Gazette of Gor – Omnibus Edition 69 to 78

The Omnibus Edition

Dear readers, Gazette of Gor and this blog are proud to present you this omnibus GOG edition of past issues for your online reading pleasure.
Specifically, this omnibus contains issues 69 through to 78. The omnibus makes an interesting read of any issues you may have missed in Secondlife.  Whether it be stories, role-plays, information or discussions there is sure to be something to interest you.

As you can see I have chosen a panther for the Omnibus cover, because as the saying goes : “you can get the girl out of the forest but you never can get the forest out of the girl. “

Issue 69  


  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Shopping Gor !!!! 4
  • Shopping Gor THE SHOPS OF GOR- Valkyrie Torva
  • Storm’s background story
  • Sunday Funday (The Province)
  • Puma in Gor (Chapter 3) – Izumi
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 013

From the Editor’s Desk by Mariko

Tal Gazette readers

  • The Gazette team is proud to present Issue 69. You can read the ongoing stories “Puma” in Gor” and Vorgous Carver’s Journal”. There is also an invitation for  the third annual Boob-A-Thon and The Blooms of Hope Art Auction, Live singers for a cure, A Fighting Cancer Tournament and a Dance Exhibition.  As you might know October is Breast Cancer Month. Furthermore there is an interesting background story and it good to see new panther tribes come to Gor.
  • And as always there is information about events and shopping tips. The Gazette is very alive and new things are planned like:
  • The Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the English version. Contact person for this project is Minnie.
  • Also Gazette of Gor will do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

We wish you happy reading!

English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

Skins: Part II by Erin

Once again, just a word: ONLY the skins are changing- unless i have the maitreya applier for them (and it will be pictured seperately)

First up-

:::WoW::: Ayah Darktan Natural

This is Just the skin-

and all the goodies that came with it…

and…. the notecard with the Landmark that refuses to transfer…O.o

OKAY….. i like what i see from the skin. too bad it seems the maker is about to retire. yep. you heard me. so if you’re thinking you can put off going and having a look… think again.

Now for the applier… it’s a generically packaged applier for maitreya lara bodies that sits right next to the skin.

Oh, good lord. no, i didn’t pick the wrong one. let’s see if i can fix this with the maitreya skin hud…

\o/ YAY!! add about 6 points of red and lighten by around 12 and viola!.

it totally wasn’t worth the 400L it cost though. 😦

Last word?  like the skin? buy it, it doesn’t alpha out against black prim OR white mesh hair… but skip the applier.


There are plenty of goodies (appliers for freckles darker and lighter, appliers for maitreya and other bodies, etc) some of which i pictured below:

Now, as always, showing the skin with Nam’s optimal skin and prim, which shows off bad spots, differences in skin tone or bad seams really well. it’s the same lighting i’ve used for the pics of all the other skins.

Now for the appliers…

These are two versions ( the IN skin pack and the after purchase version) yes i bought them both, just to show all of you that there seems to be no difference.

Last Word? i like the skin, i can live with out the lipgloss pack, but it wasn’t bad, just more than i like to wear… the appliers (both after purchase and “in skin pack” ? well go ahead and try to find a seam or difference in the skin color on my neck… it’s nominal, if it exists at all

Shopping Gor THE SHOPS OF GOR- Valkyrie Torva by Erin

Valkyrie woods sim, The Massive Frigging Market !  I spent a year and a half as a valk and, seriously I HAD NO IDEA there were this many stores!!!

there’s clothing (of course )

There are weapons

Musical instruments!

Seriously peoples if you haven’t been, GO!

Storm’s background story

By: The Perfect Storm Lady Fatale  (india.solo) .

  • Storm Ali’Qudim born to an affluent Slaver in the Tor region of the Tahari sands,exhibited a gift for various music and loved to dance, her father for some years  looked the other way but  was not understanding of his  first  daughters natural talents and was very strict and oppressive especially in the public view , although her mother was a captured panther that was reformed and made civilized they did   teach Storm the ways of music  but the entertainer caste was not exactly the status her father had wished  for  as Storm  began showing her  female form in her early development she caught severals  males attention and  many  were interested in  making her their submissive  free woman wife which with all the restrictions and expectations of a free women of apparent  beauty and  talents she  began   her young life as a  musician and was sent out to  be a traveling muse   of music with an escort of     picked strict   guards as escorts ,as she began traveling around Gor she became exposed to many things and her gifts only became enhanced by these world experiences .

  • Storm caught the interest of a high caste merchant  whose travels eventually  brought him to to Tor where  Storm was visiting  her mother in a  state of age and illness and the Merchant made inquiries of the dark beautiful  muse and   followed the trail  of information to her slaver Father and he asked her father  to  take   Storm as his wife .and like her father the merchant was  strict much older and   handled  Storm roughly to say the least and  during the time of waiting tried  to take liberties with Storm which resulted in his untimely but  well deserved death   realizing what she had done and the consequences  Storm hid her identity and traveled the land as a traveling muse  performing in cities ,ports and palaces  as her talents began to spread far and wide her father and the men hunting her for her crime began to show up  in the regions  and cities she was   traveling and performing in .

  • As the hunters came closer  Storm  had to  kill  many more Hunters to keep her own life and freedom,She was  finally   caught and was  being taken back to Tor and the rage of her father and the peers of the high caste merchant , but her luck wasn’t fully expended as  the  hunters traveled into   panther territory being in the right place at the right time Storms guards were  slain and she was taken as a  would be slave or bond  by the  band of Panthers  as time passed she  became favored and was  taken under wing of  an SE taught the ways of the Panthers , but hated the cold long winters of the north and when she felt  the time was right and   her skills would help her survive she   spent one last night  in the furs of her benefactor and slipped away before she woke  and made her way  back south  to the Tahari region where she  lived  on the  outer lying  dunes and jungles of the great   deserts and   cliffs eventually she   made her  way towards the  Greater Uschendi and  began to learn the ways of the   jungle by the river     while   doing so she  met a small band of wandering  taluna who quickly became trusting and close   as time passed  as the band started to grow they  sought greener jungle where  they   stumbled across  some old ruins   some of the structures were still sound and the group of talunas began settling   and   combined  their  strengths and knowledge to began   growing their own   flora and harvests while    hunting and fishing   for their meats . those ruins  soon became the   birth of the Sengoku Moon Trade tribe.

 Sunday Funday (The Province)

Greetings All!!

  • Welcome to Sunday funday!!! The Village of Province here at Warriors Haven is OOC every Sunday all day till midnight SLT.
  • Stop by to see what fun stuff we are doing each week and what time.
  • We take great pride in our village and love to show it off, so please come by and visit us.

  • Hope to see you soon

The villagers of Province

Puma in Gor – CHAPTER 3 by Izumi

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    I awoke that morning and smelled something good cooking. I came near the fire but was stoped and told sence I was not part of the tribe.  I had to hunt my own meal’s.  So I sighed and went out to hunt  shifting froms infront of them as I vanished into the woods.  I could hear them talking as I left saying the Cheiftess had gone to see the soothsayer about what to do with me.  I moved threw the tree’s just like I did on my home lands.  I was actually starting to enjoy this world. For I did not have to hide what I was and could move in the open in these woods.  But I still missed my wolf brothers and hoped they were well.

  • I came to a cliff facing and using my powerful claws climbed up to get a good view and smell of the land. As I reached the top I looked out and saw that the Tarn had returned with two riders.  I figured they were looking for the panther camp but were way off from where it was.  But it also ment those men had escaped and most likely were regrouping to do something.

  • I figured it was best to go warn the panthers. So I hoped off and went back towards camp keeping my senses atune to the woods around me.  I was picking up a sent it was big and moveing fast towards me like to intercept me. I changed my path but it did as well.  I knew it was gaining on me and decided to change my tactic. So I turned towards it and moves that way.  It was picking up speed as was I. My heart was raceing and I did not know what to find when we met. But what ever it was if it wanted a fight it was going to get one.

  • As I came into a small clearing I saw it come out of the woods on the other side. It was a big cat and I mean big. About the size of a siberian tiger but with a lion main. I woundered if this was what the panthers called a Larl.  I was very impressed by it for I had never seen a cat like this one. I got off of all fours for I was not running anymore.  The cat still came up to about my chest. I mean this cat was massive. It backed off alittle which im sure was do to me being on two feet and not four.  Then it ROARED LOUDLY.

  • I could tell just by how I am it was getting ready to attack. I figured I was on its territory and knew it was pissed.  Not much I could do but fight it.  It lowed its body as I moved into a diffensive pose. At the moment I did it pounced. Wow did it have a jump it was almost as powerful as mine. But I could read its attacks and easly moved out of its way.  I keep up my dodgeing and studying the cats moves and attacks. Till I saw what I was looking for and slide up under him as he jumped again. My claws slide right threw his belly and riped him wide open.

  • The cat roared in pain as I saw it land. I moved into a pounce attack postion. But the cat colapsed blood all over the place. I had givein him a fatal hit and had riped his guts out from under him. I knew the panters used the plet of the cat for clothing so I moved up using my claws to slowly cut the pelt off the cats body.

  • I figured I could take the cats body back to camp and let them use all of its body for food and what not. So I picked it up and started to head to camp.  I had totally forgotten about the men and the Tarn I saw earlyer.  The cat was heavyer than I thought.  I was getting closer to camp when I heard a lot of noise and so I set the cat in some brush.  As I moved closer to camp I could see smoke which was not like the little fire that was there earlyer. Something bad had happened and I had a idea of what.

  • I moved closer and closer as I got to a place I could see and listen while being totally hidden. I could see in camp a total mess the wall that was around camp had been distoryed. And several of the wood huts were on fire. I then saw what I thought would happen. The captain and his men had returned but in a much larger force.  The had captured the tribe flat footed and hit them hard. I saw the tribe all tied up and nude.  I could see the three slaves of the tribe just kneeling infront of the men acting like they normally do.

  • I had to do something they had helped me. But what the captain was whiping the chieftess and it made my blood boil. But I was not stupid I knew if I tried to attack alone I would be killed.  I had to think what to do what to do.  I could see the Captain was enjoying himself with the Chieftess.  He yelled to his men * strap her down over that big rock and each man may enjoy her *.  I saw them move her to the rock and then each man raped her over and over.

  • I was really mad now and wanted to kill all of them. But then I heard that bird fly over and decided it was those two who found the camp.  So I would make them pay first. Then figure out what to do with the rest of those men.  I moved back into the woods and climbed up a set of very large tree’s and purched ready to pounce.

  • I waited as I could hear the Chieftess being raped. Then it moved down and came in towards camp. I sat myself ready to pounce as it came in.  Then just befor I pounced I cought the sent of something.  I quickly stoped and sniffed more to make sure what I smelled.  I looked at the Tarn and then towards the sent but now there was three of them.  I knew I best rethink this and quickly moved back to the ground and headed towards the three.  Know I knew there was a way to free the panthers. I came out into a small clearing just as the three did and we looked at each other.

  • I almost wanted to cry for there they were my three wolf brothers. They were in there wolf forms all light grey and big. Talon our leader he was oldest and had just got out of the army two months befor we came to Gor. Razor who was Talons borther. Razor was about two years older than me and always looked after me when we would go hunting. And Ravage who was my age but strong as a bull ox. We all ran together and huged I was so happy to see them as I could tell they were very happy to see me. I showed them to a hidden place and started to explain what happened and what was going on.

  • Talon understood and agreed we would do something to help them. For the rest of the day I stayed put as Talon and Razor went and did recon on them.  I knew not to argue with Talon and trust him fully. Talon was about five years older than me although I had just turned eighteen Talon had already put his four years in the army and come home. Talon was someone I admired and would follow threw  hell if he asked.

  • Ravage just sat sniffing and ever so often looking at me.  I knew he had always liked me we even went out a few times. But now it seemed he was more concered about my safty than anything. He told me about what happened with them.  Wakeing up in a place of snow and also runnning into the Kurii, they had thought the Kurii were like them but found out they wernt. He said they had come into a area what looked like vikings. I sighed and said * this is a very strange world. Were so much stronger and faster here. Maybe this is what the elder said about we have a destiny to full fill. *

  • Ravage looked at me quiet for about twenty minutes. * you know maybe your right maybe we do have a job here to do. Maybe we have to make a change here. Maybe we do have a job here to do and this is just a start. * Ravage replyed. I was shocked at what Ravage said for usually he was the hot headed one ready to fight at a drop of a rock.

  • Just then Talon and Razor returned. Talon explained how the Captain had keep about twenty men in camp and a set of ten south about one click away which is army talk for just south. Dont ask me I never understood what a click was ither. He also said thats where that bird landed. So the plan was take out the bird and the ten men first. Which one was sure to run to the panther camp for help. Which would pull a group down to where the fighting was. At that point if all went well only about five or six men would be there. And they would be all mine.

  • Talon said * we will hit just after dark and we will total take them out. Remember this is real not a game like at home. We kill them no prisoners. We dont want word of our exsistance getting out. Do you all understand what to do *. We all said yes and moved out I moved to the heavy brush just north of camp and could see that the men were still rapeing the Chieftess as the Captain laughted and joked having the slave girls dance. The rest of the tribe was all stakes out or on wooden cross’s. Some had been whiped by the men.  But I knew I had to wait for the right moment and oh was I going to make them pay.

  • I sat and watched quietly looking at all the men. Watching everything they were doing. And then I heard the howl of Talon’s call for attack and got ready. I could easly hear what was going on south of the camp. Talon’s plan cought them off guard. I could hear Razor howls and knowing he had hit the Tarn and was in a fight with it. I watched seeing the bird rise with Razor on its back seeing the massive wolfen claw and bite into the back of the bird filled me with power of my own to distory these men.

  • All of the men see the Tarn fall from the air and Razor jump off befor it hit the ground south of them. They all heard the howl’s of my wolf borther’s and the yells of the men getting riped apart. One after the other the voices went quiet. Till I saw a wounded man come into the camp yelling that Kurii had attacked them and were being slaughtered. Just like Talon said the Captain order his men but five to go help the rest of the men who I could tell had all ready had been killed and that my wolf brothers were waiting to take them.

  • What I was not expecting was the Captain told two of his men to watch the north side of the camp right where I was at. Which left the captain and two of his men watching the south. Listening to the fight. I then saw the three slave girls quietly move over to the panthers on the cross’s and start to untie them. At that point the two watching the north turned to see the slave girls. And yelled at them and went towards them. This was my sign to attack and I did. In a full run I came up behind the two men using my strength and claws. And riped right at the back of there necks slashing threw the bone and spine they both just droped to the ground.

  • The Captain turned and finally saw me as did the other two men that was with him. I roared at him as his men lay dead at my feet. The Captain pulled his sword as did his men and said * what the hell you are no Kur you are something else.  It was you who killed my Tarn the other day. It as you who caused us to be caught by these panthers and now its going to be you who will pay for it all.*  I replyed and said * your bird was tasty and you had your chance to walk out of here and live now with my brothers here your chance is gone. For now you and I will dance the dance of death and you and your men will pay for what you have done to these panthers. For they are under my protection and now you pay for what you have done.*

  • The Captain laughed and just said * at least you can talk what ever you are. But no matter you will die today for wall you have done.* At that moment my Wolf brothers came up behind them and took the two men down. The captain turned to see my wolf brothers and backed up. His men now dead he turned back and forth like a cornered animal. For now it was time to end this and end him.  I moved towards him as Talon held up his hand for Razor and Ravage to hold and let the Captain and I to fight.

  • The Captain moved seeing that he would just face me and smiled. * I am Micheal of Ar the slave trader and I will place a collar on your neck and show you off to all of Gor. * the Captain yelled as he charged towards me with his sword drawn. He moved in and slashed at me but not wildly he keep his cool and had me on my toe’s. I moved around trying to find a spot to hit but he was very good.

  • He would try and attack then move into a defensive position. I could not read him he was not like his men he was a pro and seemed to know what he was doing. I keep trying to find a way in and just could not figure out where to strike. The fight keep going and I had taken a few minor hits and had not landed any of my own. I had to think fast for if this keep up he would win.

  • Then I remembered Talon had made me read the book of Sun Zu’s art of war. In which some times one must be willing to take a killing blow to give one. And now I understood what it ment. I keep moveing closer and closer but dodgeing. Till I felt I was close enough and stood and on perpose steped into his hit and grabed his arm. I knew the wound he gave me was a hard one and I knew I was bleeding. I looked him dead in the face and said * now you die evil one * and I sank my fang’s deep into his face pulling off the front of his skull and spitting it out. I watched him fall to the ground dead.  I looked over at my brothers and moved slowly over to the Chieftess and cut her loose and then sat down by the fire.  As my bothers came over and checked on me. Talon was saying I had done a very good job. But was reckless and I had to think more.

  • The healer of the tribe came over as all four of us returned to our human forms. The tribe was very causious towards my bothers. But after what happened they did not cause a fuss of them being there. The healer of the tribe took care of my wounds. And then check on the tribe. I looked at the chieftess and told her I was sorry for causeing all this. She replyed * Sorry you and your kin were amazing we are panthers this is Gor and this is our lives we chose to live. This is not the first time men have attacked us nor will it be the last. *

  • I looked at her and just smiled. * What will you and the tribe do now?* I asked her. Sara said they would move deeper into the woods so they would not be found again.  But that my brothers and I should go on our own path for it seemed the soothsayer saw you had a destiny to do something here. I was totally shocked do to Talon and the rest of us said that last night.  So I just smiled and agreed with her. * we will stay the night then depart if thats okay * I said to Sara.  She smiled and said * of course im sure my sisters will be happy to enjoy your bothers company for a night.  I will see that the slaves join you and give you a relaxing night.

  • Talon and Razor and Ravage looked at each other and then to all the panthers and I could tell by there faces they were going to really enjoy tonight. I went to a tent they showed me and layed down. I then told a panther where the cat body as for them to use as food. She went out to retrive it as several of the sisters got rid of the bodys of the men. I relaxed as the three slaves entered the tent and started to massage me and just make me feel totally relaxed. As I listened and heard the moans of several of the panthers from other tents. Knowing my borthers were enjoying there rewards.

  • The next morning I awoke healed and steped out of the tent. The panthers had already packed everything up expect for four tents which the slaves broke down after we were all awake. My bothers had taken some of the dead warriors clothing and weapons. I had taken a set of furs form the tribe and still had the dress in my backpack. For a moment we said good bye and then we turned and headed west as we watched the panthers vainsh into the woods heading north east. Now the four of us were back together and we were stuck on this world called Gor and know we wanted to know why we were here.

Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 013

First Hand, Fifth Day of the second month, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    There is something exceptionally serene about being on a boat on calm waters under the night stars. I am on the Serendipity, alone, under the stars on quiet waters.  Here, at the same time, I feel both master of the universe and an infinitesmal part of the universe.  I see no contradiction  in feeling both simultaneously.  I am at ease with both extremes — here.  And, I am here, alone, without Tanz or anyone else.  Tomorrow, I will head the ship back towards and dock the boat at Meqara Point, not too far from a fishing village, and neither of which are  significantly distant from the walled stone City of Fina.  Once I dock I will make my way into the nearby woods where presumably Tanz will be.  I wonder how Tanz will react, if at all, when she sees me.  High caste and low caste, rich and poor, there is one unifying fact that affects every soul in the universe — only time knows what will happen next and time does not reveal our destinies until time decides to do so.

  • From Iskander we made our way klim (west) along the Vosk Rive. Along our way we passed a number of trading towns, including Jort’s Ferry, Siba, and Sulport.  We discussed stopping at some of them another time.  For now, we had had a specific destiniation in mind, Meqara Point at which we arrived three days ago.  Tanz had dearly wanted to see an old friend, Katy Thirdborn, there.  Their relationship was somewhat unclear to me, and from what I understood Katy was now a tribeswoman with a taluna tribe.   I have never clearly understood the distinctions between talunas and panthers except that the former seemed to have disdain for the latter.  To me, I see little difference.  Both are composed of women either not ready to accept a heterogenous society, or who are running or escaping from some such a society.  To me, the only other difference, as I had previously understood it, was that talunas are denizens of the vask (southern) climes, panthers of everywhere else that they can find a place to dwell.  That difference pretty much ended with the ones we were heading to visit.  after all, under no circumstance can the  Vosk River regions be viewed as in the vask (southern) climes.
  • Tanz had sent a bird to alert Katy to our expected arrival. Unfortunately, when we arrived Katy was not there, having been called away for some unclear reason.  Fortunately, Katy appeared to be a person of some authority within her tribe and had left word of our arrival.  As a result, though we found ourself suddenly surrounded by forest women as we traveled in the woods, revelation of our identities provided the key to our being permitted to set up our caravan and camp outside their tribal habitat near a mine.  I also set up our tent, for the first time, furnishing it with the makeshift infirmary essentials that we carried.
  • We passed two quiet days waiting for Tanz’s friend to return. During this time there was some, but not much interaction,with the talunas.  At one point, while I had left to attend to the boat, a male kajirus, nat, who seemed to relish his existence among a tribe of women, assisted Tanz.  It was clear to me that Tanz, surprisingly blushingly, seemed awed by the nearly naked, apparently well-endowed, nat.  Nat, for his part, seemed to relish Tanz’s attention, going so far as to suggest that perhaps Tanz should give him a full physical.
  • Now, in the past, Tanz had always complained that slave physicals were the least interesting part of her medical duties. This time, although the examination did not come to pass, her initial reaction to the idea of giving this kajirus a thorough examination, seemed oddly — different.  I suspect that Tanz’s prior comments had been directed to kajira examinations not kajirus examinations.  I was bemused by the situation, and suggested that if Tanz had to endure doing an examination of nat, perhaps it was time for me to relieve her of some of her slave examination duties and consider performing a thorough examination of a kajira or two.
  • In short, the couple of days passed quietly, pleasantly, and with good cheer.
  • It was on the third day that I suggested boating along the coast towards the City of Fina. Instead of the Serendipity, I borrowed an old raft left by the bank of the Vosk and, after Tanz hopped on, I poled the raft along the quiet waters. We came upon the city with its impressively high wall.  Things were fine when we docked.  A guard could not have been more courteous.  We made our way through the heavy gates into the large courtyard of the city.  I looked around impressed at the large buildings and open spaces within the walls of the city.
  • My sense of amazement and euphora did not long last. At my suggestion, we were making our way towards the infirmary.  I was interested, and thought Tanz would be interested, in seeing what a modern medical facility looked like.  As we walked a veiled woman, attended by a slave passed us, and politely greeted her, identifying who we were.  She identified herself as a local magistrate and then it happened.  The woman recognized Tanz and from that moment I stood there, ignored.  She began to talk to Tanz and Tanz replied and I was ignored, as if I were a slave, or worse, simply did not exist.
  • I have heard the comments before of caste lines creating walls, of people so self-absorbed in their imagined importance, of persons taken by the supposed importance of others that they fawn over them.  Now, to be sure, I was not dressed in finery, or anything that suggested high standing.  And, to be sure, I care not what most people think of me or how they react to me so long as they do not attempt violence.  But what I do care about is how Tanz treats me, alone or in public.  And, standing there, talking, Tanz had focused her own attention on the woman as much as the woman had focused her attention on Tanz.  My questions and comments either were unheard or ignored.


  • I looked at Tanz, an expression of annoyance crossing my face, for I was exceedingly irked. I headed away, expecting Tanz to understand and make her way with me — she did not — at least not immediately.
  • Eventually she did join me — in her good time. My displeasure was clear, but Tanz seemed not to understand.  Speaking of the female magistrate, Tanz attributed her attitude to caste.  Now, caste is a curious thing. In some cases, status in earned.  Tanz earned her physician status.  In other situations, in fact, in most situations, it is not earned — it merely exists primarily by happenstance of birth.
  • I stayed relatively silent when Tanz spoke. Ironically, technically,  I am now of the green caste — though not even Tanz considers me as such, I have neither earned it nor born into it.  I just happen to be part of it by appointment.  This female magistrate was certainly a creature captured by the prejudices of her caste.
  • But, what distressed me was that it seemed to me that Tanz has not divorced herself from such caste biases (and to me incivilities).  I began to wonder if Tanz, at times, has become displeased with herself for being attracted to one she perceives as below her caste.    Indeed, I have suspicions that it may even be more difficult for Tanz than what I even currently fathom.  I suspect that Tanz’s birth family may even make her of higher caste than I am aware.  So, it must be hard for her to reconcile the feelings that I believe she has for me.
  • There was no argument to be had with Tanz. I decided to sail for a couple of days, alone, away from caste and hierarchies, away from reality — just away.   I needed some time to myself.  I felt that Tanz needed some time to herself.   Whether Katy has returned and if Tanz will be spending her time with her, among, ironically, persons who are deemed animals by the high caste, or if Katy has not and Tanz will visit again the City Fina and spend her time among the haughty people so taken by themselves I do not know.
  • And that brings me back again to time, for time will tell what happens tomorrow and the next day. For now, I am laying on the deck of the Serendipity, anchored.  I am relaxed.  I look up at one of the moons.  I see Tanz’s face and I smile softly for at the moment, in that place, at this time it is the face that I care about.  Whether Tanz looks up in the night sky and whether she sees my face when she looks at it I do not know.


Issue 70


  • From the Editor’s Desk
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From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal Gazette readers

  • Here is Issue 70 of Gazette of Gor. New version and always a lot of news from everywhere and everyone. I remember meeting i had with my friend Itsmee and we were ok about this point. We are a Gorean paper …. not a BTB or a Ge. We are Gorean and we speak about Gorean in this paper ….. All Gorean ? Maybe but it seems some Gorean forget to be fair and are more ready to cheat (See warnings in this issue).
  • I learned too late that a new tribe is born and i hope present it in next issue. We ll continue our visit of Gorean cities and maybe show you The Great Ar. But for this week, we offer you to learn Gorean Language and …. we have a lot of work to speak correctly Gorean so open wide your eyes and read !!! You could have a pass exam at end !!!!
  • Have a good read


 English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.


It s not always sunny in Gorean Lands. One guy wander along continent and cheats. If he downs you, so he would rape you and be very bad (He mix BDSM and Gor). But if you down him, he would TP out when bubbled and go back in his home he built. (If you want know the name of this guy … IM Me or read more carefully the text). Of course, the guy wanted be raped too and we have a pic as proof that he likes this. We offer the pic at all people who want see !!!

Gorean Language – It s time to learn !!!

  • The “Language” is the common tongue of Gor, with several related dialects or sublanguages. It helps to hold together Gor’s many diverse parts. If you cannot speak it, you are commonly considered a barbarian. Gorean is considered a strong language but that can also be supple and beautiful. Those of Ar are said to have a gentle, liquid accent. There is also an accent that differentiates the High and Low Castes, though some of the higher artisan castes speak with an accent close to the High Caste. There is also an archaic form used mainly by the Initiates called Old Gorean. Physicians also keep their records in Old Gorean. Other languages also exist on Gor including those of the red hunters, the red savages and the natives of the southern jungles. The Priest Kings and Kurii also possess their own languages.

  • In Gorean script, the first line is commonly written left to right and the second line from right to left. This continues in an alternating manner. Thus, you must read and write even numbered lines backwards. It is said to be read and written “as the ox plows.” Gorean may be printed or written in cursive script. Each city usually has a recognizable style of writing. Certain letters though have been generally standardized for legal and commercial purposes. There is also a shorthand form of script. Goreans capitalize more nouns than we would in English. Context usually denotes when a Gorean noun will be capitalized. In the Tahari region, though they speak Gorean, they use a different system of writing called Taharic.

  • The Gorean alphabet has twenty-eight letters including: al-ka (“a”), ba-ta (“b”), delka (“d” shaped like a triangle), eta (“e”), homan (“h”), ina (“i”), kef (“k”), mu (“m”), nu (“n”), omnion (“o”), kwah (“q”), ar (“r”), shu (“s”), tau (“t”), sidge, tun, val, altron. The last four letters are not explained in the books so it is only guesswork as to what they may represent. Sidge, likely derived from cuneiform, may represent “c.” Val could represent “v.” Altron may represent an “l” sound. There are nine vowels in Gorean, four of which have been identified. There are two “l” sounds and one of them is rolled. “W” exists only in words of Earth origin. Many letters have a variety of pronunciations depending on their linguistic context. Unfortunately, a complete alphabet is not listed in the novels.

  • Illiteracy is common on Gor, especially for those of the Low Castes. Literacy usually follows caste lines, the High Castes tending to be literate. But, some Warriors are illiterate or pretend to be as they do not feel warriors should be so. Other warriors are very proud of their literacy. But, illiteracy is not taken as a mark of stupidity. Many Goreans also possess remarkable powers of memory. As children, they learn a variety of mnemonic devices to train their memory retention skills. Many poets and singers remember their works and never put them down on paper. Music is never written down either, it is simply memorized and passed down from teacher to student. In addition, many Goreans play Kaissa without the use of a board, relying on memory alone.


  • The following are some selected Gorean words and their meanings. The meaning of some of these words was never explicitly stated so guesses have been made in a couple areas. This list is not comprehensive and just includes a number of useful or interesting words.
  1. “Ai, Aii, Aiii”==variously spelled, this is a word of exclamation that at times means “yes” and at other times may be an exclamation of surprise, fright or acknowledgment. But, this is not a word in the Gorean language. It is simply English slang. This is verified by consulting Norman’s three books of the Telnarian Histories. Those novels do not deal with Gor but they do use the word “Ai” in the exact same way as it is used in the Gor novels.

  2. “Aria”==a word of possession for Ar; may be translated as “Ar’s” or “of Ar”; For example, the phrase “Viktel Aria” can be translated as “Ar’s Triumph” or the “Triumph of Ar.”

  3. “Aulus”==flute

  4. “Ax”==this word is the same in Gorean as in English.

  5. “Bana”==beads of great value like gems or a string of pearls; a slave would rarely wear these

  6. “Bara”=belly

  7. “Bina”==slave beads; cheap beads of little value, usually on a necklace

  8. “Canjellne”==a challenge

  9. “Civitatis”==of the city of; “Civitatis Trevis”==of the city of Treve

  10. “Con”==from

  11. “Da”==here

  12. “Dar”==holy, priest

  13. “Delka”==delta of a river

  14. “En”==first

  15. “Fora”==chain. plural==fori

  16. “Gor”==Home Stone; It means the same thing in all the languages on the planet.

  17. “Har-ta”==Faster

  18. “Ho”=common prefix indicating a lineage. The word “Ho” is also used almost as a form of greeting or attention getting in the books. But, in that context, it is not an actual word in the Gorean language. It is simply English slang. This is verified by consulting Norman’s three books of the Telnarian Histories. Those novels do not deal with Gor but they do use the word “Ho” in the exact same way as it is used in the Gor novels.

  19. “Hrimgar”==barrier

  20. “Kaissa”==this is a generic term for a game, but often refers to Gorean chess

  21. “Kajira”==female slave, plural=kajirae

  22. “Kajirus”==male slave, plural=kajiri (This plural also refers to a group of mixed-sex slaves)

  23. “Kan-lara”==slave brand; “Kan-lara Dina”==dina slave brand

  24. “Kara”==turning

  25. “Ki”==indicates a negation; the word is usually translated as “not”; this is not the general word in Gorean for “no.”

  26. “Ko-lar”==collar (Some claim this is not truly a Gorean word. There is a single passage concerning this word in Slave Girl of Gor. The Gorean word is not pronounced the same as the Earth word “collar.” It is pronounced the way “ko-lar” is spelled. The words “kajira” and “kan-lara” seem to indicate a preference for the “k” sound in such words. This would lend some support to the acceptance of “ko-lar” as a valid Gorean word.)

  27. “Kosis”==disease

  28. “La”==Multiple meanings depending on the context. May mean “Who are you?” “You are?” “I am” This is the feminine version.

  29. “Lar”==central

  30. “Lar-Torvis”==The Central Fire, the Sun

  31. “Lesha”==leash

  32. “Lo”==Masculine version of “la”

  33. “Mira”==my

  34. “Nadu”==kneel

  35. “Nykus”==victory (This is derived from the Greek word “nike” which has the same meaning)

  36. “Or”==Ten

  37. “Oralu”==Thousand

  38. “Orlu”==Hundred

  39. “Pagar”==Pleasure

  40. “Rarius”==warrior; Rarii=plural

  41. “Sa”==daughter.

  42. “Sa-Fora”==Chain Daughter, a slave.

  43. “Sa-Tarna”==Life-Daughter, the staple yellow grain.

  44. “Sa-Tassna”==Life-Mother, meat; Also refers to food in general

  45. “San”==one; feminine is sana

  46. “Sa’ng”==without

  47. “Sa’ng-Fori”==Without chains: freedom or liberty.

  48. “Sar”==king

  49. “Sardar”==Priest-King

  50. “Se”==second

  51. “Ship”=this word is the same in Gorean as in English.

  52. “Sula”==may mean either “back” or “prone”

  53. “Ta”==to

  54. “Ta-Sardar-Gor”==To the Priest Kings of Gor; a toast (This is sometimes seen online as “Tar-Sardar-Gor, but “Ta” not “Tar” is correct)

  55. “Ta-teera”==slave rag

  56. “Tasta”==the founding, the start or beginning

  57. “Tor”==light

  58. “Tor-tu-Gor”==Light upon the Home Stone: the Sun; most common phrase for the sun

  59. “Torvis”==fire

  60. “Tu”==two meanings: First, you are; Second, upon.

  61. “Urth”==This is not a Gorean word. It was never used in the books. There is no known Gorean term for “Earth.” Simply use the term “Earth.”

  62. “Var”==This has three meanings. First, a resting in months. Second, a turning in directions. Third, “what is.”

  63. “Veck”==possibly means “stand” or “awaken” (This is never clearly defined in the novels but from its context either of these two might be the definition)

  64. “Verus”==true

  65. “Viktel”==triumph

Common Phrases, Word Concepts and Gestures

  1. The Gorean word for “stranger” is the same as enemy.

  2. The Gorean word for “mountain” refers to a mountain of soil, stone or ice. There is no difference to Goreans as to the makeup of a mountain as to call it something different. An iceberg is simply a mountain of ice.

  3. The term “we” refers to only a group of free persons. A single free person, with many slaves, would not refer to his group as “we.”

  4. “Hail (followed by a name)” is a form of greeting reserved for experts and champions at some activity. A Master Player, Tarn Racing Champion, Master Swordsman or Ubar would be greeted in this manner.

  5. “Tal” is the most common greeting and is usually accompanied with the right hand raised to shoulder level, palm inward, facing the body. This signifies that the person being greeted is not considered an enemy. The gesture shows that the hand is devoid of any weapon. As slaves are not permitted weapons, then this salute would be ludicrous. As slaves must also respect all free persons, they cannot consider any to be their enemy. Thus the salute might even be considered an insult to a free person. Thus a slave may use the word “Tal” as a greeting but they would not accompany it with the hand gesture. The gesture would be for free persons only.

  6. “I wish you well” is a phrase of farewell.

  7. “I ask your favor” is a phrase equivalent to “please.”

  8. “Tonight let us drink wine” is a fatalistic maxim in which the events of the future are cast into the hands of the Priest-Kings.

  9. Gorean applause: Most people would do this by a quick, repeated striking of the left shoulder with palm of the right hand. Warriors, if they had their weapons, would instead strike their spear blades on their shields.

  10. Gestures for silence: Either, holding a finger across the lips, or you can do it by touching the fingers twice lightly to the lips.

  11. Universal gesture for trading: gesturing as if taking something from a buyer and giving something in return.

  12. To blow a kiss in the Gorean fashion, you brush it upward with your fingers.

  13. “Share our kettle” is an invitation to a dinner, usually a Low Caste dinner.

Words From Tasta BTB – Rose Silverfall

  • The City of Tasta rebuilt upon the ruins of what was formerly Tasta, a city that Lady Rose and fell within a year. Built by Lady Rose and her companion Alex Courcel, the city was finally ready to open it’s doors officially when Alex went off in search of allies from Port Kar never to return.

  • Filled with grief, Lady Rose ceased the city’s opening, looking out to the Thassa sea daily, awaiting his return. When their son Cruise finally grew to become a man, he found out his mothers story and decided to search for his father at many different cities to no avail. He came back though with her missing two daughters Lexi and Adisa which made Lady Rose’s heart soar. He told his mother at that point the new city would thrive again.

  • As a memorial or a beacon to his father still lost at sea. Lady Rose wanted a city like no other and based on her travels and the travels of her son, they designed a place that showed the prosperity and generosity they had and wanted to share with others. Thus the City of Tasta now stands proud and inviting to all Goreans wanting a fresh start.

  • The City of Tasta now sits along the Thassa, across from Port Kar and the Vosk river, between the Tamber Village Trading Postand the Silvercloud Tharlarion Stables.

  • We are a BTB sim and take pride in upholding that standard here.

Words From Ja Lina

  • ©
    Credit: Ja Lina

    Thank you for the thoughtful remembrances you placed at Inna Calamity’s memorial. Our camp is however being redesigned and your items needed to be returned. Once the redesign is complete we welcome you to return. There will however be a limited number of objects we can accommodate in the new memorial. We hope to have a guest book in place to allow more people to leave remembrances. Attached are a few pictures as a keep sake of the memorial before the redesign.


Petra Poliatevska

En, Ja Lina Torvis

Sunday Funday (The Province)

Greetings All!!

  • Welcome to Sunday funday!!! The Village of Province here at Warriors Haven is OOC every Sunday all day till midnight SLT.
  • Stop by to see what fun stuff we are doing each week and what time.
  • We take great pride in our village and love to show it off, so please come by and visit us.

  • Hope to see you soon

The villagers of Province

 Puma in Gor – CHAPTER 4 by Izumi

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    The rest of the day Talon had everyone keep heading west. It was strange seeing us there was Talon, Razor, Ravage, all dressed in leather with shields on there back and swords on here hips.  Which was funny to me sence they did not know how to use them or need them. And little old me dressed in furs with my back pack in the middle of them.  Talon seemed dead set on making it to the bottom of a moutain base befor we stoped moveing.  I was dead tired when we made it there. It seemed like we had been walking for miles and probably had been.

  • Talon and Razor checked the area out as Ravage and myself rested. It was about thirty minutes when Talon and Razor returned. Talon said he had spoted a small camp on the other side of the moutain. Razor had not found anything else. We decided do to lack of food and supplys that we would go to the camp and see what we could get.  I had to get out of the furs and into the dress. It took me some time but finally got into it. Talon and the rest were telling me how upper class I looked.  But after a while Talon motioned to move out.

  • As the group made it around the moutain and came into sight of the camp. Something seemed like I had been here berfor. Then as we got even closer two men came out to meet us and to my surprise it was Lorth and Ageno who I had met back on the first night.  As we approached it seemed Lorth and Ageno were shocked to see me.  Lorth said * littleclaw is that you and who are these men with you ?*  Talon looked at Lorth and replyed befor he let me talk * What do you want with my little sister sir?*  Lorth seemed shocked and stuttered * little sister you… are.. like her. Like cat like?*  Talon smirked * we are in a way like my sister now.*

  • Lorth and Ageno carefully came towards us. I shifted alittle looking at them * So what happened in Laura after you threw me out of the city?* Lorth signed and said * After you got out a large group of outlaws did atttack and got over the walls. But the Warriors of Laura  that were out hunting on and patorl returned just in time to catch the group in the middle. The Warriors captured all but about thirty men and there captian who escapted into the woods north of the city. They also took two Trans with the. The First Sword of Laura has been searching for them but so far has found no trace of them.*
  • Talon and the rest of us started to laugh alittle. * Why are you laughing what happened. Littleclaw do you know something about the outlaws?* Lorth asked us looking at us with concern. Razor looked up at Lorth * Well as for the Tarns my lil sister here killed one, and Ravage killed the other one, and as for those men and there captian you wont find them alive. And lets leave it at that sence we promised some people to not give out the location. *
  • Lorth and Ageno agreed not to ask more and walked us into his camp, like befor it was a set of a few carts one of course had some slaves chained up in it. This time Talon and the rest keep there sister close to them. Talon did not trust the men for what he had seen from Gor so far it was really not to his likeing with how women were treated but knew he could not change it. So Talon just decided in his eye’s to make sure nothing happened to his sister.
  • As the night went on we all sat by the fire eating some cooked meet. Razor looked at Ageno and asked him * So where are we I know were west of the high moutains but not sure where we are.* Ageno looked at Razor * This is the slaver road from Laura to the lands of  Torvaldsland. We are on our way there to sale these hot kajira to the men of the citys in that land. It is what we do and how me make a living we are slave trades.* Ageno replyed.
  • Lorth sat down by Talon looking at the group he started to explain * I can tell you four are not of Gor. Most likely your like littleclaw which to me after what we saw her do its best to be on friendly terms. Gor is a Man’s world, Men make the laws and control what happens. Female’s who show any type of passion are slaves they are owned and have no right’s they are beast’s. Now how they please there Master’s is in return how they are treated, A careing and loveing Kajira is treated in a good way. But those kajira who are unruleing and rebelious can end up dead. Now not all female’s are kajira although they should be. * The men of the camp all laughed hearing Lorth say that. * But those females who are Free as persay must follow stricked rules and never show passion* Lorth said. Ravage looked at Talon and Razor and said * These Free Women sound like Nuns.*  Talon and Razor agreed.
  • Lorth looked at Ravage * what is this Nun you speak off all earth girls are natural slaves are so that is what we are told and all the Earth girls I have ever seen execpt for Littleclaw are natural slaves.*

Razor replyed * A Nun is a earth female of a religious faith who gives herself to that faith in purity never knowing a man and totally serving as a worker in a temple. Never to know any type of pleasure of being with anyone.*  Lorth was stuned * These Nuns are on Earth you say… intresting *

  • As the men talked out of one of the ten came to lovely slave girls in silks. They were not like the ones in the cages they were not scared of the men at all. They came to the side of Lorth and knelt down with the trays and sat everything infront so all could see. The Kajira waited for permission to speek do to the men were all talking. Lorth looked over and smiled * Ah the food is here, Greetings Mine*. The Kajira with there heads slightly down replyed at the same time * Greetings My Master, Greetings Master’s, Greetings Mistress, Master if it would please you may Girl serve the meal and Paga.*  Lorth looked at his lovely Kajira * yes mine you may serve *  The kajira smiled * yes Master thank you Master*
  • The two kajira quickly and very seductively started to serve there Master. They perpared a plate of food and drink. They moved infront of him kneeling one presenting the food the other the drink in a most seductive way. One bringing up the cup to her stomach then to her chest as if touching her heart. Then bring it to her lips and kissing the cup and then truning it and ourstreaching her hands with her head down she then said * Master may this paga quinch your thurst and be pleaseing in taste.* Lorth took the cup and smiled as to how his girls were serveing.
  • Lorth siped his drink * Aye dina it is very good* the kajira smiled. Loth then motioned of the girls to server everyone else. So the Slaves went form Ageno, to Talon, then Razor and Ravage then came to me and served me as well. The food was very good but the drink was way to strong for myself.  The kajira’s returned to the feet of Lorth and just kneeled there. Lorth smiled at his girls and ruffled there hair. You could tell they were very happy at his affection and attention. This was totally differnet from the ones in the cage.
  • As the night went on everyone seemed to be more relaxed and getting along. Talon was listening to everything Lorth told him about Gor. Talon was always the soldier wanting to know all he can about his suroundings. Razor and Ravage were just watching the kajira. Quietly I just watched. Lorth started to get into the Caste system. All about the Red, Blue, White, Green, and so on. It all seemed like a royalty system. But it was intresting on how everyone saw the Green caste. It was like you wanted to be friendly and on good relations with them.
  • The night winded down and Lorth had the kajira show us to two tents of course they put me off by myself. For the first time sence comeing to Gor the sleep was peacful and relaxing. As morning came and I awoke. Something was wrong there was way to many sense. Quickly I got dressed and exited the tent to find in the middle of camp Lorth and Ageno and his men all sitting down with what looked to be armed warriors around them. They came in at night but how there was no noise or anything. Talon and Razor and Ravage where standing out of there tent not moveing as they looked around. Standing along infront of Lorth and the others was a man in all white his face was hidden by a hood.
  • Tal * the stranger said. Talon replyed * Tal*. The Stranger looked at us * So you are the four that killed all those men in the woods and the Tarn, you are the four that my Masters summoned to Gor, intresting.* Talon growled alittle at the stranger. * I would not do anything stupid young one or a lot of people will die befor you even get close.* replyed the Stranger. * What do you want with them* Lorth asked. The stranger turned and looked at Lorth * want with them I want nothing with them although my Masters want to have a talk with them.*  Talon looked over the area scanning the situation. * If we go with you you will leave these here alone and no harm will come to them.*  The stranger noded * of course they are not who my Masters want to see, but you and your borthers and sister.*
  • Agreed we will come with you now let them go* screamed Talon. The stranger raised his hand as if to give a signal. The men let up Lorth and his men. They then moved around us and the stranger. Lorth looked at us not wanting this to be held as a debt to him and his men. Talon looked at Lorth * we thank you for your hospitality but its time to repay that and make sure your not draged into what ever it is going on with us. We will meet again some day.* Lorth noded * Safe paths my friends*.
  • The group of men along with the stranger started walking away from camp for a few moments then we came into a clearing. We were stunned seeing at lest twelve Tarn’s no wounder they came in so quiet. The stranger and several men climbed on to the birds. We here shown where to go and to get on. The Tarn I was to ride on was not to happy seeing me seemed they dont like female’s. So I was to ride in a basket unlike the men. Talon looked at the Stranger * where are we going sir*. The stranger looked at Talon and replyed * to the Sardar moutains and to the home of my masters*
  • The Tarns lifted from the ground I almost wet myself sence this looked so unsafe to me. The Tran’s were very powerful birds they must have been what the elders called thunderbirds were. The group flew south for a long time. At the end of the day we landed near a city called Lydius on the coast. A few of the men went into the city and got some supplys but everyone stayed out of the city it was like a military compound the Tarn’s were in one area with guards around them. Then you had the camp and all around were more guards. There were three tents one main and two side. Inside the main tent the stranger in white along with what we could tell was the comander of the force and his captain’s.
  • It seemed the group were talking about the path to the moutains. Talon wanting some answers just blurted out * So are you going to explain whats going on or is it some big secret*. The stranger in white looked at us * all I was told was to bring you back they did not say why and they said not to cause damage to you. Now we will have food and drink soon so relax you are safe.* Talon did not show any confidence in the Stranger. The party retuned from the city with supplys and they cooked the food. We could hear the men asking why the free women was not serving them sence there was no slaves. But they started to laugh saying probably she did not know how to serve or even cook.
  • I just went into the next tent and went to sleep. The next morning we awoke to the men breaking camp down. Talon checked on us to make sure we were alright. The morning was alittle cold and cloudy it seemed a strom might be comeing in or some kind of cold front. The men hurryed to pack up camp and again all mounted the Tarn’s.
  • The group took to the air and keep heading south as we flew the land was below us, it was like flying in a small plain so could see all of the country side. It was amazing the moutains had snow on the tops and the plan’s were so green. Small villages marked the way as we flew over. Gor was a very lovely world no haze or combution plants like on Earth. No highways or anything it was like out of a old movie or something but looking out all around it was like nature had a world all to her own and it was unspoiled. Wild life abound although strange. But it seemed like they had Buffalo around or they looked like Buffalo.
  • Then to the horizon to the south it came into view the towers and just beauty of a city that stood out from any I had seen so far. It was amazing and huge the white towers all the building the people. We came to land just outside it and were met by Warriors of the city. The stranger met the Warrior’s and presented a letter to the one leading them. We could not hear anything that was said but the warrior welcomed him and then said to all of us * Welcome to Ko-ro-ba may you enjoy the hospitality of the city.* The stranger and some of the me started to head to the city. The stranger looked back at us and motioned us to join them. We followed Talon was right behind the stranger, then came Razor , with me around us I and Ravage brought up the rear. It as plain to see as we entered the city this was something special. The people all were busy some looked at us and all seemed to get out of the strangers way with out a word.

  • It seemed the stranger in white knew where he was going. He lead us threw the city to what looked like a temple and he went up the steps towards the doors. It was all white and very big the walls must have been twenty feet high. As the doors opened another person in all white came out and met him. They talked for a while and then both came down to meet us. * Tal welcome to Ko-ro-ba I am the high intindant of the city. You are welcome to stay for the night as my borther and I have much to talk about befor morning.* and with that the two went into the temple.

  • There we all were looking around like on a weekened break from school. But we figured we needed to stay out of trouble sence we were guest in the city. The guards broke up into groups expect for two who stayed right beside me as if to protect me at all times. Which totally stunk for me. But oh well time to shop even if all I had was a couple of silver coins which to me seemed like nothing sence none of us had a clue as to what the money system was on Gor.

  • As we went shopeing we came across a clothing store so of course we went inside do to this dress was killing me. Inside was a kajira fast at work on a dress. She stoped and come over and kneeled infront of us. * Greetings Masters, Greetings Mistress’s, may girl be of service to you in any way if it please you ?* The warrior to my right looked down at the girl * where is your master girl the lady here needs traveling cloths*. The kajira keep her head down and responded * My Master is upstairs, Master.*  * The fetch him for us girl* said the warrior. * Yes Master, right away Master * the kajira replyed and turned and quickly went up stairs. The kajira looked different in that she was not in silks but in a small half top and to what I could tell was a mini skirt. Of course you could see the collar and her brand and paper carrier.

  • A few moments later a older chubby man came down the stairs with the kajira behind him. He came up to us and the kajira kneeled beside her owener. * Tal I am Obar how can I help you today * he said. The one warrior beside me told Obar * the Lady Dawn needs some traveling cloths*. Obar looked me over and staired for a moment * It is rare to see someone with such colored hair in fact I have never seen anyone with that color hair. But let me call my companion she handles ladies clothing not me*. Obar turned and called up to stairs * Anjia come down here there is a Free needing traveling cloths*. A short time later a women also kinda over weight came down she was veiled but you could tell she was with child by how she keep a hand on her back. * Tal* she said. * Tal* we all replyed. * Oh what lovely hair you have lady I have never seen anyone with that color hair.* She said. * thank you* I replyed. * So traveling cloths for you. Hmmmmmmm….. * she then took her mesureing tape and took me by the hand and took me up stairs. Up stairs was where it seemed she worked and there were many dress’s all around. * You have a tiny waist, and small hips also but you make up for it in your chest. You have had not had children have you.*  Anjia just keep going on and on. Till she got all the info and mesurements.

  • Yes we have somethings that will fit you just fine. She went over to a area and pulled out two outfits both you could tell were to me like riding clothing they were still dress’s but a lot better than what I was wearing. She then had me try them on. Each time after putting them on she did some touch ups so they fit perfect. They both were so soft this lady knew how to make wounderful clothing. But it in my mind good cloths cost a lot. We came back down one and my old dress was in a new back pack. The other one was fitted to me perfect with a side back on my hip along with boots. I looked to Obar * what is the price for the outfits Sir.* Obar looked to his companion who held up two fingers. Obar then said * two copper coins each* . With that I pulle out one silver coin and give it to Obar he went over behind the counter and changed it and gave me a bunch of copper coins. * Thank you, and come again friends * Obar said as we left the shop.

  • As we walked around the city the lady was right there was no one around with red hair. It was so strange but nothing could be done. We met up with the group at a inn and stayed there for the night. The next morning the warriors came and got us. Talon and Razor and Ravage also had gotten new clothing they got rid of there black outfits and went with brown so we all matched in a way. The group went back to the temple and met up with the one in white. He said goodbye to his borther and we started to the main gate. As we got close to the gate it looked like some one importaint was entering the city. Talon asked someone what was going on. They replyed that Tal Cabot was entering the city the greatest warrior in all of Gor. We all looked to see him. For a moment we saw him pass us he was a hansom name but for a second he looked in our direction. Then keep on going further into the city. For a moment we just stood there then turned and left the city to where the rest of the party was and the trans.

  • We met up with the rest of the group and departed Ko-ro-ba heading again to the south west. I looked back and just watched as the city slowly faided into the distance. We flew all day takeing a few breaks to rest the Tarn’s. After a long day of flying we landed near the city of Fina. We would spend the night near Fina a few men went in and got supplys but it was not like how we did Ko-ro-ba. It seemed now we were short on time and everything was business. Talon got with us and explained he felt we were going to end up in a trap but for now play along. But keep our wits of what was around us at all time. Talon was always like that but it was better to be safe than sorry for we still did not know what was to come.

  • The next morning we again took to the air but it seemed now more of a hurry we took in the country side from the air but were on edge. Something big was comeing you could feel it all around and we best had been ready for it. Again all day we were in the air just landing to rest the Tarn’s. Then out of the south we could see the large moutains, they were massive probably the biggest in all of Gor. Or what we had seen so far sence we had been here.

  • The party landed near a small village at the base of the moutain. Here the stranger told us that we would go alone with out the warriors for this was a holy moutain and only those requested were allowed to go up on the moutain. Talon looked alittle worried as did we all. That night we stayed again outside the village with the warriors who told us that the village was that of those who server the Priest Kings and the moutain as there home. It felt kinda like ancent greece and mount Olympius, and the Greek Gods home.

  • That morning a man came up to us and told us to follow him, he was very rude and snobish I mean a totally pain in the butt type. It seemed he really did not like me around. But Talon motioned us to follow the man. For several hours we walked the path that lead up the moutain. Till we arrived at what looked like a set of massive doors. Here the man said we were on our own and to enter when the doors opened. He then walked over and hit a signal sound that was very loud and hurried down to moutain.

  • We stood there as the doors opened and to our surpise was what looked like a lone slave girl she did not talk but was in all white she bowed to use and motioned to follow. Talon looked at us then followed the girl and we hurred behind him. As soon as we were inside the doors closed and what we saw was very dark with some light but not much. The girl just slowly walked down the hall the bells around her ankles maked at the moment the only sound we could hear.

Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 014

Second Hand, Second Day of the second month, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    When the final score is tallied, I wonder whether the winner for causing the most wars will be miscommunication, stubbornness, or hubris. No sooner had I returned from my solitary sail I had the chance to witness all three at work.  I will leave to others to decide of how many of the three I was guilty.

  • I returned to the trading port of Meqara Point eager to see Tanz.  Often she had told me that strength and strong wills were attributes to be admired in men.  And, though to my thinking a man need not be obvious or boisterous to show strength, I had decided to demonstrate more, for want of a better word, manliness than I had heretofore shown.  Perhaps, at work in Fina, I decided, was not merely the issue of caste but my failure to project strength.  And so, I docked the boat, and headed into the woods, walking towards where we had set up the caravan and infirmary tent outside the camp of the Sa Pa’nga talunas.
  • Tanz saw me at about the same time my eyes spied her. I approached her and she neared me.  I greeted her with a strong voice, suggestive of the new me.  She slapped me across the face, saying some about my having left her.  Then she grabbed me and kissed me hard.   I held her, wondering if I should be annoyed at the slap.  I decided, in light of the equally enthusiastic kiss, to let it pass.
  • Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the En of the local talunas, previously introduced as Jinx. She was standing a short distance away, but before I could engage her in conversation she walked away.  I unsuccessfully tried to call her back.  I had not had much time to engage with the talunas during our stay and, notwithstanding being back with Tanz, I wanted to learn more of their customs.


  • With her gone, Tanz and I began to speak, but almost immediately a soft voice called out to Tanz. There was someone hiding by the caravan. I directed the stranger to come out.  Though the person, who looked like a woman, but whom I later learned was a male taluna slave known as wind, was a stranger to me, Tanz had met him while I was gone.  It appeared that wind, who carried a bow, had run away and gotten his collar removed somehow was seeking Tanz’s assistance in some regard.  I assumed, of course, that the reason for seeing Tanz was medical in nature.

  • However, before more than a few words had been uttered wind seemed to become agitated and the cause was the sudden appearance by our , wagon of another male slave. Again, he was a stranger to me, though Tanz had met him and he was referred to as maikal.  Maikal demanded that wind return to the taluna camp with him.  Wind resisted.  I put myself between the two slaves.  I heard the rustling and the movement of bows.  The situation was escalating, and the two slaves were listening neither to one another nor to us.  It seemed that they were only hearing their own words.   I acted forthrightly and drew my sword and ordered both slaves to stop and listen, to maintain the status quo.

  • Maikal ignored me, and started to leave, saying he would return to his camp and accept punishment for failing to bring wind back. Tanz and I tried to call after him to tell him to stay and to discuss this situation and not act rashly.  We wanted no harm to come to him or to the other slave until things had at least been sorted out.  But maikal ignored us, so after him I went, my sword still out, trying to call for him to come back and avoid the punishment he believed he would receive for failure.

  • Maikal did not. Instead, as I neared the gate of the talunas, I heard him talking to the En.  I caught the words “they try to order me to not attack.”  These words made it clear to me that I had acted correctly to avoid violence by standing between the slaves and drawing my sword to stop them before things had escalated to violence.  But the En, surprisingly, did not see things as I did. She saw me and acted in rage, accusing me of drawing my sword to provoke violence rather than stop bloodshed.   Try as I might to explain, she would not listen.  As with her slave she would not listen to my words, only her own words.  She would not even consider that I did not know who the slaves were, or attempt to see the events from how they had developed before me.

  • She demanded I apologize to her and her slave or face her cages. I refused, having done nothing wrong.  And, I declared that I would never apologize for stopping bloodshed.  She insisted, though the facts had proved her wrong, that one does not stop bloodshed by drawing a sword.  She would not see that that was precisely what had happened and the proof of the events was in the singular circumstance that no bloodshed had occurred.  She made more threats.  Instead of reacting with violence I sheathed my sword away and headed back to Tanz, ready to tell Tanz that we were leaving.

  • The taluna followed with her slave and at least one other, continuing to demand that I apologize and refusing to hear my words; instead, she called me a “fool.” Of course, by this time wind had fled, presumably scared off by the commotion.  There was no sense rationalizing with one that would not look at things objectively and from how they had developed to me.  The En complained that I had violated her laws — as if I had the faintest idea what so-called unwritten and unannounced law it was I had violated.   Tanz tried to intervene; I truly believe that she may have wanted me to apologize to the slave.  Though Tanz continued to try, the gulf in what was demanded, and what in good conscience I was willing to do was too far. Tanz was the one who had intimated that resolve and strength were respected.  Well, I was showing both and would not back down.  The En insisted that drawing the sword meant that I had attacked her people.  I responded, as I began to take down our makeshift infirmary, that had I wanted to attack they would all have been cut down by my sword.  Of course, that only enraged her more.  I finished stowing the tent in the caravan and called for Fredda to come and tethered her to the caravan to move it.  I looked at the En and noticed for the first time that her bow was drawn.  I reminded her that though her bow was drawn I had drawn no weapon in response.  I told her, calling her Jinx, that we had no intention of staying where we were unwelcome.  She became enraged that I had not called her by her title En.  I turned my back and walked away with Fredda and the caravan.  If she had so little honor as to fire in my back, I decided to let her do so.  As I suspected, though stubborn, she still possessed honor and she did not fire.

  • Tanz had not gone to the Serendipity at the dock. She had gone walking, annoyed and frustrated at the situation and I am sure quite a bit with me for being “stubborn.”  I loaded the caravan onto the Serendipity and tethered Fredda there as well, while waiting for Tanz to return.  There is a line between “resolve” and “stubborn” and I did not believe I had crossed it — though others may differ.  When she did she suggested we set up camp away from the talunas.  I saw no reason to do so and rejected her suggestion.  Tanz had no idea when her friend would return and, in my view, it would be better were we not there.  Tanz did not protest too much.

  • As we were about to leave we saw two women. As it turned out both were talunas in disguise, apparently from visiting some place otherwise inhospitable to them.  Neither was aware of what had happened.  One of them was nat’s mistress, Tamie, whom I had previously met.  I saw no reason not to tell them of the events, even if they were to take the side of their leader.  Tamie offered to speak to her leader.  I told her not to try; I made clear that it was not my intent or design for her to argue with her leader or to get in trouble for advocating on our behalf.  She insisted on trying and implored us to wait.  We agreed to wait for a short time.  She returned shortly thereafter unsuccessful in her efforts.  I told her I bore no ill will towards her, her tribe, or even her En  —  though in my view a leader who refuses to listen is prone to recklessness and costly mistakes.  Tanz reminded me later that from the perspective of the En anything that undercuts her authority undercuts her power.  I nodded, not necessarily agreeing, but not having anything to say at the moment to dispute the observation.

  • And so we sailed off, lucky that despite miscommunication, hubris, and stubbornness, no one was hurt and violence was averted. Though all involved were lucky I certainly did not feel lucky.  In my view, I avoided bloodshed by acting, though I cannot prove that bloodshed would have occurred had I not acted.  From my perspective, I cannot think what I should have or would have done differently under the circumstances, but in the end I felt in some real measure by acting with strength and resolve I had let Tanz down.


Issue 71



  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Warning !! Gorean Police Announcement !!!!
  • Sjovaettir by Minnie
  • The Province interview by Silver Brooks
  • Great City of Tasta BTB by Minnie
  • Puma in Gor (Chapter 5) – Izumi
  • WoRPG The international RP-Hub

From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal Gazette readers

  • Here is Issue 71 of Gazette of Gor. Like every weeks, we had a lot of things to add in our issue and we had to define and choose articles. We cant add all for many reasons and we apologize. But in this issue, we are pleased to make you discover and show you some lands wich deserve be discovered. Sjovaettir, the new Tasta, The Province, great new places done for our Gor
  • We are now partner with WoRPG The international RP-Hub. WoRPG  helps you to create your story and RP, not only in Gor but everywhere in SL. In our case, they could help you to define storylines and more. Use the LM in article to visit them.

At last, Whispering Moons has changed. Great Build, Forest, Fantastic GOREAN Village !! and yes an open camp. Is it an invitation to spank Ja Lina !!! Yes i am sure, they really want be spanked

  • Have a good read


English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.


Be careful All Gorean, a new dangerous land is re born with very bad outlaws ….. panthers and more. The name of this bad country is Whispering Moons and outlaws panthers are Ja Lina. Come visit them and discover their new village, the great forest and the new camp, a real open camp with some traps to discover

And, yes !!! We have the name of the guilty huntress who leads this band of bad outlaws…. Be more carefull with her, she could cap you with her smiles

Sjovaettir Village by Minnie

  • Ahhhhh, Sjovaettir Village !!! I always loved little village and people RPing in them. But for Sjovaettir, for the quality of the build, all colors, all details, it is more than a classic love. It is like a reborn in Gor …. Mmmmm and now, the most important. Owner of Sjovaettir launchs stories to help people in RP. Yes, you have learned. A story is created and people follow this story. It means that we have a red line to follow and we can add some other stories at the main and we are finally, near to create a perpetual storyline. Wyn, the Owner, has all understood … Good place, good stories, good ideas !!! A place to visit and discover

Up !! : – Build, Quality, Landscapes, Ideas, Stories

Down !! : – Homestead, Events ?, the name Sjovaettir (Very difficult to write it)

The Province  interview by Silver Brooks

  1. Please be kind enough to introduce yourself and tell us a bit of your story in GOR

– Greetings I’m Jasmine from the village of Province at Warriors Haven.

– About me: Her father, a loving and kind king driven from his land, her family separated, she woke in place unknown to her. Things were different here. She was use to being guarded, treated like royalty. This land was much the same but yet so very different. One day she found a friend of her fathers a man named Kala Larix, he’d been in this world and understood the ways of life. She had nothing, no clothing, no servants and certainly no guards.  With Ka teaching her she has learned to defend herself in a world much more harsh than the one before. With the few skills she had from urth she’s learned to hunt, cook, and defend herself, all without chains or a collar ever being placed on her. Determined to live the life of a free she is determined to rebuild her family. With Ka in her life she feels she can do anything even learn the ways of this crazy world.

2  Tell us about The Province and a bit about its history.

– After sailing his ship from one land to another, Ka came upon a small deserted area North of the tamber, just off a Northern branch of the Vosk, With there last remaining supplys, the tools and there own skills, they set about building a place to call home for the small family that he and Jasmine have started. After weeks of cutting, chopping, mixing and building, a village has been built to satisfy their needs and Safety for the moment. Always looking to satisfy his hunger to keep his family safe and comfortable, you will often find Ka fixing, building or digging something.  As the village grows, he builds more and more homes for those that choose to call Province home.

3 In total what is the population of the Province and who are the leaders

– Population 33-

– Kala Larix~Admin/Builder,

– Jasmine Quander~Admin/Scribe

– Anastasia Quander  (pinupBettie resident)~healer

– Cain Viper~Captain of the Guards,

– Moon Bandalora~Merchant,

– Frejya (firelightkiss Resident)~ First girl

4 Does the province accept new to Gor players or only the experienced players?

– Yes we accept and welcome new to Gor players, most of the players in the village are new to gor

5 What would you say your SIM’s most attractive Feature would be?

– the Forested tranquility of the land, it’s relaxing and beautifully landscaped waterways and mountains

6 Who builds. who decides, have you a council for all decisions?

– Ka does all the Landscape and building in the village.

Council has not been made yet as the village is growing still.

7 Many sim owners / admins get burnt out having to do every thing listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner or as a group leader

(Guard , Scribe, Moderator … and more).

– Depending on the day, I do Admin, Guard, Scribe, sometimes farmer (we use the G&S food system to enhance role play) as well as Ambassador and club host on Sunday nights. It keeps me busy and I don’t get bored. When things get stressful, one of the villagers manages to do something completely insane and dragging me along for the ride just so i laugh.

8 What are your feelings about the present Gor? is there less rp and more pew pew?

– I was on a 3 year nap from SL and when I returned I found people in gor don’t role play any more, they fight, have sex and have very little thought or imagination what so ever. Personally, I’m (we) here for the role play, raids are expected but you need a balance, and have even added the G&S system to the land to make for more role play.

– People need to use their imagination…….  Some one asks how my day was as I’ve just logged on and was stuck in traffic..  ( my reply) /me sighs “The Captain of the ship could barely move the ship, one would swear the winds just stopped blowing as the ship drifted along”

– Having spent much time at the hub and various sims, it seems with have many more BDSM people that are “Gorean in RL” or folks that just want to preach and complain about Gorean ways and put down those that don’t do things the way “they” interpret the books whether it is BTB or GE

9  Do the people of Province have any events or what does the Province people  do for fun?

– Every Sunday the village and Land is OOC for the entire day so others may visit, Explore and just enjoy the land without the constraints and rules that generally exist on all Gorean based rp lands, we are working on events to have during the day but for now we party (OOC) each Sunday from 5-7 with a DJ and dancing at our club in the sky.

10 Last but not least give the readers some words of wisdom in playing Gor.

– Don’t sweat the little things, Remember each person you come across is here to enjoy there time the same as you, try and use common sense, and respect others right to rp as they see it, the same as you.

 Great City of Tasta BTB by Minnie

  • Tasta is back with a new concept and all build will be Ok for this week. We all knew Tasta as a raiders group. Now, they have designed a BTB city with a large part for RP. It is a classic Gorean City with a well designed architecture. We can find Gardens, Therms, Good builds, Homes, and more. When i saw for the first time Tasta, it was like the little Trianon French Gardens. So why hesitate !!! Come RP with them and discover this great new place

Tasta Backstory revised

  • The City of Tasta rebuilt upon the ruins of what was formerly Tasta, a city that Lady Rose and fell within a year. Built by Lady Rose and her companion Alex Courcel, the city was finally ready to open it’s doors officially when Alex went off in search of allies from Port Kar never to return.

  • Filled with grief, Lady Rose ceased the city’s opening, looking out to the Thassa sea daily, awaiting his return. When their son Cruise finally grew to become a man, he found out his mothers story and decided to search for his father at many different cities to no avail. He came back though with her missing two daughters Lexi and Adisa which made Lady Rose’s heart soar. He told his mother at that point the new city would thrive again.

  • As a memorial or a beacon to his father still lost at sea. Lady Rose wanted a city like no other and based on her travels and the travels of her son, they designed a place that showed the prosperity and generosity they had and wanted to share with others. Thus the City of Tasta now stands proud and inviting to all Goreans wanting a fresh start.

  • The City of Tasta now sits along the Thassa, across from Port Kar and the Vosk river, between the Tamber Village Trading Postand the Silvercloud Tharlarion Stables.

  • We are a BTB sim and take pride in upholding that standard here.

Puma in Gor – CHAPTER 5 by Izumi

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    As we started to follow the girl the hall was very smooth and had strange blue lights in clear balls on the walls. It was very strange not like anything that had been seen outside of the moutain. Then we all stoped as we entered into a massive dome room in the middle of the room was a stone throne. The girl looked at us and for the first time spoke. * stay here* then she walked off into a tunnel. We all stood around looking at amazment at the room and how the dome was so big and purfect and that the strange blue light danced around it.

  • For a while we just tried to figure out how big it was and how in the world it could be made inside a moutain like this. Then as we turned I almost freaked out and yelled my head off seeing the biggest bug I had ever seen. Talon and Razor and Ravage got infront of me in defense as if to protect me. The bug was huge golden in colder with a strange box infront of it as it road up like standing we heard a voice out of the box. * Welcome children we are the one’s how have summoned you to our home. And we have a job for you to do.* Talon looked at the bug * okay one who are we, two how do you know of us. And three what the hell is going on around here.*

  • The big bug looked towards us and again the voice came from the box * We are the ones called the Priest Kings, we are the ones who brought you to Gor, we have known of your kind for thousands of years. And you are needed to save Gor from a terrible thing that may come.* Ravoz was shocked * wait your a Priest king a big bug like you are the ones who rule over all this world?* Again the voice came from the box that was around the huge bug * yes we are the Priest Kings*

  • Ravage looked to me to make sure I was okay, then turned back to the Priest King. Talon moved alittle closer to the Priest King * okay then what is this job you want us to do* he asked. * you will join with another that is here to go north into the far northern lands of Gor that is known where the Kurii live. There you will enter there lair and find there weapon’s and distory them. For these creatures are planing on causing a lot of distruction on Gor with them. In which we do not wish to happen. But do to its so far underground we have to send you into there to face them.*

  • Talon was easly not in a good mood about this. * so were expendable and you dont get your hands dirty on this.* That is correct the Priest King said. * Okay and what do we get in return in doing this job of yours?* Razor yelled out.  Again the box responded * You will be returned to your home that is if you accept and pull off this mission*  Talon got us together and we started to talk it over. * Okay we have a chance to go home * Ravage said. Talon replyed * I dont like it something is not right about this*. But Razor did not see a way out of this mess * I really dont think we have a choice in this matter guys it seems we will have to do it anyways*.

  • After about thirty minutes of talking it was decided. Talon looked at the Priest King * Okay deal we will do your job now who is it thats going with us*. The voice on the box called the girl back in. * Take them to see the one of Asher.* The girl bowed to the Priest King * yes Master right away*. She looked to us and motioned for us to follow. We slowly followed the girl, Talon never let his eyes leave the Priest king till the last moment.

  • The girl lead us down another hall to a door. The girl then opened the door and we walking into the room. The room as not huge but not small ither. About the size of a two room apartment. In the room was a desk and behind it was a lady with red hair dressed in green. She looked to be in her early thirty’s. She had many scrolls on the desk and on the walls you could see a lot of books around. The room was nice but seemed like a prison cell. As we came in the lady looked at us. * Tal * she said. We replyed * Tal*. She stayed seated looking at the girl * you can go girl*. The girl closed the door and there we were all alone with her in the room.

  • They told me you would be comeing, so tell me what part of Earth are you from* she said. We were shocked and looked at her. Talon spoke up * how do you know were from Earth and what does it matter where we come from*. The lady stood up and walked around the table. * The Priest Kings told me you were comeing remember. And I just wanted to know is all* she said. * First off who are you and why are you down here ?* Ravage said rashly. * that is good questions. First my name is Karen Whitedeer. And second The Priest Kings thinks it’s best I am here.* she replyed to Ravage. * Whitedeer? * asked Talon. * That sounds like a indian name.* said Razor. * Thats right I’m of the comanche nation. * Karen told us.  * we are Navaho* I replyed.

  • So do you have any idea what the kurii are and what were fixing to go up against.* Karen asked as she looked at us. * Well littleclaw killed two on her own so how hard can it be.* Talon replayed. Karen looked at me and replyed * so your the kittycat*. I just noded in reply. * Well then I best explain exactly what the Kurii are so you have a better idea* and with that Karen started to explain what the Kurii were and what they were capable of doing.

  • We all sat down on pillows to listen to Karen. * First thing to remember these creatures see us as food unless they can use us as spys. They do not see us as anything else. Second there smart super intelegent they know space travel and I mean as in flying out of the solar system, smart. They look a lot like you guys in your wolf forms. And you maybe able to hide for a while in there lair as Kurii. But they will catch on quick. For one they have six fingers on there hands not five. Two there language is grunts and so on like wolves would have so you might beable to understand them. What I am telling you is for the mission those in the outside world never speak of this.

  • They like the night but have been seen in the daytime, which for you four may give you a advantage do to what you four are. Most of the time they will work in packs of six outside in the open. This six packs are strike units highly trained soldier like. So if you see one expect the other five. The usually are between seven and nine feet tall and up to eight hundred pounds. So expect a tough fight with these guys. This info was given to me by the Priest Kings for this mission. There is no information on inside a kurii lair. We will be going inside blind no intel no nothing.

  • Talon spoke up * So these guys are super smart and have technology and are tough like us. Great and on top of that no intel on inside there base. This is getting better by the moment.* Karen continued * Thats right its not a good mission but a lot rides on this mission one thing we do know is where the area there lair is not exactly where but a good idea. So here is the plan on getting there. First we will work out down here getting a good team work going. This way we know how to work with each other. Second we will leave out at night heading to Ven. Once there we will have a boat waiting for us and we will stay on the boat and sale to Port Kar. At Port Kar we change ships we stay on the dock’s and move from one ship to another at night we dont want a lot of attention. Then from Port Kar we head north up the coast till we get to Thorstein-Lager.

  • At that point we depart and head overland to Torvaldsburg. From Torvaldsburg we will then head north threw the Tancred Pass in the Himgar moutains and enter the Polar plain’s. Once exiting the pass and on the snow we turn and head east looking for three moutains that make a cove in the middle of them. There we will find the entrance to the kurii lair. Once we get there we will have to find a way inside with out being seen by them. Oh and did I say its all going to be in snow. If not well it will be.

  • I was sitting there going you got to be kidding me. * what we cant take tarn’s up there thats how we got all the way down here.* replyed Ravage. * lets see a bunch of flying large birds comeing over the moutains in the snow plain’s. Hmmmmmm would not be hidden much would it. And there sure to have watchers for such things dont you think.* replyed Karen. * good point, but still we will need clothing and some weapons and training befor we head out on this mission. And why are you going with us anyways.* Talon asked.  * I am the only one who could figure out what is inside if its techno based. Two I am the medic of this team so you all wont end up dead befor this mission is over. Three I kinda know where were going and you don’t.* Karen said. Talon sighed and agreed but we all could tell he did not like this at all.

  • Karen took us out of her room and down a hall to a big area that was set up for us to train. Talon at this point took comand even telling Karen she was going to get in shape and train with us. She did not argue and seemed to totally support Talon’s call. We started out running human form, Talon worked us hard and to our suprise Karen was staying right with us not even breathing hard. The team got really good at running we were not even breathing hard after running for what seemed like a few hours. Everything Talon was doing was based on what he was tought in the army and wow did it work we were all getting riped. The team worked out like this for at least a week getting us in shape. Talon said we were doing this so we would not need to change forms unless just absolutely needed. Weapons were provided to us. Talon, Razor, and Ravage were given really nice swords and shields, Karen and I got Bows with some very nasty looking Arrow’s.

  • For the next three weeks we learned how to use these. Talon worked us hard and the one who was training us weapons wise named Kan keep us on our toe’s. The men got really good even by Kan’s say so he was shocked how well they had gotten. Then Kan focused more on Karen and I and our shooting. He did not like training female’s on using bow’s but he got us to the point where we could hit pretty much any thing moveing and at far distances.

  • After all then came the team training. Talon took total control of this and went threw how we would move with Razor at point Talon and Ravage to the sides and me protecting Karen. So the team would move in like a diamond in a way with karen in the middle of the formation. As we moved in any noise we would hunker down then wait and if something came at us we would kill. We had no choice with this for if anyone got away to warn the kurii we would be in a world of trouble. For me this was hard sence I hated killing just was not my nature but understood it had to be done.

  • After what seemed like months Kan agreed with Talon it was time to go. We all got new cloths for the trip and packs with cloths for when we got to the colder climate. We all headed out Karen we dressed in all green and we saw a ring on her right hand. She told use this was her physician’s ring and no one would question if she was a healer or not. The bow’s and quivers were carried by Razor and Ravage for Free Women were not to be seen with weapons. We passed there the great domed hall where the one Priest King said good bye to us and wished us well.

  • We headed up the tunnel that had smooth floors and the lights on the walls till we made it to the doors. They opened and waiting for us was the one man who was in all white. We stoped and looked at him. Tal he said to us. We replyed in kind. Quietly we left and the doors closed behind us. It was night and all the moons were out in full. We could all feel the power we had even in human form. As we made our way all the way down the moutain to the small village we stayed all quiet. At the village we were met by three men dressed in red and heavly armed. They were to go with us to Ven to make sure we made it to the boat. With a quick look back up the moutain we started north towards Ven and the beginning of our great adventure or a totally nightmare who could say.


The international RP-Hub

The idea behind it…. A hub to connect and to strengthen the roleplaying community; a central contact point for newbies and roleplaying beginners; a focal point to support and encourage the exchange of thoughts, ideas and creativity.  We had no clue where the journey would lead us, but now we have connected more than 40 roleplaying worlds from A to Z and from different genres. Within the last months our roleplaying hub enjoys more and more popularity and we always strive to consider the needs of an increasing community.

It is one of our goals provide broad support to roleplay beginners as well as to inspire experienced players seeking a new roleplaying challenge. Furthermore we want to show the wide range and the diversity of roleplaying worlds to all interested visitors.  The ground floor is reserved for german roleplayers, the first floor reflects the variety of international roleplaying worlds in different languages.

Support from Roleplayers of Roleplayers is the motto of the new Roleplaying hub. The ground floor is reserved for german roleplayers, the first floor reflects the variety of international roleplaying worlds in different languages.

We are looking forward to your visit. A multitude of worlds is awaiting you and your creativity. It is up to you to fill the creations of simowners with life and to experience thrilling adventures with your friends and the roleplaying community.

We invite you, to take the group “Roleplay Channel”. The Inviter you will find on the hub and on different RP-Sims. You don’t need a group-slot in your profile!

Chri Emor



Issue 72


  • From the Editor’s Desk by Claude
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Warning !! Gorean Police Announcement !!!!
  • Bloodsong Mountain By Mariko Marchant
  • Assassins of Gor by Minnie
  • Article on G&S Farming by Claude
  • Puma in Gor (Chapter 6) by Izumi

From the Editor’s Desk by Claude

Tal Gazette readers

  • There are time when, despite who hard, how long you try, nothing seems to work out. Just like this edito actually. Some might think that it is easy do do, after all it is kinda short, you don’t really have to do a lot of research, but that is far from the truth.
  • To write an edito, you need something, something that, at this moment, I’m lacking. You need an idea, you need something to talk about, a subject. And at time, well, your mind simply stay blank, And you don’t know how to write your edito.
  • It happens, it is annoying and frustrating, but you have to write it anyway. So you end writing an edito on the difficulties of writing one.
  • However, even if i have no ideas, you can find good articles in this issue, about Pani Fighters, Assassins, G&s and our classic parts, the Gorean Police Warning and Izumi,’s story. Have a good read


English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.


  • Heya Gorean, be careful when traveling near The Ruins of Odin. Behind the beautiful new landscape, you could meet fierce panthers, end bad outlaws. So after jumping out of the ship and leaving docks, go drink some paga in tavern, you would need be drunk to have the curious idea to fight against all those bad girls who have all bounties on her head. I told you that they are outlaws, vicious, ready to betray and enough strong to cap all. I warned you. Up to you to try pinch their butts.

Bloodsong Mountain By Mariko Marchant

  • Mariko Marchant: Tal Sir.

–   Aiden Python: Tal Mariko.

  • Mariko Marchant: Nice to meet you.

–   Aiden Python: Nice to meet you also *Bows respectfully.

  • Mariko Marchant: *Bows.

–   Aiden Python: Welcome to our dojo Mariko.

  • Mariko Marchant: It looks Eastern

–   Aiden Python: Yes we are very pani(Chinese). We are very asian, this is an Asian gorean     group. But we have people from all nations. We do have asians in the group that I teach. I am     Sifu, Sensei is the Japanese term. Here we teach the art of Sha Shou Quan. It is unavailible     anywhere else in Gor. Killers little circles..

–   FrankyTL: Tal Mariko.

–   Aiden Python: This is franky, a senior classmate. and swift as the wind.

  • Mariko Marchant: Tal Sir.

Do you do melee?

–   FrankyTL: Yes, how could we fight without melee?

–   Aiden Python: Franky would you like to give her some taste?

  • Mariko Marchant: Well I am a panther bow is our first weapon.

–   FrankyTL: Yes, you are right. Panthers some are great bows..but in close fight..

–   Aiden Python: We prefer to finish our fights in under 10 seconds

  • Mariko Marchant: i was first bow at Zima one of the oldest panther tribes.

–   FrankyTL: Oh then you must be a super bow.

  • Mariko Marchant: Not really. I am more into tatical issues.

–   FrankyTL: Well that’s very important too.

  • Mariko Marchant: First bow does not have to be the best bow. * Looks at FrankyTL..Seems you are a strong fighter.

–   FrankyTL: Oh Mariko.. I’m not that strong..i’m learning..What weapon brand you use?

  • Mariko Marchant: LR..Can we try? *grins.

–   Aiden Python: LR is 20 script. It is indeed very laggy. Really the best katana animationis the         GTS one without dude. The best sword is GTS odachi without animations .

  • Mariko Marchant: Very interesting.

–   FrankyTL: But is ther same than the other GTS Katanas right?

–   Aiden Python: Yes, GTS script are same. But there are two kind of scripts. One is the super         light version at 16kb size. I use the default GTS R-evolution lightbow script.

–   FrankyTL: My Muroto katana is R-Evolution.

–   Aiden Python: This is the lowest lag simm in Gor. You can tell easily by looking at the script         count and available prims.

  • Well I lost the melee fight against FrankTL. These guys are really good. I sure will be back to learn and train!

More info about Bloodsong Mountain

  • Typically Asian, Pani do not generally need to pay attention to caste, the language is different, and with Pani, we have different customs and ways. What makes our simm different is that we manage our simm like a dojo or martial art school, We rank by skill, and we own the lowest lag simm in gor. with less than 21,000 scripts total and 9000 prims available. Most Simms find this nearly impossible to achieve.

  • Sifu means father mentor master, and highest respect is given to these individuals, as they are the caretakers and overseer’s in the development of others, They are fully invested in the progress of the students. To clarify, In western culture teachers are just friends… but this is not same in the east.  in eastern cultures, highest respect is given ancestors, and to lineage, and to family line. The Sifu is one who bestows knowledge and power onto those who are willing to learn. The Sifu is a father in the lineage.

  • We spend alot of time here together, We bond here a lot because we have a system based on kung fu. we train very hard   if we could sweat in here; it would smell deeply. Many of our masters are impossible for ordinary fighters to handle, anyone Sihing and above are practically deadly to anyone.  The Sifu’s privately train the Sihings, which in turn the Sihings train the Si dai’s.

If you were to translate the words Si dai, or Sihing.

Si dai means Junior Classmate.

Sihing or Si je means Senior classmate,older brother or older sister.

Sifu means master/teacher/father/mother/guide

  • The mountain is based upon the symbol of the Chinese Shaolin monks, however this is gor, so it has a blood song to it. the training becomes a role in itself, and people tend to bow with respect after fights, there is the roles that Sifu’s need filling, there is also potential seats at the council for sponsors or diplomatic admins. Rpers are also needed to promote a more immersive environment, the dojo is technically called a Kwoon Yuen.
  • We wear dark clothing, to make our training more difficult, and improve eyesight, we train under the hardest conditions, so that when we go outside again, we are stronger than normal. We train our eyes to see better in contrast, and it even improves real life night vision. Everything here is designed to increase the difficulty of normal situations by many times.
  • When you receive a si dai tag, you will be approached by other students and seniors who will start helping you, teaching or assessing you, so that you can participate. The role-play is a respectful one, a very my.myagi environment, wax on wax off.  Sihings will take you to the side and show you the drills for solo training and partner training, each training drill is intended to keep you engaged, designed from neurosciences. you will receive good words and strong meanings. over time your skill develops and within a few weeks to a few months you will become very strong. the strongest Sifu’s ever produced take down 20 regularly.. It is a joy to watch the Sifu’s in action, because a fight between si dai’s can last 10 minutes, but a fight between Sifu’s can last as little as 5 seconds.
  • Sha shou quan literally means, killers little circle, its a fighting art it should be honored as such, a Sifu of the sha shou dojo , can circle-dance proficiently using bow pole and sword, with mastery, they can fight up close and personal with no problem close range, and are only expected to be the strongest fighters on the simm. After learning the drills, if you win 50% of 10 matches matches against a Sifu, you will join their ranks.  we very much respect a person skill, and many never give up which is even more commendable. The people here are very good people, there is never any drama or bickering, they are just simply good people that do the drills and train together. when Sifu’s get really really strong, sometimes it takes two kurri’s to take them down, because we are crazy enough to want the hardest challenges possible. something harder than normal to adapt to.  the Sifu are examples of great fighters, and gives the students a goal to achieve, they provide a challenge when necessary. Here is it is a custom to “touch hands*
  • We have many simulators on the simm everywhere, hill environments, tunnels, flats, mesh rocks, obstacles, pitch black rooms, several types of chambers, dark rooms, corner rooms, column rooms, even a gate. It is however an open simm, they can take the tunnels or the gate.  and it is a truly splendid gate with 8 bandaging spots for raiders. allowing for fighters to fight outside of the doors rather than behind them. If you are interested in seeing this, you may visit and spend time with us, but be forwarned, we do not teach outsiders. And also, please, Beware the goat.  It is an automated antijumping script , the only of its kind in SL.  If you trigger the goat ; it will headbutt you with an eject, forcing you to start all over again at the docks.  It is automated, so please try not to take it personal. 🙂


The administrative team of Bloodsong Mountain(GE)

Assassins of Gor

  • The Caste of Assassins, also known as the Black Caste, is a mysterious one and the books do not explain a great deal about their Codes, conduct or activities. No one outside of the Caste is supposed to know their secret Codes though a few elements of their Codes are revealed in the books. Some of these Codes are disseminated as rumors so they could actually be intentional disinformation, and thus incorrect. It seems likely that Norman purposefully limited the amount of information about the Assassins to maintain an air of enigma about them.

  • Realistically, any such organization would carefully conceal its secrets. Consider the examples from Earth history of the Assassins of the Middle East, the Ninja of Japan and the Thuggee Cult of India. Secrecy was imperative to their success. It would also be a defense mechanism, as such organizations are often quite hated. In addition, fantastic rumors about the prowess and abilities of these groups were actively encouraged and disseminated to enhance their fearsome reputation. The Assassin Caste of Gor would obviously encourage such fanciful tales as well, to enhance their reputation, to make themselves even more feared by others.

  • Many people do fear the Assassin Caste and try to avoid the presence of an Assassin, often leaving a location if an Assassin enters it. Such people worry that the Assassin might be after them, or that the Assassin might take offense at something they do and kill them. Such people may cross a street to avoid passing by an Assassin. Some may even go so far as avoid touching the shadow of an Assassin with their own shadow. The money of an Assassin may be considered “black gold,” and thus tainted, so many people will not accept it. Instead, these people may simply give the Assassin anything he wants for free. The Black Caste definitely prefers that people fear them as it makes many things easier for them. Despite their fearsome reputation, Assassins are still the most hated caste on Gor though it is not considered the lowest of Castes. It is a Low Caste but its exact place within the hierarchy of Low Castes is never given.

  • During the events of Tarnsman of Gor, Pa-Kur, a Master Assassin of Ar, desired to attain the throne of Ar, to become its Ubar. Though he succeeded in conquering the city, his reign was very short and he was forcefully ousted. His actions were considered a serious violation of the limits of his Caste. According to the First Knowledge, if a Low Caste person comes to power in the city, that city will come to ruin. The Assassin Caste is a Low Caste and thus prohibited from taking power within a city.

  • After Pa-Kur’s defeat, Assassins were hunted down, many ending up as male slaves on the galleys that sail across Thassa. The Caste was also officially banned within Ar. Those Assassins who avoided capture had to assume disguises, often pretending to be Warriors. They had lost any respect they might have once possessed. It would not be until after the events of Assassin of Gor, about ten years later, that Assassins would once again begin to appear openly. The prohibition against them in Ar was apparently lifted though it was never explicitly stated as such.

  • The information in the books concerning Pa-Kur, Ar and the Black Caste raises additional questions that are never completely addressed. What does the title “Master Assassin” entail? Is he the leader of the entire Caste? Are there multiple Masters within the Caste? Are there multiple orders of this Caste or is it a single united Caste? No other Master Assassins are referenced in the books. Pa-Kur certainly seems to be in charge of all of the Assassins that joined in the attack on Ar. But there is nothing definitive on exactly who rules the Caste.

  • There is some indication as well that the Assassin Caste may have been based in Ar, or at least one major group of Assassins. Pa-Kur is sometimes referred to as the “Master Assassin of Ar” thus seemingly indicating his connection to that city. Though we do know he would not be a citizen of Ar, as Assassins cannot have Home Stones. There is also a question whether there were Assassins based in places other than Ar. For when Ar outlaws Assassins in the city, the book notes that Assassins all across Gor start hiding. If only Ar outlawed them, then why would they need to hide from other cities as well? We should note that these incidents occurred in the earliest Gor novels, when Norman may not have fully conceptualized the Assassin Caste.

  • The Assassin Caste may also be limited only to the cities of the northern hemisphere of Gor. There is a reference to Assassins being “sleen of the north.” . This comment is made by a native of the jungles outside Schendi, located in the equatorial region of Gor. This comment, with its surrounding context, makes sense only if Assassins were limited to the regions above the equator. That does not mean they cannot travel into the southern hemisphere but only that they are solely based in the north. None of the other novels indicates that the Assassin Caste exists in the southern hemisphere. They can obviously travel into the southern hemisphere, but their base of operations appears to be in the northern hemisphere.

  • The Assassin Caste is also largely limited to the civilized cities of Gor. None of the barbarian cultures of Gor are known to have Assassins. The Wagon People possess a Clan of Torturers, who are garbed in black, but they are not Assassins. They act primarily as interrogators, torturers and executioners. The only people they kill are prisoners brought to them for execution. They are not hired to assassinate people. Though a Torturer apparently tried to kill Tarl Cabot when he spent time with the Tuchuks, this does not seem to be the norm based on the rest of the information presented concerning this Clan.

  • How does one become an Assassin? The Assassin Caste is one of the few Gorean Castes where you must actively join it to become a member. It is not a Caste that you are born into. This is similar to the Caste of Initiates and the Caste of Players. The Assassin Caste is very selective in their acceptance of candidates for their training. They seek certain qualities that have proven over time to lead to proficient and effective Assassins. Some of these qualities may include quickness, cunning, strength and skill. Such individuals may also possess a couple traits others might consider negative, a bit of selfishness and greed.

  • Can women belong to the Assassin Caste? The various quotes in the novels refer only to men being brought into the Caste. There is not a single reference that indicates or implies women were ever permitted to join the Assassin Caste. Despite this lack of support, some still feel that women can be members of the Assassin Caste. But, the primary argument in support of allowing women to belong is simply that there is not an explicit prohibition stated within the novels. Yet that is certainly not a valid argument as the mere lack of a prohibition would thus allow so many other matters that no one would ever suggest was Gorean. The books do not specifically prohibit vampires on Gor so does that mean they too can exist on Gor? Every reference in the books to Assassins, where gender is mentioned, refers to men. Ancillary evidence concerning the status and roles of women on Gor further supports their prohibition from the Caste. The weight of evidence, when everything is considered, falls upon the side of disallowing their presence within the Caste.

  • The exact details of the training procedures of the Assassin Caste are shrouded in mystery though a few matters are known, rumored or suspected. It is believed that only about 10% of all trainees will eventually become actual members of the Caste. It is presumed that the other 90% either die during the training process or are slain as failures, their deaths serving to protect the secrets of the Caste. The Caste certainly would not want a disgruntled failure to be set free to share the secret knowledge they have acquired. The survivors though would tend to be a close-knit community, a killing elite. Based on these percentages, the Assassins are likely not a highly populous Caste though actual numbers for the Caste are never given in the books. In addition, the amount of need for their services is never clearly defined in the books so we cannot know how many Assassins could be supported by Gorean society.

  • At the commencement of their training, each trainee for the Caste is assigned another trainee as a training partner. These pairs will remain together for the length of the training period and a close friendship between these partners is actively encouraged. Each pair will be often be pitted against other pairs during the training process so it is very important that each pair can work well together. Dissension between partners would negatively impact in the competition against other teams. It thus becomes natural that the men in such pairs will grow close.

  • But, often unknown to these trainees, the partnership will eventually end, in a lethal way. The final test for each pair involves the two partners trying to kill each other. It is unknown exactly where this test occurs, whether inside or outside. But it does involve hunting down the other partner so it is more than a simple face-to-face duel. The survivor of this final test, if there is one, will then become an Assassin. Though this may seem counterproductive, eliminating potential members, the Black Caste has a definite rationale for this final test, reasons why prospective members must slay what becomes their best friend.

  • First, it is intended to make their members understand fully what it means to be an Assassin, what is necessary to excel and what sacrifices must be made. Second, the Caste wants to make its members emotionally cold, for an Assassin to place their Caste above all other relationships. Ultimate loyalty must be to the Caste, and no type of personal relationship can interfere. Third, it is to eliminate any traces of mercy within its members. An Assassin is not supposed to feel bad for his victims as that would be a weakness that could be exploited. This final cruel test obviously will drastically change a man. “One is then alone, with gold and steel.”

  • Assassins must possess loyalty only to their Caste. The Caste will not permit any conflicting loyalties. To that end, Assassins do not have Home Stones, as that would constitute a potentially conflicting loyalty. An Assassin might hesitate or be unwilling to kill someone from their own Home Stone. So, upon entering the Caste, you must surrender your loyalty to any prior Home Stone. Assassins generally are cold individuals and unlikely to form bonds of love. It is very unlikely that they would join in Free Companionship as such might also create a conflict of loyalty. It would also create a potential weakness, one that could be exploited by an Assassin’s enemies. To an Assassin, most people outside the Caste are employers, targets, tools or fools.

  • The Caste color of the Assassins is black and they often garb themselves entirely in black, even painting their helmets black. They also use a black banner as their symbol. They do not seem prohibited from wearing different colors at times, but most seem to prefer the black. As a title of respect, Assassins may be referred to as “Killer.” They do not take offense when they are addressed as such.

  • Assassins learn many martial skills and their combat training is similar in many respects to the training of the Warrior Caste. The similarities would be primarily in the area of personal combat. It is unlikely that the Assassins learn much about waging wars, mass combat or siege warfare. But they would learn many weapon skills and unarmed combat, including the use of the gladius, spear, knife and crossbow. In one on one combat, an Assassin and a Warrior are probably on equal ground. Pa-Kur, the Master Assassin, was considered one of the finest swordsmen on Gor. In addition, no one was surprised at the sword fighting ability of Kuurus or Drusus.

  • Despite the similarities in certain aspects of their training, Assassins and Warriors generally do not get along well with each other. Each Caste considers itself superior to the other, a more skilled combatant. In addition, they consider themselves to be natural enemies. A few quotes further demonstrate what some see as the differences between these two Castes.

  • When an Assassin takes fee for a job, he often affixes a tiny and fine mark of a black dagger on his forehead. It is not known what material is used to affix this mark. In some instances, another Assassin will place the dagger on an associate’s forehead. The dagger is newly affixed each morning though it does not appear to be an absolute necessity. It may be more to make access to cities easier, as well as increasing the fear factor in their presence. With the dagger mark on his forehead, an Assassin may freely enter almost any Gorean city. Few would try to prevent their entrance. And many who see the dagger may flee, worried that the Assassin might be after them.

  • Some wrongly believe that because Assassins are often allowed free entrance into a city, that it is also true that no one will oppose an Assassin’s mission, that guards will just stand back and do nothing. This is not the reality. Gate guards may step back to allow an Assassin to enter, but personal guards certainly will oppose any assassination attempt made against their charge. The books also state that city rulers would bolster their defenses, increase their number of guards, when they were aware of an Assassin present in their city. They will not just sit meekly by and allow the assassination to occur unimpeded.

  • Witness of Gor made it clear that Assassins do not have free reign in a city that they visit. The Assassins who entered Treve needed specific authorization from the administration of the city to conduct certain activities. For example, they received specific authorization to bear weapons in the city, to enter the pits below Treve and to take possession of the prisoner Marlenus. They certainly did not enter Treve on their own, doing whatever they chose. They required specific authorization. And when they encountered opposition, they did threaten to complain to the administration.

  • Few things are known concerning the Caste Codes of the Assassins though the books provide more information on their Codes than almost any other Caste. Their Codes prevent withdrawal from the caste. Anyone who tried to quit would be likely hunted down and killed. The Caste does not want its secrets revealed to anyone outside the Caste. The Caste might even view such rogues as failures that needed to be eliminated to preserve the integrity of the Caste. According to their codes, Assassins are supposed to make their own kills. Thus, they cannot subcontract out a killing. This would also prevent them from using sleens or other animals to kill people though not all Assassins follow closely to this Code provision. There have been instances where an Assassin used a sleen for a kill. The use of poison is also against their codes though it is said that their pride alone would prevent most Assassins from using poison. There is little skill in using poison and most Goreans consider it a woman’s weapon anyways.

  • Though it is not against their codes, most Assassins are not tarnsmen. They will more often ride tharlarions though there are a few Assassins who are accomplished tarnsmen. Assassins also do not carry pouches like most other Goreans. Instead, they have small pockets in their belts.

  • The primary weapon of choice of the Assassin is the crossbow. A crossbow, which fires an iron bolt with an initial velocity of about one pasang per second, has a considerable striking power and can penetrate most shields. At a distance of about 60 feet, one of these bolts can sink about four inches into a piece of solid wood. Though it has a slow rate of fire, especially compared to short and long bows, most Assassins will not be shooting a barrage of quarrels at a victim. They hope to need only a single iron bolt to slay their target. The crossbow allows them to strike at a distance thus enhancing their chance of escaping detection. Some Assassins use special, smaller crossbows that are more easily concealed within a cloak. These weapons are also easier to ready for firing. Unfortunately, the books do not provide many details about these smaller crossbows. Assassins do not rely exclusively on the crossbow. They also obtain proficiency with other weapons such as the gladius, knife and spear. As well as maybe less common weapons such as garrote.

  • Assassinations are generally well-planned events, not impromptu killings. The Assassin will often begin by gathering information on his intended target. This will allow him to better choose an appropriate method of assassination, one that will have the greatest chance of success and also allow the Assassin to escape afterwards. It might entail following the victim to learn his habits, his routines. It may entail questioning people concerning the intended victim. It is rarely a haphazard affair. Skill and technique are very important to Assassins. They take immense pride in their work so they obviously do whatever they can to enhance their efficiency and success.

  • No one is safe from the potential of assassination. If someone has a grudge against you, and they can afford it, they could hire an Assassin. Assassins will kill both men and women. Talena, when she became Ubara, feared assassination and Tarl Cabot confirmed that was a real possibility. “It was not irrational on her part, of course, to fear an assassination plot.” (Magicians of Gor, p.459) But, how much does it cost to hire an Assassin? Obviously the price will vary dependent on the target, difficulty and skill level of the Assassin. Actually prices are not really provided in the books but it seems reasonable, based on tangential evidence, that their fees are calculated in gold tarns, and not copper or silver tarsks.

  • Assassins sometimes serve the purpose of justice. There is a differentiation between what are called the “first” and “second” killings. In a “second” killing, an Assassin is hired to avenge someone’s murder. In a “first” killing, an Assassin is committing the first killing between the parties involved. Many Goreans, who might object to first killings, will accept the validity of “second” kills as a necessary tool of justice.

  • It does seem clear that most, if not all, contracts with an Assassin are verbal only. You pay the Assassin and give him information on the intended victim. There are few formalities involved in such. There are probably multiple reasons why written contracts are not used. First, as many Goreans are illiterate, it would be very difficult for them to read and sign contracts. Second, to maintain secrecy, a trail of paperwork would be avoided. This helps protect any connection between the employer and the Assassin. It can also prevent repercussions from a victim’s family and friends.

  • Do Assassins possess a monopoly on killing people for money? Few Castes seem to possess any monopoly on some basic elements of their caste. Anyone, and not just a Slaver, can sell slaves. Anyone, and not just a Warrior, can learn how to wield a sword. But, there are some protections such as laws against pretending to be a Physician. Obviously mercenaries kill for money and their existence does not seem to bother the Black Caste. Bounty hunters also exist, capturing their targets dead or alive, and there does not appear to be an issue with the Assassins over that either. So it would seem that the Black Caste might only get upset if someone tries to actually claim they are an Assassin when they are not.

  • Besides being hired for assassinations, Assassins also seem to sometimes hire themselves out as guards. They may even take on such a job while they are already contracted for an assassination. There are few guidelines in the books concerning this function. It seems likely such jobs would be temporary, as Assassins appear to travel much conducting assassinations. It would be hard to guard someone within a city if the Assassin had to travel to another city to fulfill a contract.

So you are a farmer and wish to use the G&S system ?

  • You should first decide on your goal, do you want to raise crops

  • Do you wish rather to raise animals ? Or will it be both ?

In any case, do not see too big, but lets assume you wish to raise both. You need first to decide decide which animals you wish to raise at il will determine the crops you’ll need in order to keep them healthy. Crops that you’ll then need to grow yourself or to acquire by trading.

  • Lets take Tharlarions for example, you need to feed them, so if you wish to be self-sufficient you will need for animals, as verrs, tarsk,(either normal or giant), vulos or boks, and of those the books are the more rentable as they five double the food for your tarks, so lets assume you decided to raise them.
  • It means you have to decide how many bosks you would need to feed your tharlarions, and of course add some more for your personal use. And it is at this point that come the crops issue, as obviously you will need to feed your bosks, and feed them well, which mean having enough grains fields (or be able to acquire enough grains bags via trading).
  • To summarise, if you acquire some animals, be aware that you will need more than those, so plan accordingly or you’ll take the risk to be frustrated and disappointed.
  • Earlier, I have talked about tarks, that are related to pigs. While the others animals are relatively simple to feed (meat for the tharlarions, grains for the hervivors and vulos, tarks are actually omnivores and would require a special meal. There are different ways to make it so I won’t detail it, but you will need at leat flours, suls and water, so make sure to have those.
  • So you have all set, you produce more than you’ll need to feed your animals, so what next ? Well, those animals and fields needs caring, either by yourself of by some slaves, and that mean having enough energy, and that mean having food.
  • In our next month article, we will then talk about cooking in G&S.

Claude Belgar.

Puma in Gor – CHAPTER 6 by Izumi

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    The men stayed infront of us but it seemed Talon was a bit warry of them. The path we were takeing was very winding and on both sides full of thick woods. Our senses were hightend and for sure Talon sensed the six to our east keeping distance and speed with us. They were for sure shadowing us. But the question was who were they and what were they up to.  Talon also was watching the three men infront of us as well. Something did not feel right about them but personaly I could not place it.  We made it to a small pond and decided to camp for the night as camp was set up Razor came over to the group. * have you been watching our guards if you look at how they move there actions are skiddished and not smooth like if you ask me were being set up.* Razor whispered. * sleep softly  tonight keep your weapons close for most likely we will be attacked tonight* replyed Talon. We all agreed and set where we were to sleep near the bank of the pond.

  • Razor took first watch as we rested or acted like it. After a while when the watch changed the men who were with us said they would take next watch. Talon noded to them and then came back to us. * be ready* he said. So we all rested and waited. It did not take to long maybe a hour till the three men seemed to vanish on us. Ravage whispered * here they come from the south six of them.* Talon motioned for us to stay still but ready, I had already poped my claws and my eyes and senses shifted so I could easly tell where everyone was. As did the rest, but Karen slowly moved behind us as Talon gave the word. * Now* cryed Talon.

  • At that moment we hoped up and just as we all thought it was a attack a team of six kurii they were right on top of us but were caught off guard as now they had a fight now just a quick kill. Talon took the one in the lead head on. It was like to moutains hitting the whole ground shook as the roars took place. The kurii was big the same size as Talon and a quick striker on its attack’s as Talon dodged and moved. Talon grabed aright behind the right hand of the kurii and came down with a elbow just behind the kurii’s elbow you could hear the bone’s break from the hit. The Kurii roared loudly in pain as it tried to swing at Talon with the other hand. Talon spun around and and lowered in a crowching pose just as the claw went over head and came upwards with a palm strike to the kurii’s face. It was plan to see Talon was faster than this monster.

  • As Talons palm strike hit the jaw his other paw came in to the chest striking him dead center. The blow knocked the kurii back griping his chest the kurii roared and charged just as Talon had picked up one of the swords that was on the ground. Flicking the blade upwards Talon stuck the Kurii right in the middle of his chest sending the blade all the way threw the body. The Kurii took a few stagured steps and fell dead.

  • Razor charged the one on the far right but you could tell was not as well trained as Talon. The Kurii hit him in the chest and knocked him down. As Razor hit the ground the Kurii pounced at Razor. Just then Razor rolled to the side his hand catching one of the swords on the ground. The Kurii landed flat on the ground. As it was getting up Razor rolled back bringing the sword down at the Kurii but missed barely. The kurii rolled back in a defensive stance as Razor got to his feet. The kurii looked at Razor for a moment then charged at him. Zig zaging his actions Razor was on the defensive as he keep backing up using the sword to block the claw strikes of the Kurii.  But the Kurii got one threw and hit Razor in the right side. It was a powerful hit and knocked Razor a few feet near Karen. Razor held his ribs as the Kurii came close it was like he was fixing to kill Razor.

  • We all had our hands full with the attackers and could not get to him as the Kurii placed his claw around Razors neck and brought back his other claw bringing it down till right at the last second the Kurii just froze and could not move at all. What no one saw was Karen comeing in from behind and hitting him with what looked like a single pin in the back of the neck. The pin must have hit a nerve or something and totally paralized him. Razor moved out from under him and looked to Karen. Thanks Razor said. Karen noded to him and watched him go help his brothers.

  • Ravage was takeing on two at once and doing some wild moves. He was ducking and dodgeing placeing himself between them so when one swung wildly at him he would do a move like splits and dodge it. The claw hit that was ment for him would end up hitting the other Kurii, and vise versa. It was like watching a hong kong kung fu movie. Ravage was a big fan of those growing up and always copyed the moves and it was like he was putting them all together. It was amazing how he was just beating the hell out of them with out touching them. Just long enough for Ravage to come in behind with the sword and kill each of them.

  • While all that was going on I had my hands full with another kurii. This one I rememberd from the other night it was the one who ran off. But this time he was not getting away as my paws caught him in the lower legs sence I was smaller than everyone but Karen. The claws hit just behind the knees and riped the muscles. It fell swinging wildly as I climbed on its back and barried my long teeth into hits neck breaking the bones in it. This time he was dead and was not running away. When I rolled off him and looked. Talon and the others had the last one down and dead which left one alive and helpless.

  • But the question was where were our guards that were to have been there to help us. Talon ordered Razor and Ravage to search around for them as the rest of us would have a good talk with this Kurii. Maybe he could tell us somethings about there lair and what not. As Razor and Ravage went out to search for the three men. Karen and Talon went up to the Kurii that was helpless as for myself I sat down by the fire and cleaned my wounds and fur.

  • The Kurii growled and as best I could tell howl, wuff, grunt and so on. Karen just shook her head * no way I can figure out what he says* she replyed. But Talon looked at the Kurii, * enteresting seems there speech is close to the wolf tounge we use when we talk among ourselves.* So with that Talon started to talk with the Kurii. To Karen and me no way could we figure it out. But to Talon it was almost clear as day. And we could tell Talon was getting upset as it went on. Then with out any warning Talon went into a rage and just snaped the Kurii’s neck. Karen looked at him * well nice going what did you find out.* she said.

  • Talon sat down returning to human form at that so did I. Talon said he would wait till Ravage and Razor returned. Which took a while but when they returned it was not good. They had found the three men dead a ways away from us. It looked like they were spys all the long from the start. Talon motioned them to sit down for a moment. So Razor and Ravage sat down as Karen check out wounds and bandaged us up. Talon sat there for a moment just shakeing his head back and forth.

  • Talon started talking * The three men were spys of the Kurii they had killed the real warriors two days befor we exited the moutain. So on one in the village knew they were not real. The warriors were to lead us to this point and then alert the Kurii. Which they did but the Kurii killed them they did not want anyone knowing what was going on. You know no witness’s. But it seems on of those guys in White did not like us going up the moutain and set us up from the start. The Kurii said they know all about our path and are set to try and kill us all the way up. Basicly they know were comeing and are waiting for us. So in Ven we will probably get in a lot of trouble. And at the Port and on the ships and all the way to the pass. So the question is now what do we do. We have to finish this but we have to come up with another way to get there. The one we were supost to go is now a death trap. So we have a map and we know its north of here. Just now we have to figure out how to get there. *

  • Karen looked at everyone * There maybe a way to go about this and get there safely, but you will all have to trust me and do exactly what I say.* Talon looked at all of us befor speaking * right now we have no choice but to trust you Karen you know Gor and we dont. So we will trust you and we will finish this once and for all. *  Karen smiled * Good then first we move at night from now on and hide and rest and daylight. That way we play on equal turms sence the Kurii work at night most of the time so will we. It will be harder to attack something moveng and aware than one at rest and sleeping. Now let me look at the map befor we go on.*

  • With that Karen unpacked the map and laid it out on some stones using the fire as light looked over it quietly as well watched and waited. Karen looked up and said * Okay this is what were going to do. Tonight we move we will head east and make our way to Lara and Vanda from there we should beable to get supplys. Once we are resupplyed we move up the river going north till the Snake river runs into it. There we will find a outpost where a friend of mine lives. We again get resupplyed and head threw the northern woods and over the high moutains till we make it to the pass and then we deal with the Kurii. That is our best bet that takes us in the direct oposite of the original path.*

  • With that we all packed up the supplys and what we had and headed due east threw the dence woods till it opened into a prairie as we entered it a herd of bosk’s were our in the middle of it. Karen said we would need to cross it befor day break so be best run. With that we started to run heading threw the herd of bosk’s wow they were big they looked just like buffalo. We made it to the woods just befor daybreak and found a well hidden place to rest. It would take us five more nights to make it to Tarbuk’s ford. We watched from the trees to see when a good time it was to make it across the river near the city.

  • It would be another five days befor we were able to figure away to cross the river do to the traffic of the trade ships made it very diffecult to do so. Once over we found that the place was a hub of vendors and traders a good place to get new supplys. We went around to each trader and got dried jerky meat and bread and other camping supplys we needed. Karen got some herbs to aid with healing seemed a lot of peopler were very nice to her most likely again do to she was dressed as a healer. Talone and the rest were watching the slave sale going on. What you expect in young men and watching all the nude girls on stage. It would work anyone up to want to watch. So Karen and I just keep shoping till we had everything we needed to move on. We headed over to the rest of our party and after a while and the slave trade was all done. We found a place to get a bite to eat. It was a small place a man and free women ran it lower caste do to they had no slaves to aid them so the women was doing the serveing of the tables.

  • The food was good actually, the man seemed to really love to cook and the food showed it. He was really good. Why he was not cooking for someone of wealth was beyond me. We had sweet bread and rosted bird and some sweet fudge also. Karen paid for the meals she had keep up with all the money we started with which im still not sure how much she did bring but we got good supplys had a great meal and was readly to head out of town do to we still had a long way to go befor we could really rest.


Issue 73


  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Warning !! Gorean Police Announcement !!!!
  • City of Ar by Minnie
  • Absence – Home Of Lost Shadow Raiders by Minnie
  • Port Saint Esprit by Minnie
  • Puma in Gor (Chapter 7) by Izumi

From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal Gazette readers

  • Welcome in the great and fabulous city of Ar. Yes this issue should begin with this greeting in one of the most famous cities of Gor. One article to tell you what we think about this place and a wide part of gorean history for those who don’t know it.
  • We present you in this issue, 2 new groups : Port Saint Esprit and Absence. And you will find either our story, Puma in Gor.
  • Last point, Bloodsong Mountain. Aiden wants clarify that only people, who are part of the group, can follow training. So, if you want discover Bloodsong Mountain’s training mode, you know what you have to do. Always about Bloodsong Mountain, what was said about weapons models and brands are not fact of the Gazette of Gor. I always said that i am against censor. And i think that the best weapon is the finger who hit the mouse …. not the count of scripts.
  • I hope for you all a good read and great week.


 English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

*** Warning *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning ***

Flash Info

  • Greetings everyone, there has been a series of griefer attacks on BTB sims, conducted by ρυʀʀɪɴɴе (verlnneansar). It has been revealed that this character is but an alt for a user known as ρυʀʀɪɴɴе (verinne.ansar). I would recommend banning both characters to avoid further attacks.

Flash Info

  • They are back, they are strong, they are bad. Before … one SIM. Now they welcome you on two lands. Be ready, Nightmare will begin !! They are back, they are true BTB Gorean !!

Outpost Outside_001


City of Ar by Minnie


(Ar is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible several times as a city of ancient Moab. While the exact location is unknown, it is likely to have been in the southern part of the Arnon Valley, which is the present day Wadi Mujib gorge in Jordan. The city was one of Moab’s most prominent, being listed by the prophet Isaiah in his denunciation of the Moabite nation. Matthew Poole suggested that “the city was seated in an island in the middle of the river”. The Bible speaks of Ar as being captured by the Amorite King Sihon. Modern scholars believe that the word “Ar” likely meant “city”.)

  • In Gor, there is a city to know and visit. I speak of the glorious Ar. Whether through novels, or in our world, Ar is part of Gorean heritage, its diversity, its traffic, its architecture, its history. It is not only simple words. Simply access to the SIM, to realize that the Owners did everything to the Build looks like descriptions in books. Ar, glorious as the most beautiful, the most populous, Sign of great RP. For even in SL, Ar still lives. The world goes! We have a lively cosmopolitan population. And at the build, we find the famous cylinders … Central Cylinder, Cylinder of Justice, Cylinder of Initiates, Cylinder of Documents …
  • But it does not stop there. We can discover the districts of Ar, the countless small streets and alleys. All created and builded very finely and packed with details, lights, shades. Yes Ar Glorious Ar became the beautiful. This set of details has a setback. Some crashes can occur. Lag is a little far. Some holes are in build. But is it really crippling. Ar is a piece to admire, created to magnify a role player. It’s my opinion. I hope it will be your

Quality of Build – 4,5/5

Role Player – 4/5

Events – 4/5

Traffic – 5/5

Landscape – 4/5


Glorious Ar !

  • Ar is the greatest city on Gor and the most detailed city within the novels. Ar is the setting or focal point for many of the books, from Tarnsman of Gor to Magicians of Gor. It stands as a symbol for the ideal Gorean city, a model for other cities to emulate. Only Turia, in the southern hemisphere, comes close at matching the size and grandeur of Ar. Ar is also a city with a turbulent history, a place that has even attracted the specific attention of the mysterious Priest-Kings.
  • Ar is situated in the northern hemisphere of Gor, in the lower temperate latitudes. Temperate means essentially that it has a mild climate. Thus, in the winter it will only have occasional snows and more often cold rains. The summer heat will generally not run to extremes either. The spring and fall will seem to be longer seasons than the summer and winter due to the mild weather.
  • On the northern border of Ar is a swamp forest, the home of the Swamp Spiders, also known as the Spider People. These are large, intelligent spiders who inhabit enormous, complex webs that stretch across the terrain. They are generally a peaceful race who refuse to harm other rational creatures, even in self-defense. Unfortunately for the Spider People, the people of Ar have no such compunctions. They hunt and slay the Spider People to obtain Cur-lon Fiber, apparently derived from their web material, similar to spider silk. The Fiber is used in the mills of Ar though its actual uses are not described. This is also one of the only areas that was left untouched when Marlenus created his Margin of Desolation.
  • Further north of Ar, after three days ride by tarn, forming its northern border, is the mighty Vosk River. The Sardar Mountains are a five day ride by tarn from Ar. The Vosk River, about forty pasangs wide, is one of the largest rivers on Gor. You must cross the Vosk to travel to the northern cities such as Thentis and Ko-ro-ba. Most of the river towns are located on the northern bank because of Ar’s Margin of Desolation. Nearly all of the river towns on the Vosk have recently declared their independence and formed the Vosk League. For a long time, Ar and Cos battled for control of the Vosk and its towns. The formation of the Vosk League has significantly lessened the control of both Ar and Cos.
  • Ar established a trading station on the southern bank of the Vosk River, Ar’s Station. Ar’s Station was considered an outpost of Ar and not an official colony. This meant that it did not have a Home Stone of its own and shared the Home Stone of Ar. Ar did not permit Ar’s Station to join the Vosk League. Ar feared losing their control on the Vosk if Ar’s Station joined the League. The later conquest of Ar’s Station by Cos, and Ar’s failure to aid them, has soured most of the town against Ar. In addition, the traitors within Ar accused Ar’s Station of collaborating with Cos and willingly surrendering their city to Cos. It seems certain that in the future Ar’s Station will sever its ties to Ar.
  • Northeast of Ar, a few pasangs away, are the Fulvian Hills, foot hills of the Voltai Range. This is also the location of the villa districts of Ar, the site of many small, white-washed villas. A number of small roads wind through the hills connecting the often isolated villas. To the northeast and the east of Ar are the Voltai Mountains. The lights and tallest cylinders of Ar are visible from certain locations within the Voltai. Men from Ar journey to the Voltai to hunt larls. The Voltai is also the location of Ar’s enemy, Treve.
  • Southeast of Ar will eventually lead below the Voltai Mountain range but it is not a direction that men commonly travel as it leads into the desert regions of the Tahari. The southern border of Ar is delineated by the Cartius River, a river that derives its name from the direction it lies from Ar, using the Gorean compass. The Cartius flows west by northwest and was once though to be a tributary of the Vosk though it is not. The tarnsmen patrols of Ar do not venture south of the Cartius. South of the Cartius leads to the lands of the southern hemisphere like Turia and the Plains of the Wagon Peoples. Southwest of Ar are a number of sul fields. The agriculturist Appanius, who once owned the seduction slave Milo, possesses fields here. West of Ar you will eventually reach Thassa though it is over one thousand pasangs away. Ar is a landlocked city and that is partially why they consider the Vosk River to be so important.

Ar was once surrounded by a large, barren region called the Margin of Desolation. When Marlenus first became Ubar of Ar, he devastated a large region surrounding Ar out to about three hundred pasangs, about 210 miles. Nearly all of the vegetation was cut down, wells were filled in, and fertile land was salted. T here remained only a few isolated groups of trees on the borders of Ar and the swamp forest. This desolate region became an “invisible wall” to protect Ar from attack. It created a barren zone that would prevent invading armies from using the land to resupply themselves. Armies would need to bring their own supplies which would add to the difficulty of any attack. As the average daily march of an army is about forty pasangs, it would mean an invading army had to march for over seven days through this barren area.

  • The primary road that leads out from Ar is the Viktel Aria, a name that translates into “Ar’s Triumph” or “The Triumph of Ar.” It is also known as the Vosk Road because it is the most direct route from Ar to the Vosk River. The road ends at Ar’s Station on the Vosk. The Viktel Aria is a well-built military road, with close-fitting stones. It is wide enough to allow wagons and tharlarions to travel down it. It is also marked with pasang stones so that one can ascertain their position on the road and the distance to certain cities, villages or crossroads. Deep ditches line most of the sides of the Viktel Aria, except where other roads intersect. These ditches are a defense against invaders, preventing them from easily bringing supply wagons onto the road. Ar is very cognizant of the fact that an effective army requires adequate supplies to function well.

There are a number of roads that intersect the Vosk Road. The Holmesk Road leads from the Vosk Road to Holmesk, the winter camp of the army of Ar. The Eastern Way, also called the Treasure Road, may also link up to the Vosk Road. The Eastern Way links the western cities with Ar and the city of Torcodino is located on this road. The Argentum Road leads from the city of Argentum and travels east to the Vosk Road. You must then turn south to Ar. There are other roads that intersect the Vosk Road but they are not named or described in the books.

  • There are a number of hurt ranches situated outside of Ar though no description of their actual location is given. These are large, fenced ranches where hurts are raised for their wool. The hurts are commonly herded by trained sleen and sheared by kajiri.

The Ka-la-na orchards of Ar, located outside the city, are famous for producing excellent fruit. Boleto is a well-known vintner and is famous for the production of several good, medium-grade Ka-la-nas. His “Nectar of the Public Slave Gardens” is a popular brand of Ka-la-na served in Ar’s public slave gardens.

  • There are several Dar-Kosis pits located outside the city. These pits are meant to house the contagious victims of the dreaded Dar-Kosis. The pits are built like wells though they are quite large, about 100 feet deep and 200 feet wide. There are caves dug into the walls of the pits, the living areas of the infected, and usually a cistern in the center of each pit to provide water. One of these pits contains a secret passage into Ar, a passage that proceeds under the city walls. In this pit, there is a valve hidden in the cistern that opens a passage one of the walls. There is another valve on the other side of the wall so that it can be closed behind you. The tunnel leads to a tarn cot and then to stairs leading into the Central Cylinder of Ar. This may be only one of several secret passageways into Ar.
  • There are an unknown number of cities and villages located outside Ar that are under the hegemony of Ar. Most of these places though are not specifically named, described or located. These include the Twelve Tributary Cities. One named village under the control of Ar is called Minus. Most of the major settlements are likely located past the Margin of Desolation, at least three hundred pasangs from Ar. But, since the Margin has been allowed to be resettled, there are at least a few villages located within that zone.
  • Ar is the most populous city on Gor though there are not fully accurate figures for its exact population. An accurate census of its population does not seem to be a concern. A reasonable estimate of its free citizens is thought to be about two and three million. There is also approximately another quarter of a million non-citizens who reside in the city. In addition, there is also approximately a quarter of a million slaves, primarily women. This means that roughly 15% of the female population of Ar are slaves, a percentage much greater than the Gorean norm of 2% to 3%. Please remember that these figures reflect only the population of the city itself and does not include the population of all of the lands under the control of Ar.

Ar is far more than a simple city. It is a small empire in its own right, a central city that controls twelve other cities, the Twelve Tributary Cities. These cities came under the hegemony of Ar during the early reigning years of Marlenus. Some of these cities are located north of Ar but no description, name or location is given for these twelve cities. The Home Stones of these cities are kept in the Central Cylinder of Ar. Some of these cities aided Master Assassin Pa-Kur when he besieged Ar, hoping to gain their independence. They failed and remain under the hegemony of Ar.

  • There are a number of gates in the walls to permit entrance into Ar. There are forty public gates and an unknown number of smaller gates where entrance is restricted. There are even some secret gates, known only to a few. The great gate of Ar, the largest of all of the gates, leads directly to the Viktel Aria. Within the city, the great gate open onto the Avenue of the Central Cylinder and heads north to the Central Cylinder itself. The great gate is made of strong wood and is plated with metal. Unfortunately this gate was destroyed by Cosians in Magicians of Gor. It appears that the great gate is a sun gate, which means it is only open from dawn to dusk. At night, it closes and would-be entrants must seek out another gate. The Tarn Gate is Ar’s west gate.
  • Ar is thought to be the oldest settlement on Gor, over 10,000 years old. Its actual age may be less than that but we will likely never know. Legend states that Ar was founded by Hesius, the mythical first man on Gor. The Ar calendar thus dates itself from this legendary founding. Years are reckoned as “Contasta Ar” which means “from the founding of Ar.” Tarnsman of Gor begins in 10109 Contasta Ar (C.A.) and Magicians of Gor ends in 10131 C.A. Hesius figures into much of the mythology of Ar and he may be the same person as that of Hersius, another legendary hero of Ar. Hesius has given his name to the second month in the Ar calendar. The planet Jupiter is called Hersius by Goreans, after a legendary hero of Ar. This may simply be a misspelling of Hesius.
  • The Home Stone of Ar is thought to be the oldest Home Stone of Ar. It even figures into a common Gorean myth about the origin of the Home Stone. The Home Stone of Ar is a small, flat stone with a dull brown color. A crude carving, in an archaic Gorean script, of the letter “al-ka” is inscribed on the stone. It is not visually impressive but its great antiquity is very impressive. Here is one of the origins of that Home Stone.
  • Ar has been ruled over the last twenty years by Administrators, Ubars and Ubaras. There are several symbols of power within the city, meant for the rulers of Ar. There is the Crown of Ar, a a crown of Tur leaves, that may be worn only by a Ubar or Ubara. An Administrator may not be appropriate for this crown though that is not clear in the books. There is also a golden chain that bears a medallion-like replica of the Home Stone of Ar. This is worn around the neck of the ruler and again, it is not clear if it is appropriate only for a Ubar or also for an Administrator. Finally, there is the signet ring of Ar that bears the seal of the city. Marlenus gave this ring to Verna, a panther girl leader, who he wished to make his Ubara. She refused his offer to be Ubara but took the ring. The signet ring acts as the word of the Ubar of Ar and gives its bearer great power, the power within Ar to do almost anything one wishes. Marlenus has not seen Verna again since he gave her the ring back in Hunters of Gor.

Due to its aggressive nature, its desire to extend the hegemony of its empire, Ar has garnered many enemies. Ar is basically a land power, probably the strongest land power on Gor. Its naval power is weak, limited to a few ships on the Vosk River. Ko-ro-ba is a hereditary enemy of Ar and it was Tarl Cabot of Ko-ro-ba who was able to steal the Home Stone of Ar. Treve and Ar have a long and bloody history. The future of that conflict awaits the publication of the next Gorean novel, Witness of Gor. Cos and Tyros, major maritime powers, are also enemies of Ar. The four cities of the Salerian Confederation, located on the Olni River, are also considered enemies of Ar. The Confederation fears and distrusts Ar, worried that Ar may seek to extend its control over the north, and thus maintains close relations with Cos.

  • Ar’s Station was formed to give Ar more of a presence on the Vosk River. Ar claims hegemony over the southern shore of the Vosk but that claim is disputed by Cos and Tyros. Cos and Tyros have both supported pirates on the Vosk against Ar. The creation of the Salerian Confederation, generally allied with Cos, has also contested Ar’s power on the Vosk and in the northern regions. During the events of Fighting Slave of Gor and Rogue of Gor, there were some military engagements between Ar and members of the Salerian Confederation, spurred on by Cos. Ar was basically victorious though neither side truly wanted to engage in an all out war. The Confederation would prefer to be left alone though Cos would like it to attack Ar.
  • The formation of the Vosk League though has ended much of the piracy on the Vosk. Ar did not permit Ar’s Station to join the League, making it the only major town on the Vosk that did not join. Ar feared losing its power on the Vosk if Ar’s Station acquired independence through the League. The Cosian war against Ar would break ties between Ar and Ar’s Station. Traitors within Ar allowed Cos to freely attack Ar’s Station. They then claimed that Ar’s Station had willing turned their city over to the Cosians. Ar took the Home Stone of Ar’s Station and brought it to Ar for all to revile. Tarl Cabot, with the aid of the illusionist Boots Tarsk-Bit, would recover the Home Stone, switching a false stone for it.

  • The power of Ar encompasses far more than just its military forces. It wields power in many more subtle ways as well. Because Ar is seen as the ideal, the epitome of quality, style and progress, it is often emulated by other cities. The products of Ar are generally regarded as being of high quality. Those goods are marked with the stamp of Ar, the first letter of the city’s name, the “al-ka,” to verify their place of origin. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous individuals who are willing to forge the stamp of Ar and pass off shoddy merchandise as quality goods. The styles of Ar, in clothing, customs, etiquette, architecture and much more are closely watched by other cities. Again, they emulate the styles of Ar, trying to be seen as sophisticated and on the cutting edge. Thus, the influence of Ar is extensive, even when they do not try to be influential. Those in power of Ar though cannot fail to understand these subtle influences. They understand that what they do in Ar is often likely to spread to other cities.

Absence – Home Of Lost Shadow Raiders by Minnie

  • Let me introduce you, the Lost Shadow Raiders … a friendly team of raiders who just begin in SL Gor. Raiders !!! Pew Pews !!! Nooooo, and Yes. Yes, they love raid and have raids in their land. No, cos behinf this raider’s tag, they love do some role player, even if at end, we will see a fight. They are fresh in their RP, they want create something new. They deserve be known. Long life to Lost Shadow Raiders

Port Saint Esprit by Minnie


  • SIR MING WESTLAND (MingiarDundup Oyen) created this little place to improve a new RP. As i said, it s a little place (1/3 of full SIM). It means no big fight with a lot of people. It means more a solid and classic RP in BTB mode. Yes, build is not perfect … we have only 1/3 of a full land. But with this little place, the owner did a great work with a lot of ideas. And remember … do we need a perfect landscape to create good story. I dont think. So come visit them and discover the RP in Italian BTB mode. And you ll be very surprised of the quality.


Port Saint Esprit needs You !!!!!!!

  • Are you looking for more involvement with your RP ? A place where you can feel part of a family with a solid Home ? A beautiful BTB City with great roleplay and solid storyline. Port Saint Esprit is back !!! Come have a look, visit us and become part of a true dream. Get a slave to serve you in the Inn or Tavern ! Show us your story ! Seeking Leader Roles and all other positions. Merchants, Slavers, Magistrate, Warriors, City Slaves, Tea and Inn Keeper, Blacksmith. If you would like more information please contact Mingiardundup Oyen

Puma in Gor – Chapter 7 by Izumi

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    We departed Tarbuk’s ford that night and headed on east along a known trade route. It was quiet and the moons were out full. Ravage keep looking over at Karen it seemed he was not totally sure about her or what she was really up to. * so whats your story I mean besides comanche seems they keep you all locked up and stuff* Ravage asked Karen. Karen looked at Ravage * lets just say im importaint to the mission and sence I’m the one who knows Gor and been here a lot longer than you four. You will just have to trust me sence were all in bed on this together and all. But it is good your are  cautious about those around you and belive me do not trust the Priest Kings to keep there word on sending you home. Once there done with us they will discard up like waist. So when this is over watch your back all of you* Karen looked at all of us as she talked.

As we keep walking on the path we came to another prairie out there we saw some animals that looked like Antelope with a single horn on there heads.  Karen told us they were Tabuk’s and there meat was good to eat. With out another word Talon and Razor and Ravage decided to go for a hunt. So Karen and I stoped and waited and watched.

  • Talon and the others moved quietly and stayed down wind so not to spook them as they came up close threw the grass. Just like we were taught at home in hunting stay low, and come in slow till your right up on them. Then at the last second you pounce. Just like that Talon and the other two moved in slow and quiet. We could see how they were doing this and knew it should be perfect. Then at the last moment Ravage pounced on the one at the east of the herd. Which he got clean and it had no chance as it feel at his feet. The herd started to run to the north right into Razor and Talon. When they came into where they were they both pounced takeing two more of the Tabuks down clean.
  • The herd ran off into the woods fast as the group came back with three fresh kills. We took them over into the woods to again stay out of sight from anyone who would be looking for us in the air. Sence by now they would know we were not showing up at the boat. We all worked to cut up and take all the meat we could. Karen had plenty of salt for us to salt the meat down to keep it from spoiling and we would wait till morning to cook and let it dry out as jerky.  It took us all night to get the meat ready.
  • That morning Karen salted and packed the meat cooking it all then drying it as we sleep. By the time we woke up the next night we would have plenty of food to take us all the way to Lara. The group settled down for the day and finally sleeped. We never sleep sound do to we knew we were always in danger. But it became the normal on this world. I was just wishing to get all this over and get back to Earth. But knowing our luck we would never go home again.
  • The next night we packed up everything and headed out on the trail again. As we contiued on our travel we came apon a group of travelers with some wagons. They were on the way to Vanda and were in need of a healer do to one of the free women in the group was with child and was getting close to her day of delivery. So we agreed and they also liked having three more warriors to help defend there caravan of traders. The group of traders were made up of about twelve men and three Free women and five kajira. We found out they had come from Treve a city to the south and in the high moutains of Voltai. The Free women usually keep quiet and would talk with Karen and myself. We used the cover that Karen was my aunt and the three men were family. Ravage was my older brother. And Talon and Razor were Karen’s nephew’s.
  • Karen explained she had been trained in Ar as a physician and had two older brothers. One of course was mine and Ravage’s father, the other brother was Talon and Razor’s. The one free who was with child was named Anjia and figured that was why Karen and I both had the same colored hair. The men talked of old adventures as they walked and of great trades and so on.
  • At our stop and camp we women were in one of the wagon as Karen keep checking on the lady who was with child. Seeing she was so close to giving birth she gave word to the wagon captain that she needed to stay in the wagon till we got to Lara. Karen keep a watch giving her some type a root to the lady. She said it would help with back pain and cramping.
  • Karen and I steped out of the wagon she told me that we would have to deliver the baby do to she would most likely go into labor befor we could get to Lara. So the rest of the night Karen explained ot me exactly how to deliver the baby and what we would need and what to do when the time came. Talon came over to check on us and was told about the lady who was with child and that she would go into labor soon. Talon was not surpised but needed to know if they needed to do anything. Karen said no it would be up to her and I to handle everything.
  • Talon went and told the wagon master about what was going on. The wagon master came back he was a big man not as tall as Talon but big as in heavy in weight with a large belly and long hair. Kinda stunk do to he was somewhat crude. His name was Agmonda and ask how soon the lady would be going into labor. Karen said with in the next three days for sure. But not to worry she had all the medical supplys to deliver a baby. Agmonda smiled * wounderful my borther who is in Lara will be over joyed to hear and see his new child. First one for him you know I myself have had five all big warrior boys. They all have made me proud they will be in Lara as well.*
  • You could see that the atmosphere in the group had totally changed everyone was happy and joyous. Karen explained that children were very prized and welcomed to the world of Gor for all men saw Children as a gift and would stand and protect any child. That kinda threw me sence what we had seen was a lot of out right fighting and so one. It was good to see the other side of Gor. Where people were happy. As I watched where the men settled around the campfire. The Kajira were running around and serveing them and doing there best to get there attention. It was strange to watch all this do to it was not like this at home.
  • The kajira you could tell were making no mistakes at all in the job. They brought each man starting with there Masters there meals and drinks. Then we watched as one man who was a musician start to play what looked to me like a strange guitar and two of the girls started to dance for the men. Karen and I watched from the wagon where the one lady was with child. We watched as the men yelled and tosed each other as the two girls danced and striped and all. It was a very wild scene as they partyed over the knews of the comeing child.
  • After a while the party wound down and the masters of the two girls took them off to the wagons. You could hear the two girls all over camp as the Masters fured them almost all night. From what Karen said that was to goal of the girls when they danced was to be so suductive that there masters would take them to the fur’s. It was what the girls lived for they were totally wanting to please there owner’s. I just shruged as it was really not my thing. I looked at Karen and replyed what ever floats there boat I guess. * spoken like a real Free Women* said the lady who was with child.
  • Karen went over and checked on her noteing a fever had come on her. Rest Karen told her your getting a fever and need to rest. The lady smiled * I am lady Anjia of Treve I own a clothing store there my Free Companion is a warrior of the Red Caste there but is in Lara on a mission for the city.* Karen smiled * going to join him hmmmm well soon you will give birth to the child and I’m sure he will be very happy to see you both but now just rest and try not to move to much as we keep on the trail to Lara. *
  • Well for two days we headed towards Lara with nothing just a normal quiet trip the wagon train moved along. The wagon master said we were two days out an would camp for the night. Karen went and checked on Anjia. Anjia’s fever was really high now and her heart was pounding like a wild fire. Karen motioned me over and told me to get the water boiling and find a bunch of towels, I hurred over to Talon and told him what was happening. Agmonda heard me and called the Kajira’s to go and do what I needed.
  • The men heard what was going on and made sure the camp was secure so not to get raided and keep us safe. The kajira’s came with all the items I told them to get and we headed to the wagon where Karen and Anjia were. Inside Karen had set Anjia in place to give birth to the child. Karen was going over things telling her about breathing and how bad her cramping was. Karen was aound where she could see, She said that Anjia was almost fully set. I climbed in and held Anjia’s hand and gave her support going on about breathing and all.
  • Anjia was crying out about the pain. I just told her to breath deep going over it again and again. Karen was going threw telling her when to push at a moment the body was ready. Anjia was in a lot of pain. I could feel the pulse it was raceing like wild horses. But she keep doing what Karen told her. It was a long night. Anjia grabed my hand so tight I thought she was going to rip it off. She cried out how bad it hurt. That she could not do it. I could see tear’s in her eye’s as she tried to push.
  • Finally the baby came out and Karen quickly used a knife that had been boiling in the water to cut the cord and then quickly she cleared the nose and mouth and then turned the bady over and swated it on the butt. You could have heard a pin drop in camp as everyone waited. Then like the only sound in the world the baby started to cry. The whole camp exploded in joy as the men started to tosed Anjia and her Free Compaion.
  • Agmonda came over to see how Anjia and the bady were. Karen smiled at Agmonda * Its a healthy baby Boy. They are both doing just fine.* Karen said to him. With that Agmonda went back to everyone and told them it was a boy and was doing just fine. The whole camp that night was a blaze in celebration of the baby. It was a festive event and everyone was so happy. Karen and I stayed with Anjia for the night.
  • The next morning the wagon train moved out everyone was still on a wounderful high over the birth of the baby. You could sence the happyness in the group over this. Karen and I never left the lady do to we were out in the middle of no where and anything could happen to that baby out here. But nothing did happen which was a good thing. As we came into sight of the city of Lara. It was a lovely city not really something impressive but alright. Out at the main gate was a group of men all were dressed in the red garments of the Red Caste.
  • As we came to the gate Agmonda ran over to one of them a tal well made man with blond hair and huged him. * Tal my bother I have great news. Your Free Companion the lady Anjia has given birth just two nights ago to your son. She is resting with the Green in the second wagon.* Agmonda draged his brother over. You could see that everyone there was surpised and congradulated the warrior as he looked into the wagon. He smiled at his compainon as she looked at him and smiled showing him the son. He held the child up so all his men could see. There was a roar from the men of congradulations. They then lead us into the village. We went with them to the Clinic of the village and helped Anjia and her baby inside.
  • You could tell in the city the word of a Warrior becoming a father to a boy had made it around. And all came to congradulate the couple in the Clinic. We figured it was our time to leave them be as the citys Physcian’s could not take over. We then thanked Agmonda for his hospitality and letting us come along with his wagon train. He and his brother were there and his brother handed Karen a small bag of coin’s. * I wish to pay you for your well done job and services great healer. May I inquier as to your name?* he asked Karen.
  • Karen looked at him and smiled behind her veil * I am the lady Karen whitedeer of the city of Ar studient of the great physician lady Beth MaCalister.* Karen then showed her seal and papers of her graduation of the great school in Ar.
  • The warrior was throne for a second and looked at her* I was told you died in the great fire of Laura over twenty years ago.* he said. Karen shook her head * I am sorry sir but no I had been called home that night and ended up very ill near sardar and have been there sence*. The Warrior just shruged it did not matter who Karen was to him all that mattered is she was the one who gave him his son safe and sound.

  • He gave us the lay out of the village of Lara so we went around and did some more shoping to replenish out supplys. Karen use the story of us heading east to help with a outland clinic to find a both that was heading out that way sence really lara was the last big village on the river this far east. Aftet about three days we finally found a ship that was going that way but oh did he he want some money. One silver each. But do to Karen’s delivery of the Warrior’s son he gave us a deal. We would start out in the morning so tonight we got a good and well deserved night of sleep.


Issue 74



  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Warning !! (For Gabriella Silverpath)
  • Tarascon interview by Hathor
  • Gorean Money
  • Petal RP by Skyblayde Serenity
  • Puma in Gor (Chapter 8) by Izumi
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 015
  • GOSSIP Of GOR By Selvi

From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal Gazette readers

  • I will start this editorial with a bad mood. What is our Gor becoming? I do not know. All I see makes me think that Gor is taking a wrong direction. The aggressiveness of pew pews, a mixture of sex and BDSM, cheap shots, unnecessary criticisms… We should all get together and create a great RP. Instead, we are wallowing in our camps or in our cities, waiting for new adventures instead of making them. I received, a few times ago, the complaints of a person. This person had been downed into her camp by a person who had lockpicked the main gate. You could say that this is not immoral. Except that the ugly who lockpicked the gate did it without RP, not respecting the rules of the SIM. And when we did point this out to him, our famous outlaw, most known as rapist, didn’t care. What would you do, you as owners of SIM. You would have banned the miscreant asking him to get his own sim with his own rules. But everything is not so simple. Not only don’t we try to find other RP, but in addition, we leave the door open to greedy people who are only interested by sex and quick shots (with a bow or something else). The bandit was banned, then forgiven by other moderators, 15 minutes after. And BTB Warriors, do not tell me that this concerns only the Ge world . I saw BTB warriors doing the same. So if you want to destroy Gor, keep going. But it will be without me.
  • You will find a great interview done by our friend Hathor and some great RP and stories in this new issue ..
  • And long life for Gor and prayers for our Gaby. I hug you, my friend


PS : I give in IM, the name of the rapist pew pew and i hope see him banned everywhere. For myself, he s blocked..

English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

 *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning ***

Tal All,

  • It was brought to my attention on 10/29 that Gabby Silversmith was in critical condition in the hospitel in her home town. The information I was given she has suffered multipul strokes, there iis no information about the progsonsis at this time. We as a group in whole, all of gor mostly has been ask to add Gabby to our prayers. Our prayers and love goes to Gabby and friends and family both Gorean and in real life

Thank you all for your support,

Sav – En of Forrest Moon Tribe

  • Today we have some encouraging news, Gabriella remained conscious and after more imaging and an evaluation, we were informed that there is no lasting damage to her brain, as she had a series of Mini Strokes as a direct result of her treatment for an ongoing condition,  these are call TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack that result in stroke like symptoms that normally clear within about 24 hrs,  after waking and evaluation, she was released into her husbands care.  your prayers are still asked for as there remains a risk of full blown stroke within the first three months  with an immediate danger zone of about 24 hrs.  we are hoping for more good news daily, and myself or her husband Knight will keep you informed.

Thank You,Huntsy

Tarascon interview by Hathor


Tarascon Port

GM Meter required

interview with

Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna)

Hawk (ferguson.hawker)

Lupus Mutuo (

Dyna Might (dustbunnytarber)

Hathor01: Could you please introduce yourselves to the readers of the Gazette

  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): nods to Hawk to go first
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): I am called Hawk, I am the Admin, or some might say the general dogsbody**chuckles
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): Wolffe is the assistant Admin and Port Protector
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): I’m Lady Bekka … I am the Magistrate of the city and owner of the sim … and since the Admin feels he’s the dog’s body … that must make me the head … chuckles
  • Lupus Mutuo ( erm yes well, I am assistant Administrator
  • Lupus Mutuo ( as hawk says

Hawk (ferguson.hawker): more like its tail**snorts

  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): Too late…you missed your opportunity at that insult

As you can see from the above I was greeted with a warm welcome, meeting with the Free in a lovely comfortable Inn.  Their easy banter began with role play chat they believe is inherent with Gorean life and their sim

Hathor01: Within the map of Gor you are located ?  And is it considered a Southern land?

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): not really, we are an Island about 400 pasangs south of Lydius on the main trade routes between the North and the Vosk Islands and delta, we are a temperate climate
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): our main export is honey as we are one of the biggest suppliers in the region
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): laughs …Oh yes … we have a most interesting bee keeper

Hathor01: Mistress’s comment begs me to raise one eyebrow and ask “Oh?”

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): you call her interesting, I call her eccentric**laughs
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): Well …
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): I will let Lady Bekka explain that one**chuckles
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): She also talks to the tree they live in and will tell you that the tree talks back
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): she also reads and sings to them
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): nods
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): however, they do produce good honey

Hathor01: and if I read correctly, a great back story and RP could follow

  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): Lady Panther is one of our more colorful residents
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): she and I go way back … we wouldn’t trade her brand of crazy for the world

Hathor01: May I ask if RP is an important part of life on your sim?

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): aye it is very important
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): looks to her …. Role play is our main focus
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): we … above all else want to provide a city for people to “live” in …. to have a Gor life in
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): Here is how I see it and how we’ve set it up … and correct me if I’m wrong Hawk ….
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): we try and make a homey atmosphere of our RP

Hathor01: and yet still you would allow a comfortable way with a bit of open tongue in cheek and laughter?

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): of course, you can’t be serious all the time, there is no fun in that
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): that is the trouble with a lot of BtB sims, they have a stick up there arse and don’t make their RP fun
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): we don’t like drama or princess slaves, but we don’t let just anything happen here
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): So many cities have too many chiefs and not enough indians so to speak … when I set this city up I gave full control of running it to Hawk … he has final say and I respect that. He consults me but in the end I let him run it. That saves confusion on most things. Because of time zones we have need of a second Admin … but ultimately Hawk makes the decisions and I hold the purse strings … tightly
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): tightly,*snorts*a vice like grip that makes the coins scream

Hathor01: This is still a BTB sm ?

Hathor01: laughs “I will not ask which book”

  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): blinks and looks over
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): as far as can be BtB in SL Gor
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): the BtB argument is one that is open for debate … we do not have the proverbial stick up your ass

Hathor01: with a caste system?

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): aye

Hathor01: Are you actively recruiting?

  • Lupus Mutuo ( yes we are actively recruiting
  • Lupus Mutuo ( laughs

Hathor01: any caste in particular or tradesmen/women

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): we will consider anyone
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): our main need though is a Slaver and Scribe

Hathor01: You would be more interested in the fit with your community?

  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): We know that Gor is a world that was created … we know the books are followed … however we also know that if you REALLY follow them, half the people on SL couldn’t play … we want everyone to have an opportunity
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): common sense really
  • Lupus Mutuo ( we are particularly looking for warriors ,.. we need a scribe, but not head of caste ,.. we are looking for a blacksmith or metal worker and armorer .,. we seek shop keepers and merchants ,.. sailors and dock hands, and we will take the families as well

Hathor01: do you offer housing for citizens?

Hawk (ferguson.hawker): to regular RPers aye

Hawk (ferguson.hawker): we also have a very nice sky arena that can be used for tournaments and other activities as well as the one at ground level

(Mistress Dyna joined the Free to chat in this interview)

  • Dyna Might (dustbunnytarber): I am still trying to figure out how I would fit in, as they see slavers as men
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): Not all see that Dyna
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): the only difference is they call a man a Slaver and a woman a Kennel Mistress
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): I’ve seen many female slavers…it’s not uncommon

Hathor01: do you allow in-world voice from time to time ?

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): no, only if we want a group for heads/administrators discussions
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): the main thing we want here is regular RPers, at the moment we have too many different TZs

Hathor01: where we are now is this a tavern?

Hathor01: it is so lovely here

  • Lupus Mutuo ( no this is the Inn ,.. female salves are only allowed in here covered up
  • Lupus Mutuo ( there is a Tavern next door but currently the Tavern master is away
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): grins … you get an exception today Hathor

Hathor01: I can readily see why a Free Woman could relax here and be able to chat easily and freely

  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): This city was custom built for us by a wonderful builder named Deacon Glenwalker
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): I will be starting monthly free women gatherings for free women from all cities that want to come
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): i think there is a lack of understanding of the role of free woman of late
  • Dyna Might (dustbunnytarber): what about having Zar for the ladies to play regularly?
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): nods … not opposed to that
  • Dyna Might (dustbunnytarber): I would be willing to help with the Zar, it’s a passion of mine, and both slaves and Free women can play that unlike kaiissa
  • Lupus Mutuo ( there’s certainly room for a board in the next room
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): I’ve never played but I’m open to and it would be great to invite others here to play

Hathor01: may I leave you with one question – one that you may send to me if you prefer

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): go ahead
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): though we may decide not to answer**chuckl;es

Hathor01: Question: what would be the perfect choice for Gorean folk to make this their home. What is unique about your city and community that you offer to Gorean folk to come and be a part of your sim

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): one word, Community
  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): though the others may want to add to that
  • Lady Bekka (rebekka.dubrovna): nods … we welcome everyone … however we do not allow drama to get in the way of role play. We want everyone to have a place to enjoy so we are not very tolerant of troublemakers

Hathor01:  Mistress you have each made me feel welcome and the conversation each of you provided

Hathor01:  It was fun to be here and have an interview with you all

Hathor01:Hawk (ferguson.hawker): that is the way we are

Hathor01:  Masters and Mistresses, may I be allowed to leave lease?

  • Hawk (ferguson.hawker): aye and thank you for coming

Hathor01: thank you

(Quietly rises to her feet humming an old song to herself leaving contently after spending time on this sim and meeting it’s citizens)

(I would hope you take a gander at the pics below which show the sim to be well planned, spacious and you feel you could become a part of this community.  I think the pics speak for themselves.)

Gorean Money

  • There is little standardization in currency exchange rates throughout Gor. These ratios vary from city to city. The bankers, or literally the coin merchants, try to standarize coinage at each Sardar Fair but their motion never passes. Certain coins though are respected and accepted throughout the civilized cities. These include such coins as the gold tarns of Ar, Ko-ro-ba and Port Kar, golden staters from Brundisium, and the silver tarsk of Tharna.

  • On Gor, the basic unit of currency is the tarsk coin, made of copper or silver. Each city then decides on the ratio between such coins. A tarsk bit is the smallest unit of currency. From four to twenty tarsk bits equals one copper tarsk. From forty to one hundred copper tarsks equals one silver tarsk. Ten silver tarsks equal one gold tarn disk. Gold tarn disks are also made in double weight. Some coins may be split into pieces to make change. A coin is about 1.5″ in diameter and 3/8″ thick. There is a tarn or tarsk on one side and usually a letter to identify the city of origin on the other side. There is no paper currency on Gor.

  • The early novels mentioned the existence of copper and silver tarn disks but the later books, especially when discussing exchange rates, omit these coins. If you monitor the appearance of these tarn disks, they begin to disappear from the books as they progress. And the initial books neglect to mention tarsk disks.

  • To most Goreans, a silver tarsk is a coin of considerable value. A gold tarn disk is more than many common laborers earn in a year. A gold tarn may buy a tarn or five slave girls. Five pieces of gold is a fortune and one can live in many cities for years on such resources. For the most part, many items on Gor will sell for copper tarsks. Business is often conducted by notes and letters of credit. Most cities have their own mints. Coins are struck, one at a time, by a hammer pounding on the flat cap of a die. Coins are not made to be easily stacked. In some cities, such as Tharna, coins are drilled so that they might be stringed.

  • A coin is a way in which a government certifies that a given amount of precious metal is involved in a transaction. It saves the need of weighing and testing each coin, thus making commerce much easier. But, some less scrupulous people may shave coins, slicing slivers of metal off of them. This is akin to theft and fraud. The coin is worth less than it should be.

Petal RP by Skyblayde Serenity

  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python) pulls her leash a little closer to the door and whispers to her “I see you’ve been taking care of me as much as you can dear one. what interests you such in me that you follow and aid me everywhere? How have i caught your attention?”

  • Petal (onypetal) feels the tug to the bars, pressing her soft skin against the cool metal surface “your skill with a blade Master” she answers honestly to him, intrigued by dark mysterious aura about the man, “you are elusive Master” she continues giving her reasons for sneaking around him

  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python) laughs “am i so? what about me eludes you such that you become a lovely wanted stalker?” he says with a slight curl of a purr behind his menacing appearance…

  • Petal (onypetal) turns her face to attempt and peek threw the bars at the dark figure that held the rope still, “it is as if you dance in the shadows when you fight Master” her eyes widen but she cant make out the figure that hid in the dim lighting, giving a slight wiggle in her binds while she laid before him at the bottom of his cage, slightly bruised but nothing serious only her head was like thunder as there was a deep ringing in her ears

  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python) pulls out his beautiful custom made katana and begins to sharpen and oil it as she talks, brandishing the very blade she admired, thinking to himself what a prize she could be if he bought her off her owner. his gaze passing nonchalantly over the shimmer of the blade, upon hearing her words he stops and looks right at her, “That my dear took many years of madness to achieve. I am one who is touched by divine madness, I was engineered to kill entire kurri clans.” he states matter of factly, with the summation of his words more than enough of an impact of statement, his scars clearly visible, years worn in hardened from fighting in vicious kurri arena’s with no family or home to protect him….

  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python): “I am a weapon of war between worlds.” he solemnly looks back to his blade and sheaths it quickly, his practice showing and employing years of drawing and sheathing within microfractures of seconds. his movements fast, precise, efficient.

  • Petal (onypetal) was in aw of how the blade seemed to have an unearthly glow from the shine he kept upon the surface, the way he spoke and cared for his blade giving cause to make her body tremble at just the sight, she listened intently to his tales while he talked of battles only making her more eager to hear more, her eyes dreamy as she peered from behind the cage, “sounds thrilling and yet sad Master” soft and sweet was her voice, “i would love to hear your stories of battle Master” respectful and yet wanting to know more she urged him with no intent to be rude

  • Petal (onypetal) inhaled slowly giving rise to her torso, the ropes pressing into tender skin as they where wrapped snug, “it is alluring to me how you move and the way your blade sings in the air Master” the thought made her swoon
  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python) leans a little closer and says to her in a low voice… ” Kurri are very advanced compared to you humans, they call you cattle however, thus i am inclined to see it as such. I have assassinated great generals and fought armies of kurri. They saw me as a weapon, one of the humans who excelled on this world, and kidnapped me in my blooming years to become this.. thing, what i am…” he passes his hand over his figure presenting the destruction that years of fighting and war had wreaked upon him, his body well covered but visible were the scars that were left deeply imprinted upon him.. He often moves in a ghastly way, his figure was strong, firm, but like a mirage that was patiently waiting to blow away… the air around him seemed to vibrate as his eye carried a faint glow that lit the mask he hid himself behind… his hands thick and strong, fingers revealing heavy callous, and muscles rippling through and up his forearms as if he were forced to overexert himself for years while kept alive through
  • Skyblayde Serenity (aiden.python): healing procedures… his voice deep and booming, truly menacing, as something that was born on this world but not of it…. ” I am amassing legions capable of warring the planets… the kurri will be coming for me soon, I am a weapon of considerable value that costed many a great nation riches beyond your imagining. They have no choice, they will invade soon and all of gor will be on its heels as they seek to uncover me.”
  • Petal (onypetal) felt as if the air was pressed from her chest, the weight of the binds seemed as if it was to crush her, tears swelled in her eyes from the sight of him, heart pumping deeply as if to bust free, only hearing of the myth he spoke of in fairytale, proof of such things existing apparent upon his face, trembling in her binds and content she was in this cage, remaining speechless words choked in the back of dry throat, pressing velvety lips together and giving a slight rub in attempt to swallow, she becomes distracted by the new faces


Puma in Gor – Chapter 8 by Izumi

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    Two more days passed till we found a trader ship heading east up the river. They were not to keen of us going with them. But sence Karen paid them they agreed to in the end. The ship was a mess of a boat. It had ores of course and men paid to row them. But you could tell these men were low life’s. All most likely owned the captian of the ship favors or something. The men keep looking at myself and Karen as the day grew on. I could hear them even when they wispered. They thought it was bad luck for us to be on board. But also it might be a good thing having a High Green Caste along. A healer is always welcome on trips.

  • I keep to myself with Ravage staying close to me. Ravage talked about how it reminded him of home in a way. We keep talking about the sights we saw. What strange creatures were in the river they looked like some kind of dinasour. Ravage asked Karen about them when we were alone and out of ear shot.. Karen explained they were sleen and very dangerous if you fall in. They were known to eat men. Which startled us and we made note to try not to fall in the water.

  • As the boat moved up river we could tell that it was going up hill as well by the way the water was flowing and you could feel as night came a bit of nip in the air. It was getting colder. Seemed the season was fixing to change to a winter set which if this was so. Was a bad omen to us for the pass up in the icelands would be terrible. You could see it on Talons face he knew it was going to be a hard mission now and he showed alittle bit of worry on his face. He was a soldier spending two tours in the war at home. Just returning from seeing his friends killed by crazy men.

  • Talon and the men he was with in the Army were well trained some of the best the 101st airborn. They had a history of fighting in tought spots and winning. But now Talon was not in the army and he had his family with him on this and all of us were not pro soldiers like he was. You could tell he understood this and also understood he would have to fix this and stay crisp as a warrior. The men of the ship I feel could sence Talon was a highly trained soldier and no one on boat wanted to mess with him. But you could hear them still talk about Karen and myself.
  • On our way up the river the ship made several stops to trade with local traders, they looked like the old west moutain men our grandfathers told us tales about. They were unkeep and wore furs and carred bow’s and swords, and had pack animals. A lot of them needed to see a physician do to they had been bitten by animals and wild plants and so on. So Karen had her work cut out for her. The way the trapers and traders talked it was a blessing to see one of the Greens on the boat and female also. Sence they all talked about they had not seen any females but a few panther girls from time to time.
  • On trader did have a slave with him but you could tell she was more work horse than pleasure. As she was also dressed in furs and did not look very attractive but did have a still collar on her neck. She was always at her owners feet and you could tell she was happy being with him. We found out she was a slave of a panther tribe that got rid of her for supplys. The trapper said she helped in doing everything and was very good at cooking, fixing clothing, and keep track of all the supplys. He said she was very happy to be away from the panthers sence panther girls treat slave harshly.
  • From our experience with the Panthers in the Northern Woods we could see the same. But we did not tell of what took place up there. We acted like we we were always living in city’s which they belived. The trader looked at Talon. He stated it was rare to see one of the Red Caste out here. Talon wanted to know how he knew he was Red Caste. The trader told him one your clean shaven and well groomed two the way you dress and carry your shield and blade. You are not a street warrior but one who has most likely been trained by the high caste comanders.
  • He explained he had been like Talon when he was younger. But grew tired of War all the time with city state’s and wanted a quieter life now that he as older. And found it out in the woods. He said he had his area that he keep his home. He had his slave who keep him warm in the fur’s. What more could a quiet man want in a quiet life. Talon smiled and agreed that for one wanting to just spend his life in peace and quiet he could see how well it would be like that.
  • We stade there for a day as men came one after another tradeing and seeing Karen if they had been ill or anything. The boat Captain was making money left and right you could see he was very happy with all the tradeing and extra money he was getting with the healer on his ship. He was telling the men on the boat maybe they should bring a healer out more often with all the profit the Green was bringing in. They had not had a ship like this in years as the men keep talking about it. Talon could see some of the traders were takeing note also.

  • Sence most could not know we could hear even there whispers they did not know we herd them talking about up further on the river was where the black ost pirate lay in wait. They were sure they would take our ship and kill the men and take both myself and Karen as slave’s or hostages. Talon got Ravage, and Razor along with Karen and myself and talked over a plan of action. It was decided that I could use my claws which I could pop in human form. The rest would have to fight normal. Karen would need to stay close to me. But as for the rest of the men on ship we could not tell them about it do to they might get nosy about how we over herd all this.

  • We got on the boat and the captain gave the order to set off to our last stop wich was at the edge of the Barren Lands where the Kailla river split. Talon and Razor keep watch on the front of the boat as Ravage walked the boat keeping watch on the shore of eachs side of the ship. We new a attack was comeing but not when or where up river. So we just had to wait for them to attack. You could see it that we were all nervous. But Talon was cool as ice he always was ever sence he came home from the war.

  • Talon had changed so much in those years he was gone. The happy guy who always clowned with us was gone. Now Talon was serious and so cold. I felt sorry for him the horror he must have seen during his fights in the war.

  • Talon came back towards us off the front of the ship. He let us know a ship was comeing and to be ready. Then he went and told the captain. The captain said no other boats should be out this far but it was best to get the men ready just in case it was pirate’s. You could tell the men were nervous as well as they got there weapons just in case. The ship came along side and you could see a few men they greeted us and all. But you could tell more were hidden on the ship. At the moment the ship was right next to us two hooks come across clamping onto the rail of the side of our boat. The Pirate’s attacked comein over the side they were met head on by the boat’s crew. But the Boats crew were no match for the Pirate’s. That was till Razor and Talon came from the side and pretty much slaughtered them.

  • But Ravage was to hot headed and charged in as well he was hacking and slashing but you could tell he was not going nuts. He held his own. Using his strenth and quickness to dodge a lot. I stayed near Karen we could tell two of the Pirate’s were trying to flank Talon and Razor and Ravage was not close enough to aid them. I pounced and came up from behind and ramed my claws threw there back’s breaking there spins and punchering there hearts.

  • As I turned around two more were on top of me and just as they were fixing to attack me. Karen hit them knocking herself and the two men into the water. I cryed out * KAREN NOOOO….* which caught Talon and Razor and Ravage attention and they went into over drive against the Pirate’s. Till the Pirate’s fell back on the boat and pulled away from us. I ran over to the edge but all I could see was several sleen and the bodys of the Pirate’s being riped apart. We looked all over but could not find Karen. The captain and the rest of the men also looked but she was gone all we found was a part of her dress. I just colapsed and started to cry. Talon and Razor keep watch as Ravage tried to keep me concoled.

  • You could feel it threw out the ship those who were alive also cryed for the loss of the Green healer. For as they said no one was to hurt Green’s they helped all and never gave into a side. The one that was here on our boat will always be remembered. We will never for get her. For she was a credit to her Caste. I will send word to Ar of her passing on the way back when we head home. It was a sad few days as the boat keep going to its last stop.

  • We made it finally to the last stop where the river broke into a fork. Now we were at the Kailla rivers. This is where we would have to leave the boat and make our way from now on, on foot. But with out Karen and her knowlage of Gor we were at a grave disadvantage. So we stayed in the trader camp listeing to the tales of the trapers and traders. They told of how there hunts went and how well the season was.

  • They were very surpised to see me around especially in the company of what all though was a highly trained red caste warrior so far out in this area. But they did not want to ask do to you could see them as if kinda fearful of Talon. But at the same point very open and hospitable with us. At this camp there were a couple of slave girls running around. But they were more like waitress’s than slaves. They were owned by the camp owner. Who was the brother of the Captain. The girls ran around serveing the men with good food and drink.

  • I was way out of place as most said. For free women around here were only panther girls. Who if captured would end up collared and sold to the slaves who would be here in the next few days. They all made talk of my red hair it seemed it was very rare in fact from all of them talking they had never seen anyone with red hair befor. I played it off and explained I was born near Sardar, if my aunt was here you would have seen us both with red hair but alas. With that they all understood for the captian told the camp what had happened to Karen.

  • They then told me how sorry they were for my loss and it was not right that a Green would be killed by anyone. I was getting the picture that Greens were basicly dont touch and to keep them safe. The Pirate’s had borken this rule and knowing how they talked all on the river would know it. The pirate’s would not find a safe place anywhere now on the river. For the night Talon stood watch over me as I slept. He had been trained along time ago how to go with little sleep.

  • The next day we awoke and saw the boat was fixing to set sale. The Captain and he crew with some new members.Wished us a good travel. We returned the well wishes back and watched as they set off down the river heading back to Lara and to finish his seasonal trade travel. We stood on the doc of the tradeing camp till the ship was out of sight. Talon looked at us and said * we still have a mission to do and we have to see it threw. Karen would want that.* We all nodded in agreement and turned as we all walked back to where we had slept that night.

  • We stayed one more day as the camp was starteing to wind down sence the boat had left. The trapers were packing up to head for there cabins up in the moutains. To the west and south, but no one was going up north into the barren lands. So with that Talon and the rest of us headed out on our own. I could tell Talon was really putting a lot of importaince with Karen leading us up threw this area. Sence she had the map and had lived on Gor a lot longer than we had. But now that could not help us at all with Karen dead and gone. Now it all fell on Talon to lead. Which we knew it would be hard on all of us. This mission was shapeing up to be a one way mission and that was to us not a good thing. But what else could we do. If the Priest Kings could keep a eye on us they knew what we were doing.

  • We exited the camp and headed down the hill it sat on looking out into the unknown lands. Not even those in camp had gone in deep. They all told us to stay close to the river and we would be alright. But that was little comfort to us. Razor just sighed as we walked off into the barren lands. It was like some kind of movie where the team moves out into the unknow with no comander as to say. We were all down like we knew it would just get worse as we went on.

 Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 015

Second Hand, Fourth Day of the Second month, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    We left Meqara Point unsatisfied. Tanz had not seen her friend.  Bitterness encompassed my essence that I had not handled the situation better.  I am often flexible.  This time, accepting it as a weakness, I had abandoned flexibility for rigidity, believing the former to be weakness and the latter, strength.  If rigidity were strength, if inflexibility a desired attribute, if resolution a hoped for goal, they had not served me well.  Drawing my sword had not communicated what I wanted to communicate.  Stubborness and pride had inhibited me from seeing circumstances from another’s eyes.  There was something to be said for the words that rang through my being, “Pride cometh before the fall.”.  That I had not been the only stubborn, rigid, inflexible one made the matter no more palatable to me.  Though we were alive, though no one had been physically hurt, the matter gnawed my stomach.  None of us had come out of the situation for the better.

  • But the future must ever be the destination, not the past and it was time to sail towards that unknown destination. Whether my internal bitterness would be eternal only time would tell – but I tended to doubt it.  As I have written before we do not know what times holds for us.  But I knew a simple smile from Tanz would dissipate the bitterness that gnawed at me and filled me with regret that I had not come to learn more of the taluna culture.
  • We sailed, though, now determined to reach Essex Island. It would be sooner than we had expected, but our reason to go there was one of pleasure not duty.  We sought that place in the Thassa sea at the edge of the Vosk Delta for a singular reason.  Nic, a comrade from the TROs before they had dispersed, had found someone he deemed worthy of free companionship.  At least that was the communication I had received by bird.  He had also asked me to stand by his side during the ceremony.   It was an honor not previously bestowed on me.  I did not know the woman.  She was someone I had not met  — apparently his tactical officer.  The message also advised me that the small group he had started after the fall of the TRO had joined forces with another group and that he was one of the high commanders of this now larger clan.  I read its name, and though it meant nothing to me it sounded sinister indeed — “Silent Marauders.”  To maraud is to roam and pillage in search of plunder.  My days of lawlessness had passed in my eyes and though absent the security of Tanz’s caste I would be and still am “outside the law” and by strict definition an “outlaw” thievery, robbery, plunder now holds little interest for me.
  • The Serendipity reached Essex Island with its usual efficiency and deliberate speed. The ship is a good one, sturdy in all respects despite its size.  Once there we unloaded the caravan and leashed Fredda to it for the overland travel to reach wherever it was that Nic was based.  Our directions to his habitat had not been clear.  The dock was quiet when we arrived and there seemed no one around to ask.  We looked about and saw what appeared to be a large fort in the distance.  So, we headed that way passing by some buildings on the way.  There seemed to be no sign of life in the buildings, and no one to ask.
  • When we neared the large fortress that we had seen, and which we expected to be the stronghold of the Silent Marauders, it showed no signs of activity (We were later to learn it was recently abandoned).  So we doubled back, wondering if we were even in the right land.  To be sure, maps are notorious for being inaccurate.  I have heard discourse and much speculations of the reasons for this.  Some have decided that the mapmakers are lazy and incompetent.  Some have opined that the inaccuracies are done on purpose, the mapmakers having been paid off to hide this place or that place by the inhabitants thereof.  And, some suggest that the differences in measurements amongst the cities and simple lack of uniformity results in the troublesome and occasionally indecipherable compilations, particularly, when they are the result of multiple mapmakers combining individual efforts into a single global map.  To this day, I do not understand how the great captains of Gor manage their ways accurately and speedily.  It is a mystery that seems beyond my simple ken.  Though by liquor and otherwise I have tried to ply knowledge from them, they are notoriously silent and secretive concerning their methods.

•     But, back to the events, rather than speculations.  We doubled back and again came upon the buildings earlier we had ignored and I brought Fredda to a stop, looking more closely at one particular structure that seemed to have been built into a mountain.  I called out “Tal” hoping someone would hear.  Then, after several minutes, a man walking from the direction of the dock passed in front of our wagon heading towards this unusual structure.  I called out to the man, he stopped.  I told him our purpose and what we were seeking.  He proved himself to be very cautious.  Even when we identified ourselves he seemed noncommittal and, to some extent, hostile.  I told him that we were seeking the Silent Marauders and, in particular, Nic who was their high commander.  He revealed that he knew of that group, but declined to say where they were and he seemed unaware of Nic.  Now, as Nic was a high commander this seemed utterly bizarre to me.  To Tanz, it was more than bizarre.  She decided the man was being deceitful, and she acted more forward than she should.  She approached the man and acted with unfortunate disrespect, potentially escalating a situation unnecessarily.

  • At the time I was too focused on finding Nic that I did not think of the comparison to the talunas. But in some ways, Tanz was doing now precisely what she had been upset at me for doing earlier.  She was acting rashly and stubbornly, and not trying at all to see the situation from the eyes of the man.  And, of course, it is more dangerous for her to do so because most Gorean men have not the moderate temperament that I do.


  • I sensed we were well close to the situation where I might well have to act. Unfortunately, I was still on the caravan holding the reins.  It is very difficult, while holding the reins of a bosk, and sitting in a caravan, to draw a weapon — and almost impossible to use it even if drawn.  While, of course, I could have considered using the wagon itself as a weapon and have Fredda charge any danger, my beloved Tanz was standing so close to the man that she would have been injured as much as him.  So, though Tanz may not have appreciated it, she was risking much in her attitude.

  • In the end, violence was averted. Nic’s betrothed arrived, and vouched for us.  As it further turned out, the manner, Tanner, had, himself, only newly arrived and he had yet to meet Nic, who had been off the island, taking care of some business.  I tried to make some amends with Tanner, complimenting him on his cautiousness with strangers.  He, in turn, advised me, in blunt terms, that I did not act with more control over Tanz, someone else might.

  • That night, I looked at Tanz, and my mind wandered to some other place, though not any place I now recognized. There were mountains and valleys, and then I saw a magnificent four-legged creature galloping along the valley towards me, its tail waving in the breeze.  It was not a larl, but something else.  And, whatever it was, she clearly was untamed and wild.  The creature was magnificent though in appearance, light-colored and taller than me on its four legs.  She galloped right up to me and stopped.  I put my hand up against her face, brushing away the mane of hair that fell next to the eyes.  The creature whinnied, and bopped its head lightly against me.  The creature allowed me to put a coil of rope over her head, and then let me climb up on her. Then whinnying again, she galloped away not giving any warning and I held on to her by the rope and by her neck.  I knew then and there I might love the creature, and perhaps at times control it, but tame it and break its spirit.  I was not sure that I wanted to do that, and certainly did not know if I would be capable of doing that even if I wanted to do so.


Yo mama jokes…

Yo mama is so fat, the tarnsman use her underwear for parachutes.

Yo mama is so poor, when asked where the bathroom is located, she told the guests “Two trees to your left.”

Yo mama is so stupid, she thought spitball was an actual sport.

You mama is so fat, she broke wind and at a cookout and started a forest fire.

A blonde free woman went missing for three days. Her faithful and worried companioin went searching for her everywhere. On the third day the free woman shows up at their home and her mate open his eyes widely in disbelief. He starts talkingto her:

Mate:”Where have you been?! We have been looking for you everywhere!”

Free woman: “I was kidapped, and they kept me for a full hand.”

Mate: “Wait, you have only been gone for three days!”

Free woman: “I know silly, but I had to go back for another four!”

More been funnies

Q: Who is the bees favorite pop group?

A: The bee gees!

Q: What is a bee’s favorite part of a relationship?

A: The Honeymoon period.

Q: What did the sushi say to the bee?

A: Wassabee!

Q: What do you call a bee that can’t stop eating?

A: Chub-bee.

Q: What kind of bee is a sore loser?

A: a cryba-bee


– “Mother, is there any harm in breaking egg shells?”

– “Certainly not, my dear, but why do you ask?”

– “Cause I’ve just dropped the basket and the kitchen floor is yellow with yolk.”


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  • Gorean Drinks
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  • Here is an important issue. Not for all articles and stories in it. This issue is important for the future of SL Gor. Yes, i know, some could and would say that they are perfect Role Players, that they are not pew pews, that they are BTB in their soul and BTB cant act and do quick fights, spiting in same time on Ge people. But no ….. We are in a bad situation. My friend Shana gave me one NC, you could find it in warning zone. Shana is tired and i understand her. It s time for all Gorean to act as responsible and to stop close eyes. Our SL Gor is in danger. Up to us all to save our world.


 English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

*** Warning *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning ***

The Death of SL Gor by Shania Smit

Ticket’s Mood on RP in Gor

  • I remember that a few months ago, we could make our own bandages with servers wich were producing grass, we would exchange it for another item and we would make our own bandages. It was consistent and it was RP.. You could force a door by saying what you were doing without being able to shoot at the same time. Switching to mouselock mode stopped the lockpit.
  • Today comes a generation of Xbox and Playstation players who just come to be ranked in the top of the top players. The creator of the GM has modified the meter to give back bandages with no limits and has set personal statistics. Congrats for those players and very bad for Role Players. The manufacturer of the doors removed the stop lockpit in the event of a bow shoot, to help more cheaters in facilitating their job.
  • There is no more RP, we must imperatively do 4 or 5 raids in the evening to be in the ranking, look how many panthers or pirates are multi groups so as not to miss a single raid, be ranked in the top 100 And become so important. We land on overcrowded sims there is no RP just intensive shooting for 10 minutes then go away when everyone is on the ground.
  • I lived several fights that we won on our lands, but when it becomes late, people tellsyou “I have to leave in RL” They go back on their sim and stay there at least one hour before log off. Of course, the next day no one us here to continue the RP. The night also stop the RP.. The people having in their profile … No collar, no capture, no etc etc no arrows too ?. What stupidity.
  • What is pathetic is this avidity of unnecessary glory, this glory that will bring you a lot in life RL, I imagine on their cursus …. 1st in the top 100 of Gor, A RL Boss could say “Ohh, a great a winner, I should give him/her a job immediately “.
  • The owners of the sims who close their eyes are also guilty of the slow death of the Gor, in fact say incessantly – “Let’s do otherwise they will not come back” and tolerate everything? Tolerance is a word that in its sense, tolerance = limits.
  • The limit is, for example, exceeded when the players take refuge at the bottom of a river to recover, very great art of cheating.

We have on our sim deeply dug the river bed and set traps that touch the Meter in saying in local chat “You’re not a fish, Carry your Swim Hud”. But who win at last ? The cheaters of course, They complain that it is illegal traps, that it is a shit Sim…. and they ask the owners to modify the build.

  • The swords of men make 40% of damage. On some Sims, we were asked to use 35% damage even less and why ? The BTBs players land on GE Sim now. It is not strange? Apparently no, they need to find new fights and become pew pews to show us that they are strong.

  • Gor remains a role game, of course we win but we lose as in any game but want to win continually quickly, just for statistics, or just for sex because yes many are looking for that and would love to see a camp without doors with Naked and bound panthers waiting for them. The number of Kajira tripled, I get tired. We all know who is hiding behind. So take the time to see the role of a Kajira !!! It is not unceasingly bound and legs spread.

  • The realism of the RP no longer exists. For those who don’t understand the word “Realism”. It is to create a role play by doing coherent things as if we could see in RL. We dont need Super Heroes

  • Finally the few players who want to RP no longer have the place here, we must be silent. Above all, do not shoot those great players who detach themselves by pulling out a Swiss knife from their nose hole. When is the Kalashnikov in Gor?

  • Want to continue on Gor? I wonder, the moments of relaxation we found here dont exist now. Now we find nervous people and dramas. Finally. ……… The cheaters, the whiners are going to win and are going to bore me.

  • PS: Maybe some will recognize themselves and start to think, but I doubt they are able to

 Some Places to visit (Interviews in next issues)

Ja Hesa Talunas

A new tribe, a new land, a good build with colors you cound find in a jungle …. and some crazy panthers …. of course


You wont find here, strong warriors and high battles. Here is the world for RP … Strict BTB RP.

The village of Kolmar, situated on a small stream running down from the mountains to Thassa, is currently recruiting for all roles and castes, both free and slave, male and female.

Kolmar is a small but growing community with nearby agricultural and mining industries. While conforming mostly to ‘southern’ traditions, its citizenry hail from many parts of Gor and even barbarians! Our kennels offer training to new slaves, and new free Goreans will also find opportunities to learn. Our inn and tavern welcome you to eat, drink, and be merry.  Though we are well-protected from raids, a training arena is ready for warriors wishing to hone their craft. Bring yourself, your slave, and your story!

Kolmar is new-to-Gor friendly, relaxed BTB, and uses the G&S and Aura systems to enhance role play and support the sim (participation in either system is not required).  We use GM meters but are no-raid. We have active role players from many time zones from Europe to western North America. All of the essentials are ready to welcome you – an Inn, Tavern, Slave Kennels, Library, Caste offices for Merchants, Physicians, and Scribes,  public baths, practice arena, Smithy, and farming area, as well as several market stalls and cottages for rent.   G&S fishing tournaments are held on a regular basis.

Visit us and look around! NC giver with city rules, observer tag, and application available at the landing point.   You may just find your new home stone!


Welcome to  Vαʅσɱҽɾι

where the light of our lives meets the sway of the sparkling sea…….

This is a self mod sim…..

One in which tolerates all forms of interaction.

There is only one rule in  Vαʅσɱҽɾι


Simply IM and approach with honesty the type of RP you desire.

Give each player the freedom to accept or deny.

We all have busy lives, limited time, and ideas about why we are here.

Those that wish to wear meters may do so and enjoy the consequences of such.

~There are rentals here if you choose to make this land your home.

~be aware that this sim is for the enjoyment of all.. and it will not be as private as some other homes.

~available rentals will have a rental box inside of it

Gorean Drinks

  • Ale: The north regions, like Torvaldsland, have a strong ale. Ale would be rarer outside of the northlands. In Torvaldsland, it would commonly be served in a drinking horn. In taverns south or Torvaldsland, it would simply be served in a cup or goblet.

  • Bazi Tea: This is an herbal tea that comes in many different varieties. Consider all the varieties of tea on Earth and you can see the multitude of possibilities for Bazi tea. Most people seem to forget that Bazi tea has such variety. Bazi tea is a common Gorean drink, enjoyed by High and Low Castes. It is commonly served hot and heavily sugared. It may be served in either of two fashions. First, there is a more traditional and formal serve. This serve does not reach the level of a Japanese tea ceremony, it is simply a more formal serve. The tea is carefully measured into three tiny cups, which are drank in rapid succession. Various sugars and milks may be added. Such a serve would rarely, if ever, be done in a paga tavern. It is more likely to be done in one’s own home while entertaining. Second, Bazi tea is also drank informally, in regular-sized cups, with or without sugars and milks. Some taverns may have a pitcher of tea ready for its customers. Cakes and Bazi tea is a popular breakfast on Gorean holidays.

  • Black Wine: This is a coffee-like drink made from beans grown in the mountain city of Thentis. It is very strong and bitter. It is traditionally served very hot, with yellow or white sugars and powdered bosk milk, in tiny cups. Other sugars, spices or cream may also be served with it. The cups may have small handles or not. In some ways, it is like expresso coffee. In the river cities and some northern cities, the phrase “second slave” indicates that you do not want any creams or sugars with your black wine. This comes from the custom in some areas for two kajirae to serve black wine. One kajira is responsible for putting down the cups, taking the orders and seeing that the drink is prepared according to the customer’s preferences. The second kajira only pours the black wine. In some areas, there are more formal blackwine services, such as in the Tahari region. Thentis does not trade the beans to make this drink. In Thentis, it is commonly only served in High Caste Homes. It is an expensive luxury outside the area of Thentis, affordable only by the wealthy. Most paga taverns would not serve blackwine due to its rarity and expense.
  • Hot Chocolate: Warmed chocolate is made from the beans of the cacao tree from the tropics. It is a rich and creamy drink. There are no known marshmallows on Gor. Not all tavern would carry this item.
  • Juices: There are a variety of juices on Gor as there are numerous fruits. Larma fruit juice is very popular.
  • Milk: Milk from the verr, bosk, and kaiila are common. Hot milk is also drank. Kaiila milk is reddish and has a strong, salty taste as it has a lot of ferrous sulphate. There are milk vendors in Gorean cities like the milkmen of Earth.
  • Beer: Rence beer is commonly available only in the marsh communities. It is steeped, boiled and fermented from crushed seeds and the whitish pith of the rence plant. It would be very rare to find this available in a tavern.
  • Falarian wine: This is an extremely rare wine that is rumored to exist. It is said to cost enough gold to buy a city. There is some indication that it does exist though only wealthy Ubars or Merchants might own a precious bottle. No paga tavern would have this wine.
  • Fermented Milk Curds: This is an alcoholic drink among the Wagon Peoples. It would be very rare to find this drink available outside of the lands of the Wagon Peoples.
  • Kal-da: This is an alcoholic drink that is served hot, almost scalding. It is made of diluted Ka-la-na wine, mixed with citrus juices and stinging spices. It is cheap and most popular with the lower castes. Paga taverns that catered to the Low Castes would serve this but higher class taverns would not. Most Warriors would not deign to drink kal-da.
  • Ka-la-na: This is commonly an almost incandescent red wine, bright, dry and powerful, made from the fruit of the Ka-la-na tree. The fruit can also be used to make dry, sweet and light wines. There are actually quite a variety of types of this wine. Many cities make their own brands and most people have their personal preferences. Boleto’s Nectar of the Public Slave Gardens is a major brand of Ka-la-na served in Ar’s public slave gardens. Boleto is a well-known winegrower from the vicinity of Ar. He is famous for the production of a large number of reasonably good, medium-grade Ka-la-nas. Ka-la-na is normally sold and served in bottles. It is said that this wine makes any woman a slave if but for an hour. An unnamed white wine exists on Gor and there are inferences in the books that lead one to conclude that white, or other color, ka-la-na may exist. There is no passage in the books that states ka-la-na is only red.
  • Mead: This is made with fermented honey, water and often spices. It is primarily drank in the north and favored over paga there. It would be rare to find this is a paga tavern.
  • Pagar-Sa-Tarna: This word translates to the “Pleasure of the Life-Daughter” and it is commonly called “paga” for short. Its full name is rarely used. It is a fermented brew made from Sa-Tarna grain. It is probably the most popular alcoholic drink on Gor. There are many varieties, usually named for their city of origin, such as Ar, Tyros, Ko-ro-ba, Helmutsport, Anango, and Tharna. The primary difference in these pagas is usually the spices or grains added. Paga is normally served at room temperature. Paga may also be served warm or hot, which is most popular in Cos and the lands of the north. Some claim that you feel the effects of paga sooner if it is heated. In taverns outside of Cos and Torvaldsland, you would need to specifically asked for your paga to be heated. Paga is a strong drink and is commonly cut with water in taverns. It may be bought from merchants in bottles or botas.
  • Palm Wine: This is a big export from the city of Schendi. There was no description given of this wine so its color, flavor and such are unknown.
  • Sul Paga: This alcoholic drink is made from suls, a vegetable like a potato. It is most like strong vodka or moonshine. It is clear, almost tasteless, and very strong. It is served at room temperature. It is seldom available outside of a peasant village. It would be a rarity in a paga tavern to find sul paga available.
  • Ta Wine: This wine is made from the famous Ta grapes of Cos. Ta grapes also grow in areas outside of Cos and wine can also be made from those grapes. Thus, different cities have their own varieties of Ta wine. The color of this wine was never stated in the books.
  • Turian Liquors: Turian wines are sweet, syrupy, flavored and sugared heavily. Their wines are made specifically so that you can add various spices and sugars to it. They are an acquired taste. The liqueurs of Turia are regarded as the best on Gor.
  • Many Gorean wines are very strong, 80 to 100 proof. Most Earth wines in comparison are only about 12 proof. Thus, wine may commonly be cut with water. This occurs often when wine is drunk at homes at meals, at certain parties and in some taverns. A wine krater, a mixing bowl, is used to mix the wine and water. “Krater” is an ancient Greek term that means “mixing bowl.” If the wine is not cut, it might also be served in very small amounts. At more raucous parties or taverns, the wine is rarely cut or only in a slight amount.
  • There are a number of common drinking vessels in the taverns of Gor. There are generally no restrictions over what cup or bowl you use to serve a certain drink. Paga and wine can be served in nearly any drinking vessel. Most taverns will have ordinary vessels of cheap metal or pottery. They will not have vessels of gold or silver. Only the most expensive of taverns might have such expensive items.

Goblets, of various materials, are the most common vessel in taverns. Some goblets have rings, maybe four or five, around the cup area and a patron may ask for his cup to be filled to a certain ring. Sometimes bowl-like vessels are also used. A kylix, an ancient Greek term, is a footed, two-handled cup. A kantharos is a deep drinking cup with a high-footed part and upraised handles to grip it. It derives from the Greek word meaning “dung beetle.” Some peoples use drinking horns. The Wagon Peoples and Torvaldslanders both use such horns. A bota is a leather flask commonly used for paga and wine. Most botas are made of verrskin. A bota is squeezed to release a stream of liquid. Botas are commonly carried by travelers, as they are portable and not subject to breakage. A bota would not be served within a paga tavern. Wine and paga may also be sold in bottles of various sizes. A hydria, another Greek term, is a high-handled, water vessel. It is a curious aside that the drinking vessels on Gor almost all derive from Greek sources.

Puma in Gor – Chapter 9 by Izumi

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    As we went further into the barren lands Talon said if winter was comeing we needed to find a place to hunker down from any storm. So it was best for us to spread out by about 20 yards to keep in eyesight of each other and use our senses to find anything. We all moved out keeping myself in the center. Talon was to my right and ravage was to my left. On the other side of Talon was Razor. We moved pretty fast as we needed to find some place to find to get out of the comeing snow storm. You could see it comein from the moutains to our west the coulds were low and white which ment snow for sure.

•     We started to smell smoke up ahead like it was a camp fire. We quickly went towards it but stayed in the brush an scouted it. We could sence it was a female by the fire but the cloak we did not know until I got where I could get a really good smell of her sent and at the moment. We all ran and yelled at her. It was Karen how the hell did she make it out here and out of the water with the Sleen.

Karen looked back at us and smirked. * Its about time you all made it to here. I was getting worried you would have chickened out and headed back to Lara* she said.

  • Talon sat down and looked at her * What choice did we have but to come this way. You know that we have to pull this mission off and all I had to go on was the path you laid out. * With that Talon gave her back her maps. We all sat down by the fire and asked her to tell us what happened to her. With the Sleen and so on.
  • Karen watched the fire and the strips of meat cook on it. Then she looked up and smiled * Well as you remember there were two men comeing up from behind and so I charged them. Which caused us to fall over the side of the boat. Well as we hit the water I went strait down sence we had seen the sleen earlyer. As I swam down the sleen hit the men killing them the blood and all keep the sleen busy not looking for me. When I came up out of the water the boat as long gone. So I climbed out of the river on the northern bank.
  • There I got warm and dried my clothing. Then set out to where the rivers break which of course would be where the ship would end up with you all. But in so doing I had to take a path that would take me over the southern tip of the moutain range. It was so cold up there I’m just glade to have my backpack with the food and money with me. The snow was starting to fall up there but there was a great view of the lower lands from the top of the moutain, I could see the smoke from the camp and figured you all made it safe and sound.
  • So with that I headed to here. But on the way from comeing down the moutain I saw what looked to be ruins about half way up the river in the far east bank of the far fork of the river. So figure we should check it out. Might find some herbs or information on the lands around here. Do to most of the maps we have have no information at all on this area.* Karen suggested. Talon agreed do to he knew there was a strom comeing and we would need a place to sit it out.
  • Talon looked to us all and suggested we move now. With that we all packed up camp and headed into the barren lands and the unknow. As we entered it was like something out of one of those old movies you see with trapers going into the old indian lands. No one had any information on what to expect. We all were on highten sense’s as we came in to this wild lands. The place was heavy woods and shrubs. You could hear the animals around like they were moveing to safty form the up comeing snow storm.
  • We moved in single file threw the barren lands as we keep a eye on the moutains to our west. The moutains were starting to become clouded over by clouds you now could not see half way up them. But up above us it was still sunny. Talon and Razor keep point up ahead of us. As we keep moveing towards what Karen thought were old ruins. But I figured we would have to stop soon. We had been going all night and now all day. But still we were way far from the ruins acording to what Karen said.
  • Ravage finally just came out and said we needed to stop and rest. Talon looked around and finally gave in for us to camp for a few hours. Karen and I changed out of the dress’s into more suitable clothing for the woods. We all sat down as the fire cooked some more of the meat we had gotten from the animals of the hunt that we did the other night.
  • Razor looked over at Karen and told her about what the captain said about sending word to Ar about her dieing and all. Karen just laughed about that. She said it had been sent several times to Ar that I had died. They would probably just blow it off as another rumor of my apperaing. Sence the Priest Kings took me into the hive twenty years ago. We were stuned * your kidding you only look like your maybe thirty at most in age* Razor said. Karen smirked and laughed. * Oh belive me I am much older than that just here on Gor we dont age like on Earth after takeing the drugs to let our life last longer. Most in Gor may live up to seven hundred years old.*
  • We all just were bum flabergasted at this. Well how old are you then Karen asked Ravage. Karen looked at him and just smiled and said. * The day I came to Gor, Ike was president of the United State’s.* With that my jaw hit the floor. I told her Ike as she put it had not been president for over fifty years. Karen just looked into the fire. * So its been that long sence I was on Earth, I guess I will never return to my home or family sence more than likely all are gone now to the great spirit.* Karen looked to be very sad now but it did not last long as she looked at us.
  • Those days are long gone Earth is no longer my home Gor is and we must do everything to keep it safe. The kurii have tried in the past to distory it and this time will be more of the same I’m afraid. Execpt this time its us. What is bad most of those in Gor have no idea what the Kurii are or even that they exist.* Karen said. We were kinda shocked by that sence we had seen many of them sence our first day into this strange world know as Gor. We could tell Talon was thinking of things what was to come and how to keep us all alive threw out this whole thing. He had lost one of us earlyer just to get a second chance back with Karen comeing back and being alive. Now Talon had to really work on things. For we had the cold comeing and snow. With out a place at moment to settle down till the storm passes over us.
  • Karen showed Talon the map about where she thought she saw the ruins with the heavy brush over it. Talon though by night fall tomarrow we would make it there but still we had a ways to go and the area did not look so great for your average adventure. After about three hours of rest Talon got us back up which you would guess was after Talon had gotten some sleep also. Sence he had not had any for about two days now.
  • As we got one the way towards the ruins we all could sense we were not alone. You could smell them it was those same pirate’s we delt with on the river. Seemed some wanted to get us sence we messed up there little attack and they lost so much. Talon was looking around like a place to make a stand to deal with them once and for all. After a while we came to where th ground rose up and then droped we could use this little mound as a standing point. So we stoped and set the packs down and Talon got us all together for a plan.
  • *Okay here is the idea they are comeing right up behind us which you all can sense now Karen you and Littleclaw settle here with the bow’s. Ravage you stay with them and let them come to you. As they come at you three Razor will come in from the north and I will come in from the south in a pincer move. We will cut them off and suround them and distory them once and for all. Do to it pay back time for almost killing Karen.* Talon said. We all agreed and got set for the up comeing attack.
  • We all waited but right as we thought here they came. There were eight men all with swords and all in black there faces were covered. Karen and Ravage and I waited till they got right up to the middle of the hill. Then we raised up and fired our arrow’s. I hit one right in her shoulder knocking him down. As Karen hit another one right in the left leg. The man fell to the ground grabing his leg. At that moment the rest started to charge the hill where we were. And with that Talon and Razor hit perfectly on each side. Talon came up and did a low swing with his sword cliping the man nearest to him in the legs takeing one leg clean off.
  • Razor came in with a over head swing of the blade takeing the blade down threw another man’s skull killing him instantly. They both moved from the sides as the rest found themselves surrounded. The men gave a good fight as Ravage charged down from the hill catching one really napping as he was looking to the sides as Razor and Talon attacked. Ravage just slashed him in half really as he fell also. The pirate’s were in a panic as they fell one after another. Finally we had taken them all down with out even a scratch.
  • Talon went to one of the ones still live and picked him up and threw him basicly into a tree. Then went over and started working him over for information. After about twenty minute’s of working the guy over he finally started talking. They had been hired to kill Talon, Razor and Ravage, and take Karen and myself as slaves and sale them to the slave trader in the moutains. Do to of our hair made us valueable as slaves. Talon became very ticked off with this news. He worked the guy over move to find out where the drop was to be. The guy told him up the north Kailla river about a day from here.

  • With that Talon snaped the man’s neck he as not playing games as now he knew what was behind the pirate’s and all that mess so far. Talon looked at all of us. * Well we may have to take a side trip and take care of this slaver who wants you two and us dead. So what say everyone pay this guy a visit or keep heading to the ruin’s.* Talon looked at all of us and waited for our answer.

  • We took our time and decided its best to clean up a mess befor moveing on even with the cold and snow comeing. That slaver would send more after us if he got the chance. So Talon started comeing up with a plan as we headed that way. We would come in at night in our other forms and hit hard and fast using the night as a advantage if we pulled it off they would think Kurii did it all. We were to come in talon in the middle and me at his side on the right, Razor on talons left and Ravage to my right. As Talon said it was going to be a text book fast hit and run.

  • The rest of the day we moved up threw the woods till we got in sight of the small camp. Talon and Razor as normal scouted out eveything. When they got back we found out that the camp had one big tent where the slaver and it seemed he had two kajira with him. And five men wer around base keeping watch. So it was going to be each one of us takeing out one of the men sence they were stationed all around camp. Karen was to stay hidden and watch and do nothing. Sence she did not have a form to change to and night would not be a advantage for her.

  • We all got set for the attack and waited for Talons signal. Then we all heard Talons howl to attack and boy did we attack. Talon came right up the middle and hit the two main guards slashing at them with his claws he hit one right in the face the other he hit in the neck and killed both. Razor came in and pounced his driving his claws into his chest and bitting his face. You could hear the bone’s break as Razor did it. Ravage came in and power clawed his target using both claws to hit the man’s head. Then as the last one was watching what was going on I came in and shoved my claws threw his back riping his heart inside into a few pieces. Then as he just fell. Talon and Razor and Ravage came into the camp all that was left was the big fat slaver and his two kajira.

  • The two girl were scared out of there mind and as Talon and Razor charged the fat jerk threw the girls infront of them. Talon did not have any choice as he plowed into both girls he knew he had kiled them but knew it was the Fat piece of garbage slaver who had caused there deaths. Talon roared at the man. As he fell back with fear he looked at the three of them. As the three encircled him you could tell he was totally scared. By this time I had changed back to normal. Karen and I then entered the camp as the three keep the slaver on the ground.

  • He looked up seeing us come into camp. You could see the fear in his face he was no warrior at all he was just a slaver. Who had no sence of anything he even gave according to Karen slaver’s a bad name. Which what I could tell was just mean to say. She looked to talon and said * stake him out in the open nude so the land can deal with him.* The slaver was totally shocked cause no Green was to give a death order or cause death. She looked at him and told him she was not giving a order for you to die. He had a chance if someone found him in time. But just maybe. With that she smiled and we sacked the camp for supplys as Talon and Razor and Ravage staked the man out nude in the middle of camp.

  • Then we walked back into the darkness letting evetything stay there like it was with all those dead. It would end up a attack by kurii no dought. But for the slaver Karen figured it would be about two days then if no one found him he would slowly die. Especially from the bad weather comeing into the area. We keep moveing for a long time till we got back to the place we started. Talon was now saying we needed to really get to those ruins.

  • He was right do to the snow was starting to fall. So a more urgent movement of the group was going on we had to find shelter. So we keep moveing and the snow keep falling as the winds picked up strong. It was getting bad and Talon and all of us knew it. Karen told everyone to keep walking no matter how bad it got if we did not keep walking we could die of the cold. That right there keep us all going and I mean did we keep going.

  • Finally we could kinda make out the ruins although they were totally coverd by trees and vines and what not. We quickly ran for it and made it into one of the buildings most likely by the looks of it a very old temple. We set down our supplys and Razor got us some woods and we started a fire as now the snow storm was a full strenght. We just watched from inside form the snow and wind. Talon just looked at us all and said * we will stay here till the storm passes so get some sleep and we will look around later when we get a chance maybe we can find something usful out of this place.

  • Karen told Talon this was not on any map she had ever seen and said she would make a note of this place’s location maybe we could use it later or something. Talon agreed and thought we may have to have it. If all this goes down hill. But for now we just relaxed and rested while the snow storm just keep on letting it snow. The winds howled really badly. So we had just made it in time. And that slaver was for sure dead. I just pulled up the fur’s we had gotten from the slavers camp and went to sleep. For right now thats all we could do.

Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 016

Third Hand, Fifth Day of the Second Month, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    Journal, it has been several days since I put pen to ink and ink to page. I have not abandoned you journal.  I simply was not sure what to write.  As I write this Tanz and I have stopped and expect to reach Torvaldsland probably tomorrow.  I should have written sooner because I much wanted to put down words about the ceremony between Nic and Carson that we attended and which was much the reason for the timing of our visit to Essex Island.  Now, it is no longer fresh in my mind.  Nevertheless, I need to put my thoughts on paper.

  • As I last, and alluded to above, Tanz and I had come to Essex Island for a most definite purpose — to attend the free companionship of Nic and Carson. Nic, of course, we both knew from Peril Island.  Carson, we had not come to know.  From correspondence, I knew that Nic wished me to stand by him during the ceremony, an honor that I could not refuse.  And, to be sure, apparently, that my attire would be appropriate, Nic had gone to the trouble of locating an elegant outfit for me to wear.  In short, this was a moment, it seemed to me, of great importance to my former comrade and I certainly was not willing to let the man down.  I had not realized until our arrival in Essex Island that Nic was an orphan.  Ironically, as me he was a man with no family.  As a result, I felt a greater link to him in the honor being bestowed upon me.  Carson, on the other hand, apparently was of a large family and she seemed as excited, if that is the proper word, as Nic was at the upcoming ceremony.
  • Having now experienced what cannot be denied was a very moving ceremony, but having some days to think about it, I have come to wonder about this contract known as free companionship. For let us be clear, the arrangement is one of contract and I have come to wonder which is more free, the kajira or the free companion and which is the closer bond that of free companionship or that of master to slave.   One might look at me with astonishment, but I will explain what I can on this not sure if I can communicate clearly all that I wish.
  • As I say, it cannot be denied that the ceremony I witnesses was beautiful and orchestrated with the elegance of a concert. The setting was majestic a courtyard of a castle of what I understand to be a grand Ubar. To Carson’s side stood Shivers Dovgal, beautifully-dressed and Carson’s close friend.  By Nic’s side stood me, as witness to this union, in the gold-colored finery provided to me — finery that seemed to me more appropriate to one far above my station in life.  After all, I am only cognizant of a rural life, uncomfortable whenever I have been in a city.  Oddly, though, standing there, an odd feeling swept through me that perhaps such finery might not be as foreign to me as I had previously thought.
  • Nono, the other commander of the Silent Marauders officiated and she clearly had given much thought to her words, as she started the rites, she said, “Nic and Carson, you both have chosen to share your joy and your love with your family. These people all came to bear witness to your promise and commitments this day.” Nono sought to suggest nearly parallel obligations, at least morally to one another.  To Nic, she said, ” I am sure you realize there is more to this woman than flesh and blood and umm heat. Within your grasp, you hold your future, the woman of your heart, your dreams and nightmares, the responsibility of her care, her laughter, her sadness, her sanity or insanity in some cases.”  And to Carson, she said, “Within his hands, he holds your future, as you do his. You hold the fire to his warmth, and when his duties weigh heavily upon him the release of his stress” winks at her, “As your hearts begin to beat as one enjoy this journey together”
  • Nic, too, spoke and without question spoke with moving voice. He recognized the reluctance of men to speak of their hearts, ” In truth I’ll admit, when confronted with the thought of standing before all these gathered here today and revealing my heart was first learned, I quailed…for what Warrior indeed what Man doesn’t learn early on to guard his heart and his thoughts from others.”  But then he opened his heart up, “Now I stand before all those here today, and declare my love for you. I and ask you humbly, would you Carson consent to be My companion. To enter into this contract with me and share my life. To go where I go and live where I live. To be my friend, my confidant and my lover. To join in a Union that will merge our paths, our lives, our destinies and our souls.”He spoke of love and protection with nervous quickness but with an emotion that brought tingles to the spine.


  • Carson spoke pledging herself to Nic, without question or reservation, “My vow to you is simple, with every step I take, my actions will be found honoring to the example you have already laid out. Where frustration wishes to rise I vow to practice patience… Where insecurity may wish to live, I vow to drape myself in the confidence you have already gifted me… And where doubt may try to grow, I vow to remember that the man I stand here with today holds more honor then anyone I have ever crossed paths with. And with each day to come I will give you my love, renewed fresh daily, always seeking your happiness above all others. You have become my world… my Everything, thank you for choosing me to love.” Inwardly, I smiled, for I myself had used the phrase “my everything” sometime back and marveled at the coincidence as I watched Carson looking into Nic’s eyes as she spoke, with words full of the feeling of a woman who had found a man to whom to devote her heart.

  • There can be no question that at that time and at that place it was hard but to be moved by the experience. And, of course, the dancing and feasting afterwards was fun.

  • It was only after the events that I began to wonder otherwise. After all, do we truly understand things until some distance has taken place.  Can we really view things with an objectivity in the throes of emotion?

  • I was in the courtyard back on Essex Island and came across a beautiful Silent Marauders camp slave known to me as tsu (Tsurue Amaterasu).  And, by beauty I refer not merely to her appearance, but to her spirit.   I had only spoken with tsu briefly during our stay, but I had sensed in her a heart wanting only to serve and please with a deep fire.  But she, as many kajira, was hoping for the master that could bring all that she was capable of out of her.  And, thus far, it was not to be.

  • I left her saddened that she had yet to blossom in the way she yearned. And, I started to think about how a kajira comes to be.  It is rarely done majestically, by a public ceremony followed by dancing and a feast.   Often it takes place in simple surroundings, if not a dungeon, and that happens is that the slave agrees to submit, gets a collar, and perhaps a brand.

  • In those terms there is no comparison to free companionship. But, expressed differently, the free companionship is public spectacle and a product of words.  The creation of a kajira is intimate, a result of not of mere words but of conduct and deed.  And, what is a free companionship, but a contract for a limited duration?  On the other hand, the creation of a kajira is expected to be a lifelong pledge, obligation, duty, and responsibility.

  • Before we left Essex Island I located a scroll about free companionship. To be sure, the laws and customs of lands vary from place to place.  But what I read was relatively universal, and the words I will copy in a moment struck me.  And, they crystalized the uncomfortableness I had come to feel:

  • ” In many ways, however, [the Free Companion Woman] is more a slave [than] a kajira. While She is a Free Woman in public, behind the closed doors of the Home She is expected to serve the Her Companion as if she were a kajira. The Free Woman enters into this position by signing a contract that lasts for one year, from the date of signing. When She signs the contract, She signs Herself and everything She owns over to Her Companion. At the end of the contract, the Free Man and Free Woman can decide to renew the contract or terminate the contract. If the contract is renewed, everything stays the same as before. If the contract is broken, the Free Man gets to keep all He wishes to and the rest is returned to the Free Woman, or destroyed, as the Free Man sees fit. During the time of the contract, the Free Man may terminate the contract at any time, however the Free Woman is bound for the length of the year. Also, if during the time of the contract, the Free Woman displeases the Free Man, He can face strip Her and make Her into His slave.”

  • “More a slave than a kajira.” Striking words.  And they ring with a certain sound of truth.  Now, I do not mean any criticism of free companionship.  But one wonders if the bond is there — would not the bond that becomes created by one of permanence, not temporary?  If the feelings are there, without reservation, without doubt, is the paper of a contract needed.  If the relationship is such behind closed doors, why then not in public?

  • Now, let me be clear, I do not write these words to advocate that a woman must be a kajira. Nor do I write these words to belittle free companions.  But I have written before why be there the need for contract or submission.  During the ceremony I could barely take my eyes off of Tanz, sitting there in the audience of Nic and Carson’s friends and family.  As I write these last words, I am watching Tanz reading by the light of our campfire oblivious for the moment of the words I write here.  I have come to believe that the closest bond is neither the bond of temporary contract in which the woman risks all for a year nor the bond of slavery where again the woman risks all, including being sold off, permanently.  I have come to believe, and perhaps someday I may be proved wrong, that the closest bond is neither of them, but of two people who are together pledging to protect one another for no reason other than their hearts have placed them together.  It is a bond neither required by law or contract, and, to be sure, it may be a fragile bond — but I think it is the closest bond.


The neighborhood dog barking.

  • A blonde free woman and her companion are sleeping when the neighboring farm dog starts barking and wakes them up. The blonde sighs, shakes her fist and says ‘Wait until you see what I’m going to do to those neighbors!’ She runs out of the house and five minutes later she comes back with a smile on her face. Her Mate asks ‘So, what did you do?’ The blonde says ‘Well, I took the dog from their yard and I put it in our yard to see how they like it having the neighbors dog barking all night.

Bread Pick up lines

I could rack my grain and I still wouldn’t be able to think of a prettier girl than you.

Is your father a baker cause your buns are fantastic.

I love you like a hot stove baby!

I’ll put a bun in your oven!

“They call me Yeast”, says the warrior wiggling his eyebrows at the young veiled woman. “I know I can get a rise out of you yet!”


You know, when stuck in ramberry jam, you’re the bun I want to be with!

Bee funnies

Q: Who is the bees favorite pop group?

A: The bee gees!

Q: What is a bee’s favorite part of a relationship?

A: The Honeymoon period.

Q: What did the sushi say to the bee?

A: Wassabee!

Q: What do you call a bee that can’t stop eating?

A: Chub-bee.

Q: What kind of bee is a sore loser?

A: a cryba-be


Issue 76



  • From the Editor’s Desk by Silver
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Warning !!

– Diversity and Multiplication (Minnie)

– Gorean Police Announcement

– Our Stories

  • Ja Hesa Talunas by Selene and Silver
  • “Polite Gorean Society” or “Manners – or else” by Liam Whitesong
  • The task …. by Shuneeka (Liza Oyen) – November 19, 2016
  • WA Schendi tournament Nyoka on Thursday 27/10/2016. Report

From the Editor’s Desk by Silver

Tal Gazette readers

  • This is my first post as a Gazette Editor and I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful Gazette family.
  • I have been in Gor now for about 8 months or bit more and I still get excited when i get chance to RP or raid.

I decided to join the Gazette as it gave me a chance to learn more about Gor and the people in it..also a chance for me to visit and learn about different places in Gor. For me Gor is full of adventure and fun and the amazing people i have met in this short time I have been here.

  • I would love to see more role play in Gor and if you have any ideas you would like us to post on the Gazette please do let us know and we do our best to bring Gor players together..
  • Talking about Role play… I had the privilege of visiting The Ja Hesa tribe with Selene( who did the interview with them). Ella the En of the tribe and Shu the sharman of the tribe have clearly thought about their whole concept in how and what they want. When I landed on the dock and started making my way through the Jungle, I kept on saying ” wow” as the colours and the build of it was impressive. Shu gave us a tour and the ideas they have created for role play was intriguing. They are interested in Role play more than pew pew but raids are welcome. Be prepared for some serious role play if you do visit them.
  • Selene and I had the honor of being sisters with Shu and Ella before they decided to start their own tribe and today we are proud to be their friends. Wishing the Ja Hesa tribe all the best and hopefully bring back more role play.

Have a good week Gor friends

Yours truly

Silverz xoxo

 English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

 *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning *** Warning ***

Diversity and Multiplication (Minnie)

  • I always thought that was in the differences that our world could progress. New views, new interests, different approaches should help us form a new Gor but also new RP. We can not confine ourselves to a systematic approach of a RP based on the books, or on more or less epic battles. The world Ge, BTB world, the Raiders pros can coexist and even live together to define a new Role Player.
  • The world is full of Ge players who can make RP. The BTB world consists of warriors who may want to slum it with regulars Raids. Cohabitation is possible. But it will also be necessary. Trying too hard to separate different streams, different gorean approaches, we arrived at a multiple SIMs, camps, tribes, groups. And different people in our world can not multiply themselves indefinitely.
  • The result is what? First, and this is certainly the saddest of, Lands disappear as the Owners do not want to invest for empty SIMs. I understand them. It is useless to continue paying (large amounts) for one or two people who are bored in an empty place. Second consequence, the appearance of ALTs.
  • Ahhhhhh the ALTs, SL scourge !!! Some people create a new identity, a new face. Well, I must not judge. But I struggled to make myself a character and a personality. I wonder how have several. Well, I’ll do my mea culpa. I ve too, a second account. Its name TeamGazette. This account is in the form of a crawler. All this is not too Gorean.
  • I will continue the diversification and multiplication of SIMs. Too many SIMs can cause a disappearance, the disappearance of Gor, the end of our world … the end of a dream? It will stay strongholds and small groups will struggle to survive. Yet we all have the right to choose. This increase will bring the opposite effect. We will not have this notion of choice. We will have to bend us and join groups even if it does not fit our RP. And finally, we leave these groups, we leave Gor and Gor will be even more depleted.
  • I think you’ve all seen, empty cities, abandoned camps, places where a bored person, waiting without hope, the arrival of another person. This is the result of the multiplication. And this effect becomes stronger during holiday periods or during working days.
  • Here, I wanted to present this assessment and the result makes me fear for the future. I wanted, by these few lines, get you thinking. And I also want you to make a note of hope.
  • As I said in the beginning …. It is in cohabitation that Gor will live. It is in harmony with all that we can continue. I do not ask the moon. I just ask you to think that we can win and that we risk losing.

(It s an old article written in 2015 and re published for one owner who just gave up and closed his land – SIR MING WESTLAND (MingiarDundup Oyen)

Gorean Police Announcement

  • A bounty is placed on Huntress head. This Huntress said bad things and seems ready to down, capture and enslave all people in Gor, Warriors, Assassins, Black Caste and more. As she is fully mad, i offer you to be very careful and down her first, then you could speak with her after ….. and spank her of course. Another thing, she wants own Gazette of Gor and change name of the paper. She hopes name it … Dawnzette . So, yes, you have understood, Dawn Destiny is the bad girl you  should cap now. Her home .. Ruins of Odin

Our Stories

You will find our stories in next issue … Puma in Gor (Chapter 10) by  Izumi  and  Vorgous Carver’s Journal – Chapteur 16.

Ja Hesa Talunas

Ja Hesa Talunas

  • A new tribe, a new land, a good build with colors you cound find in a jungle …. and some crazy panthers …. of course

The Interview

  1. Ja’Hesa is fairly a new tribe around Gor or has it been around in the past? If so please share a few lines of the history of the tribe.
  • Ja’Hesa is a fairly new tribe around Gor ,  it is the meeting of two talunas  who have traveled a lot after the disappearance of their old clan there are few years ago.
  1. What is the meaning of the name Ja’Hesa?
  • Ja’Hesa means “sisters blood”
  1. What was the drive behind the concept from thought to reality of bringing to life this tribe?
  • In fact since our return in Gor after a break of 3 years, we spent few months in a panthers tribe, there we learned a lot too, all experiences are good in roleplay… .But we always have had a preference for the taluna role , the rp is greater, the environment is different, it is more difficult to enter in the jungle than northern forests…Our love for the rp too has been important in our decision.
  1. The build of this camp seems impressive, would you like to tell us how much time does it takes to build a camp like this?
  • Shu is the builder of the sim, and since 12 days she built it . She spent many hours and the result is as you told very impressive.
  1. Is the build completely mesh ? Any specifics you would like to share with us?
  • The build is at 93 % mesh. The majority of plants or trees are in mesh giving an aspect of the reality of the nature, the explorers will discover and take a rest if they want..We have a lot of places for the rp, but I prefer that people come here and discover.

You can swim, fish, sail around the sim.

  1. Would you like to share a few facts of nowadays tribe and how life on a daily basis is here? What are the aims here, it’s more combat or rp oriented, would you share a few lines of your vision of how it should be here?
  • As the panthers we defend our land, we hate see a woman with a collar, we prefer keep the collar and cuffs for men !

We live in the deep jungle far of all and the trades are important to survive. Then we can see us in the villages around the rivers.

We hunt and collect fruits , herbs, mushrooms. We make potions for the rituals or for the mystical rites.

  • The aims here is to have a cohesion between the fight and the rp, a prisoner will be rp during 2 hours between a rescue and can be stay longer…
  1. Who is who in the tribe hierarchy ? 🙂
  • For the moment we are recruiting…I’m the En and Shu is the Shaman , the others are in observation. I want to help players in this game and explain them how we must rp and fight too…I don’t want that people wait informations, sure the ideal would be that they read the books, but we can inform them on the life of talunas cause J. Norman has not write a lot of the talunas but enough to play the role.
  1. What are your views on nowadays Gor? What i have, and what should it have to make it a great world that makes more and more people come and explore it? What do you think of Pewpew and Rp and SEG (Super Evolved Gor)?
  • The Gor has changed a lot, in my time SEG did not exist, I noticed now raids are more important than the rp and the rp has really depleted…I don’t want hurt anyone, some have a good rp too, I mean in general. I heard some good rp during the last months.

I think the classification Btb, Ge, Seg is not  a good think, The result is a denaturation of Gor., a kind of degeneracy which just leads  to take into  account raids and the numbers of captures you make, by forgetting the rp. For the Pewpew  I wonder what fun they find in this game if they don’t bring fun for the others …

  • For me the best way to rp is to project yourself in the shoes of an actor in a play, We play the raid, the adrenaline goes up cause we defend our sisters, our camp, our land, we play loyally, when we win we must rp all the captures after the binds, not a ratio, all are a part of the play, the same when we lost …then play untill at the end, create stories, that can continue in the future, let’s us speak our imagination, by respecting, as we can on SL, the books written by Norman. This is the scenario.
  • But I’m open-mind and I accept to play with all the people who like Gor and have fun cause we learn all the days and me first ^^

Ja’Hesa are closer to btb than GE and far from SEG. I would say that we are more in the minds of books than by the books. So, we will be in the GE category with nuances…

by example you will never see a taluna wearing high heels or jeans..

  1. What are the aims of Ja’hesa tribe for the long run in Gor? And is the tribe friendly to accept new comers into their ranks?
  • I would answer the second question before the first …new comers are welcome (avi must have 6 months), we will be happy to share our land with them, to make them discover the gorean world by sharing our knowledge, and create with them a nice story for a long run in Gor.
  1. You would like to share any words for our readers out there who might want to explore this lands?
  • if you are not afraid by the deep jungle, if you like walking, if you like the nature, if you like the rp …you will find us up…at the top ! *smiles*

“Polite Gorean Society” or “Manners – or else”  by Liam Whitesong

  • Why we are talking about it…

  • More and more, there have been incidents where younger Goreans – people new to Gor, or educated in Gorean culture – have been doing things you would never see in the books.  No, this is not an argument about GE vs BTB…… these things are the basics that Goreans need to accept to be Gorean at all, and with good reason.   Slapping free women, barging into other peoples business, cutting up slaves for fun, and generally intruding where and how they should not?.  Goreans believe in customs, from how you act at a trade post deep in a forest, to how different castes act towards one another.  Its not just that an armed society is a polite society (the vast majority of Gorean population are NOT Reds, Blacks or mercenaries), it is because customs on Gor are a survival mechanism.  Customs are sacred.

  • Lets talk the basics with four facts about Gor…

1) Humans are rare on Gor.  They cover only a tiny portion of the planet, and that portion only sparsely in isolated city states and settlements.  Humans are so rare that the Priest Kings only just stopped importing Humans from Earth to keep the gene pool alive and well, and that is still the underlying reason for cities raiding each other.

2) It is a first rite of passage for young warriors in many cities to go forth, capture a woman and bring her back to present as a slave to his female relations to ease their family’s burdens, as the son was becoming and adult, and to prove himself as a warrior (Ok, Tarl had to go out and get a home stone, but he was making up for lost time)

3) Gor is a giant experiment by the Priest Kings, with Humans being shaped towards a higher nature of mental and physical perfection.  Gorean society is led by Humans who have the will to succeed, while anything that would turn Human society beings away from that development (such as high tech weaponry) is banned by the Initiates and punished with the Flame Death.

3) By the book, even the unwanted laying of hands on a Free Woman of YOUR OWN home stone carries the death penalty in many places..  In short, you do not mess with that portion of your population that is leading the way toward what the Priest Kings want, not to mention being your breeding population.

4) People can live on Gor up to 1000 years, and for most that time you are physically young.  If you had a child every 50 years… and your children had one every 50 years, and they had children….  Do the math.  After a thousand years, that should be a very large family, given there is also almost no disease ….. and yet Humans on Gor are STILL rare enough that the Priest Kings were importing Humans.  That means that either Gorean women are not having children at the same rate as Earth women, or Gor beyond the city walls is so AMAZINGLY DEADLY that the births only just keep up with the deaths.  Personally, I suppose it’s a bit of both – but the lesson is that Goreans are very serious about taking the best care of the people in their home groups – be it a city, village, tribe or wagon – because humans are rare, and it is a matter of survival.

  • When you are hanging on to survival by your fingernails, you take care of people, or perish. People who don’t obey customs because they are doing their own thing are a threat to your survival.  Goreans do not tolerate threats.

The results?

– Gorean men do NOT beat up, hurt, senselessly enslave or generally abuse the Free Women of THEIR OWN home stone.

– Gorean men will not abuse pregnant women, ever.

– Goreans do not cut up slaves for amusement.  It is a senseless damage to property, and you would no more do that then you would take a perfectly good sword and smash it until it was dull and useless.

– Gorean men have it their own way most of the time – but every society has its checks and balances, and the rights of Free Women are that check.  No one is going to put up with a lowest of the high caste warrior harming a Free Woman.

– If a citizen has a complaint, there are the courts – regardless, a Gorean will not put their personal agenda before custom – particularly when the Priest Kings can turn you or your city into a heap of ash.

– If two cities have a dispute then they can talk it out at the Fairs, if they don’t want to go to war.  That – and a good party – are what the Fairs do.

In conclusion…

  • There are customs for almost EVERYTHING you do, and a caste, law or custom to guide you through it. Gor is a hard, savage world – but the customs are in place to channel proper behavior in dealing with each other.  Reacting to every situation with violence is NOT a survival strategy.  Consider your alternatives – and enjoy the good role play that comes to you when you do it.  The alternative is a very bright light and a blue flame…

 The task …. by Shuneeka (Liza Oyen) – November 19, 2016

How I push new recruits to prove their ability to survive in wild woods (Sonia)

  • Shuneeka felt the tightness and burning within her lungs as she ran feverishly through the thicket and heavy brush that tore away from the rags that was once the respectful village work tunic and apron worn by the free women of her village. As she ran she could hear the thundering of her heart beat franticly as fear from the unknown sounds seemed to close in behind her. Such fear seemed to painfully tighten the muscles which slowed her down as she pressed forwards trying to escape the pending doom that swiftly followed her ever deeper in darker thicker part of the forest.
  • She glancing back over her shoulders as her dirty tawny strands of her hair,that naturally faded to golden blond ends cause from the countless hours she toiled at the dry mountain soil that made up area of her uncle’s farm. Images of that farm and face of her uncle that mixed with disgust that reflected in the dark creases of the man’s leathery skin. It was the fear as she felt now pumping into every part of her being that drove her on even now to escape whatever it was now after her. Not focusing on where she was going as she turned her head quickly before she missed the broken branch that had embedded into the ground for some time covered with plant life, hooking her foot into it and felling with a heavy thud face down into the forest floor, almost knocking the wind from her and making her head reel.
  • She franticly hands searched out stretched before her digging at the dirt and undergrowth to get a toe hold onto something to aid her to get back onto her feet. Yet as she does so, a point of something sharp pressed into her ragged garments and into the sensitive area between her shoulders of her back. She heard the voice what sounded like a woman screeching in her ears as this person was calling to those now coming closer.
  • Gasping painfully for the rush of air that felt like fire scorching her lungs as she tried to move, but it was the painful tip of something sharp that kept her at bay fearing to go even deeper into her flesh, and the fist that had reached into the soiled tresses of her tangled mane, twist painfully and quickly jerked hard as if the sudden movement would have snapped her neck if it had more force behind it than what it had.
  • Shuneeka kept her forehead pressed against the coolness of the forest carpet that made of decaying leaves, and other pant life not to say for countless insects the crawled along the floor of the woods. Women…her mind raced these were women that seemed to circle her. She labored to slow her breathing but the fear of what to come next crippled her she dare not speak or move or even take a glance up at the sound of the string of gibberish encircled her. The tones became more lest excitable and begin to soften but the hand that entwined in her hair seemed not to loosing it’s strong grip.
  • The women heard her own moan naturally escaping from her lips when the hand tighten more pulling her head back even more painfully as she winced feeling as if her hair would be pulled from the crown of her head, causing a bone to pop in answer to the force that held her head up and now her face exposed to the one that held her at bay. Slowly she raised her eyes up at the frighting face the loomed near her own, covered in dirt and grim and with frighting pigments of some kind of face paint that surrounded the eyes in black that smeared into area of the cheekbones that in all account may have been high if it were not for the red color that gave the illusion of blood stain and seemed to blend lower to that around the mouth.
  • Shuneeka gasped beside her self at such a gruesome face, long hair wildly snaked out that framed the face and piercing eyes, cold and harsh seemed to boar into her own. The buzzing of the voices continued, then the welcome released from the pain as the hand let go of her own tawny blond hair. Yet this was only short live for no longer was the hand released there was sudden grip of fingers painfully digging into the flesh of arms into her soften skin with cuts and bruises from her escape days earlier and the escaping these women.. these.. Panthers!  She was found by them, but not knowing this was a good thing or bad, after hearing the stories of these women Outlaws that stayed hidden withing the forest, and how they treated unwanted visitors into their domain. The chances of her own survival among them was very bleak.
  • She feel the painful stinging of the leather thong tied incredibly tight around her wrists seemed to bit into her silken tender flesh. She bit at her lower lip enough that she swore she could taste her own blood upon her tongue but she held back any cry, or pleas. She was roughly heft up by both arms. A leather braided cord now was secured around her neck snug yet not enough to choke her, with an end of rope made of plant fiber running roughly up and around then tied into knot at her throat, she was then was forced to follow in silence behind the one that had first came upon her, and now leashed to that same woman.
  • Her crystal blue eyes, carefully scanned the woods to the left and right of her in hopes of finding a way to escape them. However, it would be foolish, Panthers from her understanding walked single file, not only to make there numbers look greater, but from her understanding, to make less noise when tramping through the heavy plant life and thickest along the paths not easily seen by others who were not familiar. These women, these panthers seemed to know every path and narrow well hidden trails by memory.
  • Instinctively each time she would slow, she would feel either the quick tug of the leash from the woman who lead her or the quick poke rude-fully by fingers or at times the end part of the shaft of the spear of the woman behind her. No one spoke, but she could feel the some how the tension in the air as they continued on. It seemed to her that the panthers never once let down their guard even in the heavy denseness of this great forest. As if they new any moment danger would suddenly present it’s self and the girls who worked would respond in a signal deadly unit to war off their attacker. It was frighting yet amazingly as she felt this intense power flowing from one girl to the other, as if they were were able to somehow communicate with out speaking a single word.
  • Tired and sore she stumbled trying her best not to for she would at times see the reflection of annoyance from the woman who led her own each time she slowed to no fault of her own. The woman glared but did not uttered a single sound, just the harsh jerk now and then to remind her captive to keep moving. Not being familiar with the paths or surefooted in the woods like theses women were, it wasn’t easy to keep such pace, but she tried. This time of the day now the sun seemed to have shifted and was moving down past most of the tree tops, causing the shadows to play about under the dense canopy of the huge Evergreen and spruce trees that made much of the forest of the north. The sun’s rays streamed through casing the shadows to dance and move in closer as if a shadowy fog that ate up the forest in darkness. The path seemed to gradually change becoming sharper and more dreading as if they were climbing, and for what bit of ray of sunlight manage to filter through she could see that they were in a hilly and rocky. They were making their way deeper into the foothills that blended into the rugged mountains. The trail was becoming more dangerous, so narrow in spots often crossing narrow crudely made wooden bridges and paths along the steeper sides of the hills that if one slipped would take them over 100 ft. below.  She tired to panic but even with her hands bound at her back she could not help notice her own palms sweating and her face beading with sweat, even the air was becoming noticeably much colder.
  • Shuneeka stopped as the woman before her did, seeing the woman now turning towards her she jerked at the leash but gently to come closer. She stood proud and strong as she watched the others girls coming closer, it seemed once all was accounted for it is then the woman that was leading the party opened the well hidden entrance to what looked like a cave. Then another tug of the leash was led inside.
  • She could not see it was a darkness worse than anything she had ever experienced, causing her to take shallow breaths, and using the tip of her tongue to lick at the dryness to help moisten her lips. She stood for a moment feeling the body of the woman before her pressing close. She did not bother to move for doing she feared would put her in worse graces with these women than she already had. Torches was lit, that caused her to bat her eyes, a shudder ran down her back as their own shadows cast upon the wall of the cave was like disfigured creatures, moving and flickering about. She sucked in her breath when she found out it was not a cave like before the woman that lead them and her, but a series of caves that naturally made up at maze of tunnels. It was only then the feeling of tension faded and the women begin to speak in soft yet lighter tones.
  • Was thrown before one of the larger campfire. A woman stood up and move counter clockwise to greet the one that had been leading the small group and who held the leash. The woman doing the greeting turned now to step closer. The flames from the fire that reflected off her eye glowed like polished gems and fire dancing within their depths. The woman was dressed much like the others with furs and garments that covered most of the torso with leathers or skins. The feet were covered with leather boot like shoes, and lower part of the leg up to the knees in fur. It was the time of cycle of the Gorean calendar year when it was becoming colder, and no doubt soon snow would be seen falling, but for now the days were warm and the night cold. She spoke in soft tones to the others. Laughter and soft chuckling resonated around. She leered near gazing deeply, then spoke to the one that had held the leash stepped in back and with the swiftness, cut the bindings free.
  • Stood still unsure what to make of this the woman then order something. The clothes suddenly was ripped free. Gasping in horror and yelped a sound that caused the others to laugh and in their own way poke fun

it seemed the woman conducting the action was in charge and judging the way the others seemed to respond to her. She was the leader of this group not the one that had led the party through the forest.

  • Stood naked and confused, feeling the coldness of air swirl about her naked warm flesh, feeling the every inch of her being on display before all eyes of the wild women of this camp. She stood straight keeping her head upright instinctively the first action was to cover her self and make a run for it. Yet, seeing there was to many and the fact she was still leashed would be foolish. The Chief or leader of this band of panthers eyed her, as if to dare her to make a sudden move.
  • Shuneeka did her best to hide the fear, staying stone face as the leader of the tribe gazed hard at her in all angles and circled her. She felt her chest tighten the dread and much thoughts flooded her mind. The butterflies in the bit of her belly, and fear of being brought into slavery or worse death. She would not be used as a slave, she would rather die. Squaring her shoulders back, she stood as proud as she could pushing the fears that gripped at her body like a iron hand and did it’s best to cloud her mine, she waited in silence.
  • She felt the Leader move in closer, with a most wicked sneer.. then reaching quickly she removed the knife that was tucked in the leather belt of her own tunic that came down to the mid thighs, spoke. “let us see seleen, how well you fair in the woods. Fail this task and your fate will be decided instantly.” she hissed.
  • Looked uncertain at the leader, she was given the knife made from a bone of a seleen, her instructions were to go into the forest, naked, with only the use of the knife, she had three moons to prove her worth. She would have to kill animals, make something to cover herself, to make some sort of weapon such as a bow, and arrows to hunt with. If she failed, her fate will be determined by the women of the band. The leash was removed but the leather woven collar remained around her neck, perhaps as a reminder.
  • Was laid next to the fire, wondering why now she was given a knife she could have easily rushed anyone of them and fought her way to freedom, but in all seriousness, she would be slitting her own throat. Reminding her self theses women were experienced hunters, they fought everyday for survival, they knew the hidden paths and trails through the forest as if it were veins of their own hands. She would not last against such odds. She laid weak, tired, frighten, and hungry. They had only offered water and scraps of food as if she were but a mere animal herself.

Finally sleep took her, and her dreams became nightmares of the past.

  • Stood before them the smoke of the campfire not yet fanned into a flame, only faint of the dawn’s first light crept, changing the night to a bluish huge of daybreak. She stood shivering, her skin prickled with bumps, her lips trembling, her feet still stinging and raw, even her tips of her fingers raw, and the nails torn and at times bled from the days before when she first entered the woods. The leader spoke to the first girl who had lead her and the party last night to the camp. The same woman now roughly lead with an aid of another pushed and guided to where the starting of the task were to begin.
  • Shoved free of the hidden entrance of the caves that honeycomb around, she was forced out. She didn’t waste time but ran down the narrow path to try to get as much distance from the two women. She stopped to look up and seen they had disappeared from sight, possibly to go back into the hidden entrance to the camp. Either way she was on her own now. She flopped down to tired and weak to cry, and to the point of feeling the despair flooding into her body through the very pores of her being. She flopped back against the base of a tree and sat there with her head hung low.
  • Shuneeka woke with a start. Heart hammering in her chest, as the sound of it echoed in her ears. She panted wiping the sweat from her around her face from the back of her hand, the knife held firmly within her tight grasp, so tight that made her knuckles turn white for the tense hold. She cursed under her breath at the nightmares that awoken her, and the sound of a woman’s voice from some distant time. That voice was her aunt who had passed on to the City of Dust, as one would say. Shaking her head she slowly rose to her feet. She walked along the trail stopping ever so often to make tiny little signs only she would know as she went along to find her way back. These signs, she learned from her aunt, the same that came to her in her sleep. She would find a small branch and break in half to place it in an unnatural way crossing it with the other into the ground. She did this along with breaking leaves that framed the pathway. After a while of doing this she begin to see something unusual unfolding before her own bluish eyes. The path she walked on had indeed markers of their own! She now started to understand and read the markers that the panthers used for those still learning the ways of the tribe. She smiled to her self it was a start.
  • She landed hard on her backside causing the icy cold water from the brook wash over her naked flesh. She  became even more frustrated as the fish escaped her hands, now burning from the intense ice cold water. She had attempted her best to catch fish by hand. She had seen a trapper who hunted for food and furs do this as a little girl, it looked simple enough but she seemed to lack the skill and speed needed to do so. She sighed, looking around the bank that edge the wide babbling brook, it wasn’t deep but it did have fish small ones but still it was food. She raised her eyes to the sky, the sun was still setting good but that did not help her stomach she had time yet to make a camp for her self, and she knew she would need something to help shield her from the cold. The knife was only her source of life. Gazing at the blade, as the sun flashed off of the sharp edge a plan was forming. She quickly sprung to put the plan in action.
  • Smiled to her self as she looked at the small cluster of fish on the rocky bank. She would have food to eat, but the task of keeping warm and having a place for shelter was another issue. She had managed to find a green small branch that was flexible yet strong, taking the knife she managed to cut from the base and then shaving the small twig like branches from it to construct a pole the size smaller around than her own wrist. She then shaved the end to make a sharp but sturdy point. Slightly up from the point she had cut into it making a deeper grove and continued to whittle until she made a curved wooden hook, crude as it was, it would help keep the fish she would stab into from falling away. She had found out the hard way when she first fashioned the fishing spear with just a sharp point the fish managed to wiggle and fall from the point only fall into the brook and float down stream. Yet once the hook grove was made. The fish stayed on and she had her dinner. Now she needed to make a fire and shelter.
  • She satisfied having her belly full of fish she harvested and cooked. The fire small enough, she had noticed from the panther camp the night before. It was for her own safety as to not be seen, and also more practical to be able to stay close to keep warm, otherwise large fires only brought attention and also force one to stand back further from the heat, and be cold. Yet there was this issue of staying warm all night for she still had no outer garments or covering to cover her freezing flesh. She gazed into the fire, thinking on this problem, her eyes and ears alert for dangers.
  • Shivered as the night was closing in. No matter how close she was able to get to the small campfire, it was still not warm enough from her shivering body. She would have to do something but what? She looked around the area she had found a nice little secluded place, amongst an out cropping of rocks, a portion of it hung over to naturally from a makeshift roof, or in a way of speaking a small indentation to make a one person cave-let. She nestled deep against the back part of the rock so that way the heat from the fire would warm the rocks, and it did help but the night breeze helped cool down the rock and offered only a scant bit of warmth. It just wasn’t enough.

Moved to out stretch her body laying down now as she thought of ways to help warm her. Cut branches offered little help, and one had to be careful so the pine pitch wouldn’t catch easily if too close to the fire, and very prickly against the skin. As she laid there she kept thinking while her hands played with the soft dirt under her body. Soft dirt.. !  Plan two now was forming.. Bed of coals.. soft dirt!

  • She sat with a most rather pleased expression on her face. She had spent a bit of time doing it but she managed to carefully as to not damage the knife, digging a spot deep enough to rake using a green branch of coals into the small trough that covered a layer over small stones she found. Next she layered green branches over the coals checking for heat and fire, hoping not to suffocate the coals then a thin layer of soft dirt over that, followed by a layer of grasses that worked as a mat over dirt. She laid upon it and then kept the fire going it was not really enough to keep her warm and toasty as she had hoped, maybe if she had more time to find materials and something better and stronger to dig with, it may have but achieved the purpose she had been after, at least this kept her from freezing to death.
  • She awaken to the first rays of warm sunlight. She did her morning toiletries, next to the brook, washing her face and hands, braiding her wayward hair after using her fingers to untangle the snarls and free of plant matter embedded the thickness of her untamed mane. She used her fingers to scrub at her teeth, and picked at the knot at her collar frowning at the way the knot was made, the roughness of the leather collar rubbing against her neck made the softness of her skin raw and tender. Feeling much alone and unsure she could not let doubt sink in. She had to fight her fears and replace doubt with confidence or she would fail. She sat back thinking on the reason behind the task. It came clear they were giving her a chance to be possibly one of them. If she manage to complete this first task then maybe they may not make her a slave or even kill her. She might have a chance yet! She rose and begin to think on the next part of this task. She had manage to fish for food, she had learned from her aunt about wild berries, but now it was to late in the season to really find any edible berries, but nuts was one thing she could find if in the right area, but the northern woods offered little in the way of wild nuts. She would have to find more suitable food than just fish. She had to prove she could hunt. Bows, bows were fashioned with flexible but very strong woods, the bow string was usually fashioned with sinew dried and stretched and twisted. Bone marrow and fat cooked down with that of hoof of a northern tabuk would make excellent glue to help secure the woods together and reinforcing with a wrapping of sinew, and splitting the sinew into fine threads once dried and stretched would help tie the fletchings of the arrows into place. The other part would have to find the right type of stone to make the arrows. She sighed sounds easy but the first problem was to locate such animals here in this forest, and with her not being so knowledgeable as to hoe yo hunt, the question was how to get the things she needed to hunt with. She had remembered as a child growing up in a northern village by watching how the men in the village made such things. Also knowing deep down this part of the task wasn’t going to be easy.

•     Looked around she only had until the third moon to complete this task. She lifted her hand to shield her eyes from the sun light bleeding through the trees once she stood in the clearing she was keeping the brook close by and off to her left so that way she wasn’t venturing too far into unfamiliar areas and still be close to camp. Glancing at the knife she kept clutched into her hand she had to make a make shift lance to use to hunt with,again she pulled at the collar rubbing at her neck becoming even more tender. Wait the collar?  She can use the leather of the collar to help fashion something to use to hunt with.

  • She huffed a bit again wiping the sweat that formed like beads glistening the the glow of the sun against her slightly golden skin. Hands now blistered, tender with sores, she used the knife hacking at a small sapling, skimming the smaller branches from the main part. She reached up to carefully cut at the knot of the collar mindful as to not cut herself doing so, and if she done this right she would have good amount of length to work with,  once she undone the braid strands of the leather lacing that had originally formed to make the collar. She bend down toiling at the work, when she froze. There was a noise in the distant a slow rumble at first. She didn’t bother to look up but her body was on full alert, even her own senses became keener, she titled her head as she worked franticly with shaken hands and fingers with a will of their own, to bad was not under her own command. She did manage to complete tying the knife into place with the leather lacing at the very end of the newly but very crudely fashioned lance. Tilting her head to side so that she could listen as well as slowly moving her eyes carefully not to make any fast or sudden moves. The sound was coming from her right side but off to the back some distance away. Her blind side of view. Ever so slowly she turned her head and to her surprise and fearful shock of what she saw was not as far off as she first thought but much closer in fact so close to the large animal she could have easily spit at it. It growled and for the first time in her life she realized what real fear really was.

  • She laid there upon the roughness of the ground, feeling every rock and pebble that seemed to etch into her skin. Her eyes cloudy at first slowly begin to focus, at first nothing seemed to register in her mind. She blanked with blue eyes dull, and empty. Her breathing was shallow more like soft pants and when she did try to inhale a deeper breath she almost cried out in pain. The memory of what took place alluded her. She was not dead, not yet. But what had happen? She begin to move her right hand to discover great amount of pain shooting up her right arm, and a wet coolness trickling down from her wrist to her elbow. She groaned softly clenching her teeth to keep from screaming out. Finally she moved her hand to lay across her body, but instead was fur. She began to wiggle and move her body yet she lacked the strength and discovered to her horror, she was held down from some unforeseen weight. She moved her right hand again to examine to lightly examen the feel of fur, the thick and coarseness of it. Discovering more the coldness of moister was trickling down over her right side. She tried moving her left hand but it was also painful and stiff. She had lift her left hand discover her hand was coated with dry blood. Pain shot through her head as she closed her eyes as soft moans easily escaped from her own lips. Praying to any Gods that may hear her as she laid there with flashes of images that formed while the buzzing of insects flutter about her ears. She again opened her eyes wide with terror as the last image came into mind. She tried to wiggle and move but her body refused at first but slowly she calmed her racing heart and forced the workings of her foggy brain to consternate enough to raise her throbbing head up to see the death-mask of the furry face with its mouth gaped open with huge fangs. It’s large head was had been resting lifelessly across her own chest, its fur was soaked in blood, but who’s blood?

  • Listened intently for sound if any coming from the huge beast, yet there was nothing. She wiggled and moved pushing at the dead weight that had pinned her down restricting her movements. Until at last she was able to drag her self from under the dead weight of the large fury beast. She gasped at seeing the lance she had fashion had been broken and the end with the knife she had used as the makeshift spearhead had been thrusted deeply into the left ear of the beast’s head, only a small bit of the shaft that had been broken off was seen sticking out of the skull, with blood caked within its fur. Looked down at her own body she had been clawed with deep furrows that was made by the massive claws, areas while others not as bad, at least she had faired much better than the beast, she was alive! She would have to attend to her wounds and find the medicine herbs that crew wild here in this part of the great forest.

  • Shuneeka looked up at the three moons of Gor. They had shown brightly through the haze of the clouds that were drifting across their faces. She had slipped and fell, tumbled and bumbled her way that last couple of days to finish this task. Half starved at times half crazy with fear, getting lost, from ghosts of her past, and a close brush with death.  She stood in silence with the torch to lit her way through the darkness of the tunnel with it’s twists and turns until she came out into the open and walking not as quiet as the most experienced of hunters that could move silently through the woods without being detected.  A cry came out from nowhere but she did not jump nor raised a spear she fashioned earlier that day.  She kept walking while feeling the eyes wide and alarmed with curiosity and puzzlement. The tension high that it filled the air as every women of the band held firmly to their weapons as she stepped before the great fires and the Leader of the tribe. She threw down at the Leader’s feet. A bundle of freshly hunted meat, wrapped in fur to help keep it clean, then a much smaller bundle she held out with great care to present to the Leader. She stood before the leader dressed in the rich furs, and soft green tanned hide that covered her once naked body.  Her hair smoothed out and flowing in the cold breeze as the smoke of the fire encompassed her slender form. Her body marred but was healing where she had been clawed, her body bruised. She had forced her body to stand proudly before the Leader the Panther Chief of the Tribe. When she slowly pulled from her own newly made leather belt that was tied about her her small waist and presented the knife back to the Leader whom had given to her three moons ago. What the leader found as she unwrapped the small bundle presented to her was a heart.. the heart of the Larl.

WA Schendi tournament Nyoka on Thursday 27/10/2016.

The tournament  was based on three different game types:

* bow

* sword

* mud fight

Everyone could participate as it was a OOC tournament.

The races  were made on three separate evenings:

* First challenge evening with the arch which will participate in both men and women;

* Second evening challenge with the sword which they could participate only men;

* Third night of mud wrestling just for women.

Participation was limited to one game per player.

See the video at:


Issue 77



  • From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie
  • English is not my First Language AND I Love to Raid
  • Warning !!

– Good Blogs in Gor (First part)

– GOSSIP Of Gor (Selvi)

  • Are lesbian panthers BTB ?
  • Paga Taverns in Gor
  • Puma in Gor (Chapter 10) by Izumi
  • Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 017

From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal Gazette readers

  • We always have good reasons. Reasons to be worried, reasons to be scared, reasons to be angry, reasons to feel tired. I am tired. Have i good reasons. I do not know. I only know that I feel a certain lassitude. It is not without reasons. I have often asked each of you to send me articles about your life in Gor about things you have seen. But I have not often had answers.
  • We are volunteers in the Gazette. This volunteering leads us to drop our game in Gor to inform you and entertain you. The risk is to see this lassitude overcome our last forces. This would be the end of this adventure, the end of the Gazette of Gor. It’s up to you to know what you want. Help the Gazette and the Gazette would help you. Help yourself, and be proud to be part of this adventure


English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

  • Gazette of Gor Team will do special Issues for German People, French People, Spanish People, Dutch People and Italian People. For this, we need people able to speak one of those different languages to help us and lead each special issue. Each Issue will be coupled with the english version. Please contact me.

  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

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Good Blogs in Gor

Adventures of Gor Evolved Panther Girls. We will present you in this part, good blogs in Gor and i am pleased to show you this blog done by a proud En, Marly from Forest Moon Tribe. And this blog is, of course, famous cos Marly publish Gazette of Gor on Web with her blog.  We hope a long life for this blog.


The free women of your city.

The Free Women of your city have arms so short they have to tilt their head to pin their veils.

The Free Women of your city are so fat that when they dance they make the musicians skip.

The Free Women of your city wear super tall shoes, they keep the trees company.

The Free Women wear so many veils, they never have to shave their facial hair.

Animal questions

Q: Who protects the Queen Bee?

A: Her Hub-bee.

Q: How many bees do you need in a bee choir?

A: A humdred!

  1. What’s the last thing to go through a bees mind when it hits your windshield?
  2. Its bum.

Q: Why did the bee go to the barbershop?

A: To get a buzz-cut.

Q: What do you call a bee born in May?

A: A maybe!

Q: What kind of bee can’t be understood?

A: A mumble bee!

Q: What do you call a bee that lives in America?



Having been caught stealing fruit in the Merchant’s orchard, two thieves were brought before the Merchant, who readily asked the first of the two:

– “What did you steal?”

– “Cherries, oh Sir Merchant.”

– “Very well, as punishment you shall have all the cherries you stole inserted into your anus, one by one.”

Upon hearing the sentence, the second thief burst into laughter. The Merchant immediately order him to stop laughing and asked:

– “Why were you laughing?”

– “Your highness, I stole watermelons.”

Are lesbian panthers BTB ? By:  Peppers (Yuletide Resident) slave of Veck ‘En.

  • ©
    Panther of Gor

    I recently was told by a panther that was proud of her tribe that the members did not perform lesbian acts in camp or the surrounding forest. The largest defense of this was that since no  panthers were outright depicted as lesbian in the books, no panthers should play their characters as lesbian or bi  for that matter.

  • I find this justification highly lacking. The truth was that most of these panthers said in their bio they were straight and some even had limits against lesbian play. The person running the sim and as En can run a sim any way they want. Though I am wondering if saying you can’t play a lesbian is a violation of TOS.
  • I am diverging though from my argument. It is not btb to say no panthers were lesbians.  And we need to first look at what btb means. Some take that to mean that the books are bibles and everything in them should be followed to the letter and that anything not mentioned does not exist on Gor.  Doing that you quickly run into contradictions and absurdities like all panther are blond haired and light skinned. I mean think about that. The only conclusion is to decide that only blondes are unhappy with the traditional life in cities on Gor and leave.  Or that they are the only ones smart enough to escape. Or that they are all from the North even the ones in the equatorial jungles.  Also no slaves are depicted in Verna’s band. Eleanor in Captive of Gor could only challenge for a position as Huntress.  She was not accepted or considered to be a slave of the band.
  • The point I am making is btb means following the spirit of the Gor Books and making the roleplay as realistic as possible were you actually on the planet. And to that of course is added the fact no matter how real it is depicted, it is a game and we are here to have fun.
  • Now let’s look at how realistic it is to say that no panthers are lesbian (I am just using the word lesbian as I don’t want to type or bi-sexual or pan-sexual every time but I am certainly not excluding them from this argument). I cannot believe that a whole planet of human beings would have no gay or lesbians in it.
  • Given that is not realistic to conceive of a world of no homosexuals, some panthers had to be lesbians. They would be very likely to be unhappy with their lot. They would be the ones most likely to leave cities to avoid unwanted companionships.  It is not unreasonable to think that panther bands would be accepting of them.  The primary qualifications were whether they could protect themselves and the band, not sexual preference.  There is nothing written in the books that all panthers were straight either/ On the same token it is unreasonable to say that all panthers were lesbians. It is not realistic..

  • As far as the argument that no express written words in the books means it didn’t exist is silly. For instance, for a long time it was argued that there was no mugs on Gor because it wasn’t mentioned. Somehow the concept and captures from Earth would not be able to create or introduce mugs. And low and behold in the last book there were mugs.  Mugs are realistic within the Gor world and do not violate the spirit of the books.  Lesbians are realistic and the wonderful roleplay in many bands show they do not violate the spirit of the book.

  • But let’s look more closely at the argument that only what is expressly written is the way things are on Gor. All the books are written from the point of view of a single person.  And as such they can only really accurately report what they see.  The rest is hearsay.  And they may take a single observation and apply it to the whole planet falsely. This explains why say Eleanor could look at Verna’s band, that maybe were all blonds, and say all panthers are blond.   And she would be have to be wrong for the reasons I mentioned above.

  • So I am saying that the definition for btb should be what is realistic within the Gor world and true to the spirit of the books. As such btb means that there were lesbian panthers. You can run a sim any way you want and if you want to be against homosexuality you can.  But tell the truth and admit you are uncomfortable with lesbian acts and are prejudiced against people that depict lesbianism and don’t want to see it on your sim.  Don’t say it is btb.

Paga Taverns in Gor

  • A paga tavern is a combination bar, restaurant and brothel. In the southern hemisphere, cafes often take the place of paga taverns but are essentially the same type of entity. Paga taverns exist primarily for the pleasure of men, but such pleasures range widely. Men go there to relax or be sociable. They often play Kaissa there. Some taverns even have special tables with a Kaissa board inlaid on the table. Men may wish to watch slave dances or other men duel in the sands. It is also a place where men can learn a lot about a city and hear the latest news. A new visitor to a city can learn much at a paga tavern about his new surroundings. A paga tavern is much more than just a place where men go to fur kajirae. Many patrons may never make use of a kajira in that manner.

  • A tavern commonly has a number of low tables of various sizes. A man can remain by himself at a small table or party with his friends at a larger one. Men sit cross-legged on the floor at these tables. There may be a sandpit in the paga tavern for slave dancing or battles by the men. There is an area of curtained pleasure alcoves where men and slaves retire for sexual pleasure. There is often a kitchen area, commonly separated from the main area by swinging doors or a beaded curtain. The doors or curtain are easy to negotiate by a girl carrying something. Curtains are used more often than the swinging doors.

  • Other varieties of paga taverns exist on Gor. The paga enclosure is a transportable tavern. The owner generally makes a circular area of leveled earth about forty yards in diameter. The area is fenced in but the fencing is little more than symbolic. It consists of light railings, set on tripods and is about waist high. The fence is made to be easily taken down and reconstructed at another site. There will be tiny, alcovelike tents within the perimeter and several small fires. At night, the girls are not belled. Thus, the camp can be quickly made dark and silent if necessary.

  • The Wagon Peoples have public slave wagons, a combination paga tavern and slave market. Slave girls can be bought, sold and rented there. They may also set up a curtained alcove when they have dancers performing. There is nothing else like it anywhere on Gor. This idea could be the basis of some good story-lines. Maybe a group of enterprising Wagon Peoples decide to take their slave wagon to visit the cities. While they were earning money, maybe they could also be spying. Or, an ingenious Merchant might decide to copy this idea and create his own traveling public slave wagon.

  • In paga taverns, the men are served by paga kajirae, slaves who are a combination waitress and prostitute. For the price of a cup of paga, from a couple tarsk bits to a couple copper tarsks, a man is also entitled to the use of one of the servers. Commonly, the patron will use the kajira that serves him but this need not be the case. He may take a girl to one of the pleasure alcoves for sex. He may keep that girl for as long as he desires or until the tavern closes at dawn. It appears that once the man leaves the pleasure alcove, his time with the girl may be over. There are references that you keep the girl until you choose to open the leather curtains over the pleasure alcove. This prevents a man from stacking up a stream of girls at his table. For each cup a man purchases, he may use a different slave. Once the tavern closes though, any cups not used are lost. You cannot save them for another night. A paga dancer usually costs a customer extra and you would negotiate the price with the tavern owner. Any exceptions to these common rules must be posted clearly in advance.

  • When a girl first becomes a paga slave, it is usually the first two or three nights that are the most difficult. If the girl has not learned properly by then, her throat will likely be cut by an angry customer. Her sales price would then be paid to the tavern owner, plus a token copper or two for goodwill. A girl is considered “paga hot” if she is hot enough to be able to serve as a paga slave. Any girl in the tavern is subject to the discipline of a customer. Bruises on the girls are common hazards of business and tavern owners do not see such as wrong. Some taverns allow you to have your own slaves serve you.

Men may also work in paga taverns. Paga attendants are male employees of paga taverns and they generally supervise the serving of paga by the slave girls and collect payment for the paga and the use of the girls. There might also be a tavern owner, kitchen master, cooks and musicians present.

  • The pleasure alcoves are often small and their entrances may be circular, about twenty-four inches in diameter. They are commonly stacked in levels and reached by narrow ladders fixed into the walls. A typical alcove has curved walls, and is about four feet high and five feet wide. It is lit by a small lamp, set into a niche in the wall. It is lined with red silk and floored with love furs and cushions. The furs are usually about six to eight inches deep. The alcoves have a subtle but efficient air circulation system, possibly some vent holes high in the walls. An alcove will usually contain chains, rope and a whip. You may also request any special equipment you may desire such as hook bracelets. Some taverns may have different types of alcoves but most are fairly similar.
  • In most paga taverns, the girls wear diaphanous silks. These silks can be worn in many ways. It may be worn on or off the shoulder, with high or plunging necklines, tightly or flowingly, in halters or G-strings, or brief tunics that may be partable or wraparound. Some tunics have a disrobing loop, usually at the left shoulder, where a tug will drop the entire garment to the girl’s ankles. Only in the lowest taverns do the girls serve naked. It is also common to bell paga slaves, to make them more appeasing. Most paga girls also have pierced ears now. After the defeat of Turia, ear piercing has spread throughout Gor and has become the new fashion.
  • A parade of slaves commonly takes places in paga taverns and brothels. The paga slaves present themselves one by one, often accompanied by music, for the inspection of the guests. This allows the guests to better decide which kajira they might wish to use in the alcoves later. This may be repeated a couple times during a night so that patrons that enter later can view the kajirae.
  • Free women are not permitted in most paga taverns though they are permitted entrance into a few. In some taverns, even families are permitted entrance. In such taverns, efforts are made to promote modesty and decorum. Men in these places try to restrain their natural tendencies so as to not offend the free women. Tavern owners would try to enforce this decorum so that they can maintain their reputation and protect their business. Men have plenty of taverns they can go to where they do not need to be restrained so there is no reason for them to do so in these places. Most free women though would rather not attend such establishments. They do not wish to see their men fawning over such lascivious kajirae.
  • Slaves who are not paga slaves may enter taverns only if on an errand or in the company of a free person. There are often slave rings on one wall to chain your personal slaves. Most men would leave their personal slaves there. Some paga taverns would permit men to have their personal slaves serve them.
  • In the majority of taverns, paga is the most common beverage. No bottle or bota of paga is brought to the table. Cups, goblets or bowls are generally filled from a vat of paga behind the counter, from a huge bottle of paga put into a pouring sling, or from bronze vessels carried in leather harnesses by the kajirae. Botas of paga are only used while traveling or camping. Paga is not served warm or hot unless it is specifically ordered as such. Most people prefer room temperature paga. Torvaldsland and Cos are two places that normally prefer heated paga. There is also nothing in the books to suggest paga has a lumpy consistency. If paga was lumpy, it would be very difficult to fill or empty a bota.
  • Ka-la-na and other wines are commonly served from bottles. Other beverages may be contained in pitchers, small kegs, or bottles. Some of these beverages may be stored in the basements of the taverns to keep them a bit cooler as few taverns would actually have an ice room, especially in the summer or in warmer climates. Amphorae are frequently used to store beverages underground to keep them cooler.
  • Many online kajirae have learned very specific ways to serve in a tavern. There are web sites that instruct them exactly how to serve each food and drink. Girls then memorize these serves and do it the same way every time. Thus, service becomes a boring repetitive act that is not true to the novels. Service should be as creative as any other kajira action. There are 105 ways just to enter a room, dozens of ways to kiss, and numerous slave dances. Why should food and drink service be performed only by one method? The answer is that it should be done in a myriad of ways. The method of the service should conform to the circumstances. What is appropriate at a formal feast may not be so at a cheap paga tavern.
  • In a paga tavern, when a slave serves, she is also offering herself to the customer. Thus, she will desire to please the customer as much as possible and make herself as desirable as possible. Gorean men enjoy imaginative and sensual women. Let your serve show your creativity and sensuality. You are selling yourself, not just a cup of paga or wine. Show how well you can move. Accentuate your allure and desirability. Make the customer lust for you. A kajira that could not entice the customers into the alcoves would be severely disciplined by the tavern owner, sold or even killed. You are there to make money for him so if you cannot earn your keep, you are useless to him.
  • What is required as a part of a serve? There are only a few items that are absolutely necessary. Everything else depends on the situation and location. Generally, the less formal the setting, the shorter and less rigid the serve. But, most serves have these few things in common.
  • First, make sure that you know exactly what your customer orders. Do not serve him sul paga if he orders regular paga. Do not serve him warm paga if he wants it at room temperature. If you are unsure about an order, ask the customer. Not every Master likes his food or drink prepared the same. If he orders Sa-Tarna bread, ask him what he wishes to go with it. Some prefer honey while others want melted butter. Try to ensure that you are going to bring him exactly what he desires. If you try to guess what the customer wants, you are taking a big risk.
  • Second, make sure the drinking vessels, serving trays and utensils are clean. You do not need to wash or wipe every goblet you get but at least indicate that you have found a clean cup. Once washed, likely by a slave, the vessels usually hang upside down on racks to drip dry. A quick glance at the vessel before using it will ensure it is adequate. Do not wipe a vessel with your silks. That would ruin the silks and the taverns have rep cloths for such cleaning. A chipped or broken vessel would be immediately thrown out. Also remember that most paga taverns have inexpensive cups and dishes. They would be cheap metal or pottery, not gold and silver that would most likely be stolen. This though would depend on the quality of the paga tavern. A very expensive tavern might have gold and silver cups and dishes but few such places exist.
  • Third, make sure you kneel when serving. The customer is sitting on the floor at a low table. You need to get down to his level and kneeling is the only proper way to do it. Proper kajirae do not bend over. In addition, kneeling is a proper way to show deference to a man. Kneeling expresses the proper servitude and submission of a slave. A girl would learn how to carefully balance a tray or other accouterments while attempting to kneel next to a table.
  • Besides these three basic items, everything else is up to your imagination. The most common serve that many kajirae have learned on AOL or the IRC involves cleaning a cup, pouring the paga from a bota into a bowl, holding the bowl low against their belly, running it up their body, holding it for three heartbeats at their chest, kissing the rim and then offering it to the customer. This is not a required serve as depicted in the novels. Some kajirae in the novels did parts of that serve but many others did not. And some parts of that serve did not exist at all in the novels.

  • The cleaning of the cup and botas were already discussed above. The three heartbeats and the love, devotion and honor pledge never occurred in the novels. Thus it is not a necessary part of a serve. They are online creations only. Holding it low against your belly does occur in the novels but it is not a constant. It is also not a required part of a serve. “Sweetening” the cup is another online creation that does not exist in the books.

  • Kissing the rim of the goblet does occur a number of times but it is again not a necessity as many serves are done without it. There are examples from the books where paga slaves may kiss the rim twice, or lick it deferentially. Kissing is done primarily as a sign of obeisance, deference to the patron. Slaves would also never sip a master’s drink before serving it. If they were permitted to take a drink from the same cup, they would never drink from the side of a cup where their master has already drank from. No girl in the books ever tested a man’s drink for poison. Poison is not that great of a threat in taverns. It would be an insult to a tavern for girls to be routinely checking for poison.

  • Long involved serves were more common at feasts where the host is trying to impress his guests. In most taverns, long serves are impractical and unnecessary. Be creative in your serves but do not over do it. Save long serves for special occasions. In a cheap paga tavern, the men simply want their food and drink without some long presentation. The patrons would likely get angry at a girl that took too long to deliver or serve their order.

  • Most service online is so boring, for the customer and the kajira. Vie for the attention of the customers. Become the most popular kajira in the tavern by being the most imaginative server. You may kiss the rim of the cup or hold it deep against your belly but you may also skip it. Vary how you perform your serves. Make it a true presentation instead of a “canned” service by rote. Make the serve fit the situation as well.

  • There are a few others matters of tavern etiquette. First, there are no such things as serving furs. If anything, paga kajirae would kneel on the bare floor while waiting in the tavern. In true taverns, the girls would rarely have a free moment to relax. She would be constantly serving customers food and drink or in the pleasure alcoves. Second, when a kajira enters the tavern, she does not need to seek permission or perform obeisance. She should just quietly walk to the serving area and kneel until she is needed. This is partially intended to promote the flow of role-play as massive greetings can be distracting. Third, a kajira should seek permission to leave the tavern. First, she should consult her owner. If the owner is not around, she should ask any other free person present.

  • Remember, the key to good service, like good role-play, is creativity.

Puma in Gor (Chapter 10) by  Izumi

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    The storm was just comeing on in the wind and snow was blinding we had no choice but to just sit in the ruins and wait it out. Karen decided to check out the ruins so we all agreed to tag along sence nothing else we could do at the moment. We started to move down inside the building we had been staying. It lead to a set of doors. Talon looked them over seeing what looked like old blood and a lot of damage from weapons. Most likely swords and spears were what caused the damage. Karen informed us this place was on no map so it had to have happened hundreds of years ago.

  • Talon was takein no chances he motioned Ravage and Razor to be ready for a fight. With that Talon opened the doors but he noted they were very heavy even for him. As we entered the only light inside was by the torches we had with us. Razor and Ravage flanked out to each side of Talon as they moved in further. This room was a massive hall but it had been totally distoryed. The spider webs were all over the place. We keep moveing deeper into the room but Talon stoped us. * There is something in here can you smell it. * Talon said. We all stoped and took a good sniff there was something in here further down and up high in the corner.

  • We moved on into the hall but keep a close eye on the far corner. In the middle of the room Karen found a old scroll. She bent down to pick it up when a voice from the corner called out. * WHHHHyyyyy youu here…. * it said. Talon and the rest got into a combat defensive stance around Karen and myself. Karen replyed to the voice * There is a bad storm outside so we are takeing shelter does that bother you ?* The voice replyed * Oonnlyy iffffff youuu mmmeannnnn harmmmmm uss….*  Talon spoke up and said * We will not harm you if you do not attack us I give you my word as a Warrior*. With that we watch in suprise as it came out of the shadow’s. Karen smiled * Ahh a Swamp Spider but why are you way out here and not in your homelands? *

  • The spider looked really cool it was humanoid with the upperbody but with longated mandables and several eyes with the body all black and some red striped along its lower body which was very spider like. It came closer and watched us. * YOOuuuuu dooontttt smmmeelll likkee ooothers…. *. Karen sat down and looked at the spider. * Well were not like the others we actually think and dont just attack creaturs and other people. So can you tell us what happened here it looks like a totally mess. Like a war took place or something. * Razor said to the spider. * Meeee nooott kknoww.. ittt.t wwass… likkkke…. whhhennn weee gootttt… hhherrrr llloong aggo….* the spider replyed to us but the way it talked was just terrible.

  • After abou a hour of us talking with the spider. We found out it had been here along time and was called shwift or thats what I could make out. We also found out we were the first to really come here exect according to it a group of larl’s had come in to rest a few springs ago. Karen asked if shwift knew what was on the scolls on the ground. But the spider could not read so Karen sat down by a fire Talon had made and started to read.

  • She opened and started to read the first scroll. * I am the comander of the expaditionary force from the fort of Shoragontain located at the north end of the snake river. We have been sent to find out if anyone lives out in the barren lands. But have found nothing so far as the men look spread out. We have had a problum with one man it seems he had fallen ill with some strange illness for his eyes are yellow and is running a very high fever.
  • My warrior who was ill died today from the illness. It seems that two more of my men have come down with the illness. We have made it to what looks like a set of ruin’s. I have sent a running to the fort for the men cannot be moved now for they are very sick.
  • Today was not good as the top of the moutains showed white low clouds this could only mean a snow storm was comeing. I have not seen any sign of aid comeing from the fort. The weather has gotten cold and the snow is starting to fall now . Four more men have not become ill. I have never seen anything like this. Its like all we try and do it does not help. Its like the Priest king’s have sentenced us to death. For what will happen now with us. We cant head back and abandon the men.
  • When I woke up the runner had returned from the fort but he was now ill as well. He infromed me that the illness had hit the fort and everyone. Every man, women and child even the slaves were all dead and so was the animals. He had no choice but to burn the whole place. He did bring back as much medical supplys as we could use. Our healer has been trying to figure out how to stop this. But I dont know what he can do.
  • Finally I have become ill all of the men are now ill. We have lost two more men today from the illness. The snow has stoped falling but we cant leave this place now. Its going to end up as out tomb. So we decided to go and figure out what this place was. We are now in the main hall of this place and have found a passage below the sith piller of the hall.* Karen finished reading and looked at us. * I have no record of the fort not even with all the documents I have read nothing at all. This is the first time any word of this place has been said.*
  • With that Karen picked up the second scroll as the spider went over and found the tunnel for us. Then it came back to us and sat down to listen do to it seemed to like storys. Karen started to read again * Those who are able to walk along with myself decided to enter the tunnel. As we alled down into this place it opened up into a big room with a pool of water everything was bricked no rocks. Around the pool you could see some rooms one directly infront and one on each side. We started to move around the pool to the first room and entered it.
  • There we found what looked like a grave it was a stone block with a slabe over it with some strange writing on it we could not make out but on the scroll I made a copy of what it looked like. I then put the scroll back in my pocket as we looked around the room. We found some jewel and what looked like a very well made sword and armor. Athough the armor was very old it looked like it had been made yesterday.
  • We exited the room one of the men colapsed he had become very weak so we told him to stay and we would come back and get him. The rest of us now only four total keep on and entered the next room. This room was strange it had a long room with twenty piller all carved with this strange language again. We walked threw this room into another room at the far end. There we found a statue of what looked like a man with full armor and weapons and all I can guess was lightning comeing from its eyes in how it was made. To me it looked strange for I had no idea what this place was or who this person was.
  • We exited that room and then looked around the big hall but

nothing was inside here just busted shelves and old scrolls with that language we could not make out. So we made it back to the pool and checked on our fellow warrior. It was to late he was gone. So now only three of us were able to walk around. We finally went into the last room. In side looked like a big door it was made totally of metal. It took us a very long time to figure out how to open it. But when we did we found a room full, of jewels and gold and sliver it was a huge treasure. But it did us no good now we were all ill and most of us would not last threw the night.*  Karen finished the second scroll.

  • Karen then looked and found the third scroll and started to open and read it. * It has finally come to this. Only the healer and myself are alive. We found all this wealth and it means nothing now. All of my men are dead. The snow has finally stoped. The healer and myself are to week now to even move out of the hall. The healer has given us the last of the pain medicine that we had left. I cant belive it will end like this.
  • I have lasted two more days but the healer now has died. Im all alone now my hands are shakeing badly. Its only a matter of time befor death takes me as well. What a way for a Warrior to die no great battle no death by the sword. But by illness. I’m so cold now and cant stop shakeing its so bad now. There is noise outside the ruins………….. *. Karen looked up * thats all there is it seemed at this point something happened and he was no more.
  • We all sat there thinging about how sad it would be to see everyone die like that and then yourself die knowing your home was also gone. Talon and Razor and Ravage decided to see if all this was still down in the lower level. So off they went while Karen and myself along with the spider stayed in the hall and prepared to leave as soon as the weather let us. Talon and the rest retuned letting us know that what was in the scroll was all there even the treasure.  We were now all exicted when we went down there.
  • Karen suggest we take alittle of the gold coins but leave evetyhing else it was rightfully the spiders but the spider did not care about it. But agreed to guard it for us. We went back up top and looked out side the storm was finally over and we could see the sun but the whole place was covered in white. Karen packed up the scroll and said * ah found his name its Aliva Thohammer. Will have to check on that when I get a chance.*
  • We finished packing up and said good bye to the spider letting it know we would return. The spider said not to worry it would stay down by the pool and close everything off so no one but us would know anything was there. We put on all the clothing we could do to it was really cold outside.
  • Once again we left heading north up the west bank of the northern kaillia river. You could see the snow had covered everything. It was winter for sure now. It was bad timeing to say the least as you could tell the winter was going to get worse as we went.

  • Talon had a look of we need to hurry and keep moveing. It was totally strange not even a bird was making a noise as we moved up the river’s edge. You could tell the Karen’s mind was on the scrolls we read and on this unknown fort and warrior. Razor had gone head as to scout and returned to the group giving us word that he had found some tracks. They were human mostly men with heavy gear moveing north.

  • This was not good if we had others after us. But it also gave us a advantage do to we were behind them and not them on us. The group keep moveing north until we got to a moutain it was not really a moutain but not a hill ither somewhat in the middle of the two. We moved up the moutain till we reached the top and looked out and saw in the far distance what looked like a keep a defensable base with walls on the top of a set of hills.

Vorgous Carver’s Journal – 017

Fifth Hand, First Day of the Second month, Year 10162 Contasta Ar

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    I’ve rested enough. I am sure it is nothing.  At least it is nothing to worry about.  I can breath, move, eat, and do all that is required of me.  Just because there is a certain weariness is probably meaningless.  Just because I seem unable to do as much as I could a couple of weeks ago I am sure is just a temporary passing of something.  One cannot go at full speed constantly.  To be sure, we live in waves of activity and inactivity, of joy and sadness, of euphoria and pain.  There is no constant, at least for most people.  I am sure the uneasiness in my stomach I have recently felt is just that, part of an ebbing before it disperses and a new wave begins to surge.

  • Speaking of waves, the waves, currents, and winds of the Arctic sea on calm days, I am finding, are more powerful than even the Thassa sea in stormy times. That is not to say that the Thassa seas are invariably calm. Of course not.  Deadly storms can sink even the largest ships that make their way through those seas if nature feels that way at that time.  But, it is not the extremes on which I comment, but of the usual and habitual tendencies of the two separate though clearly connected bodies of water.  I feel that I can say, as a general proposition, that the northern seas are more harsh the the Thassa — at least so long as one does not drift too far west in the Thassa to regions of which I know not and some have called “beyond the edge of the world.”
  • As we made our way in the Arctic sea sailing towards Torvaldsland, I began to fear that perhaps it had been foolhardy to sail the Serendipity. Perhaps we should, instead, have made our way by land travel or by having a great captain tow our vessel.  For, it is without question that our vessel is so much smaller than the great ships by which all but the most brave or perhaps foolhardy of travelers make their way through the lands.  And, it is not just the size of the Serendipity that creates unquestioned risk.  One needs to consider that Tanz and I sail with our caravan and the ever-present bosk Fredda.  Even with the best of ropes and tethers, the large caravan and the hardy bosk shift about on the deck of the ship and make sailing and balance tricky — to understate the situation.
  • As a result, we, by necessity, while on the move through the rugged Arctic sea, sail relatively short distances each day. And, to the extent that we sail close to the shoreline so much the better.  But, even that is tricky.  Too close to shore and we risk hitting reefs, running aground, and being the target of bandits.  Too far, and we risk the unpredictable and harsh weather of the seas.  As with life, itself, where to position the vessel, how fast to sail, how far away from land to be, it is all a balance.  You do your best to estimate, but in the end it is all a guess.  And, in truth, it is best not to let on to Tanz what percentage is guess and what percentage is reasoned decision.
  • The lesson I have learned the more I live is a simple one. It is often best to make the decision than to spend too much time weighing alternatives.  A decision has the advantage of moving one forward which is often better than just standing there.  There is but one exception to my personal epiphany.  If you are an Ubar, Commander, or En at times a delay in making a decision allows the problem to go away or resolve itself.  In this way, by making no decision, such persons of power or authority can rarely be faulted for making the wrong decision.
  • And so we reached Torvaldsland – or, more precisely the part of Torvaldsland that became our next stop.  To my surprise, here amongst the Hogh Fieya Ni, who opened their doors to us, we encountered quite a number of people who before had been with the Fatalz on Peril Isle and then had moved on to KooFasal in Firestorm.  As we had wended our way here and there, primarily along the Vosk, some of them people had taken their own journey en masse and established themselves in this northern land we had now reached.
  • In my mind, from my limited experiences in these lands, I had expected a terrible climate, a rough landscape, chilled, with bitter winds, and covered in snow and ice, notwithstanding the time of year. That had been what I had found in Hunjer only months.  What we encountered, however, was nothing of the sort.  The lands of the Hogh Fieya Ni were lush with flora and fauna.  Trees, flowers, plants exuberantly covered the meadows and hills.  All sorts of birds and four-footed animals roamed in plenty the lands.  One could easily find one’s self bewitched and bedazzled by the surroundings.
  • Fredda was quite happy to be on the firm land. Our water travels previously had not upset her once she was used to the fact the Serendipity was not sinking on our trips.   But the northern seas made her temperamental on the boat and she would constantly moan and whine in plaintive mooing.  She was even more happy when she was tethered with several other bosk.  In fact, I could tell it might not be all that easy to convince her to leave when it would be time for us to depart.
  • Our stay was uneventful. Many of the Hogh Fieya Ni were away while we visited. For Tanz and me it was like living in our own paradise.  We spent days just roaming the lands, with few worries.
  • But, it is now time to leave this paradise and time to make our way forward towards Hunjer where I yearn to visit Jeanette and meet the man who has taken her as his mate, and undertaken the raising of Bryce whose birth I witnessed and who was fortunate to be born when Jeanette was free. And, I find it odd that as I leave this pleasant, quiet land where I have had nought but rest, my body feels so much less at ease than my mind.



Issue 78



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  • Forest Of Gor With Yobere Interview
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From the Editor’s Desk by Minnie

Tal Gazette readers

  • A lot to say about this new issue. First, i am pleased to present you Forest of Gor and the owner, Yobere. His interview was a great moment for me and it was very nice to meet him and read his answers. I hope you will enjoy this smart person and come visit his land and begin RP with people of this place.
  • Second, a special issue about RP. you could find a Roleplay Guide to make you remember basic of RP and after read the long story of a public auction, a full story with a lot of imagination and description.
  • Third, i want to hug and thank people in Gor. i met very good persons even if they are not always appreciated by all. I think that Gor will evolve with differences. Be different and enjoy difference means be clever and open minded. So, I am pleased to have met, Otuel, Sheera, Dawn Destiny, Cinder, Erin, Angus, Tammy, Rosebud and more. All people who are in my friends List and some who are not. It s not important to be in a friend List. Most important is to know that we could have same feelings, send and receive smiles.
  • At end, a ticket mood about dramas professional. We have all met people ready to start a drama about nothing, crying and whining for anything. And i am tired reading in local, silly things from those people who love only doing dramas, having bad behavior, being rude. So, now, i take the freedom to ignore them


 English is not my First Language AND, I Iove to Raid

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  • In same view, Gazette of Gor ll do a special fighters Issue for all good raiders who love use weapons and do raids and more. Maybe you could find, in this issue, good lands and some tips to become the best in using swords or bows.

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  • One little and great blog about fashions and wardrobes, very well done, with pics and samples. Surely, a blog to visit

Brothers of the Wind (Group)

  • Three great houses formed a pact. Many of whom heralded from the glory days of Treve before the once great city fell from grace and all the honorable warriors left to be scattered all over Gor. From this pact The Brothers of the Wind (BOW) Trading Company was born. It would have operations in many cities, offering goods and services that might be hard to acquire without help. It included mercenaries and tarns men, merchants and other castes. Spies and scouts were quickly in place. Influence and information was one of the commodities to be bought and sold. Heads of Castes, physicians, ambassadors, merchants–people from all over Gor soon started joining. Some were more visible than others who preferred to keep their membership secret from their home stone but all who offered their services wanted to see the same thing that had been so lacking as of late: honor.

  • To further their long term goals, many deals would be struck and unusual alliances would be formed, but their goals would remain the same

  • We may appear to be nothing more than a merchant company but we will smuggle or gather anything we can for coin. We also do forgery, thefts, anything that you need, BoW will provide.

Interested? Seek BoW out

Village of Gion Kobu

  • We are a BTB pani Village we are Sticking as Close to the books as Possible we are Looking for these Positions Please

– Farmers,Guardsmen,Servitor,Envoy,Cavalry,Ronen,

– Ashigaru, Signalmen,Bannermen,Captain of the guard, – Commander,Grooms,Trainers,LoggersMariners,Metalworkers,

– Wound Dressers,Suppliers,Fletchers,Tarnsters,Shipwrights,

– Oarmakers,Sailmakers,Slaver!!


– laundry slaves

– camp slaves

– stable sluts

– kitchen slaves

– pleasure slaves or Pani Collar girls or Boys!!

– Also Free Women

– Contract Women

– And Last but not least Animals as in Larl,Birds,Monkeys,Tarn,tharlarion

  • It is a Homested at the moment if it works Our we will Move to a Full Sim!!! Some Come on in and see if it fits you’r Rp

Forest Of Gor With Yobere Interview

The Interview

  • Yobere: you prefer Min or Minnnie?
  • Minnie: Min is ok
  • Yobere: Then “Tal Min, it is good to meet you”
  • Minnie: Tal Yobere, nice to meet you too
  • Minnie: Are you ready for a little interview ?
  • Yobere: absolutely
  • Minnie: so now, all said will be published in Gazette of Gor. Can you introduce yourself
  • گổηΐã: don’t call me mine Yobi , or i ll burn your ass with my hand and some bouquet of nettles that you will put a long time before you can pose your royal big ass on a chair: p
  • Yobere: I like what you all do with that. The Gazette really helps people know out of the way place like this….I am Yobere…IC I am a survivor of Rovere after it was claimed by the city of dust. OOC I am a Marine, recently retired after my 20 years of service
  • Minnie: Thank you for the Gazette. Even if Gazette is more OOC than IC, we try to speak OOCly of the IC … I m not sure if it is easy to understand. But OOC, are you RL gorean or do you act Gorean only in SL
  • Yobere: I should have said in RL I am a Marine and in SL I am from Rovere. My first avatar was there while I was deployed overseas. I act like a Marine in RL so many would claim that is worst than Gorean. But I really only act Gorean in SL. To me it is a nice world to escape to from the everyday stuff we deal with in RL.
  • Minnie: You just said that you had a first avatar. since how much time are you in SL and SL Gor
  • Yobere: I started back in 2007 while deployed overseas. I was in Iraq. When I was deployed to Afghanistan there was no Internet where I was stationed so I just never logged in for over three years. I didn’t even know there was Gor in SL to be honest, I had found a beat up version of Tarnsman of Gor while in Kosovo of all places
  • گổηΐã: i remember a day when i talked about some Gorean passage from the bokks , you said me that you didn’t love the way to write of Norman …. ok but what attire you on Gor SL what are the things who push you to leads several sim and deed it to Gor , for finish … what do you love in Gor ? *smiles*
  • Yobere: I love the creativity of the people here who roleplay Gor. That is the only reason I made these sims so people who desired to ROLE-PLAY, not just pew pew all day, but to ROLE-PLAY Gor can have a realistic setting to do it in. As drama free as I can provide, and without hassle and no on-sim politics that I saw while looking for over a year and a half for a place to settle down in. When I retired from the Corp, I made Yobere and came back to a virtual world that was so different from the one I left…some parts were VERY disappointing but most were great improvements and exciting
  • Yobere: the people here make SL-Gor
  • گổηΐã smiles … thanks Yobere
  • Yobere: you’re welcome Suga…er…Sonia
  • Minnie: A nice world to escape .. *she smiles* our gor. we are here to leave our dramas in rl world and find something new, a place where we can talk and make live our imagination
  • Yobere: YES!” he says pointing at her “PRECISELY!”. The imagination of people here is amazing
  • Minnie: maybe you just gave me the sentences i wanted read since i ve created the gazette
  • Yobere: oh…well…that is either a good thing or did I mess up again?
  • گổηΐã: it’s a team Yobere together we can be more big than the lonely person in his corner
  • Yobere: it’s a magical place at times, it really is
  • Minnie: about currents, you said pew pew, but there are Ge, btb. you are more btb, what do you think about ge. i wont ask for pew pew.
  • Yobere: I don’t really know what BTB is…or what GE is…I doubt there is or ever was a true BTB place in SL-gor…if there is, I never seen it. They are titles that people throw out like Mardi Gras beads. I do know that panther armies, femlaws that looked like they came off the set of the matrix and “GOREAN” men who were controlled by their property about killed this place. Just my opinnion of course
  • Minnie: me think that you are the most clever man i see since a long time.
  • Yobere: I’d bet most that are in Gor right now have no clue how to role-play or what is really in the books. I am no verse quoter myself, but I get the idea of what is in them. And Min, I am not clever, I think I am about as bright as a bag of hammers, but I do know what I see around me
  • Minnie: you own 2 SIMs. who did all build ? have you a council to organize all ? *she wispers* are you always ok with *points Sonia *you dear Sonia here
  • Yobere: well, Courgan Barzane built these incredible looking sims. He gave us probably the best looking, most realistic stage and actors could want to role-play in. The trees are solid, just as in RL so the woods make it a challenge to get around and now that we are trying the RLV GM meter, there is no ‘forced noon sun’ or mini maps which are more for gamers than they are for role players. The two Primaries IC on these sims are my villagers/settlers which are trying to carve out a life for themselves here and I am, IC working to grow the village which I, IC, but up from the ruins of a mercenary camp. And, of course, the panther band is trying to stop us from staying and growing. I have a GREAT group here, with VERY experienced SL-goreans who advise me and we all work to make this the best experience for role-players we can. The one guy, Fo Fhang, he has owned a bunch of sims before and he let me pick his brain for hours the other day. I am lucky to have such a deep, experienced talent pool to draw advice from, which
  • Yobere: I do regularly. And Sonia, she was the first one I met on the old homestead sim where this all started. I remember Dani and Sonia from when Rovere used to raid Cardonicus all the time. They are fantastic. Sonia was on the docks putting out the gazette dispenser and making a tip jar for the old place
  • Minnie: may i go back aout normann. as sonia said, you seem not very pleased by what john norman wrote. can you tell us more of what you think of norman novells
  • Yobere: not so much what he wrote, more HOW he wrote. Man, in my humble opinion, he sucks as an author. You’d think a college professor would have one of his professor friends that know how to write, actually do the writing for him or let a grad student do it for him….or maybe bring in a 3rd grader to do it. Even though it would had been written in crayon. That is the reason I couldn’t read anymore of the books. It wasn’t the content, it was his style I found wanting. He could have been up there with GRR Martin or Burroughs. But the style….ugh…boring, choppy…and of course, this is all just my opinion and I am nobody, lol.. BUT I have seen better emotes here in SL than I ever found in the books. Again, the creativity and imagination here…incredible
  • Minnie: i agree for many things. Norman is a poor writer but he did a great world with a lot of imagination. i ve read fantastic writers with great style, norman s not my favorite writer
  • Yobere: I agree with you 100%, the sheer imagination of what he created is amazing, even though some resembles the John Carter books
  • گổηΐã: We have all noticed the new RLV settings GM meter on both sim, but I also noticed the few people involved in these tests, as these these people did not want to play with these settings … after the second day What do you think for the future, is that for you this test is a success or not Yobere?
  • گổηΐã will avoid to show the big blibliothary she have at home with a great books collections from .. Allen Edgar Poe, J-P Lovecraft , sigmeun Freud , Sry Aurobindo and of course her favorite Stephan King 🙂
  • Yobere: for me personally? I think it is fantastic, it brings a level of realism I had never seen in SL-gor before. Many stay away because they have been told many untrue things about the meter or some think it is only for slaves and that it is unmanly to use the meter or as in most cases, they see SL-gor as a gaming platform like Call of duty or W0W on X-box or PSP. If they can’t use min-maps to go straight to a camp that is “hidden deep within a dense dark forest” then they won’t show up. I don’t really care about the gamers, they can stay away if they wish. As for me, I am going to extend the trial period as the RPers here seem to really enjoy it. I saw the notice Fo sent out, I appreciated what he said very much. What is the use of building a great looking couple of sims only to have gamers show up and mini map all over the place.
  • Minnie: Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor and how do you imagine your future in Gor ?
  • Yobere: have the guts to not go with the flow. Be yourself….and for these book quoter’s and “BTBers” get the stick out of your asses and just shut up and Roleplay. Teach these younger people how it was, how it should be, could be again. As for the gamers, GROW UP. This is a role play platform, a STAGE, we are all just pixels playing parts, acting if you will, in here. And to EVERYONE, ease up! Relax, have some FUN! Why in the hell would you come here just to get all worked up? Believe me, when you get bubbled in here it is no big deal, it has no bearing on your RL at all! I know what it is like when guys you knew turn into a bunch of nothing and can only be identified by what is left in their boots. This is escapism, use it as such and don’t have it get you wound up. BUT do not be afraid to let the surroundings, the environment and the actions touch you and influence your in world reactions. My God that is what makes role-play so fulfilling. It is like the difference between a five star meal and eating a cheeseburger you got at a drive through. The deep, involved, some call it submersible RP is the meal while the pew pew is the drive through burger. Don’t be afraid, don’t think you are going to feel or look stupid, I got capped by the old Tre’Sha tribe probably a 100 times trying to get their old En Layla Rives, but got capped every time. Yet that tribe, the RP was/is some of the best I ever experienced, and what it did for me while deplyed in Iraq…and especially after losing friends over there, it really, REALLY helped me take my mind off of things. Even if only for a few hours. People, please, participate, don’t just watch. You will love it more when you are part of it. Sorry, I do tend to go on and on at times
  • Minnie: it s ok and it will be great for readers. they will have a lot of to read. At end, the last question . Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.
  • Yobere: if you wish to have an experience that is about as close as possible to what Norman had in his books, then I invite anyone, everyone, new or old Goreans to visit here I truly have never came across a place like this in all my time in SL-gor and I am not saying that because I own the place, I say that because of the core group of role-players we have along with the stage that Courgan built for us,,,,I guess that is kind of a long, run on sentence isn’t it? And as far as Philosophy? I don’t think I have any philosophy, I am no philosopher, I am no one special, just as full of crap as anyone else and my opinion doesn’t matter any more than anyone else’s. I am just me, Yobere of Rovere…
  • گổηΐã Finished the last bite of her cheese-burger a big silly smile on his face while ketch-up flows slowly on the corners of her scarlet lips…. She wipes her mouth with the back of her sleeve always with a big smirk.. *smiles*

  • Yobere laughs. I love my fellow Forest dwellers

  • Minnie nods, it was very great to interview you and i was very pleased to meet you. Interview is now over. I was not only pleased to meet you as Gorean, but pleased to meet you as someone smart and clever. Thank you for all your honest answers

  • Yobere: Min, first, thanks for the compliments. I have to disagree though, I am as dumb as shoe leather, but you are welcomed to come back as often as you like. And thanks for even letting me ramble on and on

Port Ven – Welcome Information

  • Greetings and welcome to Port Ven, we’re delighted you’re here and the Admin team would like to take this opportunity to properly welcome you. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience within our family as much as we do.

  • Having traveled from Sim to Sim in search for a home that felt comfortable, not finding many we decided to build our own, and share our vision with you. We understand joining a new City can be daunting and takes time. We want your experience here in Ven to be as effortless as possible. That said, we don’t want to micro-manage our citizens. This is your role-play experience and we want you to enjoy it as much as possible.

  • Port Ven is located on the South West bank of the Vosk River, just before the Delta. We are a BTB Sim…Port Ven is a bustling port, known for their amazing copper mines, and Merchants with silver tongues, and a nose for coin.


  • We encourage all our Citizens to bring those people they enjoy role-play with, to Ven. Any Companion you have, slaves, etc… ask them to complete an Application Form and we will do the rest.


  • Housing is optional, but open to all approved Citizens of Ven. If you are interested in housing, want to know about prim limits, availability, who to speak with, etc…. please see the attached notecard:


  • By Ven Law, all Free Men are given two hands (weeks) from the date they are accepted as a Citizen to claim a Caste, or petition to join a new Caste. Free Women should claim a Caste, or assume the Caste their Companion.
  • For details of what is involved with each Caste and who to speak with about joining said Caste, please see the attached notecard:


  • By Ven Law you have two hands (weeks) from the date you are accepted as a Citizen to register any slaves you own with the Ven City Scribes speak with one of the Ven Scribes in-character.


  • The Port Ven is open to raids, this means that hostile forces can and will attack. For more information on raids and what to do during one, please see the attached notecard

6) Team Speak

  • To improve communication during raids and for general chit chat in-between them, Ven has a Port Ven server that can be used by anyone from the Ven. Once you are approved you may inquire about the log in information.


  • The Ven Physicians LOVE medical role-play, especially inventive medical role-play. Though they ask that it remain realistic and in keeping with the spirit of the books. To this end the Physicians of Ven are keen to increase the amount of medical role-play taking place in the Infirmary, especially after raids, or meter damage.


  • All the information included in this ‘Welcome Letter’ is geared towards; getting you settled here in Ven and helping you feel as at home here as we do. If you have any questions, or queries, then as ever please ask. One of the Sim Admin, Mods, or OOC Assistants will always be happy to help.


Sim Admin/Mod:  Kazrak Sullis (johnny.sapphire)

Sim Admin/Mod:  Gabbi Sullis (gabbisapphire)

Moderator: Suki Himura (natsuki.kobichenko)


Applications:  Gabbi Sullis (Gabbisapphire)

The Legendary Lurkers

  • Once they were a respectful group of Mercs, Happy to be paid coin to do an honest days work. they worked alongside many in GOR from all walks of life. They were called the GOLDEN TALON MERCS

  • But then the day came were they  heard rumors, Bad dealings done in their name. and they  got upset, They  got annoyed and then they roared their anger. They ripped up the Codes of the Mercs and set fire to the flags.

  • And so the Legendary Lurkers were Born. They Lurked and found out what they needed to know and then acted upon it. With fearsome power, the Lurkers went from town to town and destroyed all those who had lied and caused them trouble.

  • Once this had been done, the Lurkers decided to remain and Lurk, Sneaking, Slippery river based traders – taking what they wanted  and how they wanted.

  • Their friends across Gor welcomed the new line of work and remembered where to find them when ever they needed a job doing that was… shall we say….slightly risky.

  • And now the Lurkers are STRONG – Trading in Information on people and places and if we do not know that info, we will go and get it for you. Goods of all  kinds from a barrel of Paga to Free Women that  you  desire. Deeds that many will avoid. The more Scandelous the idea, the better we play it

  • We infiltrate, seek and attain the goals

  • Find them if you want to hire Them, Join them if you want excitement and Good Role Play

We have simple rules of play.


RP FIRST (unless obviously a raid from old enemies)


RESPECT FOR ALL IN GAME PLAY – No calling  names or insulting in OOC

  • If you think you can play along these lines, then do come and visit. We are a happy family of friends and we enjoy ourselves. If you can do this, you are welcome. We like developing story lines to take to other SIMs and groups
  • Come to see us and I am sure, you will like what you see unless you happen to be flagging us, in which case..we shall come and WATCH YOU lol
  • Joining us is invite ONLY – Show us you are worthy
  • We Seek Members who can  be any number of things…from

“Spies” with in cities or groups – Free or slave, beast or Ferrel

“Traders” who may pick up info while going about their business

“Active members” who travel Gor looking  for anything that  may help the Lurkers do “business”

  • We do not have a homestone as such…but we do have a “base” where we hold meetings.
  • It is important to understand this group is here for RP FIRST. We do not ask people to leave Homestones or Main Groups…We are an undercover organization and we have had a lot of fun in the past.

Contact me if you have an idea or want to  join us

Angus Poggel

Legendary Lurker

Roleplay Guidelines


by:  Tara Freckleface (tjytske.resident)


  • In-character (IC) describes what you can know through the eyes, ears, and body of your fictional character. So never use knowledge you get from IM’s of groupchat in your rp. If in groupchat some one says “NN landed on the dock” while the dock is 400 m away, you cannot use this info in your rp, because you couldn’t see it with your own eyes. Remarks and interaction in groupchat and/or IM are considered “Out of character” (OOC). It never should influence rp and storylines.
  • Short OOC messages can be posted in Local chat between double brackets, e.g. ((afk)), away from keyboard  or ((brb)), be right back. If you want communicate with a player OOC, you best write an IM.


  • As spontaneous and unpredictable role-play situations can be, all players are entitled to personal limits. Since forced fantasy on Gor is a prevelant theme, consent may already be established. If you are uncomfortable with certain actions being imposed on your character, IM the other player and inform them immediately.
  • If you are in the middle of a scene and find yourself unable to continue playing, you should IM the other player and indicate you want to “void” (never happened) the scene or “fade to black” (agree to skip details and jump to conclusion). Voiding a scene is generally bad practice, especially if there are multiple players involved and time spent is wasted.


  • To communicate and interact with other players in role-play, you should emote. In Second Life, this means to use the /me command as you portray yourself in the third person, followed by the physical actions, thoughts, feelings, and/or speech (in quotations) of your character. E.g: “/me at the sound of his footstep, the girl happily straightened her back and smiled “Greetings, my master!”


  • Role-play is a turn-based activity. When someone posts, you should respond with a single post, then wait for your turn to respond again. If there are multiple players involved, take your turn in order. This allows everyone a fair chance to respond to a situation before it is your turn to post again.


  • Metagaming occurs when a player uses knowledge their character would not be privy to (obtained through OOC means) and uses it during in-character role-play to alter outcomes in a scene or storyline in their favor. A common example of this violation is to read an avatar name and use that name in-character to address someone. Unless your character actually met this other character or had knowledge of them through role-play, there is no possible way your character would have known their name (the same goes for character background, history, and any other life detail that has not been role-played out).

Publicly Auctioned

  • I Am Publicly Auctioned

  • The sheet was ripped from me. I cried out, startled.

  • ©
    Story of Gor

    “Ascend the block, Slave Girl,” said the man.

  • “Yes, Master,” I said. He prodded me with his whip.
  • I looked at the worn stairs of solid wood, leading in their spiral upward. I glanced down at the other girls, Sulda and Tupa among them, who sat huddled at the foot of the block, clutching their sheets about them. Sucha, and others, had already been sold.
  • “It cannot be happening to me,” I said to myself. “They cannot be going to sell me.”
  • I felt the whip push against my back. Slowly I began to ascend the wide, concave stairs, worn by the bare feet of countless slave girls before me.
  • There were twenty steps to the height of the block.
  • My hair was longer now, as it had not been cut on Gor, save to trim and shape it. It now fell below my shoulders, and swirled behind me, shaped into the “slave flame.”
  • No longer did I wear the Turian collar; it had been roughly filed from my neck by a male slave, under the whip of his overseer. He had been struck once when he had let his finger touch the side of my neck. I do not know if he did it on purpose or not. No longer did I wear in my left ear the silver leaf, identifying me as a catch of Rask, a warrior and raider of the city of Treve. I had been sold before dawn at a slaver’s camp on the outskirts of the city of Ar. I had been thrown naked to the slaver’s feet. Swift, expert assessment had been done upon me. I cried out in misery. I brought Rask of Treve, my captor, fifteen copper tarsks. This was not bad for an Earth girl in the current market. This figure had been entered into accounts, on a ledger. On another ledger, one kept by one of Rask’s men, this figure was also entered, with a sign following it, indicating him to whose private account the amount was to be credited, he who had taken me, Rask, the warrior of Treve. When the figure pertinent to my sale had been entered in the two ledgers the wire loop, from which dangled the silver leaf, had been cut from my ear. The silver leaf was then returned to him who kept the ledger for Rask of Treve, and he dropped the leaf, with others, into a nearby box. Humiliated, then, I was thrown to the slaver’s chain, behind Sulda. A ring lock was placed through the Turian collar, which I wore at the time, and a link in the slaver’s chain, and then snapped shut, securing me on the chain by the collar, with the others. The chain was heavy. Tupa was then added to the chain after me. She brought her captor only twelve copper tarsks.
  • “Hurry, Slave Girl,” called the man at the foot of the stairs. I hesitated. About my neck I wore a light chain, locked; From it depended an oval disk. On this disk was a number, my lot number, or sales number. Sucha, who could read, told me it was 128. She had been 124. We were being sold in the auction house of Publius, on Ar’s Street of Brands. It is a minor auction house, usually handling lesser, cheaper slaves, usually females, in greater volumes; it lacks the prestige of such houses as that of Claudius and the Curulean; nonetheless, it is not unfrequented and it has a reputation as a place in which, not unoften, bargains may be obtained.
  • I heard the step of the man on the stairs behind me. I turned about, stricken.
  • “I am naked,” I said. Did he not understand I was of Earth? I had been sold before, but not like this. I was of Earth! Surely they could not truly be going to display me publicly and sell me at auction! I had been sold before, but privately. The thought of my beauty being exposed so publicly, so brazenly, to large numbers of men, buyers, nauseated me. I looked to the height of the block. I thought I might die.

The room was an amphitheater; it was lit by torchlight. I had earlier been exposed in the exhibition cages, that prospective buyers might scan the merchandise at close hand, forming their suppositions as to its value, that their bids later, if they cared to make them, might be shrewd and realistic. In the exhibition cages we were forced to obey the commands of the men outside the cages, moving in certain ways, and such, but they were not permitted to touch us. We were told to smile much in the cages, and be beautiful. I shared my cage with twenty girls, each of us with a chain and disk on our throats. Outside the cage, posted, were our lot numbers, or sales numbers, corresponding with the disk numbers, and a listing of certain of our features, primarily measurements.

  • I heard the man hurrying up the steps behind me.
  • I had spent eight days in the slave pens, waiting the night of the sale. I had been examined medically, in detail, and had had administered to me, while I lay bound, helplessly, a series of painful shots, the purpose of which I did not understand. They were called the stabilization serums. We were also kept under harsh discipline, close confinement and given slave training.
  • I well recalled the lesson which was constantly enforced upon us: “The master is all. Please him fully.”
  • “What is the meaning of the stabilization serums?” I had asked Sucha.

She had kissed me. “They will keep you much as you are,” she said, “young and beautiful.”

  • I had looked at her, startled.
  • “The masters, and the free, of course, if there is need of it, you must understand, are also afforded the serums of stabilization,” she said, adding, smiling, “though they are administered to them, I suppose, with somewhat more respect than they are to a slave.”
  • “If there is need of it?” I asked.
  • “Yes,” she said.
  • “Do some not require the serums?” I asked.
  • “Some,” said Sucha, “but these individuals are rare, and are the offspring of individuals who have had the serums.”
  • “Why is this?” I asked.
  • “I do not know,” said Sucha. “Men differ.”
  • The matter, I supposed, was a function of genetic subtleties, and the nature of differing gametes. The serums of stabilization effected, it seemed, the genetic codes, perhaps altering or neutralizing certain messages of deterioration, providing, I supposed, processes in which an exchange of materials could take place while tissue and cell patterns remained relatively constant. Ageing was a physical process and, as such, was susceptible to alteration by physical means. All physical processes are theoretically reversible. Entropy itself is presumably a moment in a cosmic rhythm. The physicians of Gor, it seemed, had addressed themselves to the conquest of what had hitherto been a universal disease, called on Gor the drying and withering disease, called on Earth, ageing. Generations of intensive research and experimentation had taken place. At last a few physicians, drawing upon the accumulated data of hundreds of investigators, had achieved the breakthrough, devising the first primitive stabilization serums, later to be developed and exquisitely refined.
  • I had stood in the cage, startled, trembling. “Why are serums of such value given to slaves?” I asked.
  • “Are they of such value?” she asked. “Yes,” she said, “I suppose so.” She took them for granted, much as the humans of Earth might take for granted routine inoculations. She was unfamiliar with ageing. The alternative to the serums was not truly clear to her. “Why should slaves not be given the serums?” she asked. “Do the masters not want their slaves healthy and better able to serve them?”
  • “It is true,” I said, “Sucha.” On Earth animals were given inoculations by farmers to protect them from diseases; on Gor it would be a matter of course, provided the serums were readily available, to administer them to slaves.
  • I stood with Sucha, trembling. I had received a gift which on Earth could not be purchased by the riches of the wealthiest men, a gift which was beyond the reach of Earth’s mightiest millionaires, which even the billionaires of my planet could not buy, for it did not exist there.
  • I was incredibly rich. I looked at the bars of the cage. “But I am caged!” I cried.
  • “Of course,” said Sucha, “you are a slave. Now rest. Tonight you are to be sold.”
  • I felt the hand of the man tight on my arm, beside me on the step.

“I am naked,” I said.

  • “You are a slave,” he said.
  • “Do not show me to the men!” I begged. “I am not as the other girls.”
  • “Ascend the block,” said he, “Slave.” He thrust me upward. I fell on the stairs. My legs trembled.
  • I sensed him lift the whip.
  • “I will cut the flesh from your body with the whip,” he said.
  • “No, Master!” I wept.
  • “Girl 128,” called the auctioneer, from the height of the block. It was an announcement to the crowd.
  • I looked upward. The auctioneer came to the edge of the block. He smiled down, in a kindly fashion. He extended his hand to me.
  • “Please,” he said.
  • “I am naked,” I said.
  • “Please,” he said. He put his hand further toward me.
  • I lifted my hand to him, and he took me by the hand, helping me to the height of the block.
  • The block was circular, and some twenty feet in diameter. There was sawdust upon it.
  • By the hand he led me to the center of the block. “She is reluctant,” he said to the crowd, in explanation.
  • I stood before the men.
  • “Are you comfortable now, dear lady?” he asked.
  • “Yes,” I said. “Thank you.”
  • Suddenly, angrily, he threw me to the wood at his feet. I heard the hiss of his whip. Five times he lashed me and I screamed, covering my head with my hands. Then I lay trembling, lashed, at his feet.

“She is Girl 128,” he said to the crowd. From an assistant he took a board, with rings and papers. He read from that paper which was now first upon the board, others being loose and thrown back.

  • “128,” he said, reading irritably, “is brown haired and brown eyed. She is 51 horts in height. Her weight is 29 stones. Her block measurements, certified, are 22 horts, 16 horts, 22 horts. She will take a number-two wrist ring and a number-two ankle ring. Her collar size is ten horts. She is illiterate, and, for most practical purposes, untrained. She cannot dance. Her brand is the Dina, the slave flower. Her ears are pierced.” He looked down at me, and kicked me, lightly, with the side of his foot. “Stand, Slave,” he said. Swiftly I stood.
  • I looked about myself, miserably. In the torchlight, I could see, in the rings of the amphitheater, ascending before me and above me, on three sides, the crowd. There were aisles at the side, and two aisles in the tiers, with steps. The tiers were crowded, and, on them, men ate and drank. Here and there, too, robed and veiled, I saw women among them, watching me. One woman sipped wine through her veil, staining it. All were fully clothed, save I, who wore only a light chain, locked, with its attached disk of sale.
  • “Stand straight,” said the auctioneer.
  • I stood straight. My back hurt terribly from the whipping which he had given me.
  • “So you see 128,” he said. “Are there any bids?”

The crowd was silent.

  • The auctioneer took my hair in his hand and, cruelly, bent me back, standing. “22 horts,” said he, indicating my breasts. “16 horts,” said he, slapping me on the belly. “22 horts,” said he, reaching across my body and placing his hand on my right hip, indicating the width of my body. These were my block measurements. I knew a master might keep me to such measurements, with the whip, if necessary. “Small,” said he, “but sweet, a delicacy, noble sirs, with promise.”
  • “Two tarsks,” called a man from the crowd.
  • “I hear two tarsks,” said the auctioneer.
  • It was true that I was not large, but I did not think I was unusually small. I was, in Earth measurements, some five feet four inches in height and weighed about one hundred and sixteen pounds. My figure though delicate, was in Earth measurements approximately 28-20-28. I had not known my collar size on Earth, for I had not purchased garments with such attention to the neck. On Gor, it was ten horts. Accordingly it must have been, in Earth measurements, in the neighborhood of twelve and one half inches. I have a slender, delicate neck. I do not know what my wrist and ankle measurements would be. I do know I take a number-two wrist ring and a number-two ankle ring. These run in separate series, the ankle rings being larger, of course, than the wrist rings. It is regarded as desirable in a slave that she takes the same number wrist and ankle ring, this suggesting a delicious symmetry. There are four numbers in the series; one is regarded as small, two and three as normal, and four as large. I could not slip four ankle ring, of course; I could slip a four wrist ring, if it were set at four; most such wrist and ankle rings, however, are adjustable to 1, 2, 3 or 4. Thus, they, like slave bracelets, lock to the perfect holding point on each girl.
  • The auctioneer stood very near me.
  • I did not know my wrist or ankle size in Earth measurements, for such measurements are not important for a girl on Earth as they are on Gor, but the interior circumference of the number-two wrist ring is 5 horts and the interior circumference of the number-two ankle ring is 7 horts; thus, my wrist size in Earth measurement must be about six inches and my ankle size must be about eight and one-half inches. In the slave pens, of course, a girl’s measurements are taken on a tape measure marked in horts and entered on her sheet of sale.

“She wears the Dina,” said the auctioneer, indicating to the crowd my brand, the slave flower. “Would you not like to own this pretty little Dina? Do you have a Dina among your girls?” He twisted my head, held by the hair, from side to side, “And her ears, noble sirs,” said he, “are pierced!” This had been done in the pens of the house of Publius, four days earlier. The puncture in my left ear lobe, from the wire of Rask of Treve’s silver leaf, his booty claim, was now matched perfectly by a similar penetration of my right ear lobe. I might now be put in earrings. I was now a lowly pierced-ear girl.

  • “Five tarsks,” called a man, a gross, fat man, swathed in robes, sitting in a middle tier to my right. He sipped from a cup.
  • I shuddered. I could not well see the faces of most of the buyers. It was I, not they, who was well illuminated by the torches.

“Stand straight, suck in your belly, turn your hip out,” said the auctioneer to me, under his breath. I complied. My back still burned from his whip. “Note,” said the auctioneer, indicating me with his coiled whip, “the turn of her ankle, the sweetness of her thighs, the tightness of her belly, the pleasure of her figure, the delicacy of her throat, awaiting your collar, the delicacy, sensitivity and beauty of her features.” He looked to the crowd. “Would you not like her in your compartments?” he inquired. “Would you not like her m a tunic and collar of your choice, on her knees before you? Would you not like the owning of every inch of her, she your slave, yours to command, hers to obey? Would you not like her serving you, responding swiftly and perfectly in all things to the least whim of your will?”

  • “Six tarsks,” called a man.
  • “Six tarsks,” repeated the auctioneer. “Walk, little Dina,” said he to me. “And well.”
  • Tears sprang into my eyes; my body burned red with shame.

But I walked, and well. I feared his whip. Men cried out with pleasure at the displayed girl upon the block.

  • “Note the fluidity and grace of her movements,” said the auctioneer, “the sweetness of her figure, the straightness of her back, the proud carriage of her head. For a few copper tarsks you can own her!”
  • A tear ran down my face, over my left cheek.
  • “Walk well, little Dina,” cautioned the auctioneer. “Yes, Master,” I said. I walked, back and forth, turning, red with shame before the buyers.
  • “Stand proudly, little Dina,” said the auctioneer. I stopped, and stood on the block, my head high.
  • “Buy her and put her to work for you,” challenged the auctioneer.
  • “Conceive of her naked in your collar, on her knees, shackled, scrubbing the tiles of your compartments. Consider her cleaning and washing and sewing for you. Consider her shopping for you and cooking! Consider her entertaining and waiting upon your guests! Consider her waiting in the furs for you!”
  • “Ten tarsks,” said a man.
  • “Ten tarsks,” said the auctioneer.
  • “Eleven,” said another man, from the left.
  • “Eleven,” said the auctioneer.
  • I looked out upon the crowd, the men and women. There must have been some four hundred in the amphitheater. Vendors moved about, among them, proffering light foods and beverages. I lightly fingered the chain and sales disk at my throat. I saw a man buy a roll of meat, wrapped about a sauce. He began to eat, looking at me. Our eyes met. I looked away. Some men conversed among themselves, not noticing me. I hated them! I did not wish to be looked upon, but they did not look upon me!
  • “Examine this beauty,” said the auctioneer, indicating me with his whip. “Consider the perfection of her block measurements. 22 horts, 16 horts, 22 horts!” he cried, jabbing me with the whip.
  • “Fourteen copper tarsks,” called a man.
  • “Fourteen!” cried the auctioneer. “But can the house let this little beauty slip its collar for a mere fourteen tarsks? Say, no, Noble Sirs!”
  • “Fifteen,” said a man.
  • “Fifteen,” said the auctioneer. I knew I had been sold by Rask of Treve to a slaver for fifteen copper tarsks. The slaver who had purchased me had sold me to the house of Publius for twenty copper tarsks. The auctioneer doubtless knew this; doubtless it was entered on my records.
  • The auctioneer looked at me. “Girl,” said he to me, softly, menacingly, “you will, whether sold or not, spend this night in our pens. Is that clearly understood?”
  • “Yes, Master,” I whispered.
  • He was not satisfied with the bids. If I did not go for a price which satisfied the house I would spend the night under Gorean slave discipline.
  • I would doubtless be richly whipped.
  • “On your belly, little Dina,” he said. “Let us interest the buyers.”
  • “Yes, Master,” I said.
  • I fell upon my belly at his feet, awaiting his commands. I looked up, terrified, afraid that he might strike me with the whip. I lay there for a long moment. He did not strike me. The crowd was amused at my terror. “You will be prompt, obedient and beautiful, 128,” said the auctioneer to me, softly. “Yes, Master,” I said. Then, suddenly, snapping the whip, he said, harshly, “On your back, one knee lifted, the other leg extended, hands over your head, wrists close, as though confined in slave bracelets.” I complied. Then he began to put me rapidly through the paces of the exhibited female slave; he held me in each position for the sweet instant that well revealed me, tantalizingly, in that attitude or posture, and then barked forth a new command, to a new position or attitude; the sequence of these moves was not an accident; each move followed easily, sometimes by a roll or turn, from the preceding position; shrewd rhythm and flow, calculated and sensual, physically melodious, characterized the performance humiliatingly inflicted upon me; I must submit to the choreography of slave display; I, who had been Judy Thornton, a girl of Earth, was put through Gorean slave paces; then I lay on my belly at his feet, as I had begun; I was trembling; I was covered with sweat; my hair was loose about my head and eyes; I felt the auctioneer’s foot upon my body; I put my head to the block.
  • “What am I bid?” he called.
  • “Eighteen tarsks,” called a man.
  • “Eighteen,” said the auctioneer. “Nineteen? Do I hear nineteen?”
  • “Nineteen,” called a man.
  • My tears stained the block. I felt its sawdust with my finger tips. Its sawdust, too, adhered to my body, held by the sweat.
  • The leather of the auctioneer’s whip, loosely coiled, was near my back.

I looked up. There were women in the crowd. Why did they not rise up and cry out in protest at the indignity inflicted upon their sister?

But they looked upon me impassively. I was only a slave.

  • “Twenty,” called a man.
  • “Twenty,” said the auctioneer. He removed his foot from my body and tapped me on the back with the whip. “Kneel,” he said.

I knelt on the block, near its front, miserable, in the position of the pleasure slave, the light chain and sales disk on my throat.

“I have a bid of twenty copper tarsks for this lovely little beauty,” said the auctioneer. “Do I hear a bid of more?” He looked out, over the crowd.

  • I knelt very still. I knew the house had paid twenty tarsks for me.

“Twenty-one,” called a man.

  • “Twenty-one,” said the auctioneer
  • I breathed more easily. The profit was small, but it had been turned upon me.
  • I was very conscious of the sales disk at my throat; it was on a looped, close-fitting chain; I could not remove the chain; it was locked.

Twenty-one tarsks had been bid upon me.

  • I would not be a loss to the house of Publius.
  • It costs only a pittance to maintain and train a girl in the barred, straw-strewn pens of a slaver’s house. What is the cost of gruel and a whip?
  • “I have heard a bid of twenty-one tarsks,” called the auctioneer. “Do I hear a bid for more?”
  • The crowd was silent.
  • I was suddenly frightened. What if the house were not satisfied with the profit they had turned? Surely it was not much. I hoped they would be satisfied. I had done my best to obey the auctioneer. I did not wish to be whipped.
  • Gorean males tend not to be lenient with girls who have displeased them.
  • “Stand, Collar Meat,” said the auctioneer, I stood.
  • “It seems,” said the auctioneer, “that we must let this little beauty go for a mere twenty-one copper tarsks.”
  • “Please do not be angry with me, Master,” I begged. “It is all right, little Dina,” he said, with surprising pleasantness, considering how harshly he had managed me upon the block.
  • I swiftly knelt before him, holding his knees, looking up. “Is Master pleased?” I asked.
  • “Yes,” he said.
  • “Then Dina will not be whipped?” I asked.
  • “Of course not,” he said. He looked down, pleasantly. “It is not your fault,” he said, “that the market is slow.”
  • “Thank you, Master,” I said.
  • “Now, on your feet, little beauty,” he said, “and hurry from the block, for we have more animals to sell.”
  • “Yes, Master,” I said, swiftly rising to my feet. I turned to descend the block, on the stairs on the opposite side from that from which I had ascended the block.
  • “One moment, little Dina,” he said. “Come here.”
  • “Yes, Master,” I said, running lightly to him.
  • “Place your hands in your hair,” he said, “and do not remove them until you are given permission.”
  • “Master?” I asked.
  • I placed my hands in my hair. He took me by the back of the neck with his left hand and turned me to the crowd.
  • “Behold, Noble Sirs and Ladies,” he said.
  • Suddenly I screamed fighting the looped, heavy coil of the whip.

“Stop! Please stop, Master!” I cried in misery. I dared not remove my hands from my hair. I feared I would, in my helplessness, tear out my own hair. “Please, stop, Master!” I cried out, twisting and squirming, held in place by his hand on my neck. I tried to fight the sensation of the whip.

  • “Writhe, little Dina,” he said, “writhe.”

I cried out, begging him to stop.

“Did you truly think,” he hissed, “we would take a profit of only a copper tarsk on you? Do you think us fools to buy a girl for twenty and sell her for twenty-one? Do you not think we know our trade, little slut?”

  • I screamed for mercy.
  • Then, his demonstration finished, he released my neck. I fell to my knees before him on the block. My head was down. My hands were still in my hair. “You may remove your hands from your hair,” he said. I took my hands from my hair and put them over my face, weeping. I shut my knees tightly, trembling, sobbing.
  • “Forty copper tarsks,” I heard call from the floor, “from the Tavern of Two Chains.”
  • “The Pleasure Silk bids fifty tarsks,” I heard.
  • I had been tricked. The auctioneer had caught me by surprise. Without warning I had been forced to reveal myself as a true slave girl, openly, inadvertently, spontaneously, incontrovertibly, helplessly.

“The Jeweled Ankle Ring bids seventy,” I heard.

  • He had handled his work well. He had exacted from the crowd the highest possible price in the given market before he revealed, unexpectedly and to her dismay, the delicious richness and vulnerability of the girl’s exploitable latencies, they as much a part of her as her block measurements, and as much for sale. My responsiveness, like my intelligence, my service and my skills, such as they were, came with my price. The Gorean is satisfied only with the whole girl; it is the whole girl that he buys.
  • “The Perfumed Rope bids eighty copper tarsks,” I heard.
  • I could not believe the bids.
  • “She is Paga hot,” laughed a man.
  • “True,” said another. “I wish I had her in my collar.”

On the block I sobbed, kneeling. I could not help that I had responded as I had to the touch of the whip. I could not help it! “The Silver Cage bids eighty-five,” I heard. I wept, shuddering. I had been exhibited naked. I was being sold to the highest bidder. And I knew that I was not being sold merely as a beautiful girl, for such a girl might have gone for twenty-one tarsks, but as something more, as a beautiful slave girl.

  • “I have heard from the agent of the Silver Cage,” called the auctioneer, “a bid of eighty-five copper tarsks. Is there another bid?”

“The Belled Collar,” I heard, “bids one silver tarsk.”

  • There was silence in the hall.
  • “There is a bid of one silver tarsk,” said the auctioneer. I could tell he was pleased.
  • I looked down, shuddering, my knees closely together. The recent bids had been by the agents of paga taverns. I had some notion of what it would be to be a paga slave. The belled, silked girls of the taverns were well known in the cities of Gor. Their purpose was to please the customers of their master. They came with the price of a cup of paga.
  • “The Belled Collar has given us a bid of one silver tarsk,” called the auctioneer. “Is there a higher bid?”
  • I looked up, and, startled, saw the eyes of the various women, over their veils, upon me. The holding of their bodies, and what I could see of their faces, frightened me. I was regarded by them now with unmistakable hostility. It is hard to be naked, as a slave, before a woman. They make you feel doubly naked. I would rather there had been only men in the market. Were the women comparing their beauty with mine, perhaps unfavorably? Were they wondering, perhaps, if they might give a man more pleasure than I? I wondered why now, for the first time, they looked upon me with such resentment, such anger. Before they had only looked upon me as merely another girl slave, to be sold from the block in her turn for a handful of copper tarsks. But now they looked upon me differently. Now they looked upon me with the fury of the free woman for the hot, desirable female slave. Were they jealous? Did they resent the interest of men? Did they wish that it was they upon the block? I did not know. Free women are often cruel to beautiful female slaves. They put us under terrifying discipline. Perhaps they sense in us something of greater interest to men than themselves, something which constitutes to them a threat, something which is subtly competitive, and successfully so, to them. I do not know. Perhaps they fear us, or the slave in themselves. I do not know. Mostly I suspect the women were furious with me because I had been responsive to the touch of the auctioneer’s whip. Free women, desiring to yield, pride themselves on their capacity not to yield, to maintain their quality and integrity; slave girls, on the other hand, are not permitted such luxuries; they, whether they desire to yield or not, must yield, and totally; perhaps free women wish they did not have to be free, and could relate in biological naturalness, like the slave girl, to the dominant organism. Perhaps they wish they were slaves. I do not know. One thing is certain, and that is that there is a deep, psychological hostility on the part of the free woman for her sister in bondage, particularly if she be beautiful. Slave girls, accordingly, fear free women; slave girls want to be locked in the collars of men, not women. To make matters worse the women in the tiers, because of the bidding, now saw me, and understood me, as a girl destined for the taverns, hot, spiced meat, delicious to men, a delectable accompaniment, like the music, to the tawny fire of paga. Some of them looked at their companions, or escorts. Did they wonder if some of them might now frequent a new paga tavern? I shuddered. I feared the hostility of the women, for I was a slave.
  • “Stand, little Dina,” said the auctioneer.
  • I stood.
  • I brushed back my hair. I choked back my sobs.
  • I looked out to the crowd, to the men, and the women.
  • “I have from the tavern of the Belled Collar,” said the auctioneer, “a bid of one silver tarsk. Is there a higher bid?”
  • Strangely, at that time, I thought of Elicia Nevins, who had been my rival at the college. How amused she would be, I thought, to see me being sold naked from a block.
  • “Sold to the Belled Collar for a silver tarsk!” said the auctioneer.

I had been sold.

  • He then thrust me toward the stairs and I, stumbling, descended the stairs, on the side opposite from that from which I had ascended the block.

  • “Girl 129!” I heard him call.

  • At the foot of the block a man from the house took me by the wrist and pulled me to a chain. Slave bracelets were fixed on the chain. He thrust me behind the last girl on the chain; she was kneeling, braceleted to the chain, facing away from me; her head was down. “Kneel,” he said; I knelt; he fastened my wrists in the dangling slave bracelets, attached to the chain; I then knelt at the chain, secured; in time another girl who, too, had been sold, was placed on the chain behind me; and then another, and another. I knelt, locked in the bracelets, secured to the chain. I had been sold.

© Gazette of Gor


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