Story of Gor, The madness of the Sa di Sani temple

The mystery deal made by the farmers unravels. Red hair is returned to the SDS Priestess.

The way back to the SDS temple seemed shorter on the way back, it was not a journey she was looking forward to.

She found herself enshrouded in dirty bed linen, she was half carried, half dragged into a large empty building where each footstep echoed up to the distant roof.  She was deposited onto the ground none too gently and the bed linen was yanked away.

Priestess temple

The building was indeed large and empty, and had clearly seen better days. One of the wooden walls bowed outwards alarmingly, and there were puddles of water here and there, which suggested the roof no longer kept the rain out. What once might have been tapestries on the walls , were now stained and eaten with mildew so that it was impossible to say what they depicted. The building smelled of cheap incense , almost metallic, it seemed to come from a nearby iron cauldron.

At one end of the room stood four figures in dirty white robes. They must be servants of Briggs, thought Red hair, which meant she was back where she had started.

Damn her empty leather pouch she grumbled under her breath.

Then the Priestess appeared and approached. Red hair wanted to spit at her, but the gag prevented her. Nothing good ever happened in her temple.

The Priestess regarded Red hair closely “Is she still intact?”

“She is” replied Talena, removing the gag from Red hair’s mouth, “Ask her”

The Priestess declined her invitation. “Bring her” Briggs commanded. Red hair spat.

©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.
Sa di Sani Priestess

Talena and her companions picked up Red hair and followed the Priestess to what appeared to be the temple’s sole feature. A stone slab set on a wooden frame about half the height of an average female. At each corner of the slab was fixed a rusty iron ring. There were dark stains on the stone and on the floor about it.

Red hair swallowed, this was the SDS sacrificial altar , and now she was to become part of it.

Red hair’s eyes rolled in their sockets and her body went limp. Wait….it was clear that Briggs wanted her spread wide on the altar, wrists and ankles leashed to the rings. In order to get her in that position, however, her current bonds would first have to be released. Wait…Zared seemed to consider the situation for a while before reaching the same conclusion.  “Hold her” he ordered. He drew a dagger , the one he had taken from Red hair and cut the cord around her ankles. There was no reaction from Red hair, who seemed to have fainted.  Wait…letting out a sigh of relief, Zared freed her arms. As he did so Red hair lashed out with a sudden savage  fury, kicking, scratching, punching and snarling. For a few moments it seemed Zared and his companions and those of the Priestess were not enough to hold back the red haired she devil. She was determined to give them something to remember her by.

“Aw….What’s the matter tree slut? Afraid to die?” Zared sneered at her.

“If it means never having to meet the likes of you again” Red hair hissed “then I am looking forward to it. But in any case…….”She broke off to sink her teeth into the wrist of one of Briggs servants, tasting blood, “….I’m not going to waste this chance to inflict some pain on those that seek to abuse me”

Still struggling, Red hair was lifted to the slab and ropes were threaded through the rings. In truth she was afraid. She had been afraid many times in her life, but there is a difference between being afraid and letting it show. Red hair had faced many perils in many lands, but her pride proved stronger than her fear. She had always known that one day she would face defeat and a bloody death. She had sworn to herself she would never bend the knee for any one ever again.

At length she was secured on the altar, but one pair of hands, they had to belong to Zared lingered unnecessarily on her body. The Priestess slapped them away.


“If you say so. You must admit she looks tasty though…..despite a few bruises”

“Silence! She is the property of our Goddess now” Then leaning over Red hair’s naked form, she continued in a quieter tone, “You need have no fear, we have need of your  body”

Red hair gave a snort of derision “Nice of you to keep my body untouched, seeing as you are about to sacrifice me to your Goddess”

“Death is but a journey. You are about to be given a great honor in our ceremony. Even higher than that of becoming an EN”

“You’ll forgive me if I say that I preferred my life as EN over ceremonial death”

“You will, for soon you will kneel at the side of our Goddess”

“I am not impressed enough by your SDS Goddess to kneel before her”

Inside the temple

The Priestess began to speak of the history of the SDS temple and it’s Goddess , but Red hair stopped listening. Briggs was clearly as mad as ever. Perhaps it was because she was the only Priestess in Gor, it was a heavy burden to bear. For now she worked herself into a frenzy, within a few ihn she was raging, her arms flailed in extravagant gestures. Her spittle was flying from all corners of her mouth and her eyes were burning with a fanatical ecstasy. Then she said something that made her pay attention.

“A virgin sacrifice for you…… our great Goddess”

She stopped suddenly. The woman on the altar was laughing out loud.

All eyes turned towards her. “I am so sorry” she said , without sounding the least sincere, “I didn’t mean to interrupt your ceremony …..but you did say virgin…..did you not?”

“Our Goddess demands a glana. We have sent her others, but they were small fare – slaves and panther cubs. But you… you are different….you were EN of a tribe”

“True….but still I don’t qualify”


“I’m no longer a virgin”

Red hair’s revelation was met with stunned silence, Zared shifted nervously and began to move slowly towards the temple’s exit.

“Nonsense, you lie, the wealthy farmers assured me you are a virgin, in exchange I would not sacrifice their daughter for stealing from my temple”

“Besides , it is known you say you would kill any man who would try to take you against your will”

There was another pause.  Zared began to sweat slightly “Eh….that statement might no longer hold true…”

His statement was met with a long cold stare from the Priestess for she knew that Zared spoke the truth.

©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.
Sa di Sani Priestess

In the moments that followed there was total confusion, there was the sound of metal from a drawn sword, the screaming of female voices.  With a sudden crash the burning cauldron had been overturned. The Sa di Sani temple was set ablaze! Red hair twisted her head back and forth, there was fire spreading all around. The ancient tapestries going up in flames, and there was a burning pool of oil spreading over the floor. A red glow appeared above her, suggesting that sparks had reached the wooden roof supports, and that the temple was doomed. Red hair saw the wealthy farmers flee leaving the servants trying  to stamp out the flames. Then one of them raised the alarm when she saw the hem of the Priestesses robe had been set alight.  Briggs ran panic stricken for the door, closely followed by her servants.

As the flames reached Red hair’s binds it was her chance to get free and escape from the temple.

This ongoing story is set in the second life universe of Gor. Featuring some famous and infamous places and characters of second life Gor. Loosely based on my role play experiences as the panther girl known as Marli “Red hair”

Her continuing adventures  to follow soon.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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