A most barbaric punishment!

From the roleplay archives


Tan walks up to Ado nods her head to left and right ” i have warned you girl you better take me serious you have touched my property yet ! you will never learn ..i won’t kill you but i will cut you hands off ..i can tell you that i do it in a painless way you won’t even feel it ” Tan walks to the branding fire lay a axe on the fire then returns to ado ” lets just have a wait till the axes are warm enough i will make sure that the wounds are branded i will bandage you and drop you with a green
Ado : whimpers “you fucking bitch!…..when everyone hated you ..i was there for you…and now, wehn you think you have someone, you do this..to me….ADo spits at her again “you are a piece of shit, just like everyone said!”
Tan walks to the branding wiggles her axe in the branding spits on the axe heard the sound of the heat then walks again to ado ” you touched what belong to me i don’t care what everyone say girl you should not have touched what belong to me ” Tan reaches out to ado her hand tries to pull ion her hand ” this is going to hurt a little but you lucky this axe is so hot that it burns the wound in no time ” Tan aims for the wrists from ado with her axe ” you have anything to say before losing you hand ?
Ado : does her best to pull and push her own wrist frantically
Tan : Nothing to say ? fine ! ” lift a little piece of wood in front of ado her mouth ” you can bite on this it will reduce the pain if you feel any pain ” Tan makes a few movements with the axe making sure she would cut the hand on the right place not making the cut yet she was just marking the cutline in her toughts
Ado : thrashes about as best she can to disrupt Tan’s effort
Ado : hysterically calls out for her mother
Tan with a swing and force she swings the axe away from ado her wrist aims for her wrists the axe was so hot that it would burn the wounds in no time it would be amazed if there was even some blood …looks in ado her eyes ” it going to happen ” Tan say and takes a deep breath ” not cutting yet but just prepare herself because she not want to cut ado her head off
Ado : glares with terror alternately between Tan’s eyes and her own wrist
Tan with a swing she swings the axe to ado her wrist hoping she cut on the right spot the slam was to heard almost on the campfire at the tribe with a angry voice she say ” you have done this to yourself all you had to do is leaving my property alone ” Tan thinks about the faith from Ado ” now others can rape you more it would be hard to fight against others yet! you can still open you tights to please others but this make sure that you can’t arm me my girl and huntresses anymore from this tribe ” kicks a bucket under the post hoping the hand drops in the bucket
Ado : Ado’s eyes bulge with disbelief as she sees the axe embed into the pole, her hand toppling towards the ground in slow motion….Ado squeels at the top of her voice before feinting from the shock
Ado shouts: “eeeeeeee”
Tan then aims for the other hand the left one makes again a few swings ” you are so brave i think you new faith is being a sex slave you don’t need you hands for that ” Tan explain when she was aiming for the other hand lift her arm and tries to cut the other hand from ado watches how the hand would fall in the bucket if Tan done the job good ” no wories you may sleep a little i send mine to you that she can make you awake and feed you i gues feeding yourself will be hard for now ” Tan wiggles the ropes down under ado her elbow just to make sure that ado won’t escape ” Before you are free i make sure you are healed and used by my sisters ” lift the bucket from the ground ”
Ado : as Ado’s other hand is choped from her lilmp body, Ado, body falls to the ground , having been supported by the writ binds of the pole
Tan ignores ado her bod as she was still bound with her feet ” girl i going to fix you i send mine to you to check you wounds
Tan shouts: Tan opens her mouth and screams ” Mine come here
Ayleen walks with an empty gaze toward her MIstress and kneels down before her.
Tan ” mine bandage ado her wrists give her some food and clean her up ” drops some flowers on the ground ” here these herbs can be cooked mix it with water as thea and let her drink this its for the pain that she will have its also for infections i have this healing herbs from a green ”
Tan don’t let her escape i keep her here till she is all healed up she can serve this tribe with her heat
Ayleen nods silently and stands up as walks toward the bucket of water to wet some dirty old rag and starts cleaning Ado’s wounds all over her body. She tried being careful around the lashes. Then, she readies herself, grabbing the flowers, to walk up and prepare some food for Ado.
Tan smirks a little ” and give her a bath ” Tan not felt any emotion at this moment because she was still angry of what adio had done she just dit what she had to do
Ado : remians unconscious, her handless wrists a blackened mess from the burns

*Disclaimer: avatar names changed. Images not related to this roleplay.

©Panther of Gor

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