What happened to Gorean Politics?

So why does political play in SL Gor tend to be either extremely limited or altogether non-existent?

credit: voxday.blogspot.nl

Granted, role playing as a Panther Girl , means my politics is limited to my tribe (for instance the high council) and occassionally with rival outsiders. But, city states? well, that is a different matter.

I figure for a genre that is supposed to be based on conflicting city states that the political intrigue aspect would be a bigger player, at least in BtB sims. Combat is only an aspect of war yet for SL Gor it tends to be the end all and be all of most wars. Just seems a good environment to develop such grander stories, I  just do not understand why it seems to be very isolated and often abandoned role play scenario.

Thoughts or suggestions?

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Various/voxday.blogspot.nl


One comment

  1. Political…..I do recall from the dim past a panther ….. gosh what was her name…. Darky I think…..mmmm yes….. she was quite a handful as I recall……….dot dot dot….

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