About a picture by picture impression of SL – Gorean Cities

The rise and fall of great cities

After  the old RarIR fell and ceased to exist, some of the citizens found  refuge in the woods, becoming outlaws or panthers, while some joined other cities, some slaves were freed and became ladies.To some it came to pass that they were kept prisoners in the Sa Sticazzi panther’s camp…..A young Warrior brought with him the Homestone and an old officer took from the scribery ,the Warrior’s  Codes of Caste.   They were determined to survive and chose to live disguised as woodcutters in the Vosk’s Delta Region in the land called Teveh Pass.  Their old friends came often to help them in their endeavors and a few new ones joined too. One day they found one of the old Brothers, prisoner in a panther’s camp and they freed him.

Hot Lavendel: city man…points at Ethan….heavy backpack with clean underwear

Please note that all pictures have been modified in photoshop. Disclaimer: disclosing Second Life  images of residents (or sims) in a blog are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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