Retards and idiots of Gor list, a complete and comprehensive guide of #GorFailures

Inspirational – So, you want to be #Gorfailures criticaster?

Dear readers, not many of you may be aware of Sturgeon’s Law and how it applies to almost everything in life. What is Sturgeon’s Law?

Sturgeon’s revelation, commonly referred to as Sturgeon’s law, is an adage commonly cited as “ninety percent of everything is crap.” The phrase was derived from Sturgeon’s observation that while science fiction was often derided for its low quality by critics, it could be noted that the majority of examples of works in other fields could equally be seen to be of low quality and that science fiction was thus no different in that regard to other art.

credit: sunshineandshowersblog

I don’t think many people need to think deeply before they realize that the same is true about SL Gor. People who role play a lot in BtB Gor often state that everything in GE Gor is crap, and those who RP in GE Gor often complain that everything in BtB Gor is crap. While the truth most likely is that 90% of both suck. Which inevitably leads to my own personal opinion that 10% of the highest quality sims in BtB Gor are often very similar to the highest quality roleplay sims in GE Gor, and that often the only main difference between the two is how tolerant they are of female combattants.

Which leads me to my last question.  Whatever happened to the fail blogs of Gor? Where are the new bloggers hiding at? When will we see a new Hemloc and Gorfail? A new Kayla who visits your sim? A new SL cheaters who exposes the idiots of Gor?

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