Story of Gor, hear cries go through the forests to make Forest Moon as strong as in the past.

Nowhere is safe and nowhere will ever be safe again, for you are outcast, you are panther, you are Forest Moon.

Sav sits up on her fur, there is a dew on the ground, the cool air makes her shiver as she wants to lay back into the warm furs.

Forest Moon

Reluctantly she climbs out of the furs and heads to the fire for some warmth and some fresh black wine. Slowly sipping on the wine, she looks around and sighs a deep sigh at the sight of the camp. Her thoughts were that a change is needed. After considering all possibilities with the current land and other items such as stones and trees an idea came to mind.

Upon meeting with Huntresses and Council it was decided to strip the camp to level grounds and rebuild. Toughest question was how would we do it. To meet the theory of Gor where women are weaker than men, there was only one way to do it.

Thralls…. Many Thralls.

Donning our Forest Moon battle feathers the tribe went on a Thrall hunt. How is the easiest way to capture many Thralls? this was an easy trap to set.. Sex and food is the only way to make a thrall work to get to the desired goal.

Panther captive

Many strong thralls were take on the pretense that when the new camp was built each one would be the honored guest at a Moon Dance.Then the search went out to find enough thick stones to chisel out and move then place the walls of the camp. Finding the perfect stone mountain the thralls chiseled out the form of the stones. The huntresses being barely dressed to keep the thralls interest would dance and caressed the Thralls to keep the facade of passion built in in the Thralls in order to complete the tasks.

The Huntresses gathered some strong Bosk to help transport the chiseled stones to the camp site. The Thralls erected a lever and fulcrum to raise the heavy chiseled stones into place.

Whispering Moon

Once  the last stone for the wall was set in place. Then the task of filling in the ground to create caves paths and a surface to use in daily activities. Steps and path ways were carved out of remaining stone. One final request was made of the thralls and that was to pile stones to form a look out over the camp.

That is when disaster struck the thralls, in their quest to build the look out there was a shaking of the lands causing part of the look out peak to fall smashing most of the thralls, their bodies remain buried under the mass of stone that ended up being the path the the peak of the look out.

Forest Moon Panthers

The remaining thralls saw this as a omen and ran hard and fast to get away from the newly built camp. The huntresses on other hand found this as a sign that the camp would protect the tribe as if a gift from Odin.As the dust settled from the build the the tribe gathered together and made the final touches to complete the camp and make it their homes,

Now the cries go through out the world to make Forest Moon as strong as in the past.

Forest Moon Panthers are recruiting!

Get in touch with Sav (En), Marlies (En), Kaylee  (Se) or Manda (Se) in Secondlife.

© Sav


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