“If you want trouble… find yourself a redhead.”

Her heart was enveloped in fire,

©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.
Red hair

She believed in superiority of matriarch,
And her spirit was filled with desire,
But they said her soul was dark.

She believed a Goddess ruled the universes,
She lived with a passion in her heart,
She absorbed all the male curses,
She shot them back like a dart.

Her head was engulfed in red flame.
It was the way she was born,
Her flowing locks had brought her fame,
For the blaze she did proudly adorn.

They thought her evil and strange,
Though her heart was simply pure.
They asked for her to change,
And asked if there was a cure.

There’s nothing wrong with this girl.
She might holler and bark,
But there is fiery embers in her curl,
And so they say her soul is dark.



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