About the dangers of Gorean SuperPowers

As everyone knows or should know, that the Priest Kings, those maleficent rulers of Gor ban all forms of advanced technology. Yet magically, unbelievably Secondlife Goreans frequently use technology and baffling SuperPowers to shape the environment of Gor.

Firstly, we make use of technology starting by using our computers to log into the virtual world of Second Life Gor.  Whilst there we further make use of more advanced technology as we make use of mental telepathy (IM’s), instant travel (TP’s), using SuperPowers to lift large tree logs and build huge camps in a few days,

panther and slave

Let’s start with the first two, mental telepathy and teleportation.  Even the most “By the book” sim within Second Life will make use of these two super powers.  For instance, there are Panthers in the camp needing service.  They look around and not a slave to be found.  Suddenly they enter the supernatural super highway and send out the call via personal message or group message to call for slaves to come serve in camp.  If they are successful suddenly slaves appear in the camp via teleportation.  They arrive in seconds despite where they may have been or how far away they would have been before.

Now let’s talk about the building of camps and use of God-like powers to build those camps.

Forest Moon

It’s amazing how the land will start out looking like this picture.  Enter the builders of the camps.  They come with heavy logs and rocks in their pockets.  Some even come with camp buildings already premade.  Within a week or two, much faster than anyone could build on Earth or on Gor, a whole camp has arisen from the dust.


Whispering Moon

The land now looks like this picture. Lakes where there were none, beautiful and lush forests where there was only barren ground.  Through the use of our earth technology of computers, graphics programs and other systems we are able to perform these super human feats on a world where such technology would surely bring on the blue flame of death from the Priest Kings.

Now let’s move on to the use of profiles.  Everyone in Second Life Gor has a profile.  The moment you sign on to Second Life you have a profile.  Granted some are more filled in than others, yet the profile is there saying at the very least how long that avie has been in Second Life.

Many profiles are very full and detailed with information about the avatar or the person controlling the avatar.  They may contain information about the person’s limits, their preferences, their friends, who they are within Second Life and even, at times, information about their real life.

Panther of Gor

Now it is considered bad role play to use the profiles within the context of the story.  Yet, how many of us look into the profiles to get to know a bit about the person we are role playing with.  Once done, it can’t be undone.  You can’t un-see it or un-know it.  Even the listing of groups to which the individual belongs gives away information about that person.  Once it’s read, you now know more about that person than you would normally know if you had just met them on the street.  What I’m saying is, whether consciously or unconsciously it will affect your role play.

So, as can be seen, we just can’t get around it.  We are earthly beings using technology to navigate a world where such technology would be banned.  There is no way that anyone or any sim can be strictly “by-the-book” as so many claim because like it or not, they are earth inhabitants using earth technology to access a virtual world where that technology does not exist.

By the power of the Priest Kings!

© Lunacaleengpanthers/various


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