The Pathetic State of RP in GE Gor

Is it harsh to say this? Well…I have to vent, I NEED to vent.  The state of RP is getting worse year by year. The best role players have left SL or turned to BTB. Ok…I admit, there are a few good role players left, which I can count on both hands.

And I can count on one hand friends made, friends who know how to RP as well as being, intelligent, dedicated and funny.

And….I can count on all my fingers and toes and times that by hundreds the number of people I have met who……

Think GE Gor is some sort of RL dating service, and lead other people on via lies and promises that never ever become reality. Then mixing OOC with IC and then back to OOC.

Think GE Gor is a place to use their -all look the same- barbie doll/jiggly boob- n- butt bodies as a means for  oooh ahh moan moan boring RP sex and BDSM antics.

Think GE Gor is all about raiding and gaining stats. Who when capped go into blabber mode RP or are just really bad RP-ers or are fanatically vocal with ZERO character development.

Think insulting RP is being bad ass when in fact it’s being dumb ass. Bad ass used to mean bringing danger into RP.

Who have extended families and threaten consequences because their Da is a bad ass merc commander and their Ma a bitch ass Panther En.

Think that because they contribute lindens to tiers they are immune to sim rules, then buy themselves a leadership tag. They may have ZERO leadership abilities. Which shows when they try to RP.

credit: wiki RP

People who have NO CLUE what RP is, who struggle with one liner RP or use TEXT SPEAK in their RP. It’s EVERYWHERE.

Who think it’s gorean to be a SIS or a BRO in a Panther-Taluna-Merc-Warrior fraternity. Ugh. Who amongst you gave up being sarcastic  a long time ago “Sis?  Are we related? Are you my long lost sis?”

I have to say, GE Gor is fast  becoming the sewer of RP if nothing changes.

Now… I’m sure a few will respond to  this post with, -well damn you have just been in the wrong places-, or, -so and so is a brilliant rp-er.  If so, do enlighten me to where the real, creative, active RP sims and persons are. I have spent nights visiting as many as 30 sims and finding all of six  people, and if I am REALLY lucky, one I can RP.  I’d have better odds winning the lotto.

Have I given up on finding mature RP with other like- minded adults who understand the english language, even if using a translator, who are serious about their RP? Probably not. A new year is starting soon, those of us who value RP will continue to seek it out.




  1. Ugh this is sooooooo true. For reasons like this I often turn to the Gor rp’s on IMVU. It’s not quiet as active, but at least it’s much easier to find, save, and look over rp’s even with the lack of free range movement.

  2. Marlies…..well done…. you got the right words and this time in the right order too. I send you massive hugsss and kisses and a very very Happy New Year to you and everyone you love xxxxx

  3. I have only been in SL gor since August 2016, but even in that time I’ve noticed the rp decline in favour of combat. Sure maybe some injured person may look for healer occasionally, but the odds of finding one online and getting them to the rp location before the injured pew-pewer gets bored and leaves are pretty slim.

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