In search of a legend, Mother Luq

Ki’Kara jerag Panthers

Wood Island

Mother Luq’s Story (taken from here)

credits: Mother Luq

Mother Luq … who is she? What was she? all think they know her – but do they really?

Luq was born as a proud daughter of Arueil Dench. one of the best bows on Gor and founder of the proud Ki’Kara Panthers.
The home there were the forests of Tharnock. Tucked between the hills Luq was trained. Arueil needed a lot of patience to train the young wild because she was already very spirited and wild. Every now and then a guy dressed in black was near or trained with. Then she did not know yet who this guy was, this would show up later
But nothing is impossible and the training paid off. Luq quickly became a feared hunter in the woods. Not always because of her abilities to fight rather than because of her fearless nature to storm forward where angels would fearfully lose ground, as she was told.

Despite she was daughter of the En, she got no special treatment and had to fight her way by herself.
One day Luq got the task to spy a city to see whether raids would b eworth there.

Cleverly she approached the walls and also found a surprising entry. Carefully she crept through the small town up in a park. There, however, she was discovered by a guy who immediately wanted to stop her and attacked her. Fearlessly she opposed the attacker and restrained him.
She tied him up and to brag she kidnapped the guy to show her mother that the training times were worth it. As soon as she reached her native forests she took the guy to the shackles of board and into the camp.

Arueil hardly trusted her eyes because she knew the guy whom her daughter dragged there. Incredulous went Arueil towards Luq and asked: * Did you capture him? All alone? * The little wilde agreed proudly, and her mother was very proud. Before she could say anything she handed Luq her spear and her bow. Pleased Luq tok these new weapons and put the old ones from her. Then Arueil told her who the guy was. It was an Ubar – the Ubar of Cos .. Even Luq fell off her jaw because of this. But since that day Luq was a full member of the tribe.
One day, however, Arueil disappeared in the woods and nobody knew where she was going or why. After a long time of waiting Luq took over the leadership of the Ki’Kara but she did not stop to look till to the present day. So Luq, who has now been declared by the Sisters to Mother, leads the proud tribe of the Ki’Karas.

Sim Review – Wood Island

Picture by Picture Impression of the village:

Picture by Picture Impression of the camp:

Market Place :

Yes, a large market with many clothing stalls.

Easy to Find TP point:

Transported Directly to main sim.

Sim Lay out:

Wood Island is part of a continental sim. There is a village and dock area, it is well spread out, and once on land it doesn’t feel like a disjointed mess as some continents do.


Yes, there is an dispenser tag.

Meter Used:


Sim Rules :

The General laws are much the same as any other Sim.

Sim overview:

The sim is well spread out. The build is good, and a lot of detail has been put into it.

Bad Points:


Good Points:

Build, textures, layout

Final Comment:

The Ki Kara panther camp build is big, but not too imposing, it is well spread out, the panther camp has a ‘retro’ feel to it , like the huge panther camps of old.

Meet the legend that is…….Mother Luq

мσтнєя ℓuq (luqara.darkwatch): smiles
мσтнєя ℓuq (luqara.darkwatch): ty hun

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers/Ki kara


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