Story of Gor, Red hairs leather pouch

Time to replenish coin

Red hair reached into her leather pouch and cursed. It was empty. The fat bellied innkeeper of Gimli tavern grimaced. Two large males then materialised from the corner of the bar and stood behind him giving Red hair a stern expression.

Red hair

Silence fell and heads turned to watch the fun. Leo wasn’t known for his tolerance for those that couldn’t pay. His minders had over the course of many incidents made it clear to any free loaders that there were two options open to them: either barter something valuable or be collared.

Red hair smiled at Leo “Don’t worry I have a reserve”, she crossed her right leg over her left knee (causing more than one male neck to crane in search of an interesting view) and untied her boot. Pulling it off she up-ended it over the bar and shook it. Two tarsk coins fell out.

Red hair gave an apologetic shrug “I’m afraid they are not as fragrant as you may wish”, she said.

If he was in any way amused by this remark, Leo didn’t let it show. He picked up the coins and examined them closely, he knew panther girls weren’t to be trusted, as many passed off fake coins to gullible sea captains.

“This will cover the paga you have had”, he told Red hair “And I am being generous!”

Red hair didn’t argue, her belly was full with it’s nectar and she burped most unladylike.

Gimli village

Red hair pulled her boot back on, then leant over the bar, tankard in her slender hand. She knew what to expect and looked around the tavern, trying to guess who it would be. In so doing , she found her gaze rest on a man dressed in a black cloak with it’s hood down, he gazed back at her.

He moved towards Red hair.

“Mind if I join you sweetheart?”

Red hair blinked, a man had approached her and had called her sweetheart. Red hair didn’t answer as the man stood next to her.

“May name is OG”, he told her “And you are?”

Red hair

“Red…..Red hair” her tone was steady, she knew what was going to happen. She had no objection to male company in general. Being a panther, her’s was a solitary life within the tribe. But that didn’t mean she would not try to seduce and capture a man. Good paga – interesting conversation – songs, these were pleasures she would allow herself in a tavern.

But she set down clear boundaries, she was a proud panther, but all too often men would try to cross them. Yes, she knew from looking in his eyes what was coming next.

“Down on your luck forest girl?” OG asked her.

“It’s not the first time , doubt it will be the last”

“Luck can change girl” OG smiled, “Leo” he called “two more paga over here. I’m paying”

“I prefer to buy my own” Red hair told him.

“I’m not giving you that option I’m afraid” OG grinned, clearly under the impression that he was in charge of the situation, “and your tankard is almost empty”

“I’ll have to make it last then” Red hair took a small sip of her paga.

“Nonsense my girl, allow me”

Red hair sighed inwardly. Up until that point she’d been prepared to tolerate OG, BUT the girl comments were beginning to irritate her. The final straw being the my girl comment.

Two more tankards of paga arrived. OG picked his up, looking lecherously at Red hair’s breasts and raised his paga for a toast. She ignored the tankard set before her.

“come along my girl, drink and be merry”, OG took a long swallow, then leant in and placed his arm over Red hair’s shoulders.

Red hair

The fight in Gimli tavern – if it can be called a fight – lasted two heart beats. When it was over, OG was lying on the floor, moaning. Blood was trickling from his broken nose,  his hands were cupping his badly bruised manhood.  Red hair stood over him, still holding the original tankard in her hand. She drank from it noisily, before tipping it’s contents over the head of her would be beau.

There was laughter and a small round of applause. The forest girl had proved to be entertainment afterall.  Red hair glanced in the direction of Leo who just laughed, he had been paid for the paga and didn’t care what happened to it.

“Well” Red hair said to the tavern in general “it’s been a fun day in Gimli, but I need my beauty sleep and am heading back to the forests” , she made for the door , then turned around “And if any of you feel inclined to track me down in the forest, ask OG here wether he thinks that would be wise”

She closed the door behind her, she headed out for Whispering Moons forests.

This ongoing story is set in the second life universe of Gor. Featuring some famous and infamous places and characters of second life Gor. Loosely based on my role play experiences as the panther girl known as Marli “Red hair”

More of this adventure to follow soon.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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