Luna Jerag

Luna Jerag the beginning

Credit: Mars Sirbu

The Luna Jerag (sisters of the moons) began with a violent confrontation in the notorious tribe called the Verus Var. This tribe was the home of the finest bows in Gor, but they were harsh, unforgiving, and savage. Mars, the eventual founder of the Lunas, and the Var En got in an argument about a kajira, and the other Var gunned her down and pulled her to the outskirts of their territory.  As she limped off, Mars vowed that she would never again be in a tribe that would turn on its own sisters.

In the Var, Mars had been a scout, and knew Gor territory well. She knew of a dense swamp, one that males would never enter, in a land called Terra de Luna. This land was the home of a large and aggressive outlaw clan named the Askari. Once, long ago, Mars had rescued the Askari matriarch from being capped, and she negotiated a peace treaty and made the decision to form a new tribe, one that ws different than those that came before. The tribe would be founded on the concept of sisterhood, and loyalty to each other.

Mars persuaded a core group of panthers who were close to her to come on this venture: Zarah, Katana, Terr, Eclair, Kit, and Shi courageously left their tribes and homes and followed Mars into the swamp. The swamp proved to be an excellent home, discouraging males from entering, and offering escape routes if a large raid materialized.

The nature of the tribe attracted positive attention, and numbers quickly grew. Soon, the Lunas started leaving the swamp and going out on raids.They learned more about the swamp, and the nature of the fruits and flowers that grew there.

Throughout these early times, the Askari, though having a peace treaty with the Luna, were routinely insulting and aggressive. One evening Mars returned home with a small raiding party to find Shi leading a battle against a much larger Askari force. It seems that the outlaws had finally crossed the line and violence had erupted. However, the battle did not go as the Askari had expected. The battle hardened Lunas wiped the field with their forces and quickly overran their keep. The same thing happened the following night. The Askari were no longer in charge of their own lands.

Being males, this situation was not tolerable to them, and they began burning our huts and messing up the swamp anytime we were not around. Efforts to calm things down were to no avail, and the decision was made to leave Terra de Luna.

One of the interesting elements of panther life is that tribes often make friends with the people they raid the most. The Lunas were very fond of raiding the Dijans, with their complex fort and rolling hills. Their lands were well known to the Luna, and the existence of the large and dense swamp, also uninhabited, became of great interest. Mars and her officers approached the Dijan leadership about moving to Lake Ias. This idea was embraced by the Dijan, who knew the Luna were honorable and skilled panthers. So, one moonless night, the Luna took their belongings, got into their canoes, and paddled to Lake Ias, not to raid, but to live. The new swamp was even more beautiful than the old one, and the Dijan were certainly more beautiful than the Askaris!

The tribe continued to flourish, and Luna raiding skills were unparalleled. The Luna’s secret was a signaling system, which allowed coordinated movement and attacks. The Lunas nearly always attacked camps with many more defenders than panthers attacking. However, due to the coordination, and excellent bow skills thanks to training from Niccole and Eclair, they very rarely lost a raid.

Such success would make any En happy, but Mars had always been a free spirit. Scouting suited her far more than leading a large and robust tribe. Her sisters saw that she was unhappy and tried to help, and to cheer her up. Mars continued to withdraw, and began to go out on journeys by herself, much to the tribe’s distress.

It was 3 am, and the tribe was asleep. The swamp was calm and fragrant with summer blossoms. Mars awoke and stepped out into the blazing moonlight. The Crone and the Huntress were both full. As if in a dream, the En gathered her bow and few possessions and kissed her sleeping slavegirl on the forehead. Walking silently to the tied up canoes, she picked the one she had used to go to Terra de Luna so long ago. Pushing out into the still, silver water, she sat a moment with her head bowed in thought. Then, she picked up her paddle and sailed away.

She did not look back.

©Mars Sirbu

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