Role play of a man attempting to steal the Forest Moon’s hand-bell of ‘shame’


The Forest Moon hand bell of shame

It was late in the afternoon, the breeze was gentle and it felt cool against Smoken’s face. The sun shone through the forest but the path was shaded. It was quiet, just the rustling of leaves could be heard. Smoken had no idea where he was. But a rumor overheard in a tavern had led him to explore deep inside the Whispering Moon’s forest. The prospect of stealing the infamous ‘hand bell of shame’  was too much for him to resist. He stood still for a moment and closed his eyes, day dreaming of his prize. It was a few ihn before he opened his eye lids and became aware of a raven haired  beauty standing in front of him. He had travelled far, without sleep, perhaps too far, he was weary and sleepy. He wasn’t able to focus.  Was there really a woman there? Maybe his eyes were playing tricks, but before he could open his mouth and call out, an arrow struck him down.

The Role play:

Smoken : slowly wakes up and right away notices he had been bound. “Well today just got interesting….” was all he grumbled into the dirt.

Sav : so thralll what was the purpose of your rude visit


Smoken : “Break in to an empty camp?  That seems illogical.  I was simply exploring the area. I have not been down this way before and I was simply learning the area. If I had known a band of ruthless panthers were watching me in my rather boring exploits I would have made more of a show of it.”

Sav: little do you know that camp is under our guard you enter it your entering my camp…. plain and simple

Sav: now what to do with you…..

Smoken: “Well if I have any choice in the matter I would recommend giving me a stern verbal warning and perhaps a back massage.  Thats what I always do to the people attacking my property.  It has worked out great so far.”

Sav: hang you like a thief?…*pulls a little tighter on the rope around his neck*…. cut your hands off?…..

Sav: you got awarning with the first arrow in your ass, that meant run and run fast

DutchElm frowns slightly and stares at the man ‘So tell me’, she shrugs slightly….’What ever possessed you to try and pick the gate to the wagon camp? Surely the first arrow in your butt warned you that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea of the day?’

Smoken: chockes and coughs when the rope around his neck is finally released.  His focus on exhaling and inhaling fresh air clouded the removal of his hands comment.  With a slightly horse voice now he answers, “…I am a very slow learner… Besides, I had no way of knowing why I was being shot.  Not one person said a single word to me.  I am an even slower learner when no one is willing to guide me. In fact, i am an AMAZINGLY slow learner when no one is around.”

DutchElm shrugs, almost sympathizing with the man as she ponders his words ‘A slow learner eh? Well seems to me you were quick enough to return my warning arrow…’ she smirks slightly….

Smoken: starts to speak but his words hang in his throat and he instead spends several heart beats with his mouth wide open and the words he was about to say simply clogged in his throat.  After thinking for a few minutes he closed his mouth and started over, “Well I thought perhaps someone was going to take away the empty wagons of supplies I had just found.  I had not known someone was watching me, and perhaps if I had known there were lots of someone’s watching me I would have made a different choice.”

DutchElm points at En Sav and sighs a little ‘Lucky for you she’s lost in a daydream’ she frowns ‘Not exactly known for her kindness, our En’ she continues…..’So….lets see…..what should we do with you?’ she ponders, while listening as the words spew from your mouth……’Hmmmmmm…….seems to me you like to shoot that bow a little too much’ she grins……’Self defence….yah yah….I know….blah blah……Lets not even go there…….Instead….I shall offer you the….’. Her words stop abruptly, seeing En Sav suddenly awaken from her daydream…..’Oh well….seems it’s your unlucky day after all’ she grins, nodding to En Sav…

Sav  puls harder on the rope around the males neck….. “i can keep pulling till you cant breath or you tell us your reason for randomly breaking into a camp”

Sav  chuckes as my sister leaves and stands moving to the males feet and pulls off each boot as i await on his answer. “hmmm we can make two pair of boots out of these for winter” gently sets the boots aside

Smoken: the truth that he was simply and randomly being a brat was probably not the best answer at this point.  With his face turning red as the tightness of the rope around his neck and his body trying to exhale and not able to, he came up with a plan that was hardly the truth but he hoped would have the shock value needed to eventually get him free.  Only after the rope was slipped loose enough for him to speak was his voice able to crackle and spit out the excuse. “I am in love with you.”  Only after he said it did he realize this could be a bad thing.

Sav  bends over laughing….. “you know how many males have told me that,…….. just before i remove body parts”

Sav  pulls her dagger and slices up the males skirt not caring whether his skin is nicked or not,

Forest Moon Panthers

Smoken: having given what he thought was his best shot at freedom he felt rather small at her laughter.  “No….. I had no idea how many other men wanted to give you their unending love.” He laid very still as she cut his favorite kilt to pieces.  Her laughter doing far more damage to him than her blade.

Sav: pulls the cape off the males neck tossing aside for skirts for her sisters, smirking as she sees the males helment, pulls off the males helmet “this will make a good serving bowl…… after we boil out the germs” laughs again “your flattery is getting you now where” then cuts the shoulder guards off the male.. making sure the tension is tight around his neck

Sav: laughs seeing the males erect member appears after cutting off his skirt, then leans and loosesn the males feet so he can hobble but not run or kick… then shouts to her sisters…

Sav shouts: naked male leaving the camp through the entrance be prepared…

Smoken: in no position to put up a struggle at the moment he did not resist the removal of his clothes.  His trusting yet stupid self tried to figure out where he went wrong and simply followed her line of direction.  Hearing the scream he relaxed a bit and honestly believed she intended to let him leave. “Thank you…..”  was all he said when the neck rope allowed it.

DutchElm shouts: ‘I so need to make that ‘Shame’ handbell…

Sav : ill make you a deal, ill cut you loose at the falls to our camp and my sisters will shoot at you, if you can leave this camp on your own feet i will spare you any further humilation by a panther if you dont make it, ……. well…. lets say kindly you will have no further urge to fall in love with panthers…

Smoken: “I know you have no respect for me Panther.  But I still respect you…. for now.  I have my pride and it is not based on your view of me.”

Smoken: “I suppose I was not challenging enough for you and your sisters already?  None of you could have beaten me on your own, yet I did not make crude comments about it or belittle you in any way.”

Sav  laughs…. “guess you should learn panther ways”

Sav  shouts: naked male running loose be ready

Smoken: shrugs as best he can and says, “Time…..  it will eventually reveal all.”  a quote he heard often in his youth but he himself was still struggling with it.  It sounded smart so he figured he had to use it here.”

Getting up, he followed Sav to the panther lair’s exit.  DutchElm stood on the rocks and watched with interest at seeing Sav and Smoken interact.  She couldn’t hear a word they were saying but could read the body language.  As Sav patted his buttocks with her spear encouraging Smoken to leave.  A bell rang thrice , then a chorus of shouts could be heard from the Forest Moon’s camp.




The end.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Forest Moon


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