a skilled panther healer. Times were changing and a rival band encroached their territory. Mars mustered all her panthers to fight against the Sa Sang Hrimgar. A fierce tribe living in the weathered caves of Jorts. At the end of the bloody fight, the Luna were victorious , most of the tribe were killed however , but a few had survived. Marlies tended to the wounds on Mars and the others.
The red head rested near the river, then heard a grunt and spun around , Her spear at the ready. It was a Sa Sang Hrimgar , she jumped at Marlies and thrust her dagger into her. She lost consciousness and awoke in Jorts. She saw the dark pool of blood beneath her body and the deep gashes on her legs. She could save the young red head’s  life if she wished. Or, could allow her to die. With a triumphant look on her face she offered Marlies a choice , join her band as a healer or die on that very spot in the caves. She remembered that Mars always told them that panthers must survive by any means. Two years passed . Mars had disappeared, yet rumours abounded that ferals now lived in the swamps. Scar had survived somehow and had founded a tribe near the river banks of Ven, had named her tribe Sa Caleeng (sisters of the water). At the age of twenty two Marlies owned two slaves , the first ….her name was Shi. Her second slave was Nala. In her early childhood Marlies had known Shi as the Tor and elder in the Luna Jerag. She had been the one Marlies had sought advice from when certain things troubled her youthful mind. In retrospect , her roughness and matter of fact ways were endearing qualities. Though not always appreciated by some in the tribe. How different Shi became when the fire of servitude started to burn in hear heart. Kneeling at Marlies’s feet she has become the inspiration to the camp slaves. Aided in her duties by the second girl.
Nala didn’t serve Marlies long , when one winter the Askari raided the swamps they took sweet Nala , had her serve the men in the village and then they killed her mercilessly. Returning from a successful raid Marlies had proven myself a worthy sister, eyes were no longer tracking her every move. She packed her belongings and travelled to Ven , joining with Scar and telling her stories about the Luna Jerag now led by a feral girl.

06 – The Luna Caleeng

The Sa Caleeng was a small tribe and they agreed that they needed to grow to survive. Under Red hair’s leadership they now headed to Lake Ias, in the swamps they were challenged by wild feral girls. Red hair showed her old Luna feathers , using her knife she drew the moon circle into the soft earth. The feral leader understood that Red hair was claiming the tribe as her own. Twig spoke little as did the other feral girls but she felt at home once more.
To honour the Sa Caleeng she named the new tribe Luna Caleeng, meaning Moon water (taken from the gorean word water Qaleeng, Caleeng, Qal and Luna meaning Moon.

Marli’s  general character, is a mixture of different types…

In a nutshell, Marlies is the Panther that John Norman couldn’t possibly write about. She’d have served very little useful purpose to John Norman, in spelling out the women that were always in trouble, or blatantly crossing the lines of Gorean Society. She’d have been simply one of the many characters unspoken about… an average, everyday panther on Gor, simply living Her life… sometimes adventurously so, most of the times not.

Her knowledge, would best be described as double knowledge level. Her perceptions and intellect, stretch even into disciplines for which most women seldom received any training whatsoever.

 Role play Character Marlies:

Character’s Name:  Red Hair™  Marlies Dasmijn™

Gender: Female

Born: In the month of Se Var (the second resting), in the year 1029 (Rune Priest).

Height/Build/Shape of Face: She’s fairly tall and lean, she weighs around 135 pounds, with curved hips and strong legs. Her face is young looking and oval-shaped, with light, rounded cheekbones and a soft, rounded chin.

Eyes: (shape, colour): Almond shaped and slanted, with dark, long lashes and high, hardly visible, arched eyebrows.

Hair: It’s thick, falling just above her bottom, though half of it is worn up in a Chief’s lock.  There are usually many braids, beads, feathers and shells decorating it.

Clothing: A brown top,  stitched with thick cotton.  She also wears a leather skirt, beige leggings, cross-stitched with thick, black fur along the side that tuck into soft, yet sturdy, knee-high boots.

Weapons: A set of spears. She’ll often carry a curved bow ‘skully’ which is decorated with two jit skulls.  She also has various daggers and cleaning knives.

Jewelry: Beaded S’ang Suri necklace, a bone necklace,  she also wears various gold bracelets and rings.

Tattoos/Scars/Brands: Scars… Recently acquired scar, midline abdomen, caused by quiva wound sustained in fighting Nelly on Sa Vella lands.  Also, three arrow wound scars, named in order of acquisition… Right upper shoulder… Left lower arm… facial wound…. Finally… on occasion she will ask her slave to draw ornate designs in hennep on her body such as flowers or butterflies.

Her personality: She learned to have attention to finer details and to develop an ability to evaluate potential threats. These traits  keep her far away from potential trouble usually. Given a choice, she will pick the path of least possible risk for the greatest possible gain.

As a fighter, she is typically very simple in her approach, using economy, her own mobility, and careful judgement as a force multiplier.

Skilled with weapons, she is also well known for using anything she can pick up, or otherwise use suddenly, to gain advantage over adversaries. Resourceful… the iron skillet, a mug of blackwine, a loose stick, or even a herd of beasts, become weapons when her  initiative deems it necessary.

Her specialty is as a herbalist and healer which she learned in a band of panther’s. She’s also performed as a negotiator at the trading post, and as a mentor to inexperienced slave owners in the band.

She is, depending on how badly she wants to track something, as relentless and successful as a tracking sleen.

Loyal to a fault, she does not betray those that place trust in her, even when it places her life at risk. This also means that at times, she places herself at great risk, and spends many ahn, meditating on how she should proceed in balancing the scales between her DUTY as she sees it… and the welfare of those she considers her friends.

About the role player:

My role-play goes in a few different directions. I am not a by the book role-player; I believe that my role-play is organic, and fresh. It is a new story in the world of Gor, as I’m not re-inacting any of the “old scrolls” or pretending to be Tarl Cabot’s neighbor. However, at the same time a story wouldn’t be a story without a solid foundation. I try to make my role-play make sense for my character. For example, I don’t particularly care to enslave women. As a panther woman, I see women as being worth more than just collar hangers or sex objects. Women are worth more than the patriarchy that is Gorean society gives them credit for. This being said, I have NO problem collaring a man. This is because as a panther woman I don’t trust men, and as a feminist Earth woman, I find most Gorean men to be… well, frankly, full of shit. Someone’s got to knock them off their high stool, might as well be me! However, in the event that I met a slave girl who genuinely wished to serve me, and felt that serving was what she LOVED to do, I would by no means stop her.

Just so you know.

A Female blogger

Location: Europe.

Hobbies: Writing, Travelling, Watching movies, Manga, Console games, Shopping !!! Eating, Reading fantasy, Classic literature.

Second Life occupations: Blogger, Photographer, SL resident. 

From an admirer:

William Parfait <xxxx@yahoo.com>


feb 12 om 10:28 AM
Hello Marlies
I wanted to let you know that i love your blog and stories of a panther life. You don t seem to be often active in sl as Marlies which is sad as I dream to meet you there.
See you soon

© Lunacaleengpanthers


  1. just a realization…
    Because of a comment you made at the top of the “hunters” page about why a woman would stay: a couple thoughts, one vaguely humorous, the other not at all.
    1) stockholm syndrome on a culturally planetwide basis.
    2) I’m 5’6″ most gor guys were supposedly a foot plus taller, and “equipped at Least proportionally…. MAYYYYBE the women were just too dan sore to “run” away…
    (2 was the joke)

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