The passing of places in Second Life Gor

It’s nearly a monthly occurance. Long-running role-play regions in Second Life Gor which are closing.

Some readers may never have realised that these places existed until they read a notecard (or posting) on their demise.

Sim for sale !

I think it is terribly sad that places that are so beautifully created and that many look for to explore… places that showcase the best of SL Gor… are not supported by Linden Labs. These are the kinds of sims that should receive support because they are outstanding examples of stunning landscapes and design as well as a place where you can join a community. Second Life is the poorer because they need to leave because of tier.

As I know, my friend who is a sim owner is constantly juggling whether the place she provides for the public can remain alive or not. It is a shame that they do not grandfather the tier of sims that have been providing a place for the public for periods longer than say 5 years. These are not new sims but ones that have been dedicated to providing something for the public for a LONG period of time.


People have made a considerable investment in their time in Second Life Gor, especially in terms of friends. Many of them simply won’t make the move to a new sim unless they see their friends doing likewise:

Tiri Me Toruis disbanded?

So i’m sure everyone has noticed that Tiri Me Toruis got disbanded. Prim/Me/Adio/Kiyo/and 5 very loyal slaves now got No Tribe.No Camp….But we shall remain Sista’s forever.
We love Elation and Stuck around even dispite the fact we had no leaders around. we waited patiantly for are leaders to return and tell us something…well now they have….We are NOT going to leave Elation even if we have to plant a flag on Adio’s rock and say THIS IS OUR SPOT!!

I realise that even with the best will in the world, the Lab cannot step in to every situation that arises when a sim can’t meet it’s tier costs.

Also how do you define where and when the Lab should do so? What criteria is to be employed to say that region A should be saved and region B let go, when both are perceived to be equally “beautiful” or “long-standing” or “important” to Second Life Gor? Should a region perceived as being of outstanding beauty gain a greater right to remain in SL Gor when compared to those regions we don’t perceive as being so pretty?

Also, If we feel so strongly about the loss of such regions, why don’t we all gather together, step forward and offer financial help and support?

Whispering Moons lives on!
I have decided to show my continued love and support for the forest continent and to do my humble part in keeping it intact. I am in the process of buying the Sim and for all intents and purposes am the owner of Whispering Moons. I do not intend to make any significant changes to the land. I hope everybody continues enjoyment of the region

love lili

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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