Let’s ditch GE onlinisms and get real about being a Panther

The creation of GE some years ago was welcomed by many of us as a refreshing opening of the game from the Bible bashing structures to  create a more enlightened and possibly freer opportunity for Gor Role play. However over the subsequent years it has become clear that a GE Panther has devolved into a kind of Disney role.

Are you a Panther gurl, woman or sis?

Panther women are referred to as Panther Women, Panther Girls, Forest Girls, the latter two mostly by men. Panther women refer to themselves also as “Outlaws”, as women or girls with a clear other gravity of meaning than how it would be taken if a man would call them such.
Their groups are reffered to as “{leader’s name}’s Band” or “Band of {leader’s name}”, e.g. “Hura’s Band” or “Band of Verna”, not as tribes nor with the plenty found Gorean or web invented pseudo Gorean wording like “Sa blabla”, “Tre’sha blub blub” or likewise. The keyword here is also “band” (versus the often seen “tribe”).
The hunting grounds of a band is called “domain of XY’s band”.

Panther women address each other by name or “you”, there is no reference of them calling each other “sister”, “sissy” or similar. Their entire lifestyle displays them more as band-by-necessity than as tribal community or sisterhood. They live a hard life, even amongst themselves. It can happen that a girl, including the leader, who shows weakness or has a power hungry band mate, gets bested, then slain or at least enslaved, then sold or banished. Their groups are based thus on respect and strength instead of sisterly love – an enslaved panther woman will usually not be saved if it means the slightest going out of their way for the rest of the band.

The Northern Forests are called by either such, “Northern Forests”, or also the “High Forests”.

Are you living in a Panther tree house, camp or fortress?

The panther woman band lives a mobile life, with only temporary camps. Only their winter camp is said to be semi-permanent. The non-winter camps so are hidden and quickly set up (assumption: as the winter camp is called semi-permanent, I personally assume that the other camps are moved at least 3-6 times within a year). Hence the camps are simple, the books describe Verna’s camp as circle of 5 thatched huts (given her band is 15 people strong, each hut might be shared by 3 girls plus slaves) with a simple sleen fence / a “small palisade of sharpened saplings” around it. Other camps may be looking more like travel camps with single sleeping steads with branchmade rainfall shelters.
Panther women camps are hidden by their own active intend. Hence, they scout the surroundings and will keep it hidden as good as they can, will move it when they see risk for it being discovered. The often seen shouting from their camp site towards forest wandering strangers (even men) in the vicinity as often seen in SL’s tribes is highly unlikely to happen – much as men walking straight up from the “central forest docks” to the camps.

Are you a Tor? Then you probably don’t exist

The books talk exclusively about leader (e.g. Hura in Hura’s Band), second to the leader, high standing girl in the band of X (“I stand high in the band of Verna”) and else panther women / girl.
Given a somewhat Gorean translation, the ranks could be called “En” (Gorean: first), “Se” (Gorean: second), High Girl and Panther Girl.
Ranks like Tor, Elder, Pledge/Cub do not occur.

Further personal assumptions: Priestess/Shamaness are very unlikely given Gor’s faith world, and would require the coincidence that they believe in some cult/sect based religion which do occur on Gor (see: Tarnsmen).
Ranks like Healer, First Bow/Spear are not book given, but surely possible but based on the background respectively their current skill set. The best in hunting might become a first bow/spear, yet such a title will never be official, but rather a bragging or addressing by others in awe.

There are no sassy slaves

Panther women do hold slaves: smaller, weaker feminine women. They hold those with contempt, are cruel to them but not saddistic. Panther women do not cuddle/snuggle their slaves.
Men can be slaves in panther woman bands as well, but rather short term until they are sold after being likely richly raped and humiliated.
Enslaved men – assumed – are very dangerous for panther women if held for longer time, as even a male slave can turn a free woman into a slave by the sex.

Trading for some kanda and paga?

Panther women trade at the trade posts at the shores of the Laurius river or Thassa ocean. At those trade posts no hostility nor mutual capture occurs as that would render the trade posts senseless.
They usually sell slaves whom they captured in the forests and ask for various iron wares (e.g. arrow heads, knifes, spear tips), luxury items like mirrors, golden bangles and also candy sweets.

Too much luxury in camp?

Panther women live from what they can get in the forests of their domain and the bit they can trade for. So for example the bands in the books that had “special drinks” both had either one or a small number of Ka-La-Na wine bottles, in one case as tool for a trap for men, in the other as a hideous tool to overcome the current leader.
There are no mentionings of huge stocks of Blackwine, other wines nor other such drinks, nor agriculture based products. Even the suls they might acquire will be rather rare and wild growing ones, i.e. smaller than the peasant grown ones.
Luxury as e.g. wellness institutions are not described to be in camps – panther woman leisure time is described as being filled with e.g. simple games like a “cat’s-cradle game, matching one another’s intricate patterns with the twine”. The camps have neither well-equipped “infirmaries”, “scriberies” or similar caste related setups.

– not to the level of a caste warrior of course – and able to use the wilderness to their advantage.

I am evolved therefore I can dress how I like

The body of panther women is described ranging from “beautiful”, “pretty” to “large” and “fierce”. Muscles to a more or less esthetic level should so not be uncommon, yet also not to the level of strength of a man.

The weaponry of panther women are sleen knife, spear, bow and club. (Hint for GM users: There are clubs on the market, e.g. Primus Weapons or LR Weapons, that do the same damage and DPS (pick-axe) as scimitars or glaives).

The clothing of panther women is a not 100% fixed topic in regards to its shape. What is clear though, and appears in most every book text about their clothing, is that their clothing is made of the fur/hide of the forest panther animal – which btw gives them their “role name” Panther Girl – often even of the “tawny” colored forest panther. Panther woman clothes hence are clearly not of snake skin, not of fabric or silks, not of flowers nor well crafted celtic patternd leathers.

Personal assumption regarding clothing: Panther women cover in short tunic shaped clothings as less covering has many reasons to not only make no sense for them but also appears richly ungorean in comparison to how slaves are dressed. There are many indications in the books to that – including a slave comparing their clothing to slave clothing yet of furs (this slave wore a slave tunic), quotes about the panther garments disguising them from view, etc.. It can be assumed that panther women walk barefooted or with sandals on their feet.
This is of course to be seen situational: When spear fishing they might dress more scarce, in winter times far more covering.

All panthers do is fur all day

Panther women are heterosexual, which is the very core reason of much of their behavior and the value they have to men as slaves. They suppress their sexuality actively, but do live it out at times. To do that they go to their moondance circles and enter a dancing frenzy – preferably but not exclusively with men. That means: They go as a group to the moondance circles if they have a male captive to rape, else live their sexuality alone or in group by dancing there in a very feminine, feline way.
They do not live their sexuality by else masturbating and even less by laying with each other or with their female slaves.

credit: Violetta Daviau & others

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