A storyteller visits the swamps.

A storyteller visits the Luna Caleeng swamps. She tells her tale as the feral and the panther listen to her.


FeRaL TaK blinks eyeing the woman who’s sat next to them and sniffs her

Fishbeard: I am here with a tale

Fishbeard: A tale that goes beyond the ears, far and high, mighty fears.

FeRaL TaK he sits down hearing the female talking, tilts his head curiously
Fishbeard: Once upon a time, there was a peasant with a goat, who also owned a boat.

Marli takes a long look at the woman whom she assumes must be a storyteller of some sort , she seemed harmless so Marli allowed her to continue her story

Fishbeard: Not many years he had left to live, but he also had a lot to give.

Fishbeard: Many people where after what he owned, and his children often groaned and moaned.

Fishbeard: Father! When will you share your fortune? The children would say, but the peasant merely replied you will get nothing but a pile of hay.

Fishbeard: He cherished none, but his goat, who had accompanied him along his lonely road.
Fishbeard: And so his days came to an end, and still with not a penny he had spend.

Fishbeard: The man had left everything to his goat, who now suddenly opened a great, big boat.

Fishbeard: Upset, the children were, furious as you may say, and so they sought revenge.

Fishbeard: The boat did not matter, it was all the other belongings that they had rather.

Fishbeard: The coins and gold the goat now also had, it was all rather rad.

Fishbeard: And so the children marched towards this goat, who owned a big boat.
Fishbeard: It was not but for long they found the animal, he who simply lived on that one boat, they were all acting like manimals.
Fishbeard: Charging the ship with their weapons and fire, the goat but a simple animal would not be able to withstand the power they brought, but there was one liar.

Fishbeard: The liar was the eldest son, who had been hired but he didn’t just do it for fun.

Fishbeard: The goat would give half belongings if the son were to kill the others, and so the son agreed, swearing on the grave of his mother.

Fishbeard: And so the son did, they never saw him coming.

Fishbeard: They were brutalized, slain in the cheap attack, the eldest son will now be called Jack.

Fishbeard: Jack, who now was the sole surviver, asked for the pennies and the rest of the deal that he required.

Fishbeard: And so the goat as promised gave him what was needed, and would be on his way, as heeded
Fishbeard: BUT, then the goat had laced the coins with poison, figuring that wounds be left after the battle, and so his body was pushed in to the ocean.

Fishbeard: Now the goat owned all, but he was a mere goat, and he did not need all the things he had. It was all rather sad.

Fishbeard: The goat died lonely, in the pool of the blood, the children and the peasants body all buried as one.

Fishbeard: Now tell me the point of this story


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