Story of Gor, the slow torture of a captured male

“I am a female sexual sadist of Gor. I spend many ehn on end fantasizing about torturing captured men. I don’t hate these men, I love them actually. The more I like them and the more I feel sexually attracted to them the more I want to hurt them. Nothing turns me on more than the whimpering sounds and wincing facial expressions they make or if they cry” – Red hair

Torture of a ýoung male

Slow, seductive, intense, destructive, humiliating & nasty torture.

He could feel Her every breath, every squeeze, every push , every kiss. It didn’t help he let out a moan that energized Red hair into another intense ehn of moaning and squeezing.

“Misstresss….please let me go. Why do you do this?” Damn it, the male scolded himself for those weak words coming out of his mouth. Now this panther girl would keep him even longer.

“Why are you asking mine? Does that mean you like it? “she winked at the young male and kissed him. The kisses continued all the way down to his body until they stopped at his manhood.

The male braced himself. He knew it would feel oh so good,  but he couldn’t show any sign of liking it.  His older comrades had warned him if he did that, he would become Red hair’s favorite for rapes.

“Mine don’t you like this?” Red hair stroked his face with her finger. His face went from soft and boyish to worn out and handsome.

“Please Mistress, please just stop” More tears appeared from the young male’s eyes and ran down his cheeks.

Red hair sighed and wiped them away with her finger.

The young male whimpered as once again the hood was placed over his head. The Red head made him kneel in the corner of her hut.

“Very well mine, you’re done for today, you will remain here and kneel in silence”

© Lunacaleengpanthers



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