How to spot a G.I.R.L (Guy In Real Life)

Boys Will Be Boys: You Can’t Hide Your Gender in Online Role-playing Games

credit: game skinny
credit: game skinny

Gamer guys, beware: You may take on a female avatar in online role-playing games, but chances are, you’re revealing subtle clues about your true gender. The fact science can be found here.

Boys will be boys online, men who play using female avatars issue more directions  during combat and they don’t act quite as feminine as actual female players during group chat conversations, either. Men use fewer emoticons and less emotional language than women.

In player movements during combat, males playing as female avatars really show their true colors. Men move and jump more, and stand farther from other players when they clustered in groups, even when they play as females.

During role-play a man playing a female character will find it hard  to play convincingly without overplaying it and stumbling into stereotypes.

Men sexualize females so expect them to choose a über sexy kitten avatar with huge boobs, long flowing flexi hair and a gigantic butt. Clad in revealing clothes which probably are mismatched. It’s like giving your favorite fashion doll to your brother or a nephew and asking him to choose some clothes for her.

“if a guy pretending to be a chick, he just gonna attract other guys or dykes….” online quote.

The following excerpt is taken from a discussion which recently took place in POG. It really sums it up quite nicely. Some people believe panthers are men or at best frustrated closet lesbians. ***avatar names have been changed***

credit: game skinny
credit: game skinny

UKipper: The truth about Panthers is that 99% of them are guys looking to score with a lesbian. It’s very dull being a panther. It’s very tiresome.

UKipper: 99% of panthers are actually “brain damaged” guys.
Savage: what evidence do you have to support that

UKipper: I used to be a panther?
UKipper: It was so dull.
UKipper: All the other panthers wanted to fur me.
UKipper: Sooooo. Ho hum.
Flavor: They could say they’re a guy but in truth they’re a girl either way
UKipper: Pew pew… Hey baby, lick my pussy. Pew pew….. Hey baby, lick my pussy.
Savage: so if your not a panther they why are you in a panther group
Savage: drops mic
UKipper: There are no real panthers in SL Gor anymore. That has gone now.
UKipper: Just guys pretending and some fat RL frustrated old lesbians.
viper: thats why you logged in and why your gracing us with your opinion?
UKipper: Pew pew. Lol. have fun …. “Ladies”
viper: sexist much!
viper: you got to love the opinion some strange people have..
Fox: how did u got the fact that 99% of panthers are brain damaged
Fox: on what base
Fox: reading the chat
Fox: I wonder how people come to conclusions without any research or any argument ,points to kipper
viper: think that boat sailed ages ago fox
viper: with any luck it will sink in the white waters.. saving us further torment of her sharing her opinion
viper: and I do say her.. respectfully..
Fox: yes I guess ,but was laughing at her/his conclusions
viper: it only reflects the poor company she has kept
viper: sad really.
Fox: this is sl ,people can do what they want , there are terms of service that should be respected ,if you don’t want the panther community then don’t be here
Fox: company?
viper: case of sleeping with dogs fox and getting fleas.. the company she keeps is her only point of reference.. clearly men pretending to be women and women that are over weight with a female sexual preference..
viper: politically worded.. mind you.



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