A lonesome thrall in a camp, what could possibly go wrong?

From the roleplay archives

It’s a pleasure to roleplay with male thralls though most of them will find it hard to compete with kajira in terms of attention in most GE panther tribes. Such a pity, there are some really good roleplayers out there. Try to seek them out.

Jake shouts: who goes there ?
Marlies heard the soft crunch under her boots as she shifted her weight as she hid and observed the camp, noting a lone figure in the distance , she takes a risk to take an ever closer look, she hears a male voice , debates wether to reply or not, the red head shrugs , no point she had been spotted “Tal over there, I seek the trade post!” cupping her hands as she yells back
Jake looked down seeing it was a Huntress he had not seen before. ” The trade post is to the south Huntress….but there is no Huntress here available to trade i fear. They are out hunting”

Kajirus and slave girl

Marlies lips curled up in a thin smile as it became clearer she must be addressing a male slave, she struck a pose , showing off her feline outline against the backdrop of the snow flakes, some resting on her thick furs “I heard rumours of a panther band in this part of the forest……”
Jake looked at the Huntress a bit closer, she seemed harmless enough. He gave her a nod and smile in return to hers. Carefully he replied ” Aye ”
Marlies nodded some , her fetaures softening now that she knew she had found this band at last , she stepped closer, taking bold steps , leaving the trail of her boot prints in the white snow “That is good to hear…..I have hunted in the forests yonder….caught me some wild rabbits……the meat and fur I want to trade…”
Jake nods a bit hearing her story and assessed the situation. She did seem sincere indeed but it wasn’t the first time he was tricked by a sneaky Huntress. ” Alright Huntress….i suppose i can grand you access to the camp. But you will have to leave your weapons outside of the gate….plus you are not allowed to roam the camp freely till at least a Huntress had said so. Is that understood ?”
Marlies clicked the back of her tongue audibly, she hesitated thinking this could be a trap, so she reached in her leather bag holding up the carcass of one rabbit “As you see I have a rabbit” she placed it back “I take a risk , just as you do, but I agree to the terms , I will leave my bow hidden near the gate”
Jake nods “I am fully aware of that Mistress , as for now we are still strangers to each other. So no tricks and I will do the same. Meet me at the gate, you can keep your rabbit as you might need it to trade with. You can hide to bow in the bushes so it doesn’t get stolen. I will see you there Huntress”
Jake smiled at the Huntress who was even prettier from upclose “Greeting Mistress, I am Jake….a camp thrall”
Marlies headed up the rocky incline, she stopped in her tracks laying eyes on the male , looking him over from head to toe, appraising him , she returned the smile “Greetings slave, my name is Marli…….some call me Red hair”
Jake laughed a bit “I wonder why ” he said with a wink. He then motioned her to follow him “Come let’s go inside , you can warm yourself at our campfire. ”
Jake pointed at the campfire ” Please have a seat Huntress and warm yourself. It’s been very cold lately and I see you haven’t much warm clothes on you. ”
Marlies grinned hearing his chuckle and seeing his wink, she followed him , she looked over the camp fire heading to the nearest tree stump so she could still see around her surroundings “Thank you slave”
Jake smiled warmly “Your welcome Huntress. Some of our Huntresses should come back from their hunt soon, as they left early in the morning. So i am sure you don’t have to wait long. In the meantime , can i get you perhaps anything ?”
Marlies held out her hands to warm herself “Some furs were lost , maybe stolen” she cursed to herself wondering who could have done it , she turned to him “something warm to drink…..that would be nice ……a warm feeling inside” she smiled to him
Jake watched the Huntress warm herself at the fire. Her bronzed skin told him she was from a warm sunny region, how she didn’t freeze to death was a miracle. ” Well you are lucky you found our camp Huntress, at least you can warm yourself now. As for inside warmth, how about some warmed honey mead ?”
Marlies caught him glimpsing at her bronzed skin that was not covered , her body not too muscular , but toned from hunting and surviving in the forests “I was lucky, travelled many pasangs to reach this lair” she wiped her nose and sniffed in the cold air “I could use a warm mead”
Jake gave her a meaningful nod “Very well Huntress, warmed mead it is. ” He then walked over to the small outdoor kitchen and poors some of the honey mead in a kettle which he started to warm over the fire. Jake added some extra honey to it to sweeten it a big more plus honey was good for the body. While he looked around for a suitable horn he looked back to the Huntress ” May I asked where you came from ? Was it far from here ?”
Marlies watched him head over to what be best described as a small servery area, she sees him prepare the mead and is satisfied by what she can see , she nodded to him “You may ask…..I have travelled from the south , first by canoe , part ways walking , it’s a part of the forest that belongs to my band……Luna”
Jake smiled hearing that from her ” I actually lived with the Valkery for a while…then moved to the Pasheen before i came here. ” He said and had found a perfect horn. He made sure it was flawless, and not damaged and cleaned it up nice and shiny with a rep cloth. Then as Jake placed the horn on the counter he stirred through the kettle with the honey mead making sure it got warmed equally and fast. “It’s almost done Mistress” he said to re-assure her.
Marlies lifted an eyebrow recognising the names “I have heard of both bands, they were relatively close, at least close enough to trade with” she frowned “at one point the friendship soured ……the bands ceased trading ”
Bo saw Jake and a huntress she didn’t know and gave them both a once over before smiling ” Tal” she offered to them both as she joined them by the fire
Jake nods ” Well i was with the Pasheen and captured here. I was locked up for days and days. Nobody came for me , but the Huntresses here were nice to me. So i decided to stay here.” He said and smiled warmly at Mistress Bo “Greetings Mistress, this Huntress here wished to trade with us. Her bow she left outside the gate ”
Marlies watched a huntress approach them, she squatted more upright , returning the smile “Tal ” she replied , after Jake finished explaining she added “What Jake says is correct, by the way my name is Marli…….some call me Red hair”
Bo looking towards Jake as he told some of his story peaked her curiousity mabye she would ask more about it at another time but for now she turned her attention to the Huntress ” well that would end up being confusing if we call you red hair … we have more then a few that have that color … naturally or not I couldn’t tell you but well met Marli” she offed in a freindly manner. Marlies chuckled “True… there may be other red heads, but I am the one males fear most!”  Jake noticed the mead was the perfect temperature and poors some of it in the horn, filling it up till just below the rim. Jake added a dash of cinnamon for extra flavor before he made his way back to Huntress Marlies. He kneels down at her side, making sure he didn’t spill any of the precious and delicious nectar. He lowered his eyes respectfully as he raised the horn across his chest and heart. Jake kissed the side of the Horn and spoke a soft prayer for the Huntress her welbeing as he offered her the mead “Huntress, may I offer you this mead. May it please you and warm you as it warmed my belly being allowed to serve you”

*Disclaimer: avatar names changed. Images not related to this roleplay.


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