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Message from one of our readers:

Hello! i just recently was introduced to Gor, and I just spent a good hour or so reading your blog and trying to figure things out. Everything is so interesting, and I’ve started on reading some of the books to try and learn more about the world. Sorry if you get a lot of these messages but your blog completely drew me in and now I can’t wait to be able to join in some of the RP.
I was wondering if you help me find a Panther Girl sim. Of course I probably won’t be able to join with enough knowledge for a few weeks, but I wanted to have a look around the tribes and differences while I learn more. The welcome centers and hubs on your blog are mostly dead, I know about Forest Moon and Jalina, Sha’Kar Arani, Sa’Di’Sani and of course Luna Jerag. Unfortunately, I can’t tell most of the differences between the two and was hoping you cold help me out.
Again, I would like to apologize if you see a lot of these messages and get annoyed, but I was looking for help and you just seemed so knowledgeable.

Maps of Gor:



Panther girls or forest girls as they are called, are former free women or kajirae of Gor living outside the Gorean society, in the northern forests.
They are called panther girls due to the wearing of skins and teeth of the forest panthers slain with their skill with the spear and bow.
The panther girls are made up of women who for one reason or another wish to escape from under the control of Men. Be it a strict male family leader or undesired arranged Free Companionship, or an escaped slave, the women come together forming tribes, with a leader and an established territory with a semi permanent camp within the forest. The tribes often war between themselves to protect and control the territories they claim. So much is their hatred for other tribes, it is found in the books where one tribe will betray anothers camp to men.

They are beautiful, usually described as blue-eyed blondes (this doesn’t mean is a generality), proud, fierce, and independent, living without men, using their own skills at hunting to provide for themselves food and shelter. Panther Girls deal heavily in the slave market, capturing any slave or free man or woman happening into their realm, trading them at neutral exchange points along the Thassa for supplies, most notably steel arrow tips, gold jewelry, and candy. The lack of sweets in the forest seems to cause Panther Women to have a special fondness for candy. The Men captured by the Panthers are made slaves; their heads are shaved with a degradation stripe (reverse mohawk) letting all know a Panther has enslaved them. The men are often times first raped, used to ease the needs of the Panther girls before being traded.

The Panther girls also deal with their womanly needs or sexual urges when it become to much for them by doing the dances or rite of the Panther Girls .
There are two Panther dances in the books. The Moon Dance in Captive seems to be about an imaginary male captive, and the Spear Dance in Hunters, which had a male captive. This dance is done is a secret and private forest sanctuary under the full moons of Gor. This dancing is often performed around a captive male; the Panthers work themselves into frenzy while dancing around in a circle, culminating frequently with the sexual use or rape of the male captive by numerous Panthers.
Panthers did form alliances with people living within the bounds of Gorean society. These alliances were mutually beneficial to both sides, the Panthers providing slaves, the Free Men or Women providing supplies and or coins to the Panthers in return.
There are two examples provided in the books where a Panther does have an alliance with a Free Man, the first being Verna and Rask in the book Captive of Gor. The Panther Verna moved freely in and out of the Outlaw Rask of Treve s Camp while conducting business with Him.

1) Panthers do not raid cities. Even for their En or Chieftess (this doesn’t mean that someone can’t disguise themselves to try a rescue or steal goods).
2) They do not get out of their Woods/Jungles with the exception of certain alliances.
3) Pregnant panthers cannot fight.

Panther Girls are not, as some would like to believe, female warriors, they are hunters, and engage in trade in order to obtain certain goods to ensure their survival.
Gorean society has a firmly established Caste system, almost every Free person of the Cites and Villages belonging to one of the recognised Castes. Priest-Kings, slaves and Outlaws are the three primary exceptions who stand outside of the Caste System. Priest-Kings are considered the Gods of Gor and slaves property therefore have no status in the stystem. Outlaws are outwith any Caste and usually by choice.

Men refusing to claim Caste, losing Caste or changing without consent of the High Council is by definition an Outlaw, a rebel against the system. Most Goreans despise Outlaws due to Caste being so important giving support and guidance in times of need whereas an Outlaw is completely on His own during hard times relying on the support of those who by their own will wish to be around Him.
The scrolls proclaim extreme penalties for Outlaws…entering a City can and often resulted in impalement…caught in the Northern Forests common penalities included hanging and hamstrining. For these reasons Outlaws Camps are usually well hidden in remote wilderness regions within Gor, especially in the Northern Forests and various mountain ranges such as the Voltai. The live a precarious existance, hunting, raiding and trading.
Not all Outlaws are Men, the same reasons as stated apply to Women becoming Outlaws also. Many runaway kajirae and Free Women voluntarily flee to the Forests opting for Outlaw status. They band together in small groups being known as Panther girls or Forest girls constructing their own Camps within the wilderness areas. Panthers live primarily by hunting although may also engage in trade and slaving using the various Exchange Points to ply their trade to travelling Merchants. Panther girls are considered Outlaws and subject to the same penalties as Male Outlaws although the majority of Panther girls captured are enslaved rather than killed, another reason they keep well hidden in the Northern Forests.

Panther girls dress mainly in skins of forest panthers from which their name derives. They hunt many of the beasts native of the Forests but they are best known for panther hunting. They do not wear leather, robes, veils or tunics and unlike Free Women have no care as to hiding their bodies, wearing scanty clothing almost to taunt those who they despise and to rebel against the Caste system. Many wear gold or shell ornaments such as necklaces, bracelets traded for at the exchange points.
As Male Outlaws, Panther girls are skilled hunters employing the bow and spear proficiently. Sleen knives are commonly carried as are staffs as Male weapons such as swords are not appropriate for their strength and abilities. Panther girls are known for their proud arrogance having little respect for any except those of their chosen lifestyle to the point of despising Free Women proclaiming them weak.

Panther girls attempt to capture and enslave any men who enter the forests. Obviously they will avoid large groups of well-armed men, preferring to attack lone men or those in small groups. If they do capture a man, they commonly shave a strip down his head. The strip is about two to two and a half inches wide and is done to humiliate them, to mark them as having been captured by a panther girl. It is called the degradation stripe. Men who escape from the panther girls may wear a hat to cover their shame until the hair grows back.
It is said “…that only weaklings, and fools, and men who deserve to be slave girls, fall slave to women.” (Hunters of Gor, p.13)

Panther girls are known to have dance cirlces within their Camps or Lairs usually a clearing of grass around 25 yards in diameter. To one side of the clearing is usually a slave post with two metal rings attached, one around 2ft from the ground, the other around 3 1/2ft. The top of the post is sometimes carved a crude carving of opened slave bracelets. The centre of the clearing are set four heavy stakes around 6″ high forming a square. Under the three moons the Panther girls dance their supressed womanhood, the dances becoming intense and needful…To many Goreans this dancing indicates the dichotomy of the Panther girls, wanting to act as Males but with hearts yearning to be collared women and make incredible slaves, thus why captured Panther girls are rarely killed by those entering the Forests with the sole purpose of hunting them.

“Indeed they make superb slaves. They bring high prices in the markets. They are only girls desperate to fight their femininity. When they are no longer permitted to do this they have no choice but to become marvelous women and slaves. A conquered panther girl is one of the most abject and delicious, and joyful, of slaves.” (Beasts of Gor, p.240)
Outlaws and Panther girls use the Exchange points to trade slaves, animal pelts and items made within the Camps for items they cannot find within the Forests or from hunting trips to the Cities and Villages within the regions. Items such as arrow points, spear points, armlets, necklaces, steel for weapons and candies are items much sought by Outlaws and are a valuable commodity if traded. Outlaws live basic lives and have not much need for coinage, they hunt from the Forests and trade what their Camps have sufficient supplies of including runaway and captured slaves.

Due to their lifestyle Outlaws do not hold the same Ceremonies as those of the Caste System mainly due to the danger of kidnap and death of an Outlaws “Mate” by those that seek revenge. FC Ceremonies are almost unheard off amongst Outlaws although they often take a “Mate” or “One” that lessens the loneliness of a nomadic existance. Surviving in the Northern Forests is no easy life thus Outlaws protect their families with their lives and by any means possible with complete disregard to Gorean Laws.
Camps/Lairs are usually small and are mainly the Outlaws closest family although welcome Visitors are well received and treated as part of the family being offered the simple basic comforts that Outlaws require to live in the wilderness’s they call Home.

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  1. I’ve read 3 of those books. prize tarnsmen and slavegirl. nothing in any of them has seemed even remotely “erotic” to me in any of them. they have been, on the other hand, vulgar poorly written, pedantic and completely unrealistic where any kind of behavior/response was implied. mostly, I believe for that planet to be as it is described, every mental institution in the world would have to be emptied onto it.

    • @angiewolf Well congratulations to you, then don’t read them anymore or worry about the people who do. I hope, in the past year and a half, you have found something that you are passionate enough about to explore and do, regardless of other people passing negative judgement on it, or you. That is the way to happiness far more quickly than seeking out the things you did Not like and telling the people who do like it that there is something wrong with them for enjoying it. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece of literature to inspire someone, sometimes it is just a spark of an idea to light the flame of storytelling and adventure within ourselves.

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