She is a Red Rogue

The world is changed: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, I smell it in the air…..Much that once was lost, for none now live who remember. It began with the separation of two forest tribes.

In a small forested area near the swamps, the Luna’s  settled their tribe with a little over twelve strong women who were all grown and beautiful. One of these women was Red hair. She led this small fledgling tribe as Chieftess, a bloody good one at that.

Her days were spent sharpening weapons, hunting in the woods and going on patrols with her band. But by night this young red head would scout around the swamps, to rob passing through travelers, kill men and enslave those women who did not join her band.

A vigilante in slave girls eyes, but a murderer in men’s, she was one of the most beautiful women in the tribe. Long red hair fell straight down the middle of her back. Emerald green eyes that shone like the cold seas of Thassa.  Her voice wasn’t too deep, but it wasn’t high pitched at all.  A beautiful singing voice she had, singing praise of the Goddess and all females.

A wicked smile was present on Red hair’s gorgeous face as a small group of her band returned with female prisoners in their ropes.  She sat cross legged on a raised mound of earth near the camp fire, surrounded by what looked like a mix of human and animal bones. She twirled the tip of her sleen knife into the loose soil.

“what have we here?” she spoke in a raspy voice as her favorite, her name Rogue took her place beside her.

“We caught some women in our territory, we could have run them off but figured you may have a use for them”

At this Red hair chuckled , recognizing one of the women as a high ranked panther from her former tribe. She was pleased the blond haired woman still had the attractive looks she remembered.

“Now you know I don’t kill members of your tribe because once we were….”she despised the word “….sisters” at the last sentence Red hair got up and marched forward, grabbing her former tribal mate by the hair, tugging hard and  forcing her to kneel in the dirt.

Red hair smiled as she curled her finger under the blond woman’s chin.

“I am going to give you the chance to save your sisters, if you fail my request, I will sell them at the trade dock for a single steel arrowhead each”

The blond woman hissed, she began to utter some words, she was cut off by Rogue’s hand slamming at the back of her head.

“No talking!!” Rogue growled as she dealt out the blow.

Red hair held up her hand to calm down Rogue and then continued.

“I am going to let you go back to your pathetic tribe, but to save your sisters, I want your tribe to sacrifice and cut their own hair for these women’s  release” she wagged her finger in the air “Do not try to cheat me by returning here with the hair shaved from a bosks ass”

She cut the bonds from the blond woman’s wrists and watched her run down the trail into the dark swamp.

A happy sigh left Red hairs lips “Karma is a bitch, she will regret that day she crossed me”



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