Story of Gor, Red hair and the Sa di Sani temple

Red hair decides to replenish her purse by looting the Sa di Sani Priestess temple.

As Red hair had remarked to innkeeper Leo, spending her last coin was not a new experience to her. There had been plenty of times when coin seemed to evaporate from her pouch. This had puzzled her often, but she had long since resigned herself that saving money was not one of her talents. Copper tarsk coins vanished in thin air; but when they did there were ways of obtaining more. Her talent for robbing lone travelers in Whispering Moons forest was known amongst her tribe ( and  their rivals the Ja Lina), but she only did this when absolutely necessary. She preferred other means of stealing coin when possible.

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Panther lands !

It was still dark when she followed the well-trodden path through Gimli woods. Crossing the small rope bridge, smirking some as she read the warning sign “Panther lands – toll-fee! Pay up or else!”  She cocked her pretty face to one side as a brilliant thought entered her mind. The Sa di Sani too liked coin as much as the red head did, now what better place to replenish some lost coin?

She sniffed the air, the smell of smoldering camp fires, she looked up at the Gorean moons and guessed that it must be just past midnight or there about.  She quietly loosened the rope around her waist, she was close to the Sa di Sani encampment.

A few moments later she faced a high stone wall, built by some poor thrall souls no doubt. It looked imposing at first glance. But closer inspection showed that the thralls hadn’t done their work particularly well.  She felt it’s surface; yes there would be hand holds enough. It would be more difficult in the dark, of course, but she had scaled many a wall in her time.  She attached a long thick branch to her rope , then swung it high above her head and slung it over the wall.

She scrambled silently up the wall. Sitting astride the top she paused a moment, listening intently. No challenge, no sound of alarm within. She looked down, below her was a courtyard of some description. There were no burning torches, it was also deserted. Red hair lowered herself to the full reach of her arms, hung motionless for a heartbeat or two, then dropped to the ground.

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Sa di Sani Priestess

She landed silently and paused again, straining her feline like senses. No challenge, no cries of alarm. Good, clearly the ones in the heavenly skies were watching over her this night. The thought made her lips curl up in a thin smile.  One might have expected the Gods or Goddesses of Gor to be angry with her. She was after all about to plunder the Sa di Sani temple. A temple dedicated to – well she assumed it would be to Briggs the SDS priestess and her followers.

She shook her head slightly, deep thoughts were rarely useful. She hated the priestess with all her heart for having once imprisoned her – but the red head had her revenge later. A scene that will not soon be forgotten by the Sa di Sani panther girls. She shrugged, the priestess and her power was overrated, this was merely a temple like so many others.  And since temples were, in her experience crammed with loot, it was the obvious place to replenish her pouch.

Inside the temple

Swiftly and silently she crossed the courtyard towards the temple building. She flattened herself against its wall as she paused, listening again for any sign that her presence had been noticed.  Satisfied there was none she began to slowly work her way around the building, seeking a point of entry. It wasn’t too long before she found one, but in finding it she was suddenly taken aback…..

The room she found was no doubt the heart of the temple. This was evident from the stained windows and altar. It must have been twenty paces from side to side and possibly more length ways. The vault of its ceiling was lost in the shadow, but it was clearly lofty.  Torches burned here, but only a few, the walls were lined with statues, they were crudely crafted and almost vanished into the stone. Even in this half-light the scale of this temple was obvious, the priestess clearly had grande designs.

Priestess temple

She stared at the altar in the center of the temple. Red hair had stumbled directly into the priestess entrance. Her worshippers should they come, would no doubt kneel before the altar. Still Red hair hesitated. There was no sign of any one , she crept forward and laid her hand on the altar. Even through the leather of her gauntlet it felt unnaturally cold, she waited.  All her instincts screamed at her to wait, so she did. There was a strange smell in the air that she couldn’t place, despite being a healer panther. Possibly it was some form of incense, it smelled almost metallic. And there were voices. Two female voices distant and faint, but just audible if she concentrated.  She could catch no words, neither could she tell the direction they were coming from.

The voices ceased abruptly. Then silence for a long moment, then voices again; no longer faint , but long busting bellows of rage.

This ongoing story is set in the second life universe of Gor. Featuring some famous and infamous places and characters of second life Gor. Loosely based on my role play experiences as the panther girl known as Marli “Red hair”

More of this adventure to follow soon.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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