Lets discuss, every active player has her own panther girl tribe

” There is less and less roleplay in Gor. On the continent where I live I see a few panthers hang around in their camps, but there is no interaction between tribes. A year ago my tribe were raided five times a week and now we have not been raided for months. Because there are less people it is hard for us to raid and of course roleplay after the raid. Only some outlaws groups are active but most of them do not roleplay at all” – Mariko Marchant.

Ammm… I have a question. Have you also noticed a trend lately? There are Panther En’s, Panther En’s everywhere.  Let’s look at a recent and very interesting discussion in Panther of Gor.

Leani: its sometimes seems that every active player have own tribe

Cathy: “active player”?

mellis: someone who is actually on a fair bit to roleplay

melliss: And I dont have a tribe. I have a band.

Leani: one and same

Cathy: your own band?

Cathy: i think Leani meant that every active player has an own band/tribe

Leani: dont be so judgefull,  i wake up 20 minutes ago

melliss: I think that there is definitely a resurgence in panthers. There was a while when we were few and far between.

melliss: then the novelty wore off and a bunch chose a different role, and now it is getting popular again.

Leani: if you walk all over continent,  you will pass many bands / tribes but you will see few players. its same out of continent too. more camps than people who play in there

melliss: Yeah it is easy to make a band. Harder to get players that are actually on at the same time.

Jay: best thing to do is find a group that are on when you are-  same time zone – if possible

melliss: Same time zone is tough, but if you get it within 2-3 hours you are usually doing alright. Same time zone is ideal, but not always the easiest to pull off.

jewel: Panther’s have been in a state of gradual decline with a few short lived upswings for quite some time. Much of it has to do with the generally more limited forms of interaction. (not saying limited – saying *more* limited), coupled with how people’s enjoyment of conflict rp tends to change, and lastly by the number of non-panther sims who block panther interactions.  Too many times I see panthers dressing up to sneak into cities for RP – but while that’s perfectly valid, while you’re RPing in that city – you’re not RPing in panther-lands.  (so it’s perfectly fine now and then, but if that becomes a habit of play…might as well just switch over to non-panther RP… you’re already basically doing it anyway).

Jay: thought I’d shed some wisdom to the discussion lol

Cathy: great, now lets create a band?

melliss: jewel makes a good point, if you are always in disguise, you are basically giving traffic to another sim. Some sims flat out hate panthers, which is lame, but what can you do?

melliss: Other than just be amazing RP

melliss: and change people’s minds that way.

Jay: the best RP is when one sim share two groups ,,,,a decent panther tribe and an outlaw group…..gold dust but some of the best RP ive known had that

melliss: yeah it is nice to have a shared sim with decent traffic. Good RP tends to attract good RP as well, so if you are good, other good people will want to roleplay with you.

jewel: I have to agree with Jay up to a point. I think that a small farming fishing village, or even an outpost is better than an outlaw group. But I agree with the dual group sim thing. As long as you have positive roleplay/interactions between the two groups.  It actually helps – not just sim traffic (which is of varying importance), but also with diversifying storylines. You can bring more variety of stories than a strictly “forest” sim might generate.  Mind you, care needs to be taken. You want to increase potential stories, but you don’t want to dilute panther independence.

melliss: I tend to prefer smaller bands as well. In my experience, you care about the other people in your group that way and have a good in-group relationship. Also, if you do the co-sim thing, it is nice if they occasionally raid, but not to the point where they are doing it anytime they’re bored. That gets old,

jewel: I tend to avoid raiding. But I guess I did it for so long I just got tired of it. So now I look for more strictly RP (with maybe a few one on one altercations to spice things up). but that’s  where panther-RP shows it’s weaknesses. RPing a proper panther tribe is …..boring ROFL. the day to day life etc.  So people tend to fall into the “we are just friends hanging out at the fire- waiting for shit to happen” thing.  And that’s not really all that bad… except that it’s not really RP.  But to really delve into pantherish RP, you need another tribe, or some other group to work off of.  You can have amazing stories and never once allow raiding – if you have a group dedicated to that.  But it’s harder, and it takes a commitment to not just sitting at the fire and waiting for it to come to you. (which is why the dual groups thing works – it keeps most of the stories in sim)

melliss: I dont have a problem with raids, they can be fun and lend a bit of excitement. I am not talking about the GE style of raid then rescue. Panthers neither raided cities nor rescued. The idea that no one would raid a panther camp though, that just seems a bit extreme to me.  Also, some of the cap RP can be fun. We tend to do a ton of trade which is good, but only ever doing trade RP would get stale after a while as well. Ultimately you play your role the way you enjoy.  I love the roleplay but I never minded a raid either, especially when it is from a place where I know the RPers are good. That said- I dont have cap limits and tend to roleplay out any escape that is plausible. I am not superbow or a first sword by any means, but I also don’t think there is anything wrong with raiding as long as you get RP afterward.

Eve: thank you for the info it was very detailed

Eurize: Eve needs a tribe/band to join

Lea: I am looking for Pledges to join my tribe I just founded.

Lea: its going to be a BTB Tribe. I sent out a notice earlier today with a Notecard

Cathy: Oh raids can happen in many different flavors … you end up in a cage, then stripped down immediately and before you can even say your name, you have one finger shoved inside of you … *ehm* didn´t want to rant actually  *grins*

Eve: me on my own tho

jewel: Well I have two issues with raiding. 1) the northern forest is gigantic, and with raiders having to even *find* where the tribes have hidden themselves – raiding shouldn’t be as easy as hitting the docks and storming in for the camp. (I mean that makes sense for a village or city that has a known location – but not for a panther tribe that is semi-nomadic depending on hunting grounds/desire to be not found). 2) I have no problem with “raid for RP” – but more of a problem with “raid for fun”. I get raiding for fun, but from a “we’re telling a story” it’s less realistic. A large group of men…stop their day jobs…spend money on supplies, transportation, etc – to head into dangerous wilderness…track down elusive (but armed) women..throw themselves into harms way to tackle whatever defenses these survival orientated people have created…take wounds from spears and arrows…maybe loose some friends…just finally capture them all…take like one…and disappear back on their month long trek home…cause they want a ‘return raid’….

Please note, in the POG discussion SL avatar names have been altered for privacy reasons.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Mariko Marchant/POG discussion


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