Busted ! How to Spot an Alt!

Dear readers, I am just going to say it. Everyone  has an alt in SL Gor. Those that say they don’t have one are lying.

The common attitude towards alts is one of suspicion. What are they sneaking away from? what dastardly activities will they engage in? what are they trying to hide?


In general it is not that difficult to spot an alt. They are often “young”, with blank profiles but good looking avatars (not noobish at all). They may have success (great bow skills) and knowledge of SL Gor beyond their days.

But what about the alt of someone you know? Just as it is tempting to make a spy alt, it is easy to be suspicious of one, especially after a drama dispute in a tribe.

There are a few factors which, taken together, can help you identify an alt.

First, you meet them in a location that was familiar to you both. If they are spying, they will go where you go, either way alts find it hard to avoid their own favorite sims.

Second, listen to what they know. See if (as above) their comfort and knowledge of Gor/sims/tribes/avatars doesn’t match their profile. They might know what flatters you, intuitively know what you like to talk about. They may have information that is surprising. They will most definitely refuse to chat in voice, if that is part of your history.

Third is the “wrist”.

“Wrist” usually refers to particular typing/keyboard patterns. If you are concerned, pay attention to the chat window: Do they send short IM’s or long paragraphs? Do they type in all lower case? Do they use emoticons, or third person (/me)? What words do they consistently misspell? Do they say “your” when they mean “you’re”, for example? Or talk in text speak (how r u)?

I know my wrist are easy to spot. I betray myself in a million ways.

But I am not worried about betraying myself. I think I, like most people, I just use an alt as a back-up, a piggy bank, an independent explorer, not as an avatar of deceit.

It shouldn’t be that complicated.



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