Let’s discuss Gorean fashion fails

For Starters..

This blog post is not to harass people, it is only made to help. I’m sorry but I know a lot of us are really sick of seeing a lot of gorean fashion victims that need some serious help.

Avatars over a year old that still wear bad freebies and look like a noob, earth piercings/tattoos/body modifications that are way out of line, slave bells (preferably if they’re turned wayyyy down), persistent tip-toe feet, duck faces, squishy eyes and little pouty faces, diaphanous flowing gaudy silks.


I don’t understand some people would buy super long hair in second life. I understand shoulder length, mid-back length, even down to your ass. But hair you can wipe your feet and your ass at the same time with? Come on let’s be realistic, you’re a panther girl, running through the woods. One curly hair that long will catch on any twig, branch, bramble. . . . I’m just saying think about the practicality when you get dressed.

Ok seriously ladies editing prims and making sure that your shape is in proper proportion is essential.


No huge booba-thons please. Really I see it all too often, and well this was bad but by far not the worst.


Bigger boobs are not better. Tiny waist plus huge prim boobs makes you look top heavy. It’s not sexy.

Kiddie lollipops and under aged skinny look? or wait, that’s Sooo old, there was deformed bow legged wide hipped fashion trend with squashed faces? but that’s sooo passe darlink..ah yes…we’re in the big swollen lips (again??!) narrow eyes, fatter body curves nice 10 pounds overweight look….and tut tut if the men don’t have low slung hip pants and low muscled metrosexual with fuller puffy lips mesh body look…

Okay,  I have to bring forth more shape advice for you ladies. This time we’re going focus on the one thing that is most important for a female. Curves and torso!


Ladies, your torso needs some length. A short torso will give your entire avatar the illusion of being short and dumpy. Your torso should at least be half the length of your legs (given that you listened to the first bit of shape advice and aren’t sporting an avie that’s of amazon proportions). Women should not appear as nothing more than a set of breasts on top of a set of legs.


And hips, hips, hips. I can’t stress this enough. Women have CURVES. Add them, use them, and be proud of them. Unlike a male shape which V’s down from the shoulders to the waist, women are hour glasses. A woman’s hips should be the same width as their shoulders. And your shoulders should not be large. There’s a reason women gymnasts don’t compete on the parallel bars! Shapely and supple! Straight=man, hour glass=woman.

So remember ladies, torso and hips! ((oh yes…and AO’s. Don’t underestimate the beauty of an AO. Use it!))

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various


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