About a picture by picture impression of SL – Lake Ias

All Pictures are Attributed to Juno Angerona (modified in photoshop)

Photography about Secondlife and  Gor is still a niche, even though on flickr and other online media there is a rich history of pictures taken of this digital online world.

One such photographer who in my opinion deserves special praise is Juno, whose work you should get to know.

I first encountered her in Lake Ias sometime in 2012, she was taking photo’s of the sim and at some point ventured near our panther camp. Surprised at her audacity to wander unannounced into our swamp we swiftly confronted her with our spears, after a few tense moments she explained she was ooc and making pictures.  We smiled and welcomed her into our camp to make pictures, the results of which are posted below.

Please note that all pictures have been modified in photoshop. Disclaimer: disclosing Second Life  images of residents (or sims) in a blog are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service.

© Juno



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