The Violent History Of Red Hair – The OMGFacts

Stories are told around the campfire of her many exploits. Yet, fame has become as a bitter taste in her mouth.

Time to rest

“Y’know, Feather,” Red hair sat facing their campfire picking meat off the rabbit she’d killed and cooked earlier, “fame has become, like totally, a bitter taste in my mouth.”

“Yeah,” agreed Feather from the other side of the fire, she stared off into the darkness for a moment, “never thought I’d say it but, this adventuring gig is getting old, I miss our band.”

“Yeah,” Red hair threw her rabbit bone into the fire, “like, it wouldn’t be so bad if there was like, a proper place to hide our loot.”

“Huh!?” Feather nearly dropped her rabbit leg in surprise at Red hair’s words, “I don’t…”

“Look, it’s wicked simple,” Red hair wiped grease from her fingers onto her legs and leaned towards Feather. “All the stuff we’ve, like, stolen since we’ve been here you’d think we’d be awesome rich, right?”

“Yeah,” Feather sounded uncertain, she’d not really thought about it as such, “I suppose…”

“But we’re not!” Red hair replied emphatically, “Everything we, like, steal has to be sold almost immediately just so we can totally live. We never get the full freaking value for anything coz we’re totally in a hurry and the Gimli village merchants know it, so they rip us off.”

“Crap,” Feather spat into the fire, “what do we do? Kill the Gimli bastards?”

“Maybe,” Red hair smirked and considered the idea of making an example of one or two of the more dishonest merchants they’d been forced to do business with. “Yeah, but that doesn’t like solve the long term problem. Even if we got, like the full value for the stuff that, y’know, comes into our hands, we’ve still nowhere to totally stash the loot.”

“We could bury it,” Feather suggested, not that she thought it was a good idea, it was more that she thought she should be contributing to the conversation in some way.

“Not like a long term solution,” Red hair pointed out, “what we need is to find our way back to our band. We can’t go on like this, like forever.”

Nodding her head in agreement, Feather stared into the fire. Red hair was right, they couldn’t go on like this forever.

“I don’t know,” Feather shrugged her shoulders helplessly, “let’s sleep on it, eh?”



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