Story of Gor, in memoriam of Minnie

We heard the sad news that Minnie passed away this week.

credit: Minnie

“This is the charm of our species. We know how to acknowledge, in general, our wrongs. And it is by this ability to learn from our mistakes that we progress”
Minnie (Maxfromfrance)

You can visit the memoral of Minnie next to the Gazette of Gor (GOG) office at Whispering Moons. GOG are working on a special issue dedicated to Minnie.

You can read the memoriam at the GOG website  here.

How it all started.

A pilot issue, a sort of test issue, and now the first version of our newspaper. The adventure is launched, hoping it to be beautiful and constructive. Despite our efforts, we have not convinced everyone. What do you want! The reluctance and grudges remain stubborn.

You can read the very first issue of Gazette of Gor  here.

An end and a new beginning by Minnie.

And now … Everything has a beginning and an end. If Freedom begins where others Freedom stops, then true Freedom does not exist. And if power leads to bad choices, even if I do not like the term Power, then I have to take my responsibilities and accept the consequences of my choices. I chose to publish an article and had the consequences of offering pain. I never wanted that. I wished to awaken the consciences and I showed that I was not better. Everything has an end. The Goreen world of Minnie has just closed its doors. The question is whether the Gazette will continue. And I think the Gazette can go on. Already, the team in place is talented, organized. But above all, I repeat, The Gazette of Gor is your child. Each group, clan, city, owner, Gorean, German, French, English, American, Australian, Spanish, Italian has the right but also the duty to make this journal live by sending an announcement, sentence, story , A text, a group or city presentation and absolutely everything will be published, for the good of all. You are Gor, You are the Gazette, You are your future in this world. Do not hesitate to communicate. Trying is already successful. And you will be accompanied by the current members of the Gor Gazette. They are there to help you, bring you that little extra that allows a big family to stay united. So yes, maybe the Gazette will change format, appearance, support. But that will remain your good.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Gazette of Gor

One comment

  1. Almost 3 years later we (San’g Gretuk) still miss her. She was such a nice huntress. We have also a memorial at Topanga Canyou where we go from time to time to think to Minnie.

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