She couldn’t believe it. Slavers! Come to ship her and the other female captives off.

Perhaps to some far away region of Gor she’d dreamed about, but not at all to the life she’d pictured. The nightmare ignited something deep within her. Outrage burned through her fear, exposing the fire underneath.

“You will never take me!” she screamed, feet moving her without thought to stand defiantly before her captors.

Red hair

Clad only in her brief animal skins, she was a stark contrast to the slave girls huddled fearfully a short distance away, she stared in amazement at the scene unfolding before her. Not because of the evil of men. No, she was used to that.

Eyes blazing, prepared to confront the evil male, alone, with nothing save her life. Then defied the rough hand that tried to subject her. Crazy, if brave. The kind of behavior the redhead recognized, which warranted at least a beating from any self-respecting slaver. Her fingers twitched. But not now, not yet….wait.

She cringed, awaiting the cruel strike that would tell just how little her life meant.

They stunned her with a blow to the head, at the same time clearing her mind. In fact, though brought to her knees, she realized she had them, herself, right where she wanted. She peered up at the slavers through disheveled hair, feigning defeat, hands furtively uncovering the grave of her hidden sleen knive. There!

Her fingers closed around cold steel, igniting fire so close to the surface it crackled from every pore.

She rose, more alive than she could remember in some time, feeling purposeful in her skin again, dangerous. Bared her teeth in a chilling smile, warned of her resurrection with a bloodcurdlingly celebratory “Aiiiiiii” as she drove her blade deep into the man’s crotch.



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