Story of Gor, Red hair escapes from the wealthy farmers

After being captured by the farmer family she is badly beaten and ravaged. Red hair must quickly find a way to escape by any means!

The first thing Red hair realized as consciousness slowly returned was that her head was throbbing like fury, the second was that her face was bloodied and swollen. Neither of these things were a surprise to her after all she had crossed paths with the infamous farmer Zared. Neither did the discovery, when she gently tried to move her arms that her wrists were tied behind her back. There was something around her ankle too – a chain possibly.

Think. Her body ached more than she could count, but she had long practice in ignoring such situations. Think. Why had the farmers captured her? There were many whose paths she had crossed over her lifetime that would pay handsomely to be revenged on her. They wanted her alive in any case.

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The farmer

Think. She strained her other senses. She was lying face down on the ground that was far from clean. A candle was burning dimly now, she sighed inwardly, she must have passed out again. There was somebody in the room with her watching her, so the chances were the door wasn’t locked.

“You’re awake, did you sleep well?”  the voice was familiar, it belonged to Zared.

“Funny man. Be sure that when I’ve finished with you,  even the sleen won’t want to peck at what is left” Red hair shifted her position slightly. The chain around her ankle clinked. It led to the bed post where it was attached to.

“You still talk big. Even after all you’ve been through. I’ll say that for you”  He grinned slyly down at Red hair.

“Oho, I see the gossip is true, “ Zared continued as horror spread across Red hair’s face.  “Well aren’t I the lucky one” He leered, staring hard at her “I mean your cunt was fine enough; but your arse – I reckon I could find heaven in there”

Red hair backed away a little “No, more ……please”

“Not so cocky now are you, fooking tree slut bitch. Hey, I wonder if you’re a natural red head”

“Please don’t …I…” come on , you stupid bosk, just a little closer.

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Red hair in Vella’s lands

Zared was positive drooling at the thought of raping her again. As he crouched down beside his victim and reached out with a grubby hand.  As he did so however, Red hair gathered all her strength and jack knived her body violently. She feared that the chain would be restrictive, but there was just enough slack. Her legs arced through the air and wrapped themselves around Zared’s neck.  Taken completely by surprise , he crashed to the floor. He clawed at the shapely limbs that were pressing against his windpipe, but Red hair locked her limbs together and squeezed.

“You’re between MY thighs now, you hideous worm, do you like it?”

Though Red hair was aware of Zared’s dying struggles, her spirit was far away, revisiting as it frequently did when dealing with lustful men, the terrible day when she was a young girl, when she had screamed to her mother, though she knew she had been killed by a larl, when she had felt that terrible , indescribable pain, when she had fled alone into the safety of the swamps of Lake Ias.

©Copyright lunacaleengpanthers.wordpress.

Then she was brought shudderingly back to the present. There were voices around her, but they were strident and female. Hands were prising her thighs apart, and a purple faced  Zared was being released from her tender attentions.

“By the priest kings!!! What’s going on here?” Talena was clearly cross at her companion. She addressed her enquiry at Zared, who much to Red hair’s chagrin hadn’t had the life squeezed out of him, her admirer had not yet recovered the power of speech.

Red hair answered for him, “He expressed a desire to enter heaven. I was helping him on his way”

“Imbecile. What if she had killed you?, what if because of your stupidity she had gotten away, then you would have to go a lot further than heaven to get away from my wrath” said Talena harshly.

Zared, whose face had faded from purple to pink, could only wheeze in reply.

“From now on keep your hands to yourself and everything else”

Giving her companion a kick, she looked at her daughter Orinaa, “Right, I’ve talked to the SDS Priestess and she had agreed to our terms. But only if we deliver Red here…. intact – so that’s what we are going to do. Tie her ankles and find something to gag her with. And check that her arms are secure”

“Yes mother” replied Orinaa and obeyed.

This ongoing story is set in the second life universe of Gor. Featuring some famous and infamous places and characters of second life Gor. Loosely based on my role play experiences as the panther girl known as Marli “Red hair”

Her continuing adventures,

Story of Gor, The madness of the Sa di Sani temple

…..the madness to follow soon.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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