Panther of Gor Dying? Yes!

Captive !

Why is like that? Well is hard to give simple answer and is imposible to name just one issue, first of all Second Life is not “thing”like was few years ago (what is blame of LL), many point on others and say ” they are reason for everything what is wrong on this world” guys that plays girls, girls with dicks, lesbians, BDSM lovers… can not be reason , and can not be blamed for failure, but is much easier and much acceptable to point on someone else than face with own conscience and accept that we are reason of that failure.
You, I, all of us. We are Panther Gor. We are one who make it great or bad. Lack of tolerance, lack of understanding, lack of respect, lack of everything that should be most important
and what we should have most. How many times it happened to all of us that everything ended in drama, just because RP or fight did not go on way that we or other side wanted?
Most of our profiles have that RP Bans part, its not enough to ruin someones day so we have to crucify them publicly, and what we get from it? Nothing.
Is not fault of manther, shemale or lesbian that you are selfish bitch. It is your fault. How many tribes we have now? How many camps with no one in it or wit just few? Too much cheifs , but not enough of Indians.
I dont think that we will ever again see sims crowded with people, but what can we do is to work with what we have, be better persons and instead to point on others try to improve, first ourselfs than this around us.




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