Story of Gor, The last of the Sa Jesuils

You are a panther girl, you start out on an adventure to the north and along the way, on a small Fjord in the far north of Torvaldsland you find a small trading village named Odin’s port, in the greater scheme of things you would be excused for passing through and paying no attention to it, where it not for the fact that, two panther tribes fight for control of the forest that surrounds the ‘Ruins’ hamlet.

The soft ruffling of leaves was the only sound Red hair could hear, other than the footsteps as snow crunched under her fur lined leather boots. She held her bow close to her body as she ducked behind a tree keeping an eye on the tabuk in front of her. She pulled a small dagger out of her belt which hung low on her hips, it shone harshly in the sunlight as she went to throw it, only to hear a whizzing sound.

She watched an arrow enter the tabuks temple and the animal went down. She scowled, hearing loud laughter as she turned around to spot Sheera holding a bow as she walked towards her, “What have I told you about hunting too close to Sa Jesuils lands? “

“To keep to the south and hunt on Sa Sheku lands”,  Red hair grumbled as she kicked at the snow covered ground.

Odin’s port

“Correct”, Sheera stretched out her tight muscles and rolled her shoulders back, a call was announced, other Jesuils came running to grab the dead tabuk.  Sheera was the one Red hair knew best, as she led the tribe, there were other personalities too. Dawn, Loony and Donnie were the stuff of great camp fire tales.

Clenching her fist around her dagger, Red hair glared at Sheera and her band. She stood straight, eyes bore like fiery pools of dark gold, the tabuk she had wanted to hunt now claimed by the Jesuils.

Sheera grabbed her flask and took a long swig, looked at Red hair and grinned.

“Are you heading south to Cally and her Sa Sheku?”

Red hair gave Sheera a curt nod, “Aye, that is what I plan to do now.”

Sheera nodded, then parted her lips, “Don’t bother” , her mood changed, now she looked troubled, “The Sa Sheku’s shaman has seen things, things that made Cally fear staying in these here forests.”

Red hair raised an arched eyebrow as Sheera continued…..

“She has seen futures and destinies”, Sheera held up a finger “Normally we would shrug these matters off, we are a mighty tribe…..unlike them”, she scoffed.

She makes a note of the banner

“But, her tribe has headed this warning, mighty fires will consume the forest and reduce it to ashes. The Priest Kings spoke through the shaman and gave her this final warning…..break up your camp, carry with you enough supplies to reach the lands of the brave and the strong….Three Moons Valley. ”

Sheera turned to her tribe, waved them on as they left the scene. Red hair could feel it in her bones that soon something would go wrong. It was deeply set in her body, she concluded it would be wise to return to her canoe and head back home.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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