About the curious case of not finding ‘real’ slaves

Every month I have to answer this burning question inside my head.

WHAT to write about? I sort of want it to be meaningful, insightful, to give you the reader that WOW factor.

Sooooooooooo,  I thought and thought and guess what?  Still the same thing, I sit down and well, sort of plan to write something but then.. BLAM. My mind switches, but that is how most of my blog and actually come to think of it, my conversations go.

So I am going to get back into writing more stories about Red hair, it came to me,  since I do explore and role play in so many places to just write about that.  Hmmm,  yes that is a distinct possibility.

But what is weighing on my mind right now is Panther Slaves.  *Gasp*   Yea, I know right! This is a subject that keeps returning on my blog. Hehe.

Well, just this, why are slaves still being treated as a free on GE sims? Where are the real slaves hiding at?

panther and slave

I still regularly encounter slaves having what they will and will not do in their profiles. Umm guess what …..you CHOSE to rp the role of a slave. If you don’t like how a Panther treats you, go to a non Gorean sim. “I will FTB or TP out with no r/p in 15 minutes”  Really???  So then you being a slave is not about wanting to serve the free, it’s about you wanting to get your slap and tickle game on, then leave.

Guess what slaves? This is an important service announcement, it’s not all about you. Really it isn’t. If you want it to be all about you go to the hottest BDSM…. screw me, scene over.

A lot of slaves are not owned, but say they are able to go onto a sim and decide if they want to play. But what if slaves were slaves and free were free. Hmmm interesting thought actually.  *sighs* What was the original idea for this blog anyhow?  I don’t know.

But my mind is now a total blank.

That’s all for now…………  Nope not yet.  LOL I did say I was returning to writing more Red hair stories so that’s what’s in store for the next months.

Oops nearly forgot. Some new sims and tribes still need exploring, these posts take longer to set up, because that could mean a lot of pictures… I know, I’ll mix and match… some places I’ll  take a lot of photos, and others I won’t…..and maybe on my travels I will find those elusive ‘real’ slaves.  Hehe.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various


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