Tier here!

Every month a little notecard enters my inbox asking me to contribute to Sim tiers like a hollebollegijs (for all you Dutch readers) gobbling up lindens. Which is fine if it’s voluntary, but not so fine if it’s forced upon you. Back in the day no one asked a sim contribution even when you had a hut. But these days it’s like pay to play a GE panther, it’s rarely free.

credit: efteling “holle bolle Gijs”

I can’t afford to own a sim or pay the monthly costly tier to the Lindens. I’m just working an office job and paying a mortgage. Money left over is spent on hobbies, one of them being Second Life Gor.

What I have learned in the five years of co-running a tribe is that traffic, all those green dots, all those visitors to the sim, the residents have made it possible to run a sim. They donate to the sim.

A little bit here in donation chests, a little bit there. It adds up quickly each month. And so thank you for your contributions over the years.

Sadly, Second Life is losing many private  sims each month, it’s only a matter of time before they shut the curtains to Second Life. It will be a heartfelt loss. But we had some good times while it lasted.

Meantime, just when you thought you had seen it all……

A very creative way to collect tiers…..


Bianca Azel : tal
Marlies : Tal
Bianca Azel: how it goes around the forest for you…
Marlies: Fine , and how goes the forest for you my dear?
Bianca Azel : mmm not bad… pretty quiet
Marlies: what are you looking for?
Bianca Azel : mmm something fun…. troubles what else… you look in forest ?
Marlies : Oh , first I feed this butthole
Bianca Azel: wait what… haha
LPM Donations & Fuck Me: Thank you for the donation!
You paid xxx L$5000.
Marlies  laughs
Bianca Azel : that was a little crazy :p
Marlies : Yeah, sometimes I am crazy
Bianca Azel : I do see… that’s good…. ^^
Marlies: hehe
Bianca Azel : well, I will keep looking around, good luck
Marlies : You too




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