Lets discuss, The killing of a Gorean slave

The killing of a Gorean slave is an extreme measure, and should not be done in haste.

Captive !

In the novels:

It is clearly not usual to kill a slave, in the books, even Elinor, who betrayed, who lied and who stole, who is a barbarian, so, a low slave, will be harshly punished, but not killed.

Ramifications of killing a slave in role play:

First, who defines what is disrespectful, insolent or acting unslavelike? Different people will have different opinions on that matter.

Second, by Gorean law, it is illegal to kill or maim the slave of another. The penalty for this violation is compensating the owner for the loss of their slave. But who decides what is proper compensation? And how will compensation be paid? Money is a waste as online a person can possess any amount of money they wish. They could easily toss 1000 gold tarns at an aggrieved owner.

Third, are you willing to go to war just to kill a disrespectful slave? Would your tribe defend you, for killing a slave, if it meant war with another tribe? Or would they simply turn you over to the aggrieved tribe? Are you willing to risk an Assassin being sent after you because you killed a slave?

Fourth, if a slave has orders to ignore a certain free person, can that free person still kill the slaves? Would ignoring them be considered disrespect?

Fifth, what is the actual effect of being killed? The slave simply creates a new identity, a new slave name and their new character can return to their previous owner. So what is really accomplished?

Alternatives to killing a slave:

For people in SL Gor with a lack of imagination, who prefer to kill a slave, this is a list of Gorean punishments, all BTB and not final:

Whipping with slave whip (not damaging)
Special brands, lying, thieving, treason (very heavy punishment)
Put in a cage for several days (but well, if enough traffic around…)
Hair shaving
Binding and gagging
Stripping and let walk naked
Forced feeding with a tube
She-quadrupped (walking on all fours, naked as animal, picking up things with mouth only)
Give the slave a strange or humiliating name (or no name at all)
Have the slave work in a paga tavern, pleasure racks or brothel

Thrown to a thrall
Bound at the oar of a serpent
Bind on a block of ice

Thrown in a bosk dung sack
Bind under a wagon, naked, to be used by all
Run behind a kaiila, tharlarion

Put in a room with urts (or other animals)
Almost drowning

The following punishments are non Gorean:
Senseless torture (sadism)
Eating or licking dirt, grass, bosk shit etc (humiliation combined with sadism)
Letting them wear strange or funny clothes (humiliation)
Breaking limbs etc (mutilation)

Personally, I have a preference for cutting/shaving hair or ordering to a slave to walk on all fours for a long time…. When you kill the slave, well, the slave is ghosted without RP for 24 hours, the slave leaves the sim and goes to play in another sim.

So killing an online slave makes no sense at all , unless you are an armchair sadist.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various


One comment

  1. Obviously to kill a poor defenceless boy slave or girl slave who is already at the bottom of the ladder is plain wrong on all levels. Slaves ought to be protected because they can’t protect themselves and they need to be loved and cared for in some way. If you ever want to know what a tribe or group are really like underneath all the gloss……., go and talk to their slaves.


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