Is it time for the Social Justice Warrior to come to Second Life Gor?

I haven’t been writing in a while, and it’s not because I don’t like writing any more but things have accelerated elsewhere in my life and I can’t be involved everywhere at once. As this isn’t paid work, obviously I can’t afford to put blogging or Secondlife first.

Anyway, there are still many Gor related posts waiting to be finished. In the meantime, I’ll start another one.

Panther and captive

I often muse about all the things that we’d need to change about Gorean patriarchy if we abolished men’s rule over women and Free Women and Panther Women managed to overcome men’s tyranny over us, how would we rebuild our world? I just want to throw some ideas here. I dream for concrete, down-to-earth, simple and easily applicable measures of stepping out of patriarchy into a female-loving world.

Every girl and woman has experience of serving male priviledge, that’s how we learn the concrete reality of being forced to serve men!

If we stopped caring for males, their life expectancy probably wouldn’t exceed 40 years old. Given that males are by far more protected from violence than women, less violated etc, that there will always be a woman for them to turn to who will mend their ego or problems, and that even in these cushy conditions males die earlier than women, if things turned round for them many of them really wouldn’t live long on their own. I was thinking, maybe that’s why males called the middle ages the “dark ages” because males would die so early and perhaps women wouldn’t, because so many women ran away from partnering at the time. Just a speculation.

However, the problem is that, as said above, women care for males because we’re forced to, and from an age where conscious resistance is psychically and physically impossible. Even if many women potentially could dump or get rid of their oppressor, the fact is decades of male priviledge breaks you from the inside.

And this triggered me about males and males of Gor in particular.

Somehow, in my vision, there would be zero proximity to males outside of breeding purposes, and this is how we would “deal” with the issues of male toxicity. Along with the severe decline in male population by means of euthanasia and gelding to begin with, we would prevent them from ever having victims to act upon. Perhaps if it happened anyway, the women would just kill them, easier than swatting a bug that is biting you. This would not even be considered violence and there would be no ripple effect or social consequences at all for this since males would have less rights than animals. There would be no Laws, and no Tribunals, and no Female energy expenditure around male slaves at all.



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