About Panther Girl Gossip – Men with Boobs

Or why men cry foul when captured by women.

This should be awesome for all you male readers, right? Panther girls are strong, beautiful women warriors wielding deadly weapons. But no. instead the Gor-boys cry and refuse binds when captured by these female hunters.

Because in their eyes we should be weak like twelve year old boys and bat our eyelids and say in a voice all sweet like.

“Oh, I can’t really do this. I’m such a dingbat. Will you please take this bow and do it for me?”

snapshot_005edited5So, recently we had another case of hurt male ego in our forests…..uh, yes I changed his name because he got so upset in my personal IM’s and was worried this would be published on a blog.

We start off with his “scarlet” ego in a puddle of shame and him directly going into ooc from his bubble.

name withheld: look
name withheld: I am complying
Marli: np
Marli: you’d actually have been treated well enough had you not resisted the binds hehe
name withheld: uh
name withheld: no
name withheld: I could have this invalidated
Marli: how’s that?
name withheld: but i played along
Marli: Invalidated for…what?
name withheld: I never met such bitches
name withheld: women torture tied up man
Marli: who’s being a bitch to you? I’ve been polite to you ooc all this time
Marli: it’s just rp you know, don’t take it so personal
name withheld: I will bae sure tae do the same
name withheld: your woamn was nae
Marli: Was not what?
Marli: She was in RP!!!
Marli: she doesn’t know you the guy behind the computer screen, nor want to know you. It’s just…r…p
name withheld: tell me
name withheld: where in the books a woman tortures a man
Marli: You weren’t being tortured, you were being goaded to do something, by a panther girl who captured you
name withheld: it was on the level a scarlet like myself would not sink
name withheld: you guys are bitches
Marli: You act like a sore loser, saying kill me , I refuse to rp with you
name withheld: ok
name withheld: so fooking kill me
Marli: Look…..If you’re only here to fuck panthers, I’d suggest going to BDSM sims….there are plenty
name withheld: so you still didn’t show me where a man was tortured by woman
name withheld: btb
Marli: You weren’t tortured
Marli: I could show you quotes on torture by panther
name withheld: go ahead
name withheld: by a woman
Marli: Pfttt……Show me where it says a woman can’t?
name withheld: show me the quote
Marli: I’m here to rp, not teach you about Gor like you were some noob
name withheld: show me the quote
name withheld: yeah
name withheld: it doesn’t happen
name withheld: btb
Marli: Yeah, btw this is a GE sim ….. i’ll have quotes for you in a sec
Marli: since I have nothing better to do than educate you on books you should have read before coming to a panther sim
Marli: one moment
name withheld: no trust me
name withheld: I have a firend in the tortureres
name withheld: my damned sister is a fookin pirate
name withheld: me Ma is a Panther EN
name withheld: and me DA is a commander

Yep, time for a cigarette.

name withheld: you want books, I have 29 I can call on
Marli:  Uhuh, guess you missed Hunter of Gor then

“This one,” said the panther girl, jabbing the suspended figure with a knife, “is interesting he afforded us much pleasure, before we wearied of him.”

Marli: good enough?
Marli: if you have problems beyond this discussion, call a mod
Marli: and whether you like it or not, on Gor, a panther who takes you captive and collars you makes you her slave
name withheld: is that I played along, even after your woman accidently freed me
Marli: You refused binds and she had no choice !

Sweet baby Jesus.

name withheld: and this is wht you give me
name withheld: oh it does
name withheld: I played honorably
Marli: you can be collared on gor, scarlet or not
Marli: scarlets in the books were collared
Marli: you’re not special
name withheld: we’ll see
name withheld: who is in charge?

Oh boy.

Marli: I am the En here

Damn right Marli. You tell him.

name withheld: ok
name withheld: so I should just tp out?
name withheld: or are you gonnae treat me square?
Marli: I’ll have to notecard this incident if you refuse binds and rp. As for how you get treated? You’ll be treated like a captive. That means chained, collared and a degradation stripe
name withheld: I am nae such a bad guy, but I am btb
Marli: If you don’t want panther RP, that’s a choice you need to make for yourself and you shouldn’t come to a panther sim
name withheld: what yeh call gorean rp
name withheld: sighs

Oh this is where it starts.

Marli: my sis didn’t intentionally fuck up your bindings, nor have any clue how this could happen…..she has plenty of experience
name withheld: and I thought.. with my background, that right now, we’d be getting on good
name withheld: I don’t either; I accepted them
name withheld: but trying ta coller me
name withheld: that was unacceptable
Marli: you were being made a thrall, that means you’re no longer a scarlet, no panther will care who you were BEFORE

Choo Choo…

name withheld: no
Marli: Had you not pulled your “i’m an invicible scarlet, you can’t do anything to me so just kill me so I can go home and reset” bullshit, you wouldn’t have found yourself in this mess
Marli: but, no, you’re not interested in panther RP
name withheld: tell me where a scarlet gets made a thrall by woman

I love you scarlet. Will you marry me?

name withheld: a slave in mines, yes
name withheld: a galley slave, yes
Marli: OMG….are you for real??? Go read Hunters of Gor, oh and  you weren’t going to be made her sex toy if that’s what you’re thinking LOL
Marli: you think way too highly of yourself
name withheld: no
Marli: you would have been made to work in camp or whatever menial task we needed done…maybe even used you for moon dance
name withheld: but you don’t read
name withheld: and optimize on onlinesims
Marli: what onlinism?
name withheld: because that was what that was
Marli: Tell me, show me a book quote (since you’re so fond of demanding book quotes) that say scarlets are immune to being collared?
Marli: Please, show me
Marli: Tarl was a scarlet, was enslaved and given to women twice in the books
name withheld: where?
Marli: you have NOTHING in the books to back up your superman boskshit
Marli: Didn’t you read the books?
Marli: were you even aware tarl had been enslaved before?
name withheld: yes; I have
name withheld: once in the mines
name withheld: once in the galleys
name withheld: and once by rencers
name withheld: and I chose honorable death
name withheld: which
Marli: You can chose death, that doesn’t mean we have to give you one
name withheld: you did not deliver
Marli: I am not wasting 30 mins of rp time on you just to kill you in the end

Yea, male bails out on me and I am left alone again…darn it.

Marli: Since you obviously aren’t here for panther rp, go home and play in your safe zone

He promptly TPed out of the sim at that point.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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