Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Sa Anu – Shadowfall

The last rays of light reflected over the water as she sat down near the small campfire she had built. The flames warmed her. She had need of the warmth. She had travelled so far down river by canoe, she felt cold to the bone.

She knew she had weaknesses. Thankfully they were well kept secrets.

For a moment, she turned her eyes to the sun that seemed to dive deeper into the water.

A deep sigh escaped her as it turned darker and only the flames were there to cast their eery shadows.

And with the last ray of light gone, the song of the Starling seemed to dim in volume as to the silence of the night in these strange unexplored lands.

The next day,  She would be rested,  She would hunt , She would explore.

Market Place :


Easy to Find TP point:

Transported directly to main sim.

Sim Lay out:

Shadowfall is a small stand alone sim.  There is a torvald style village and dock area with longboat,  it’s a fairly nice sim for a quick explore….you won’t get lost here 😉


No, strictly IC.

Meter Used:


Sim Rules :

The sim is meant to be BtB, but to my surprise I found no rule dispenser so I looked for some one to ask oocly. Luckily for me there was a nice gent on the docks who pointed me in the right direction.

Marlies  ((in search of the sim rules ))

Aden Longshadow (( they are on the wall . we have very few rules .. just simple ones ))

Sim overview:

Like I said, this is a small Torvie style sim. There is only a village and a panther camp to explore. The build is good and a lot of detail has been put into it.  That said, there is a liberal use of generic panther camp items, but hey……most panther camps look alike these days.

Bad Points:

Sadly,  within minutes upon landing on the sim docks, I was approached in personal IM  by an attention seeking male slave.

Tyr see the Mistress at the docks and tries to toss a berry at her ass

Marlies Hello dear

Tyr: hello Mistress

Tyr: i am not owned by this tribe i am a captive by them who  been put to work for them

Marlies I see , and when are they usually online ? do you know?

Tyr: not sure  to be honest

Tyr: but one in camp now but went afk

Good Points:

The role play. Easy sim rules could be a bonus 🙂

Example of Role play:

Aden Longshadow Smiles ” Tal Huntress , your welcome to pass .. No one wil attack you I dont tink ”

Marlies watched the man for some moments, she felt his eyes were looking over her form, her tense look changed as he spoke to her in a friendly way “Tal ” she replied

Aden Longshadow I nod ” Welcome , Feel free to have a drink or a meal in the tavern .. Or explore , Our village it on the hill there .. thre are Pantehrs straight across from us ”

Marlies gathered her bow and arrows from the back of her canoe, then slung a rough looking leather sack around her shoulder, she nodded to the man as he got onto the dock and approached her  “Well…” she said with a grin “Good to hear such titbits ….I come to trade”

Aden Longshadow A wide smile crosses my face ” Well your in luck .. I am a trader myself .. what are ya shopping for Huntress ”

Marlies smiles back “Everyone is a trader these days….” she patted the sack with her free hand “I brought these mushrooms , they grow in our forests, we found they have some qualities” she looked the man over again “I plan to hunt or trade these for a rabbit”

Aden Longshadow I nod ” Well , I am the commander of the village here and warden over these forest’s , trade me the mushrooms for the right to hunt in our lands unmolested ?” I ask .. pointing to the forest ” how would that be ?”

Marlies arched a thin eyebrow at him “I thought you said you were a trader?” she paused “How very fortunate I meet the commander who is the warden of these forests” she had an air of suspicion on her face “It sounds like a good deal , but how do I know you are telling me the truth?”

Aden Longshadow I smile softly ” My Name is Aden Longshadow , These are the lands of the Longshadows .. If you have been around long enough my name is well known and my word is with out question .. ” I smile back again ” I do not know how else I can prove to you what I say is true ”

Marlies clicked the back of her tongue, the red head was thinking it over for an ihn, she pursed her lips in a thin smile “My name is Red hair , well met Aden….I have heard of you” she lied “….so , these mushrooms in return for the rights to hunt a rabbit …we have a deal” she paused ” … far does your ward go? I do not want to trade for hunting rights with the panthers you mentioned”

Aden Longshadow I smile again ” I would say .. just do not go through there gates adn I think you would be safe .. as for the rest you may hunt any were you wish .. Now tell me about these mushrooms .. what are the properties they have ?”

Marlies opened the leather pouch some and retrieved a brownish looking mushroom and held it plain for him to see in her palm, “they have been dried as you can see , we boil them in water to make a broth of sorts ” she pointed at the mushroom ” we found they stop the feeling of pain” she stiffled a laugh “how do I know? well I slapped a huntress who ate one , she felt no pain at all!”

Aden Longshadow I laugh as you tell the story ” Alright , Alright . sounds good .. I will take the mushrooms adn you feel free to hunt .. ” I grin thinking of you smacking huntresss.. ” I like this deal I could you pain relievign mushrooms ”

Marlies chuckles , for she knew it was indeed a funny story , she handed over her mushrooms and gave him a wink “Use them wisely …..Aden”

Aden Longshadow ” oh I shall ! I shall ” I say grinning ” Well feel free to hunt . you can find me in the tavern if you neded anythign else huntress ” I smile as I take the mushrroms form you and slide them in the bag on my belt

Marlies nodded , she pulled the leather straps on her bow tight “Be well Aden……perhaps I will call on you later” she then strode over to the docks

Sa Anu Panther girls…. 5th Anniversary:

This month we celebrate our 5th anniversary!! 5 years of fun and great RP, so come check it out, hunt or come trade!
Sa Anu Panthers girls standing for good BTB roleplay, great story lines.
Sa Anu a small band of panther girls, living in their beautiful camp, inviting you to check it out, explore and RP.

Final Comment:

The Sa Anu panther camp build is big,  considering the size of the sim you could even say it is imposing. Viewed from above the Sa Anu panther camp has a ‘retro’ feel to it , like the huge panther camps of old. The sim had three people online, of which one was in a panther hut and AFK.  The Role play I encountered was good and would encourage me to come back again.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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