The Golden Chalice of Whispering Moons

A Trophy Contest

Golden Chalice

Phil, the great Katali warrior of Whispering Moons, went exploring one day, as is his habit. That day, he found perhaps the greatest treasure of his life – a solid gold chalice. Where it came from, he couldn’t know, but its beauty and value to him were undeniable. Delighted, he scooped up the artifact and headed towards his camp in Whispering Moons.

As Phil neared home, he was attacked by a larl. Fearing the loss of his life, Phil threw himself into a river and miraculously escaped. In doing so, however, he let go of the golden treasure, which sank to the bottom of the river. Heartbroken, Phil tried to retrieve his beloved property, only to realize that he could not swim so deeply in the treacherous currents.


Phil could not have known this, but the original owner of the golden chalice was a wealthy nobleman who had sent the prize to the family of the man companioning his daughter. He desired return of the chalice because it was a sentimental family relic. He learned that the chalice had been lost in Whispering Moons, and he spread word throughout the woods and jungles that a handsome reward awaited any panther or taluna tribe that returned the prize to him. He set a date, the month of En’Varthe fifth hand, when he would come to Whispering Moons bearing much gold to exchange.

News of the reward sparked a frantic search for the relic, with panther and talunas alike searching for and trying to hold it until the date the reward could be claimed. And, of course, Phil caught wind that his precious might be in the hands of a tribe, and he risked life, limb, and even more in a frantic attempt to get it back for himself.

For full details about the contest click here.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Phil/Gazette of Gor


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