Story of Gor, Red hair gets captured by the wealthy farmer

After escaping the SDS Priestess temple together with a panther from a rival tribe. Red hair finds herself in a dangerous situation on the farm.

Zared came and stood over her, smiling mercilessly after he had bound her in a Gorean capture knot. He gestured at Red hair who was now fully aware of his lecherous male eyes staring down at her form. Red hair was appalled at her own semi nakedness, a situation that seemed cruelly emphasized by the fact that the other two women in the room were fully covered.

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The farmer

Zared seemed to examine her critically. He reached out and smoothed out Red hairs long hair from her face. Then with the tips of his fingers he stroked Red hair’s bruised jaw. Red hair jerked her head back and tried to bite her captor. Zared moved swiftly aside and Red hair bit nothing but empty air.

Zared shook his head in a mild rebuke, seeming to find amusement at Red hair’s predicament.

“I wonder” He said slowly “How many men have desired your body”

“Many have….and they are all dead” , Red hair hissed.

“I believe you , such a waste though” He touched Red hair again, trailing the tips of his fingers between Red hair’s breasts and down to circle her navel.  Red hair clenched her jaw to stop herself from screaming. She knew she could endure almost all of the torture men used to break captured panther girls, but this humiliation……well this was different.

Zared smiled again, as if he could read Red hair’s thoughts and reached for Red hair’s own dagger and examined it closely.

“There is a hell waiting for you”, Red hair growled.

“Oh …There is a hell and you are about to enter it”

“Get on with it, I tire of your talk”

Then the dagger was in front of Red hair’s face. She closed her eyes but in her mind she could still see it. She felt Zared force the dagger between her lips. She clenched her jaw but is was no use. The dagger was sliding into her mouth.

She was overcome with fear when she felt it’s tip press into the back of her throat.  She openened her eyes wide and wanted to scream out loud.  Zared grinned seeing real fear in Red hair’s eyes. He removed the moistened blade from Red hair’s mouth, and nonchalantly wiped the spit off on her cheek.

She blinked rapidly, Zared clenched his fist and sent it bolting forward into Red hair’s face. She felt her head crash heavily against the wall.  Any strength that was left in her drained from her body with the suddenness of a grain of sand being swept away by a storm.

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The farmers wife

Orinaa and Talena had watched on silently, now Orinaa finally spoke, “Father, mother and I will leave you to it” and both left the room.

Red hair could guess what was coming next.

Zared yanked off her leather loin cloth. She was trying to squirm but to no avail.  She closed her legs tightly refusing to have Zared rape her. This feeble act did not deter him. He got down and reached for the dagger again. He shoved her legs apart and stabbed Red hair deep in the thigh. Zared made sure he avoided all major arteries.

He was smart. He knew a physically weakened panther girl was much easier to rape. Red hair wanted to scream out loud, instead she shut her eyes as his manhood entered her. She felt pain coursing through her body at a scale she had not yet felt before.

With every thrust he brought pain upon her. He would twist the blade in her leg, causing more blood to gush from the severe wound. Red hair could bear it no longer and cried out in pain.

Zared laughed cruelly  at her expense and decided to taunt the proud panther girl.

“Aw, is the poor little tree slut not as tough as she thought? “ He asked.

“You touch me again and I scream”

“You scream and I will make it much…much worse”

Red hair glared at him , she had heard the numerous stories  among panther girls , that the man who now violently abused her could be so evil, so vindictive that it could make anyone’s skin crawl.

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The farm

“I have something to share with you ….or in you” as he reached into a brown leather bag that Orinaa had carried with her all the way from the SDS Priestess temple. Her breath hitched in her throat as she now grew fearful of what was in that very bag.  Because now she feared there was nothing good in it.

Zared removed a large metal fruit shaped object and briefly showed it to her. It looked new and unused, it looked like something ominous.

The look on Zared’s face resonated evil. That was how she was going to remember him from this day on. Then with one swift motion Zared shoved the fruit shaped object into her, causing her to scream in agonizing pain. It reminded her of birthing pains.

The object was in fact a slavers device that in the right hands could induce pain with little effort.  He began to expand the device inside her which made Red hair scream even more. Tears flooded down her cheeks as Zared moved the device deeper inside of her. Zared was getting off on Red hair’s pain. He enjoyed this very much.

When he was finished he removed the device from her. A mixture of blood and her own fluids covered it. He smiled and began to clean it off using the bed linen.

“Well now you know what I had the smithy of Di Jan Cove make for me…untill the red haired priestess of the Sadi heard about it and stole it”

He chuckled as he touched Red hair again, trailing the tips of his fingers over her cheek, then yanked at her hair forcing her to look at him.

“No matter though, I sent my daughter to steal it back for me, here we are now, you are the first I have selected for it….and you will tell all your tribe how I used it to break you”

“Never! “ Red hair screamed out defiantly.

He gave her a hard smack to the face and she was down again. He began punching her repeatedly until she lost consciousness.

Time passed. Red hair opened a bruised eye. She lay there on the floor and turned her head to one side. She saw a rodent scurry through the room, slipping through a small hole in the wall.  She became more aware of her surroundings, she heard no voices, the door was open.

She mustered all her strength, she was cold and hungry. Her badly beaten body protested, but she had to try and escape now……before the farmers returned.

This ongoing story is set in the second life universe of Gor. Featuring some famous and infamous places and characters of second life Gor. Loosely based on my role play experiences as the panther girl known as Marli “Red hair”

Her continuing adventures,

Story of Gor, Red hair escapes from the wealthy farmers

Story of Gor, The madness of the Sa di Sani temple

… follow soon.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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