Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Dark Forest

Sa Me Aak – Panther
(Daughters of the Dragon)

When I was looking for a piece of land in order to let me down, and to create a new Tribe, I came to the north through a forest. A slave was collecting the wood and I asked for directions to the next village. She showed me the direction and then volunteered to guide me along as a big Tarsk raced out of the bushes. I could jump aside, but for the little one it was too late, he overran it. When he came back and ran to get rid of me, I took my sword and rammed him into the heart. He fell down dead.

I looked after the slave, she was bleeding profusely and said to me: “You’re strong as a Aak”. I asked her what is a Aak. She said a dragon. Again I looked surprised and asked again after.

She told me they come from the distant land, there’ll tell stories of dragons. Them looked like Thalarion, but with wings, spit fire from his mouth and are incredibly strong. Then she died.

And when I founded the Tribe, i remember this Aak, and so I called the Tribe Sa Me Aak.

Ki Moon – En of Sa Me Aak

Market Place :

None on sim itself. But one large market place at TP zone.

Easy to Find TP point:

Transported Directly to main sim.

Sim Lay out:

Dark Forest is part of a continental sim allowing access to nearby Gorean themed sims.  There is a torvald style village and dock area, it is well spread out, and once on land it doesn’t feel like a disjointed mess as some continents do.


Oberserver tag is allowed.

Meter Used:


Sim Rules :

The General laws are much the same as any other Sim.

Sim overview:

The sim is well spread out. The build is really nice, and a lot of detail has been put into it. Like the light fall between trees, a nice touch!

Bad Points:



Good Points:

Build, textures, layout. Friendly tribe eager for role play.

The role play:

Ki Moon :tal huntress
Ki Moon: rise her right hand to show she dont draw a bow
Marlies nods briefly and raise her hand in greeting “Tal !”
Ki Moon : i am ki moon
Marlies : “My name is Red hair” she replied , her lips curling up in a thin smile, her almond shaped eyes looking the woman over
Ki Moon : red hair nice to meet you… be welcome in our forest, when you come as friend
Marlies  patted her notched bow with her hand, “My bow will remain sheathed , I come in peace, perhaps we can talk of trade? ”
Ki Moon: nods, trade sounds good, please follow me to our tavern
Ki Moon : pleasse take a sit wherever you like
Marlies followed her into the tavern , she glanced around , there were plenty of free seats , she chuckled and hopped on the one which looked most comfortable
Ki Moon : she wait till red hair sit and sit on other side
Marlies looked at Ki’s feathers “You look important” she remarked as Ki sat before her
Ki Moon she looks on the feather an ask* i know this feathers, but i am not sure, where you come from?
Marlies  ruffled her blue and white tarn feathers “I am from Whispering Moon” she replied truthfully , she felt no threat so spoke openly with Ki and was keen to trade
Ki Moon : whispering moon… many moons i was not in your land
Ki Moon : what kind you have for trade?* ask friendly
Marlies : “Much has changed , some men chopped down part of the forest and built a small settlement” she sighed , then her eyes glinted at the mention of trade , she placed a small leather pouch on the table , opened it , tipped its contents on the table “These dried mushrooms , they grow in our forest, they seem to have healing qualities we have found……and” she smiled “they taste good!”
Ki Moon : open her eyes * healing mushrooms? thats very interesting* then she was thinking* when i was on your land , there was all white of snow, but.. not this time , one time before
Marlies  chuckled ” well all I know is, two of our huntresses tried to boil them in hot water, then ate them and seemed to be very merry” she frowned “in fact , I think they have become hooked on them” she played around with one mushroom “Odd but true”
Ki Moon: what do you found out something about healing quality
Marlies : “So they are happy mushrooms and so they must be healing because I slapped the huntresses and they felt no pain at all” she mused “and so they must be worth something in trade”
Ki Moon : giggles
Marlies grins cheekily
Ki Moon: nods  and i have a idea for use
Ki Moon : it seams to be something like…. like … kanda, make people happy
Marlies  smiles “Good ! ” she leaned in over the table “yes like kanda , so I over these 15 mushrooms , and there are plenty more , all I ask is that I set a rabbit trap in your forest and catch me a rabbit”
Ki Moon : a rabbit* looks curios
Ki Moon : i can show you where you can hunt tabuk or vulos
Marlies  nods and her face beams at the thought “A rabbit foot is said to be lucky, so i want to catch a rabbit and……. ” she paused ” oh….I suppose a vulo foot or tabuk foot could be lucky?”
Ki Moon : giggles* i dont know, i think no , must be a rabbit foot
Marlies  chuckles “yes !
Ki Moon : ok you can set your rabbit trap
Marlies : “thank you Ki” she smiles and hands the mushrooms over
Ki Moon : get the punch with the mushrooms and close it

Final Comment:

I liked Dark Forest, I met the En and had a nice and friendly (and at sometimes funny) role play with her. Sa Me Aak are always up for role play adventures or raids.

Oh, and be sure to visit their website here,  it’s also available in English.

Overall Marks out of 10:



© Lunacaleengpanthers


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