Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Tharna

The long road to Tharna

The city was ruled by a Tatrix, a queen. She wore a gold mask of a beautiful but cold face. Her Robes of Concealment were also gold in color. All women in the city wore similar masks though their masks were made of silver.

Tharna was known for providing hospitality to strangers unlike most other cities. Most cities view strangers as enemies. But, Tharna had a sinister motive for such hospitality. Anyone who remained in the city for more than ten hours could never leave.

Free women walk unattended, with no need for bodyguards. They walk with an imperious step and the men step aside so they do not touch any of the women. It is a crime for men to touch women.

My Impressions:

You land at the mouth of a river close to the Zima Akam camp, as you follow the road you are greeted by a “High Council Toll” sign which can be a little confusing at first. As my avatar rarely has a full purse of coin, would this High Council barter safe passage for a salted leg of rabbit? Except no one challenged me!

I had no need to cam out to see where I was supposed to go. The road is clearly marked and I just followed it…..and followed it. As I moved through the forest,  there are handy little sign posts telling you where you are heading…..into a wild boar ambush….arrgggghhh!!! Yes there are sneaky traps on this sim ! I hate that !

Unfortunately, I lost some health stats and rested on a chair at a cross roads. I sat there for a while and was met by a wandering slave girl, she told me the village ahead was empty, nevertheless I pressed on.

Beyond the village limits  I explored a beautiful sim and whilst camming for my photoshoot……saw an …ahem…interesting role-play.

There were a few things that I would suggest that they fix.

Locked gates are a turn off. While having a locked gate is more in tune with the world we see in the books, it’s not encouraging for visitors. Consider an alternative entrance for passive visitors. Or have a guard nearby to let visitors in.

If you are planting toll signs on a road at least hail a challenge, no one was AFK,  it just seemed lazy to me.

My final thoughts on Tharna:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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