A pretty slave gulps “Are you of this land?”

Confusing slaves is so much fun!

Marlies approached the small wooden dock , she stopped in her tracks seeing a snake slither along the ground , when she looked up she saw a naked girl closeby
Layla gulps hearing steps behind herself as she suddenly turns
Layla: greetings huntress “says gaspung slightly for the suddenly surprise
Marlies grin appeared on her youthfull face as she regarded the young naked woman with her dark orbs “greetings girl” she replied, taking some strides forward to have a closer look at the girl

Red hair

Layla gulps again noticing the way you look at her as she instinctively steps slowly backward
Layla : are you of this land ?
Marlies waited a moment , heard the girl gulp because shewas standing rather close, it made the red head chuckle, as the girl stepped back , she took another step forward “Don’t be shy girl, if I wanted to catch you , then you would be in my binds already” she waved her hand around “….I am here to trade , that is all”
Layla nods silently hearing your worlds as she stops moving
Marlies pursed her lips in a thin smile, “Good girl”, she tilted her head to one side as she normally did when appraising female slaves, she saw no brands she recognised , though assumed the girl would belong to some one here “Who do you belong to girl?”
Layla : ehm .. “mumbles blushing slightly .. she was on the run escaping .. but waited to answer thinking abouzt what she could have answered .. then she says “a healer far away from this plac
Marlies saw the girl blush but thought nothing of it “A healer eh? but one living far away…….tho” she paused “taking a chance to have her kajira wander around alone”
Layla : ehm .. yes huntress .. something like that
Marlies clicked the back of her tongue for a moment “I would escort you to your owner……if I felt it was worthwhile …..I mean for trading” she raised an eyebrow and awaited a response
Layla blushes deeply slightly shivering trying to figure out what to answer “bites her lower lip then suddenly she kneels “no huntress please
Marlies shrugged her shoulders “A strange reply from you girl, your Owner would be most pleased with you, since I have interesting items to trade”, she watches the girl kneel and nods approvingly ” So why not?”
Layla : ehm .. huntress .. the truth is .. i am on the run escaping “says with a soib not able to hide her fear
Marlies narrowed her eyes at the girl, she took a bold step forward and reached out to try and grab the girls hair and would exclaim “A runaway slave !” , then laughed “…..so ……you are in a lot of trouble girl” she grinned “……but maybe the Godess is merciful……interested?”
Layla yelps feeling grabbed by her hair hearing your words .. sobs again shivering not understanding you question she keeps staing moveless and silently
Marlies loosened the girls hair a little , she moved in, inhaling the scent of this girl “One thing you should know about me, I have a long memory, I hardly ever forget” she inhaled again, her voice sounding more warmer “…..I know most of these forests well…..all you need to to dois this……if you hear a womans voice yell in these here forests ….you will build a mound of rocks near a tree ”
Layla stops frowning feeling her hair a bit loosened closing her eyes as she hears and feels you close sniffing at her .. though she is confused by your words
Layla: huntress i don´t understand
Marlies: “You can go…..and….if you hear a womans voice screaming you will leave me a sign in this forest”
Layla: and .. what if i am the one screaming ?
Marlies laughs deviously “Then ……I suggest you run fast girl”

*Disclaimer: avatar names changed. Images not related to this roleplay.


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