Lets talk about burnout in Second Life

Not my headline !  I took it from this article published on Gazette of Gor. (You may want to take a look at it before reading further, since I’m reacting to it here.)

credit: sunshineandshowersblog

Believe it or not, even as great as Second Life is, there really is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. I know because I had a ‘SL burnout’  that eventually needed a 1 month break from SL. That is 1 month without logging in at all.

Briefly setting the scene in 2012, I put in many long hours helping to build up a panther tribe, after a year of long hours logging in (till early the hours of the morning). Once the panther camp was built and the tribe was steadily growing, I was in need of a break, but wasn’t able to be comfortable being away. There were many things that only my avatar could do at the sim, and a lot of things in my inventory that belonged to the sim. I felt I was letting down the sim owner, my friend ‘Twig‘, by not being there.

So if you find yourself in a stage of burnout, here are my suggestions, in no particular order:

  • Trust someone with your account, so your interests won’t be neglected. In SL, many things can only be done by the owner’s avatar, so you’ve got to have that matter taken care of in order to relax on break.
  • Cut out the all-nighters or daytime hours, one or the other. Doing both is I believe a recipe for disaster.
  • Do some exploring like you did in earlier days. SL is always changing. You’ll find new sims and changes to old ones, and maybe your enthusiasm will also be found. (All work and no play makes a panther a crabby bitch sometimes)
  • Don’t get into the rut of logging in “because it’s time to”. You’re setting yourself up for boredom, apathy, fatigue, disappointment, etc.
  • Arrange to keep in touch with your friends by email. Create a new email account without synching to any other accounts, and persuade your friends to do the same if necessary.
  • If logging in doesn’t feel good to you,- don’t do it! If you feel reluctant while logging in, it might be a little too early. Second Life is supposed to be a fun escape, and logging in should be a cheerful experience, not a hassle.
  • Break the ice by logging in as an ‘alt’. Preferably a secret one. Visit your favorite places, see some friends from a distance, and see how it feels to be there.
  • Experience some of the other virtual worlds.
  • When you’re ready to try returning, uncheck permission boxes so some or all of your friends won’t be notified when you log in. The last thing you need is 10 friends IM-ing you at once, overwhelming you and causing stress. And by all means, avoid people who bug you! (you know who you are)

I hope some of this will help you deal with your burnout. Of course, the best thing to do is avoid getting burnt out in the first place. Remember there’s a big X in the top right corner. Use it once in a while! Don’t let SL get to be anything less than fun and escape.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Various

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